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Date 19th October 1957. Dharmendra Singh Deol
and Prakash Kaur.. ..gave birth to their eldest
son Ajay Singh Deol. He is affectionately
called Sunny Deol. ‘I am.’ He is the hero whose hand
weighs two and half kgs.. ..and if he hits someone,
the person would die. Sunny Deol comes under the category
of a romantic action hero. Whether romance or action,
he did both with great potential. ‘Shalu darling!’ ‘You are very charming.
– You are very…’ Sunny Deol likes mornings. Ever since childhood, he has
seen that night is to sleep. That’s why Sunny Deol is not
to be seen during parties. ‘You were amazing in
last night’s party.’ ‘You did such things that all
the girls fell for you.’ Sunny was always ahead in
sports since childhood. He would get selected
in every team possible. But he couldn’t continue with it. He didn’t have the
permission from the family. Then Sunny Deol decided.. ..that he too will be an
actor like his father. But because Sunny was
very shy since childhood.. ..Dharmendra felt that he
needs training in acting. That’s why he was sent to London’s
Birmingham Theatre School. Sunny opened up a bit in London. He did develop some strange habits. But he made it a point that he
wouldn’t touch cigarettes or alcohol. ‘Munna, give me your shoe.
– Why?’ ‘Munna, give me your shoe.’ He finished his training in London and
then Dharmendra called him back.. that he could make his
debut with the film ‘Betaab’. In the year 1983 Sunny started his
career with the film ‘Betaab’. Amrita Singh was his
heroine in the film. ‘Hey! Hey! She loved me!’ ‘She loves me.’ Sunny Deol is one
of those actors who.. ..wouldn’t show off shirtless
in front of everyone. His physique always helped him. He was inspired by Hollywood
star Sylvester Stallone. Sunny Deol worked on his body
keeping Stallone in mind. Sunny worked out in Stallone’s gym. That’s how he made his body. ‘Just keep telling me
about their looks.’ ‘I will take care of the rest.’ When he acts that he is punching,
it really feels that he is punching. ‘Betaab’ was successful. But after that some years
weren’t good for him. Then came the movie ‘Arjun’
which did wonders. Sunny Deol entered the category
of being a romantic action hero. “Hey girl, tell me
what’s your name?” “I feel restless, relive it.’ Then came films like
‘Chaalbaaz’ and ‘Tridev’.. ..wherein his work was acknowledged. Then came a film that his own
production house produced. ‘Ghayal’. He was awarded for
this film as well. He has always proved it that
he isn’t just an action hero. He did wonders in
romantic roles as well. Films like ‘Sohni Mahiwal’
or ‘Gadar-Ek Prem Katha’. ‘I swear on you, I will drink water..’ ‘..when I take my revenge.’ Along with acting he
tried directing as well. Along with his younger
brother Bobby Deol.. ..and Urmila Matondkar
he made ‘Dillagi’. ‘Uncle! Give my
today’s wage to mom!’ ‘Don’t keep it with yourself.’ The great thing is that Sunny
Deol did some great work.. ..when his dad was very active. There were romantic heroes
and angry heroes who came. But Sunny Deol’s position was safe. Be it ‘Border’, ‘Apne’ or even
‘Yamla Pagla Deewana’. ‘You are bigger than anyone else.’ ‘Then it’s okay.’ Talking about Sunny’s
personal life.. ..he got married to Pooja Deol. He got to sons. Karan and Rajbir. For his performance he was awarded
with the national award twice. Sunny Deol is one of those
few actors who have.. ..kept their essence strong
during changing times. To know unique stories
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