If TAEKOOK / VKOOK / KOOKV is not to your liking, just do not watch this video, everything you will see comes from my point of view, respect, do not leave offensive comments or other shipps… THIS VIDEO WHERE JUNGKOOK GIVES A KISS IN THE NUCA TO TAEHYUNG!! *CRYING*

they have me wrong: ¨3 Tae jealous during the Pre-recording at SBS Gayo Daejeon 2019 Turn up the volume or use headphones for better listening [An ARMY in the audience shouts the following] ARMY: Jungkook Merry Christmas! JK: I love you
(in whisper) TH: Enough please. TH: Romance is not allowed. JK: Look at you, being jealous. All my SOCIAL NETWORKS in the description box. Symbol
VKOOK *Go to Jungkook and goes where he * Sharing Outfit :¨3 * watching the screen * * watching the screen * * you’ve seen them * * look other way * * looking at Tae * *watching * *imitating Tae’s movements* The drama is counted only *trying to stay on Tae’s side* * waiting for Tae to give him a place * * fails and withdraws* What’s the matter, Yoongi? ALL VERY RARE *meeting of looks * * start doing the same thing as Tae and Jimin* Lol Now, the moment I love HIS LOOK!! long live the bride and groom!! THIS * calling Jungkook* *Jimin is located between the two* *Jungkook talking to Tae, but he doesn’t answer * ALL MY SOCIAL NETWORKS IN THE DESCRIPTION BOX USED SONGS:


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