Study Theatre/Musical Theatre at WPU

(dramatic orchestral music) – Of course I wanna go into acting, so the dream would be
to be a full-time actor. Our group is all over the place,
and that’s not a bad thing. There are so many branches
that we all hit on, that our careers literally
could go anywhere. – There’s a lot of options
with a theater degree. A lot of our students are interested in entertainment and performing. Our theater program is really unique because it’s for the
community-minded artist. We’re interested in making
really great performers, but we’re also interested
in making them aware, sensitive, collaborative,
creative, communicative artists. That’s a lot of “C”
words I guess! (laughs) We want our students to be as contributive to their community and
their society as possible, and that can come in a
lot of different paths. – As a musical theater major, there’s a couple different options
as far as professions go. Personally, I’m really more
about, I want to perform. That’s all I really want to do. My heart and soul is in performing. That’s one of the reasons
I chose here in general, because Raleigh is such a big area for performance and theater. – Directing, writing screenplays,
or just live theater. We have a few who write music, so maybe going into the producing side and writing their own musicals
or writing their own plays. – Like Peace itself, it’s
small, and it is a family. And I just love that community feel. So the department itself, that family feel that we can go to a professor and know that they’re gonna be here, at bigger schools, you
don’t really get that, and you don’t get as much time to just walk into Amy’s office and
say, “Hey, I don’t know “what’s happening with this paper, “I know you wanted me to
write about this play.” Or you could just talk to ’em about, “I’m having a rough day.” And you can’t do that at big schools. We’ve benefited going into
a department this size. I always say it’s small
enough to be intimate, but big enough to be competitive. I wanna know who you are. I wanna know what your goal is. What do you wanna do with your craft? What are your strengths,
what are your weaknesses? What are your fears,
where do you want to be after graduation, and how
can I help you do that? – I know for a fact, this is
what I wanna do with my life. This is the path that I
know is gonna benefit me 10, 20 years on down the road. I was able to do that here at WPU, and that probably wouldn’t have happened at any other university,
because I wouldn’t have came in contact with people I did. They would have never presented me with those opportunities and I would have never even thought about doing theater.

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