Sui Dhaaga – Heroes Made In India | Rabari | Anushka Sharma | Varun Dhawan

The women here use glass
and thread to create designs. Here, art is an identity for people. Whether it’s their homes
or their tattoos. You need a lot of courage
to make tattoos like these. Earlier, women working
was not considered good… …but Pabiben changed everything. I started my company in 2015. I used to work for
other people before… …but my husband asked me
why I don’t do things for myself. A woman can do anything
with support from her family. Making a design is art… …but selling it is an art too. Selling products was difficult
as they lived in a village… …but Pabiben’s entrepreneurial
spirit came into use. After I began the business
I realised… …that if I had a website, I wouldn’t
need to leave the village. I can reach anywhere
in the world with it. is based
on Gandhian principals. Work that benefits all
not just one person. Till 2015, I earned 2000 rupees
a month. Today, our turnover of a year
is 20 Lakhs. Pabiben made women believe
if intentions are strong… …it doesn’t matter if you live
in a village or a city. To bring about change it’s important
to change your thought process. We’re currently 50 – 60 women,
but someday I hope we’ll be 500. I will do this even when I am old. “Needle-Thread.”
Made In India. “Needle-Thread.”
Made In India. “Needle-Thread.”
Made In India. In Cinemas
28th September


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