Summer Schools: Trailer

[Upbeat music plays] The best thing about Shakespeare’s Globe Summer School was the people that I met and the teachers that I had and how supportive everyone was. Well the workshops were amazing! They taught us so many things and they had been on the Globe and they know what it’s like to act there. When we first worked on the Globe stage when we were testing our voices, I think looking out into the audience area, it was… just the most amazing feeling. It’s like, Oh I’m at Shakespeare’s Globe. The Summer School gave us a really good background, historical background and social background, on how actual plays were created, how they were written. So I think being able to take that historical and social context to a higher level will help us to expand on it in different courses. Even though it’s been two weeks of us doing this, I’ve learned so much within that period of time. It’s just another way of seeing theatre and the whole spaces and yeah the whole thing. It’s totally different, amazing! You just can’t get this experience anywhere else. I mean it’s the Globe, it’s the biggest place for Shakespeare. You can’t do that anywhere else. [Cheers]

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