Student Profile: Randi Hall (Part 2)

(upbeat music playing) Chicago people are very nice, and so it’s been really easy to acclimate to the cold because everyone here is so warm. (laughing) Since being in Chicago, I’ve been so happy to
have been able to expand my social network outside of the University. I like to play in a flag football league. We actually just won
our league championship. I think it’s a pivotal
time being here a student. It’s grown a lot. The students in my
incoming class recognize a lot of us are domestic minorities, and Harris had not really
had a population of that size in its history. We’re not only taking away lessons, but also hoping to leave lessons on how different identities
and different opportunities can lend a voice to policy analysis. Harris Student Government
has been working internally to propose more well-rounded Core Curriculum that continues to train
us in that quant skill set but also strengthens
our ability to translate the quant into qualitative impacts. We can see the outcomes being felt and that we can explain
why this outcome matters. My time as President of
Harris Student Government we planned to advocate on those things. If you don’t have the knowledge of how your identity may shape
your policy analysis skills or how a policy could
work in this neighborhood but not necessarily that neighborhood. And so how to have those conversations in the classroom so that
we’re better prepared to have those conversations
in the working world.

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