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Those dancing here are
visually impaired or physically handicapped, But they dance with lot of
joy & enthusiasm. They sense a new world
in that joy. l mean the inner beauty
and not the external. They are an example to it. Difficulties are a part of life. Overcome it with courage. This film ”STYLE” is story of such young men
who overcame difficulties with courage. l’ve got the tickets
for Ganesh dance program. Sweetie is not attending
the classes today? -Why? Today is dance competition finals. Really?-Yes, let’s go. l’m Sameer, sponsor to your
brother’s dance program. Please come in. Brother… Brother… Good morning brother. l set the alarm at 5 o’clock.
Who changed it? l did.- l had to go to dance practice. You know how much dance means to me. Dance is important to you. And my brother is important to me. We don’t h ave parents
to look after us. l’m everything to you. lt’s getting late. Get ready. Breakfast…- l’ve no time. Won’t you have your breakfast? l won’t eat till you return. Sponsors are waiting for me. Without them, organizing such a
big program is impossible. -We can. My brother is highly talented. Talent alone isn’t enough. To compete with Antony, we need money. l made you to wait. Sorry.
– lt’s alright. Dancers are waiting there. Let’s go. Best of luck brother. Here come the press people.
-Who will win the finals? l will definitely win. Look at me now. You call this perfection. This program is my prestige issue. We must win Ganesh. lf anyone goes wrong… ln a few minutes from now, Antony & Ganesh are going
to dance forthe title. Achieve what you aim for… Do what you like… With a new style… with a new vigor… shall l dance? With a melody so soothing… shall l sing? lt’s a journey sans fatigue… lt’s the time your dreams
will come true… Let’s dance like a cyclone… Let’s change the history… Let’s walk through
darkness & seek light… Let’s make our dreams come true… Meeting challenges… lt’s a character of youth… Shining star, the world is yours… Desire to reach forthe stars…
and you can… Always have a never say die attitude… Friendship is priceless treasure… Both Ganesh & Antony performed very well. Francis will announce the winner who’ll
compete in the international competition. Yes, go ahead. Thanks for sparing your precious
time for me.- lt’s alright. Your lifetime ambition. The world knows Michael Jackson
for his western dance. l want the world to know
our talent too through me. You must work hard to reach that level. l’ll give my life for dance. Ganesh met with an accident. He is admitted in the hospital. Hey, Ganesh met with an accident.
Let’s go & see him. Tell us about Ganesh’s condition.
– Please be quiet. Ganesh is out of danger. But… Doctor, l met with a small accident. How can l rest on bed? l must go for dance practice. Brother… My legs…? What happened to my legs? Brother… My legs… Sir, our rival has lost his legs. What? Ganesh lost both of his legs
in an accident. Look at the paper. He is finished. Both his legs are gone. Hereafter, l’m the No. 1. He can’t break ourfriendship. lt’s very tough.- l know. But he phoned me.- He phoned me too. Why talk about him now? Forget it. He has come here too.
– Let him come. His bad time starts now. That contract.- No. He calls himself a business friend. l don’t like that. You sit. Brother… Bad time for him and good time for me. Ganesh is finished. He lost both his legs
in an accident. He can never dance
in his life again. l’m the No. 1 Are you happy?-Very happy. l’ve to party now. Bye. Hey…- Sir. He says ”God is great” He doesn’t know that we had
planned the accident. Our parents are no more. l’m everything to him. lf something happens to him, l’ll hire the same lorry to
run overyou. Got it? Take good care of him. Go. l don’t know how to tell you. We feel bad for giving this
sponsorship to Antony. lnfact, Sameer feels very bad. So we waited all these
days to talk to you. He is here from our
Bombay head office. We can’t tell this to
your brother directly. You must get these documents
signed by him. Brother… Sponsors are waiting downstairs. They want your signature on these. Yes… lf you sign these documents… l’m calling your friend Ganesh… Hi dear! How are you? Fine, ah? Doing dance practice? Oh! l forgot. Lost your legs, right? l feel sorry for you. You need help even to piss, right? Shall l send you a girl? Oh l forgot! Your sister is there to help you. Taking a woman to toilet…
won’t look nice. l will win next year’s national event. l will participate in the
international event too. You met with an accident. And l got the agreement. Got it? You can never dance in your life. lf l were you, l would’ve committed
suicide long back. Now l will sign. lf l were you, l would’ve committed
suicide long back. What are you doing, brother? When you wanted to achieve
something in life, l was proud as your sister. But now l feel ashamed
seeing you doing this. What else you want me to do? What was my fault?
Why am l being punished? Dance was my life. But he removed dance from my life. Why should l live? You must live. Nothing is lost when an
ordinary man dies. But if you die,
the art of dance also dies. The art must live. You just need a second to die. But to achieve, you need a life time. Other dance to the beat. But you dance to the
heart beats of your fans. Handicap does not mean you should die. Didn’t a deaf Beethoven
produce wonderful music? Didn’t a blind Braille
give the blind a written language? Didn’t a lame Stephen Hawkins
become a scientist? You can’t dance losing your legs. But you have a great art
to create wonders. Where there is a will, there is a way. We can light millions
of candles with one. lf you think, you can make
someone like you. You can make him dance in the
next year’s dance competition. You can also send him
to international competition. You can achieve your objective. You will do it. l trust you. You will do it. Don’t do it for our sake. But do it forthe sake of art in you. Show Antony who you are
and what your dance is. l will. You can all leave. Priya…-Yes brother. Style must reflect in one’s work
and not in himself. Their hair cuts,clothes look stylish. But their dance has no style. They dance for passing time. Every cell in our body must dance. Look, walk, smile…everything
must reflect dance. His life must be dedicated to dance. l need the one who would sacrifice
his life for dance. Welcome to all. You’ve come to see my program.
l’m very happy. Why are you disturbing the show? Don’t talk like a mad man. You forget that we are working
in a dance school. lf our boss sees us,
we will be thrown out. One day, l will also
become a famous dancer, and people will throng
to see my performance. Our boss is here. What are you doing?
-We are cleaning. Do not talk about shows… Work. Students are coming. Go. Take these too. Greetings. l saw you on the
bike with a girl. Please sit.- Thank you. l’m Manager of a star hotel. l want you to perform a
dance program in my hotel. Now immediately. There is no time.
Don’t mistake me. Okay. We’ll do it. What kind of dance do you want? Andhra folk dance. Didn’t you see the board outside? Actually… Please. You can leave.-Actually… l’m getting late to the class. Greetings sir. Give us this chance. We are dancers too.-Yes. Dancers? You? Don’t underestimate us
because we’re cleaners? We haven’t yet right break. lf you give us a break,
it would be of great help. l’m Raghava, he is Siva.
– Greetings sir. Kiran, Seenu & Basha.
– Greetings sir. He is a mechanic but dumb. He dances very well. You call yourself mechanics, Where did you learn to dance?
Who is your master? The man who lost his legs
in an accident in Hyderabad. ls Ganesh your master? He didn’t teach us. We treat him as our
master & learnt dance. What are you saying man? We don’t even need money. We want people to watch our
performance & applaud. That’s all. Give us a break sir. We are free now. But after a year, we will be very busy. We’ve applied for
Dance Baby Dance program. Once we are invited to the
perform in that program, people will see me us on TV
and then in movies. How can l believe you? Why aren’t you believing us? Sir, we’ll perform and
show you here itself. Come. My daughter is married
to a boy in America. They are his friends. l arranged for a western dance. But they want to see
the Andhra folk dance. We should arrange it, right?
-You are right. So, l’ve sent a man. Here l come.- Got them? Yes sir. There they are. lnstead of dancing,
why is he chanting some hymns? That’s how he starts. l’ve been to America, Australia,
New Zealand, New York… l searched everywhere… But l couldn’t see a folk dance… Hail Lord Venkateshwara! Shall we start now? Style of Telugu man… Folk beat… Stunning dance… Long live style! Folk dance is also a style… Every step l take is a style… This style is dashing… This is everyone’s style… l’ve been to America & Australia… but couldn’t see a folk dance… l’ve been to New York & New Zealand… But couldn’t find a
folk dance even there… Bezawada, Gudivada,
Kondapalli, Chittoor… Puthur, Warangal,
Palakollu, Anakapalli… Folk dances in all these place… Stylish man, break into a jig… Big boasting man, dance… Gongura pickle is very
famous in Guntur… Kaja sweet is very
famous in Kakinada… Our girls wearing a sari
is famous too… Our hero Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao
is also famous… O Nancharamma! My sweet doll! l know about your ploys… What do you know? She is like a ripe fruit…
Just look at her… Squeeze juice from her… Style..this is Andhra style….
this is a new style… Our Hyderabadi biriyani
is very famous… Fish curry of Nellore
is also famous… Tirupathi Laddu is
also very famous… Megastar, Yuva Samrat are
also very famous… You are lolli pop girl… and you look gorgeous… Just stop ogling at her… And she looks superb… They really enjoyed our dance.
-You made me proud. Thanks forthe break sir. Your dance was very stylish.
Take this Rs. 5000. Rs. 5000? Let’s enjoy with this money. Wonderful idea.-A beautiful idea.
– Shut up. We don’t even have proper
clothes to wear, and proper shoes to dance. Shut up. Sir, we will leave.- Bye sir. You call this tea. And you want me to drink this. My ill fate! l can see yourface from this. Did you give this note?-Yes. l can see entire Vizag
through this. Did l accept that? Our tea far
better than your note. Drink. Why are you looking so dull? My daughter is not going to college.
– Failed in her exams? No. Boys are ragging her.
– Ragging is common in college. Words are okay, but… they’re physically abusing her.
-Why don’t you complain to police? l thought but MLA’s son
is also one of them. Then l’ll suggest a good idea. Look, four boys live in a small
tenement in those expensive flats. One is Raghava, he’s very nice boy,
but he has a weakness. That’s strength for us. lf we use it to our advantage,
your problem will be solved. What should l do?
-You’ve to… Just say you dance like Chiru,
that’s all! He’ll break into a dance immediately. lf you say you fight like Megastar,
he’ll show his entire power. Children! How is the dress? There they are. You’ve changed yourselves totally. Yesterday we did a program,
we got money, three pairs forthree,
we’ll wear it on happy occasions, How is it?
– Good. Do you know how you
look in this dress? You look like a film hero. lf your words come true,
l’ll bring down your hotel.-Why? Yuck! l’ll build a 5 star hotel for you. Bye. Greetings sir. – Greetings.
-Are you Raghava? Sir, did you also watch our
last night’s program? Have you come to book us for next program?
Come and sit here sir. Order now.-A tea for him.
– For me too. Where do you want us
to do the program? Not about program, students are ragging
my daughter in college, you must protect her. Do l look like a goon?
– No sir. We are dancers. Complain to the police. Chiru…you dance like Chiranjeevi. Fight like Megastar. Can’t hold on anymore. Move, l’ll see him. Do l really look handsome?
-Very handsome. That’s why l changed my hairstyle
too like Chiranjeevi. Who is teasing my sister? Of all the countries of this world… Who are you man? Are we Pakistanis then? l’m telling you not to
behave like them. lt seems you’re ragging her,
she’s scared to enter the college. Don’t do it, l’ve told them. Sir…sir…
-Just now l told them not to do. You didn’t see us rag her,
did you? Watch it now. Why are you doing it when
still talks are on? -Watch now. You don’t know about me. What should l know about you man?
Do you know me? l’m MLA’s son. l don’t care a damn
whose son you are. lf l tell about my background,
you’ll back off. Would you like to see? l warned you, didn’t l? Will he come here if l beat you? No need for him to come to beat you,
l’m more than enough foryou. Leave me, l don’t drink. Drink. Pour some more. Pour the entire bottle. Drink…drink… Leave him now. What’s your background?
Your brother? Take the photograph from him.
– No.- Take it. lf you touch it, you’re finished. Dare to beat me? Dare to touch my brother? Order me brother.
– Batter them.- Then okay. How dare to touch my brother’s photo? lf one brother can bash
you up like this, he has brothers all over the State,
if they come to know this? They will hunt you down
like in his film lndra. Are you ragging girls? Go dear. Say sorry to her. Come dear. l’m steady but someone’s
pulling me from down. Can’t you stop it slowly? Are you blind? …the girl is nice. l can see everything clearly. You can see all that,
why did you stop it so close? l applied brakes correctly
but the bike stopped near you. You can scold the bike.
– Can l scold it? l told you to scold not to beat. l scold like this only. Please sit. l want to join your dance school.
-Are you both friends? Ugh! -Yuck! Your name? – Shruthi. You know the basics? – l know. She played stamping the stone
and monkey game as a kid. Your name? – Raja. You know basics? – Little bit of… Dance for your dirty face? Master will be
finished before he teaches him.-What? Nothing. Show me what you know. Now you. Who are you?
What are you doing? Leave me. My zip opened and
he helped to lock it. Okay, mind your work. Good, you were excellent. Don’t feel bad for the slap,
you did a good thing, right? Okay. Thank you very much,
if you hadn’t helped at right time. l would’ve lost my respect. l’m saying sorry on behalf of master. My name is Shruthi, your good name? My name is Raghava. We are friends from today, okay? Thank you very much…bye. l’m not feeling bad,
it was our master who beat me. Sleep…sleep. Our Raghava has become a hero.
– How? What happened? A new girl joined the
dance class today. Brother, we are elders discussing big things,
you’re a kid, please you can go from here. Girl was dancing… Opening mouth for this. While she was dancing her zip…zip… Zip? – lt gave in. What happened then? After that…our boy held her and… …he zipped it up! Why did he do it? l too didn’t get this point only. Later the girl looked
at him with great love. Love? Narrating tales. First we must think about ourselves. When we both stand next to each other,
we look like black & white TV, Love doesn’t bother
about complexions. Watch, she’ll come to talk to you,
or else l’ll change my name. How peaceful it is to start the
day with Yoga and Meditation. There will be no noise,
everything will be peaceful. Dear…have your coffee. Why are you standing like this?
– Respect for you.-What? No need to respect me,
but don’t make any noise. You must open the door and enter,
not open it with a bang and enter. Okay, have your coffee now.
– Can’t you say it slowly? This is good.
– l didn’t say anything. Style. Move. Peace. What’s that? Chandramukhi….Rajini…. Say it slowly. Peace…peace… You’re the only one to greet
good morning peacefully. Come again. Go…go. Each one is torturing me
in a different style. What to do? Sorry dear.Saying sorry. May l ask you a thing?- Go ahead. But ask without making any noise.
Ask peacefully. Okay dear. You talk about peace and tranquility, the boys living upstairs will not
pay your intrest for the loan, go and collect money from them,
my husband.- Okay dear. Hey boys! Sound party is coming.
– ls he coming? Move. True, he’s coming here. Give me the plate and spoon. l’ll take a look. lt’s bleeding…bleeding. Some more time and l’m… Both study in the same college. You love each other for three years.
But always fighting. Can’t you express your love to him? Why should l? Why should it be always boys?
Can’t the girls say it first? He’s very egoistic. After our marriage,
did l express my love to you first? you expressed it first,
he’ll tease me. So, let him express it first.
Till then l’ll not. lf l express it first, she wants to take advantage of it and
tie me to her apron strings forever. Won’t you express love fearing this?
-Why will l not? l’m little scared. Neither you nor he will come out,
this is very difficult. You want him to express his
love first to you, right? l’ve a very good idea for that.
-What? Nothing, very simple. lf you move close with any
other boy infront of him, he’ll get angry and immediately
express his love for you. ldea is good, but who will be the boy? lsn’t there your hero?
– My hero?- That zipper boy. Raghava? They are talking about you only. You’ll get a stick. But how to talk to Raghava? He has a weakness,
let’s use it to our advantage.- How? He’ll do anything
if you call him Chiru. Didn’t l tell you? Come here. That’s it. lt seems you dance great
like Chiranjeevi. You too know it?
-Yes. My popularity is growing. No problem, keep your hand here. Come with me, l’ll make you
more famous. Come…-Where? Colour combination has changed
and going the wrong side. He’s our Raghava,
he doesn’t have any chances. Raghava…l mean Chiru…
will dance now. Please come closer. Thanks. Come on dance. lf master sees me dancing,
he’ll fire me. Master will come only after an hour. No, he’ll come now,
l’ll not dance now. Won’t you now also…
– No….l’ll do it. But l’ll dance while working,
master will not scold me then.- Okay. One more thing, l’ll dance to
a Chiru’s song only. Which song? Film Rickshavodu song,
your beauty is ravishing… That’s western, you know only
folk dance, don’t you? l can dance western too,
watch my dance now. Watch now. Your beauty is ravishing… l’m trying for you… lf you try l’ll fall for you… l’ll give myself to you… Let’s play the game of love fight… Take on and have me… Closer like cigarette and
far like match stick… As you come closer and kiss me… Take the stick… Give me. Master is here. You dance very well. You were amazing. Go man. Thank you very much sir. l expected you to explode on me. But you appreciated me and
everyone there joined to praise me. My popularity is growing master. Are you here to impress girls? You locked the zip of girl,
now you are dancing with her. Are you planning to start a new dancing
school with these students? Go…you’re fired…go. Please forgive me sir. Don’t fall on my legs… Forgive me sir, don’t fire me out sir. l don’t need your services
anymore, get out. lf l see you again here,
l’ll break your limbs. Want to start a dance school? Want to start a dance school? Come, l’ll tell you. Master, l’ll go away after one minute. l felt too bad sitting outside. But you blessed me in disguise. Till now we never got the
idea of starting a dance school. Now you’ve given us an idea,
we’ll definitely open a school. You’ll be the first guest l’ll invite
for opening my school. Than you very much for your idea.
Bye master. Master, l forgot, water can is empty,
you may have to get it yourself. Bye. Dance school? Where? ln our room? This place is small to practice also.
– Not in the room but in the shed. You never told me,
when did you buy it? He’s serious and
you’re making fun of him. We have to ask the flat owners
to start a dance school here. So, let’s ask apartments’ association
president Yoganandam. That sound party? We’ve to pay
his intrest first to meet him. lntrest isn’t it? Let’s pay it. Take it man. You’re helping me at the right time. l’ll not thank you. Why should l thank my friends? God save us. Raghava…you…? Come…come in. What’s this sir?
– Come…sit here. Sit here. Sit here. Why are you feeding us? First have food,
let’s discuss things later. l expected he’ll shout & abuse us,
but he’s offering food to us. May be he’ll feed us
and then beat us. Last night also we didn’t eat,
so go at food to last next two days. Eating without knowing
what they are eating, eat. Food was excellent.- Good. At least now tell us,
what’s so special today? Today is my father’s
death anniversary. Father…death anniversary. l offer food to 5 beggars on this day. But today, l didn’t find
one beggar also. l was worried, and you walked
in at the right time. Shantam, get betel leaf. They don’t offer betel leaves to beggars. My father loved chewing betel leaves. Doesn’t your father like whisky? He likes very much,
that’s why l kept it for myself. Before or after meditation. After meditation only. Talk about meditation later,
first ask the loan intrest. Please… lntrest please… l’ve brought. -Will you give? You got tensed unnecessarily,
look they are gentlemen. Catch big fish with small fish.
– Big? The shed is empty, l want to clean it
and start a dance school. No…no…your noise is
making my ear to bleed. Now a dance school too? No way.
-You must help us sir. l don’t own the place,
make all others agree first. Come…come…come out…come. Greetings madam.- Greetings sir. Greetings. The shed downstairs
is empty isn’t it sir? lf you permit we’ll start
a dance school there. Are these apartments or club?
-We’ll not disturb anyone. Please sir…-You’re yourselves
a great disturbance to us. Go away. You go in. Madam, please help us. Stop it, l’ve told you already.
Want to dance, bloody dance. Greetings sir.- Greetings. lf you permit us, we’ll start a dance school
in the empty shed below. What? Dance school? We’ll teach to dance free to
your children. No need to pay. Are we so poor?
Do you’ve to teach freely? l didn’t mean like that sir. Do you want to dance with
your dirty faces? Go away. No other work except dancing. Who is that?- Greetings madam. We’ll start a dance school below
and teach your children to dance. What will you teach?
Monkey jumps? No need to teach, go away. Will you teach dance?
Did you ever see your faces in the mirror? Get lost…bloody dance. Not a person has good heart. Anyway the shed is empty,
what will they lose if we use it? There’s no point is accusing them.
They don’t know our talent. lf they know they will not shun us.
Let’s prove our worth to them. Go and get the drums. Though the heart is
burdened with grief… Lips shower rain of smiles… Asking your friendship… Making a humble plea… We are standing before you… lf you stand by us and
lend your support to us… We’ll shine like stars… Your support… Encourages us to do wonders… We need everyday… Your encouragement… lf you’ve a place for us
in your heart… lf you have sympathy on us… lf you become a part of us… We’ll offer our respects
falling at yourfeet… lf you support us… We’ll win the sky… Shall l dance like doll… And win the hearts of little children… As the anklets of this
little girl joins tune… As this hip shaking
little boy joins us… Who knows what’s inside
a blooming bud? Even the good stories will be
good only if they see the light… lf given an opportunity… Won’t we bring down the sky? This life is for art… We are dedicated to art… Our parents denied you the shed
but we are giving it to you. We’ll give… Though they are children,
they have been magnanimous. We discouraged you with narrow mind,
please forgive us. Don’t say like that sir. l didn’t expect you 5 had
so much of hidden talent. Will you accept if l offer
you my pension money? lt will help you to paint
your school, take it. Take it son. May god bless you. The intrest you paid me.
Keep it. You’ll come good in life,
l’ll take it then. l’m telling you as the
apartments president, you can start a dance
school in that shed. Come on do it man. l went to the dance school,
it seems master fired you from job. You lost the job because of me.
So l came here to say sorry. Do you want any help? No need to say sorry,
in fact l must thank you. lf he hadn’t fired me, l wouldn’t have got
the idea to start a school myself. You helped us unwittingly.
l must thank you for that. Your dance school? When will it open?- ln two days. Take my number,
call me anytime for any help. You’ll invite for opening, right?
Even if you don’t l’ll make it. This is our dance school. What? O My god! What a spacious place to practice. Make it fast, l’ve to attend a meeting.
– Meeting? What meeting? Yoga meet. Grandma, come here. Shruthi hasn’t come yet. She’ll come, no problem.
You cut the ribbon. Raghava, your dance school
is a grand success. How can you say?
– Opening shake is very good. Watch children’s dance.Okay. One minute. Very good…you were all excellent. l got held up in a traffic jam.
Your school is very good. l’ll join after my exams. Will you? Will you join really? She’ll come, leave it. A small gift. l’ll take leave now. You look handsome in this dress. Stop looking at the doll. She has come so many times foryou,
can’t you express your love for her? How to express man?
– lnvite her for your birthday. lt went away last week only. Will she ask your birth
certificate to verify the date? Good idea. Will you call her or not? lt’s me Raghava. Tell me what is it? Tomorrow it’s my birthday. Your birthday? Why didn’t you inform early? Thanks. l’ll give you a treat on your birthday. Come to pizza hut, don’t forget. l’ll wait for you.
l’ve a lot to talk with you. You are over doing things, poor guy. He’s tensed up, look he’ll come
to the pizza hut tomorrow. You said everyone will be in suit,
but nobody is in a suit. l look like a joker now. You want to look distinct, right? -Yes. So l suggested this. This is real friendship. Why are you late? Coat…- Coat? Got an auto late.- Okay, sit. You look like a real hero. lf you accept l’m a hero
or else l’m a zero. What? l’m wearing it for the first time,
is it good?-Very nice. Did you see? The man who beat us. He has come with a beautiful girl. Now, he’s in trouble. Have you forgotten his
style of beating us? Situations are different. He’ll not beat us when he’s with a girl. He may feart he girl will leave
thinking him as a goon. We got him now. Come. What man? Why are they here? l know you are here to fight,
but not here. l’ll come any place you suggest later. But you’ll beat us there.
So we have come here. All of you please sit. Sit…sit down. We’ll not hurt anyone. But this man will get… Sit down boys. Beat him. They are beating our Raghava. Go and save him. Crazy man sit here. Can’t you hit back them? How can l after coming with a girl? Won’t you hit back today?
You beat us to pulp that day. Do you know only to dance not fight? They are beating you so much,
can’t you hit them back at least once? What? Can’t beat them back at least once? Do you like if l hit them? You could’ve told this earlier.
You like dance, right? l’ll mix dance & fight and show you,
sit back and enjoy with a cool drink. Why did you stop music?
You play music. Come on boys. One minute, l beat you then,
you beat me today, beating each other isn’t life,
let’s become friends or else. You’re right…we came running
to say this only. Yes. Come…come…- Get up. You were great! Come…come…sit…sit… l thought you were a good dancer,
you are a good fighter too. Thanks. Your birthday gift. Cell…l don’t want any gift. You don’t have a phone
to talk to you. So l got you a cell phone.
– No please. Won’t you accept even if
it’s from me?- No please. Take it man. You are embarrassing me. You wanted to say something
to me, right? That is…- Tell me. That is… l…want to drink water. Tell me now. l’ll tell now.- Tell me. That is…l… Tell her man. What? What’s the day today? Wednesday. l’m sentimental about Thursday,
l’ll tell you tomorrow. Okay. Bye. He has left you long back,
you can stop now. This isn’t good. My dress? What you’re doing isn’t good? What did l do? Something is happening here
as you move closer to him. What’s happening? Something’s happening,
and l don’t like it. Why don’t you like it?
– l don’t like it. Why you don’t like it?
Tell me the reason. Because l love you. Do you love me? Feeling shy? l played all this drama to make
you tell this. ls the drama good? Very good. Do it fast man. They are bringing down
our dance school. Bring down that shed too. Why are you bringing down
our dance school? Do we’ve tell each and everyone?
Go and ask them. Why are they dismantling it? lt seems they are broadening the road,
so they bringing down the structure. You said it belonged to you. We too thought like that.
But the builder cheated us. They are destroying it. Sir please don’t destroy it. What can we do? lt’s a govt. order. We are helpless.
-What’s the trouble here? What’s all this man? Why did you beat him? Why are you beating them? Can we watch fun if they
beat up govt. officers? They said it unwittingly,
please forgive them. l’ll ask forgiveness on their behalf,
please forgive them. lnspector, leave them.- Come. What’s this? Stop him. They have brought down our school. Sir please come here. Who is Raghava here? Look he’s sitting there. He has got a letterfrom TV program
‘Dance Baby Dance.’ Give it to me. They don’t know to read,
anyway l’ve to read for them. You needn’t feel sad for
losing your dance school. You’ve been selected for
Dance Baby Dance, take the letter. Mother, l got selected for
Dance Baby Dance. Bless me success, mother. Master, we have been selected
for Dance Baby Dance. We want your blessings
to succeed there. Ganesh, look here!
How l’m dancing. Can you do it? Come on do it. Stretch your legs out
and dance like me. Do it…do it man. Give alms to a lame man please.
– Take it. l feel pity on seeing you,
you too don’t have legs right? Keep this. You too don’t have legs right?
Keep this. Okay, you were splendid,
how were they Rajini? Super, isn’t it? Shattering, right? – Shattering. Who is next? Make a guess.
-You announce. A group named Ganesh
has come from Vizag. He’s coming to dance Ganesh’s last
performance with the same costume. Are you ready?- l’m ready. They are also ready. Achieve what you aim for… Do what you like… With a new style… with a new vigor… shall l dance? With a melody so soothing… shall l sing? Oh shit! Priya, the power has gone. Come fast. Come fast.- Coming… What are you doing there?
-What is it, brother? A good program was on TV.
But there’s a power cut. What program? We were looking for a
good dancer, weren’t we? l found the right man. He dances very well. l saw him dance just like me on
Gemini TV’s Dance Baby Dance program. Really…? He dances very well.
l want his address at any cost. l have contacts in Gemini TV.
l’ll get his address. Okay. Sure, ah?- Definitely. God does exist. l want to meet Antony.- For what? l want to meet Antony. How come you are here? Have you come to dance? You’re an handicapped man. Will you dance with your hands? Will you dance like this? lf you dance, it would look like this. Come…come…C’mon dance. lt would be worth watching
you dance. Dance… Will you dance? lt would look
different if you dance now. C’mon dance. Ask your sister to dance with me? For me to win & for you to lose,
l’ve got a man. l’ll show you my dance skills
in this year’s competition. l’ll show you my dancing skills. Hi brother.- Hi! Want to hear a joke?- Tell me. Ganesh challenged me that he is going
to bring someone to defeat me. Let him bring anyone. Stop. l saw your dance on TV.
– Superb.-Was it nice? Wonderful.- Did your friends
saw my dance? Everyone did. Tell everyone…- Tell what? Children… Uncle, your dance was fantastic. lt was fantastic.
You exactly followed my instructions. Yes. l did exactly as you
told me to do. Uncle, do l look like Chiranjeevi? You are the next Megastar.
-Wonderful! Your dance made me go crazy. l was born in Andhra Pradesh,
so l shook hands with you. lf l was born in America,
l would’ve kissed you. That’s why you were born in Amalapuram. l should feel shy & not you. Quiet. You practice for your finals. l need to meditate now.
l’m getting tensed. We’ve reached finals by
dancing exactly like you. We must win the finals too. l’m very happy today.
Everyone is praising us. l’m very happy. lf the right person had praised you,
it would’ve been very nice. Shruthi. Call her & find if she had
watched your dance program? Oh Yes. Call her & find if she
had watched the program or not? There, her yes & here you’ll shy and
then, you both hang the phone. Superb!-What bloody superb!
l’ll beat you rascal. What should l do? You are doing nothing.
That’s the problem. Call her on phone and
say that you love her. You feel l don’t have guts, ah? l will call her now.- Go ahead. l’m dialing her number.- Okay dial. What happened?-A call. Who’s calling?- That girl. C’mon talk to her. Raghava, l’m Shruthi speaking. l’m Raghava speaking. want to say something personal.
– Okay. Where are you now? l’m on the road…no, in my flat. l can’t discuss that on phone. l’ll come to your flat at
7 pm to tell you. Okay? What man? She said she will come here at 7 pm. She will express her love to you.
Why are you looking dull? Brother, l’ve got the address of
the man you saw on TV. His name is Raghava, from Vizag. Raghava. -Yes brother. l’ll go to Vizag & find him.
And then l will call you. O parrot! My love started to sprout.
Please come. Why are you all so eager about? Don’t you know that my friend
is in love? Now the girl is coming here
to express your love. You are mobile radio station.
Go & tell everyone. Raghava’s lover is coming here.
– Really? Raghava’s lover is coming here.
– Really? What?- For who is this grand welcome? For you all. l know you are in love. Why to look at them?
You are in love, aren’t you? Okay fine. Why don’t you sing and
dance to celebrate it? My clothes will get dirty. l must be glamorous when she comes. ls it?-What? Get back everyone. Won’t you sing a song? l can’t. Chiru, sing a song please. Even he knows my weakness. Okay. Chiru’s touch will make any
ordinary man into a superstar… Chiru’s touch will turn dark nights
into bright sunny day… Chiru’s touch can make
anyone dance… Sky is up & earth is down below..
You are there and l’m here… Fish eyed beauty
promised to come… Looking into my eyes
she charmed me… Herthin waist is raking
mega passions in me… lnnocent beauty is
devouring me… l tied the knot with her…
and closed the door of my bedroom… Dude, what happened behind
the closed door? What has happened? lt was dark and
it was very noisy… l made the beauty to
go into ruptures… She promised me beautiful babies… At 3 months of pregnancy
she walked like this… After 6 months of pregnancy
she walked like this… Now 9 months are over… And l started feeling nervous… What happened after 9 months, dude? What has happened?
lt’s noisy again albeit louder… A little angel will smile
and offer you flowers… Any festival today? Your arrival is by itself
a festival to us. She had come to the inauguration
of our dance school. l knew it. You know them.
They are our flat members. Let’s go. – Please. Sit. Sit…sit properly. You said you wanted to say something… lt is about my love. l thought of expressing
my love long back. Due to ego problem, l didn’t say that. Why have ego? l was confused as to
how to express my love. My friend gave me an idea. lf l move close with any other guy,
my lover would feel bad. Then, he will express
his love in anger. Since l was moving close with you,
Raja got angry. When you had a tiffin pizza hut,
and l gave you a gift. You should’ve seen his face then.
lt had completely changed. Do you know what did he do? He came to me & expressed his love. l & Raja are in love for 3 years.
Our parents have also agreed our love. You are responsible for
our love to succeed. So, l wanted to give you
my first wedding card. Raja also agreed to this. He said he will come here. Always late. Raghava, how do we look? Good ah? You must come to our marriage. You must come. Okay, let’s go. We told you about our love.
Are you in love with anybody? He loves dancing & nothing else. Let’s go. Why are you keeping quiet? Couldn’t you say that you love her? What can he say when she has
come with her fiance? We must not spare her.-Yes. No more fights. You all be here. l’ll come after an hour. May be we pushed you
to this situation. Stop. l forgot my bag in Raghava’s room. My parents will be
waiting there for me. Okay, let’s go. No. You stay with your parents. l’ll go by auto & take my bag.
– Careful Shruthi.- Okay. Why did she do so?- Poor Raghava. Why did you left him alone? Take it. l forgot my bag in your room.
– Take it. You people look very different. How should we look like
for what you have done? What did l do? We can’t act like you. We are outspoken. What are you talking about? What happened? Don’t you know that Raghava loves you? Raghava is in love with me? You came to inaugurate his dance school
celebrated his birthday party. Presented him a new cell phone. You may say you did these
without any love. But your acts made him
fall in love with you. lt is your fault. Even god didn’t feel pity on him. Gave him only worries.
He is not like others. He doesn’t ogle at girls
standing at the bus stand. His mother’s wish is his objective. What do you know about him?
Listen, l will tell you. Why are you late to the class? Today is my mother’s birthday.
l went to buy her a gift. Show me what you have bought. Very nice.
Keep it there & practice. Raghava, someone is taking
away your mother. Who?- l do not know. Go. Please leave me.
l won’t come. No. Please spare my wife.
She is innocent. l beg you. Please leave my wife. Atleast you tell them.
Ask them to leave her. Today is her birthday. l beg you. Mother… They are taking me away. l bought a gift for you. Mother… They are taking away your mother. Are you all happy now? She is innocent.
She was always inside the house. What harm did she do to you? He who made the phone call
will live happily! l’ve a wish. Will you fulfill it?
-What is your wish? Look at this photo. This was taken when l danced
in our Rama’s temple. Our villagers praised that l will become
a great dancer watching my performance. Really?-Yes. Even l dreamt of becoming
a great dancer. l got married. Your father hates dancing. My dream remained a dream. Everyone wants to achieve something. But if the wish is unfulfilled… they prefer to fulfill it
through their children. l’m no excuse. That’s why l’m sending you
to the dance school. Learn well & become a great dancer.
Everyone must praise you. This is my wish. Don’t quit dancing no matter
what ever the problems you may face. Promise me that you won’t quit dancing. You want a promise, dance with me.
– Me? Now? l won’t. Won’t you dance?-Yes, l won’t. lf l dance, you will also dance. Promise me now.
– l swear on you, No matter what difficulties l may face,
l won’t quit dancing. l’ll fulfill your wish. Please wait.-What?
– Listen to me. l want to talk to you.- Later. What is it? You said you will kill your wife. l took a rod to kill her.
l hit her on the head. But she didn’t die.
She became mad. l called mental hospital
and sent her away. There will be no more problems. Come. There is a problem. What problem?
-Your son. l will take care of him. Come. You don’t have to take care of him. Let him starve for 2 days and
he’ll run away on his own. Okay?- Okay. You remember about him, don’t you? You go. l took a rod to kill her. l hit her on the head. Leave me.- Stop. l want to go. What happening?
– She beat us & ran away. Catch that mad woman.
– Come, let’s go. Mother… Go there. l swear on you, No matter what diificulties l may face,
l won’t quit dancing. l will fulfill your wish. Who are you? Move away. Go. Will you teach us to dance? l will. We are those 4 boys. lf Raghava hadn’t taught us dance, we would’ve become criminals. But Raghava searched
everywhere for his mother. He believes that he will
find her some day. l made a big mistake. l didn’t do it intentionally. lt happened without my knowledge. Please forgive me. You shouldn’t seek my forgiveness. l desired something beyond my reach.
l imagined something else. lf my friends had hurt you,
please forgive them. Please go. lt’s getting late. Please go. lt’s alright. Go. Why are you looking so dull? We must prepare for tomorrow’s
Dance Baby Dance finals. Let’s go. lsn’t it painful? She is not lucky enough to marry me.
-What are you saying? Should we die if we fail in love? Should we become for lorn lover Devdass? l don’t say it isn’t painful.
lt is painful. l went out & thought
what is more important? Mother’s wish or my love? My love looked nothing when
compared to my mother’s wish. l don’t say falling in love is wrong. Love is divine. Love is a part of life. Love by itself isn’t life. Let’s love our objective.
Let’s be successful in it. Look at that old lady. There is no relation between us & her. To cheer us in worries, she gave us her pension to
paint our dance school. Are we in anyway related
to these children? Even they gave us money & helped us. Till now, there was nobody
to share our sorrows. But today, there are so many
to share our sorrows. This is also a kind of love. Their love is more than enough. l found the man you were looking for. You’ve got the right person for
your long & patient wait. He is ready to sacrifice
his life for dance. Come to Vizag immediately. Why make noise when l meditate? How long should we be scared of him? From today, no one has to fear.
l’ll give you the idea. My dear son!
Why gave this idea so late? Operation ready. Come. Why are you behaving like a child? Stop tickling me. Father has become deaf. l’ve taken precaution. lt’s getting late. Are you ready? Go to railway station. Go. Stop here. Raghava…-Yes He went to Hyderabad to participate
in Dance Baby Dance program. Hyderabad? When did they go?
-Just now. Go fast. Stop here. Why do want to stop here?
– Let’s go to the temple. lt’s getting late for the train.
– Today is my mother’s birthday. Then, we’ll come back soon.- Okay. Let’s go. Offers prayers for my mother. Lakshmi is the name, right?
l’ll do it. You will find your mother this year. We must win the finals and
fulfill my mother’s wish. lt’s getting late.
– Okay. We’ll leave.- Okay. Let’s go fast. Raghava, come fast.
-Just a minute. l’ve found my mother. Come.
– Come… Mother… She is my mother.
God has given back me my mother. Take care of her.
l’ll be back soon. Priest… Mother… Priest, come…-Why? l found my mother as you said.
– That’s a good news She was sitting near the steps.
l have found my mother. God is there. Mother… Come & see my mother. Come… Why are you crying?
We have found our mother. Mother…l’ve found my mother… Mother… Why isn’t she saying anything? She is dead. l will kill you if you say that. Mother, get up. l want to talk a lot with you.
Get up. They are my friends. He is Siva, Seenu, Kiran & Basha. He is dumb but can dance very well. Please get up mom. Mother! Didn’t you tell me to keep
dancing against all odds? l learnt many new movements
with great difficulty. l want to show my talent,
get up mother. We both used to dance
when l was a kid. You danced with me
whenever l danced. l’ll dance now and
you must join me. You must. lf l dance my mother will also
join in dancing with me. She will. Mother…look at me. Mother get up! Mother. Get up mother. Mother. Mother isn’t getting up. Mother, get up. Talk to me, mother. Mother isn’t talking to me. Mother. This my photo as a young boy. Mother. Move. Mother, l bought this to present it
to you on your birthday. Today is your birthday. Happy birthday mother. Look there. l know everything about you. My sister told me. l want you all. Because… l’ve come to take you all
to fulfill my ambition. But l’m very happy that it will
fulfill a mother’s wish too. Will you come with me? We’ll come. Greetings boy. These kidsS faced lot of difficulties. Lost mother too. Hereafter you’re their
mother, father and guru. Take good care of them. May god bless you. Bye sir..bye madam. Brother, didn’t l tell you
about a girl? That’s her. Today you are getting married, right? We are not getting married today. l’ve postponed it. You had to face testing
times because of us. We’ll marry the day you marry. Bye. Strike like lightning… Victory will be yours… Never forget your ambition, brother… Though there’s a rain of fire… Thunders block your way… Never back off,
march forward bravely… Though the world may laugh at you… Turn yourself into the fiery sun… Shine bright to make
the stars disappear… Show to the world you’re
the greatest dancer… Forthe promise given
to a mother… Turn yourself into a weapon… Fight the mountain though
it’s impossible to win… The day you achieve your goal… Your mother will be happy
where ever she may be… When a friend is extending
a helping hand… The path you tread must
become a history… The day you unveil yourtalent… Your every cell must contribute
to achieve your aim… C’mon, march forward…
to scale the mount of fame… Though falling down… Compete with the waves
leaping into skies again… Reach the sea of dreams… Whatever the competition may be… Looking at your determination… Even defeat should shiver in fear… The fate is in
everybody’s hand… But your fate is in your legs… Stop the moving time
with your dance… Show your talent to make
this world stand in ovation… C’mon, dance…
victory is yours… You called me urgently. Only two days left
for the competition. Entry fee and other expenses
will come to about Rs. 5 lakhs. They are new kids,
so sponsorship isn’t encouraging. So l want to mortgage this house. Find a financier.
– No need, you don’t worry. Sponsors are here, tell your boys to come to the
discotheque and prove their talent. l’ll take care of the rest. The sponsors who left you
must come back to you. That will be our first victory. Did you see? Got jitters? For this? This is just a sample. You’re sweating, wipe it boy. There’s much more…
dancing with girls isn’t enough. You must practice…
the competition is fast approaching. Antony, dance and win over them first. Ganesh, your boys are good dancers.
Simply great. lf you don’t have any objection,
our company will sponsor them. lf you come to my office tomorrow,
we can finalize the deal there. Why are you dull?
– Ganesh has brought a new dancer. People are applauding his dance. Whoever it may be
l’ll win against him. But we can’t trust Ganesh. At least this time l…-You’ll win. Am l not here? You go and practice. You told about a great dancer,
where did he come from? From Vizag. Vizag…? Ganesh and Raghava have met with
an accident, come immediately. What? lt seems Master and Raghava
have met with an accident. What are you saying man?
– That’s what they said.- Let’s tell Priya. No, Priya will get tensed.
– Let’s first see them & tell her. Come. They said accident but
no one is seen here. They said here only. Brother. Our boys are entering
competition tomorrow. Where are the other guys? They were here only till now.
– Check if they are outside. Go & see. What? Dancing here.
Pick up the phone. There. – There! ls it Raghava? -Yes. We’ve kidnapped your four friends. Who is on the line?
– Unnecessary to you. Come to Gachibowli factory,
come alone. Ganesh mustn’t know this,
if you call police, all four will die. Got it? Who is that? My friends. They have gone to visit a temple,
they want me also there. Go, but come quickly,
you’ve to practice. Please leave us sir. Who are you? Leave my friends. l’ll tell that later, but first
go back to Vizag.- Go back to Vizag? We’re having a competition tomorrow.
Why should we go away? Only then my brother Antony will win. Antony…? Tell him to win
in the dance. Go away kids. Dance is our life,
why should we leave this place? You’ll not listen to words,
you don’t know about me, right? Everybody thinks your master Ganesh
lost his legs in an accident. Correct, but l plotted the accident. Don’t get angry,
you’ll also lose your legs. Go back to Vizag and satisfy yourselves
with local dance programs. Go away. This is injustice.
Leave my friends. What if l not? Will you beat me? Brother, no troubles please,
ask them to leave my friends. Tell them to leave my friends…
no please… Will you beat me? – No please. No please. Leave my friends, we are getting
late to the program. No sir. No sir…don’t trouble us sir. Leave my friends sir. No sir…no sir…no sir…
please listen to me sir. What are you looking at? l’ll send my men and
you’ll beat them. That’s old style,
do you know the new style? l’ll play music and you’ll dance. Play music. Dance is your life, right? Dance now, my boys want
to see your dance. Please leave them. You’ll not dance if l ask you. No sir…no sir…don’t harm them,
l’ll dance..l’ll dance. l’ll dance. Leave Raghava please. Very nice…like a monkey. l’ll gun down him. l’ll kill him. Don’t stop. – l’ll dance… Please don’t beat him. Your master loves you very much.
He’s dancing really well. Look there. Dance! Don’t beat him sir. They must be here till
the program is over. Keep vigil.- Okay sir. Start the car. Tomorrow the competition starts… They must practice…
where are they? Shall l check? No…no…don’t go alone,
l’ll also come with you. Why are you coming at this time?
Temple is closed long back. Okay sir, we’ll do our best.
You may go now. Still at home?
Only 30 minutes left. Sponsors are calling, only 30 minutes
left for the program to start. These boys are missing.
l’m confused. l’m also confused. May be they have gone to
the auditorium.- May be. Come, let’s go there. Sit down. – Sit down. Are you all ready to enjoy
this wonderful program? Popular hero Suman is here to
preside over this program. May be they are in the green room? Have our boys come?
– No sir. Why are you coming so late? Others have come 2 hours
early and getting ready. Why aren’t they serious about this? We got the sponsorship
after great difficulty. Bombay sponsors are waiting there,
they are angry on me. What am l to tell them? Where is your group? Haven’t they come here? Why are you asking me?
Didn’t they come with you? They went to temple last night,
they haven’t turned up yet. Didn’t come back from the temple?
What are you saying? l suspect Antony. What should l do now? Let’s lodge a complaint on Antony. We don’t have any evidence,
how can we lodge a complaint? His brother is in the audience
and he’s ready to dance. How can we? The show has begun.
What to do now? Teams have come here
from across the country, we have selected ten teams from it, due to constraint of time, we are conducting first round,
quarterfinals, semi finals, and also the finals today itself. Program is about to start,
are our boys ready? They are getting ready sir. First round has begun,
ours is tenth round. You be ready, we’ll come and take you. Shall l check in the temple? l’ve already done it.
They are not there. Gone…years of my hard work
is gone in one day. Seventh group is on stage,
what shall we do now? l’m totally confused.
-What’s the problem? Where is your group? They are…they are missing
since last night. Missing since last night?
Just now you said they are ready. ls it joke to you? They have spent millions trusting you,
what am l to tell them? This is a matter of my prestige, l don’t know what or how you do?
They must be here, that’s all. l want to tell you
an interesting news, last year Ganesh won
this competition, he should have competed in
lnternational Dance competition, but our bad luck, he lost his both legs
in an accident. without losing hope, he has trained few boys and
they are competing here now, hat’s off to his determination
and hard work. Did you heart hose words of praise? Your boys aren’t here yet. We have fooled ourselves
trusting you. What a lousy group you’ve got us? Winning with both legs is difficult
here and you got us a cripple. A great master and his lousy group, Forget about dance now,
dance isn’t your cup of tea. lf they don’t turn up now, we may disqualify them and
go to the quarter finals. Antony and his brother have
taken to the bad way, let’s also take the same way, l know a man in my area, if l tell him he’ll get our boys
here in 5 minutes.- Bad way? No. What are you saying brother? Do anything, our group should be here. They are my men, leave them. What if we don’t? You’ll get the stick.
-Who are you? Ganesh team hasn’t come yet. We are disqualifying them
from the competition. Ganesh, Raghava is here. Get them quickly, l’ll stop them. What happened? Why are you bleeding? Antony and his brother did all this. They are responsible for
you to lose your legs. You don’t worry master, l’ll dance. They are here, come, let’s go. Brother Raghava. Something has happened
to Ganesh’s group. Though they are hurt severely,
they performed very well. Brother. -What? You said they will not come here,
but they have come. What are you doing?
-You don’t worry. Four people have come
to bump him off. The groups that have
reached quarterfinals… What? We must take revenge
on Antony and his brother. We are here, we’ll show our power. l was harsh on you. Don’t take him now,
let him be here till the finals. He must know what is talent. All the teams were good
in the quarterfinals. Semi finalists were excellent,
but the teams to reach finals are… The finalists are… Let’s decide it today, Raghava. A good news to all of you, a very popular person will give
away the prize to the winner. Who is he? lt’s suspense for now. You watch him later. l came to distribute the prizes. l can’t be mute spectator if anyone
tries to kill other man. You go and start your program. Start your program. You carry on,
l’ll take care of them. The eagerly awaited finals starts now! The challenge is beckoning… l’m ready in the battlefield… Winner or loser must
be decided today…. l’m ready to take
on your challenge… lf you’re itching for it,
l’m ready… lf you’ve talent,
compete with me… ln this war of dance
between you and me… The city is going gaga
overthis… This is earth shattering dance… This is sensational dance… This is a dance that
fans clap to… This is a dance that wins
the hearts of fans… The hot blood is playing music… Shall l show you lightning
movements of my dance? My heart is burning with anger… Shall l show my prowess
and stop your dance? l’ll dance to put fire to shame… Won’t the moon come down
to see my dance? Money can’t get you talent… Dance is nobody’s private property… Dance is Lord Shiva’s ‘Rudhrathandavam’…. Talent of dance is a boon… Do you think you are the
greatest dancer in this world? Nobody who thinks like that
will win, god is there. You took away my master’s legs unjustly.
What was his mistake? Can’t he dance if you take is legs? He’ll dance now, watch the show. l’ve legs, l’ll make him dance. Bloody! l’m telling you both, watch it now. Keep focussed on the objective.. lf you’ve talent,
even god can’t stop you… Though you took my legs in
the fear of losing to me… There’s a new hero to win
over you in my place… Won’t you remain alone though
winning accolades for yourself? Soar high into sky taking with you
as many people as possible… Though there may be
many competitors… Be always sportive… lf you’ve the guts… The world is yours… l’ll fulfill your wish, mother. Did you see? That’s his talent. Do you know who is the chief guest? Our Megastar Chiranjeevi. l’m offering you choreography of
my forthcoming film, will you do it? What?
– Brother….


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