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Emre, Ali. I’m running away then. Like the cast of a youth series. Look at those people I wish I brought my bikini. I even put it in my suitcase. Excuse me? I’m saying I predicted that. Those people are rich after all. Rich people must have a

pool. Sister, do you hear me? Are we going to just sit down like this? Shut up! Oh My God! Cute. Don’t be annoying. You’ll have a tan. Then let me put some sun cream on you? What can I say? Do it then. Where did that silly girl come from? Who brought her here? That Girl ? I did. Did you bring the girl who Emre is flirting with like that in front of all of my friends here? How could you do this to me? Girl, what can I do? You know Emre. He would even hit on me if it wasn’t too shameful. You know that. Didn’t you say you wouldn’t cry for Emre? Don’t worry They’ll leave in a few days. They’ll go back. That’s too much money. Take me here, Stop it please The place you are going is still very far away. No, this is the place I wanted to come. And I don’t have so much money left, mister. Can I get off the car? You are so cute. Vegas. Come here. I’m so sorry. He didn’t disturb you, I hope? No, we were getting along very well. I’m Peri, by the way. And I’m Can. Nice to meet you Nice to meet you too. Do people in Istanbul often tell you ‘’Girls in Izmir are beautiful.’’? I’ve been in Istanbul just for one day. Don’t worry about that. Will you stay long? Actually, But we’ll move here for good next time we come here. That is of course, if my mother and Haluk won’t break up. Which Haluk? Ali’s father Haluk? Yes, Haluk proposed to my mother in Izmir. It was left unsettled but they took us here to introduce us to the others. Did Ali anything know about it ? I’ll be back. President, why did you hide it from me? Look at that Haluk. The secret womanizer. He doesn’t know that. Don’t tell him. Know what? What are you saying? Man, let me warn you. Haluk is better at these things than you. What? I’m saying Haluk is getting married.And I’m saying that you are siblings. Don’t be ridiculous. Ask your father if you don’t believe us. Stand up, we’ll go home. Stand up now Stand up. Stand up, we’ll go home.Stand up. What are you doing, maniac? Let go of my arm. Peri. Sister. Man… Later, Emre. Man… Listen to me Later. Good bye. Great, I’m tired Excuse me ? Look at that attitude. You are driving that huge car
alone, would you die if you stopped for me? Excuse me … Please I don’t like those rich people for no reason. As if the whole world was created for you. Go to hell Isn’t that that maniac earlier? Stop! Idiot, Why are you hitting my bike? I was in that taxi earlier, don’t you remember me? How was it possible for me to see you? Why do you stay now I didn’t stop you I stopped because you were hitchhiking. Impudent guy. Why would I want to go with you? I just wanted to stop you and talk to you. Fine, I’ll be going then if you are done talking. But let me warn you, not so many cars pass by here. What? Not any bus or something? No, look, the road is all empty. There is a Mertoglu mansion or something, I’ll go there. How long will it take if I go there on foot? It’ll take a few hours. But you are lucky today. I’m going there as well. Get on, let me take you there. Why are you going there ? Are you a member of the staff that is preparing the organization?Why are you going there? Organization? They are getting married for sure. Yes, I’m a member of the staff. Are you an employee too? Sort of. Come on, are you coming? I can’t tell what kind of a man you are with that helmet on your face. And I’ll just take female drivers’ cars. Okay? Do I meet your standards now? I’ll get on your motorbike, but I won’t hug you from your back. Okay, come on, get on. Look at me, if you ride too fast and cause us to have an accident, I swear I’ll hit you head with the helmet. Hug tightly. What an idiot. Where is my father? In the study. Is everything alright ? Are you getting married? Who told you? I was thinking that you don’t want to tell us , Mr. Haluk? When were you going to tell us Calm down. Will you let those people move into this house? They deserve to live the life you are living as well. The life I am living? The life I am living? Are you kidding me? Welcome, welcome. Hello. Please go downstairs. Rana when I look at you now,I think you can’t be older than forty years old. I know I don’t look that old, Inci. Sevilay is here. Yes. Welcome, dear. Thanks You! how are you? What’s up? Fine, you? Thanks a lot I know it was difficult for you Inci, how are you? What’s up? Fine, you? You look very charming. We are holding the party after all. I’ll see you downstairs. Mother. Mother Oh My God! This looks amazing Mother. Mother, Do we have to go to the hotel? Selin, that matter isn’t open to discussion. We’ll leave after the party, honey. You know, that woman is really stubborn. It’s not like a birthday party, it’s like a
wedding. Come on, let’s go now. Seriously? What do you mean ? Aren’t you a little bit too flashy? Excuse me ? Listen up! Look at those people downstairs. Do you want them to think we are losers because we came from Izmir? That hair, make up, they may think you are thirty years old. That guy I met today will come too, I wonder? Seriously ? We just had a talk. Don’t be jealous. Do you think you are Nazli? Why are you arguing this time? You’ll understand if you look at my sister. What’s going on? What? Selin, wipe off that lipstick on your lips immediately. But mother… Don’t tell me ‘’But mother.’’ Hurry up, go make your appearance simpler and come back. Oh. You look like you are going to attend a funeral. Selin, I said go. Don’t mind her. You look so beautiful. I didn’t bring anything else with me. Do I look good, really? Moy mother looks good no matter what she wears. You are so cute, my dear. You look so beautiful as well. Girls, are you ready? We are ready. We are coming. Come on You look great. Thank you. Shall we go? Let’s go. Have you arrived? I’m coming. Hello. Gunes, and her daughters. Will you be here? Sevilay. Is it that witch? Her very self. She is from Izmir, you know? She looks like an innocent girl I don’t know, she looks like she is harmless. She is a teacher. Girl, Sevilay, why are you looking at her like that? Like you’ll kill her
with your eyes. Calm down a little bit. But we should be honest And those are her kids? Yes and i think she is very beautiful. Look at them They look like this is the first time they ever went out in public in their lives. Well, Haluk is head over heels in love with her. He was in love with me once as well. Love always disappears eventually. Sevilay, you are still in love with him? What is Rana saying about this, honey? Oh, what can Rana say? She is really annoyed of course. But, Haluk doesn’t seem like he’ll give up easily. That woman doesn’t know Haluk at all. I know him. I spent thirteen years with him. And we have a son. I won’t give up easily. Sevilay, but let me remind you, you got a divorce. Is there a rule like ‘’Divorced couples can’t get married again.’’? Guys, you are early. The party is great. Very amusing. Your aunt showed her ability again. Look at me, if you are looking for Savas, I talked to her. He won’t come outside. His life will be like that from now own. I will turn Istanbul into an open prison for him. Why are you sulking? I will faint if I meet one more person tonight. Why? Is it worse than you thought? Well, it’ different. Different? Mother, we are going. Near Ali and the others. Go, go. Girls, you have one or one and a half hour at most. Don’t make me look for you later. Selin, I don’t want to hear you drank alcohol. Okay Mom I’ll talk to them. Girls, take this. What is that? You have to take care of this ring Like seriously ? I’ll propose to your mother tonight. Okay. I’ll give you a sign when the time comes and you’ll come near me with the ring, Please! take care of this ring Cute It’s great to be so much fun Yes, so romantic. Did you understand? We did. Okay. Get lost. Get lost. Look, our new friends are here. I didn’t like those people at all. Ali treated us very badly today anyway. It’s alright Mr.Ali Oh, great. What’s up, angry boy? Have you calmed down? Hello I was waiting for you. Really ? Your dress, everything looks very beautiful. Ali, do something. Or I’ll do something. Calm down. Would you like to drink something? Actually, I would love to but… No, she doesn’t want. Peri, go away from me, you are near me all the time. We were talking about Izmir, I go to Alacati in summers. I have a house there. Really? Alacati is like our second home too, I mean we go there for a day trip I don’t feel like talking about summerhouses. You keep talking. Okay, man. Alright. Then, why didn’t we come across with each other at Alacati at all? Would you remember if we came across? Believe me, such a beauty can’t be forgotten easily. That’s a very ordinary compliment but I liked it. You are so cute. I’m sorry, I scared you. You can go now I’m sorry, I disturbed you. Peri. No, I wasn’t scared, I was surprised. I wasn’t expecting to see you here. After we left there like that… It’s not like that. You don’t look like those people from here. What sister? Watch me carefully. I’ll do horrible things to her tonight. Thank you in advance. Let me know I’ll take some photos. What’s up, Emre? It seems you are enjoying yourself. I was enjoying myself until you came here. Calm down, champion. Excuse him, honey. Emre is my ex-boyfriend. That’s why he is acting like this. He is still suffering. Let’s have fun together. He doesn’t seem like he is suffering to me. Look, tonight will become more enjoyable now. What did you say ? That’s okay for me. Look, tonight will become more enjoyable now. Excuse me! what did you say ? Tugce. We aren’t some spoiled children from Istanbul. You can do better Pardon. Excuse me?


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