Super Cafe: And The Reboot Goes To

So… did you see the award show? yeah I guess Hollywood
really hates superhero movies. Well I’d say they should stop starring in them, if it bothers them that much. I mean who hates superhero movies? We make millions of people happy over and over again. What’s wrong with that? I don’t understand award shows. it’s always which actress cried the most
amazingly… or which person transformed their voice the
best. And I’m just like, I do that every day! You cry everyday? No change my voice. Oh. Well what does your normal voice sound like? It doesn’t matter what my normal voice sounds like! But if I did cry everyday… it would still be amazing. Do you know why? Because you’re… Because I’m Batman! hehe, yes that’s right. Oh Well! Give this guy a trophy! But why all the hate? What did we ever do to them? We crush their box office sales. How is that our fault? Beats me. *sip* So… Anything else going on? Nope! That’s pretty much everything I think. I’m Gonna Be In the Universe!!! Did you hear?! I’m gonna be in the universe! Everybody IS in the universe you goof! Not THIS universe! WoooHoooo! Marvel YEAH!!! Reboot! Well he did just finish two thirds of his last series. Seems like it’s time for a reboot. Oh I hope it’s not a reboot. Why? Because I am SO over reboots! You… You just had a reboot. Uh… I’m gonna reboot when we get mad and fight for two hours. Okay. I wanna reboot! Can I get all tatted up and wear guy-liner?! Uh… sure! Okay. Allrighty then! Welp see ya later! Everybody gets a reboot! Well that seems weird to me! Too many reboots can not be a good thing. I mean where does it end? Do we reboot Indiana Jones? Do we reboot Lord of the Rings? Do we reboot Harry Potter?! *gasp* You hush you’re face! Maybe hollywood is right. Maybe we aren’t original anymore. Maybe we do just make the same stories over and over… and over. Well maybe it doesn’t matter because we’re awesome. And besides, some of us actually do need a reboot. Okay I’m back! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa?! Super Cafe- And The Reboot Goes To And the reboot goes to… Fantastic Four for “Nobody Likes Your Old Movie” *cheers*


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