Super Tatti (Theatrical Trollers) | TVF Qtiyapa

Yes, we’re from Bollywood. An industry of talented actors
and passionate writers. We wonder who these people are who make crappy movies and earn crores. Who’s running Adharma and who is running
Yashraj, Laxmipatibalaji films. Who’s doing this voiceover? Star kids. If you don’t know, then watch
Koffee with Karan. Also, see who makes the coffee there. Siddharth Malhotra.
He’s as good as a star kid. Whose movie do you want to act in? Anurag Kashyap movies have the maximum
scope of acting right? You’ll be an actor. But I don’t know
if your movie will release. This is Hrithik Kumar, the most deserving
star kid of his generation. If he teaches you to overact then even ugly talented people like you
will have hit movies in Bollywood. Hrithik Kumar will make a story based
film to be relevant again. Sir, a good story is equal to
a good box office collection. How can you be so wrong, man? I’ll sell an art film of Hrithik Kumar’s that will be showcased in all the film
festivals around the world. Who knows we might
even earn some money. Here’s your first week collection. Hrithik Kumar has started his own center
in Bandra. Super Tatti for star kids. I found out that you ate burgers
with those star kids last night. And you kept eating
pizza’s with them. Hrithik Kumar, this is cheating! What about what fate did to these star kids
They have resources but not talent. If not cheating, is it nepotism? – What does your dad do?
– He produces 300 crore worth movies. My dad remakes South Indian movies. There’s no dad,
I’m Bhai’s brother in law. My father won’t accept this. What’s Madhavan doing here? Get out, dumbhead.
Get out now. We don’t need good actors in India. These talented actors gave big monologues in
their own films & left item songs for us. That’s the biggest mistake they made. they taught us to
shake our ass on songs. When it’s time for movie releases, we’ll
take the biggest dump on screen! We won’t let an outsider Pathan steal
Taimur’s stardom! No matter how much someone tells you
to turn behind and look who’s there, We won’t look behind
’cause he’s your enemy. Make your idiocracy your talent. Ananya, make your tongue touch
your nose really well. Tiger, it’s an emotional scene,
lift your leg higher. Higher. Janhvi, be careful and don’t show
any expressions. Zero expressions. Flimfare best debut award! Zee Cine Best Hairstyle Award StarLust Best Date
of Birth Award. Now an actor’s princely son
will be a star. As you can’t be an actor.
It’s quite impossible.


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