Studying Theatre – Kira Barnett – Securing a job before graduation

[Music] My name is Kira Barnett and I studied Contemporary Theatre and Performance at Derby University I chose Derby because I really wanted to work in a professional theatre and I couldn’t find any other course in the UK that gave that opportunity. So in our second year we did a module which was work experience, so we had to complete 30 hours of work experience and we could do it anywhere but had to be in a theater setting. So I chose to do mine at Derby Theatre so I split my time between marketing and working with the Programmer, Lauren and that really sort of built my passion for wanting to work at Derby theatre and then I carried on that work experience which then led me to interview for job successfully. So I am currently the Marketing Assistant at Derby Theatre, which is a full-time position. Coming to Derby University made such a big difference in my life because I started this course wanting to be an actor and about second year I realszed I didn’t want to do that anymore I felt really lost but with the help of the lecturers and the staff at Derby Theatre I found my path that I’m now on so it’s really helped me

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