Super Telugu Full Movie

10,000 Rupees on Akhil ls Akhil coming?
20,000 Rupees on Akhil -Whose is it driving like that?
-lt’s just a gimmick -Where is Akhil?
-Look, there he is y ou Rascal! Get the vehicle
repaired and bring it home y ou’re doing too much
Get me down y ou should always win like this There is a party tonight
for all our staff Stop, there is not much call taxis Get us one more taxi
lt’s boring daily Where are you? l was senseless to keep a
movie programme with you What! Are you
in the beauty parlour? Are you coming to watch
a movie or to do export? Tell me Are you stuck in traffic? ls someone hitting you? Why won’t they?
y ou’re dressed like that Did you go to beauty
parlour for that? Who is he? Someone here
is also looking at me Be on line Where is he? Be on line -Who are you?
-Nothing lf you give me 100 rupees
l’ll keep yours in your hand Be on line. Someone is
trying to trick me -What will you keep?
-Come l’ll tell you Come, l’ll tell you lf you wait for a minute,
l’ll draw you and give it ls it so?
Ok Tell me Some fool here is drawing my portrait He looks comical Come fast, you also
can have your portrait Seems it’s 100 rupees Tell the auto driver to drive fast
Tell him to come fast lt’s over Seems it’s over,
be on line Tell the auto driver to come fast lt’s very nice -Give me 100 rupees
-Ask him Ask him -lsn’t it your portrait?
-Shut up Are you coming quickly? Come quick What’s that sound? ls it accident? ln which centre?
Wait l’ll come -My 100 rupees
-Be on line for a minute Be careful Seems you’re tense
l’ll meet you again Where should l meet you? Me? y ou can’t meet me even if your sins are. . . . . .cleared and you’re in critical position -ls madam there?
-y es, she is -Seems it’s new car!
-y es it is. Take your hand Drink, coffee dear Thanks mother y our hair has grown long since
it was vowed to Tirupati Lord l could neither cut nor bear seeing it l am seeing you again
like that after so long -Shall l buy 2 ribbons?
-lt’s my style mom Don’t l know the style?
Or else will you grow like this? Hello, Mrs.Adhilakshmi,
there’s a small news That girl has studied B.Sc. in Kathipud She stays with her parents there She is only daughter
and they’ve 50 acres of land Elder brother has
settled in Los Angles y ounger brother is just now
settling down in Melbourne Do you have any objections? Even if her parents settle in
Los Angles trusting on property.. ..Even if they quit
their job and settle in Kathipud.. ..l don’t have any objection Why are you joking?
Do you like this alliance? Do you like it? They you may marry her What’s this?
l meant for him Sorry, we’ve changed marriage plans Already half our life has passed We’re happy in our house
We’ve become used to it l don’t want to roam here
& there with them.. Don’t bring alliances anymore
y ou can go -Brother!
-What? Brother got this car after
persuading him for so long Along with this there are
250 call taxis with us Which is better to have?
300 cars or 3 children? l’ll beget lt doesn’t matter if you
beget or not. Give that coconut Be careful! -Have you kept the remote?
-y es, l have Keep here,
we’ll go in a taxi Stop there -Where you want to go?
-Masaff tank The important thing is..
l’ve a new TV Mine is also new car
y ou’re the first customer My TV also entering car for first time
What’s your charge? lt’s your wish
y ou’re the first customer Why sir? Why sir, you’re lessening? l’ve not grown up from scrap
like you but vice versa l’ve given charity in lakhs l’ve given such TVs as gifts l am bargaining for buying TV for
my daughter, as my position is bad Ok, give whatever you wish y ou could have told that earlier -Dear, get in the car
-Ok -Hold it
-Ok -Be careful, it’s heavy
-Don’t worry, l’ll take care Be careful Oh gosh! Shake it Was it broken? Keep it down, keep it l wanted it to be broken
by you completely Come, inside, buy me new TV lt happened because of you Hadn’t l told you, be careful? y ou said hold it
Show me how? l told you to see and hold
Will you drop it? Why do you hold me responsible?
lt’s not my mistake y ou’ve to buy me new TV
take this and come -Wasn’t it you who dropped it?
-Take the car key from him -Give me the key
-Why do you do like this? -Will you break new TV?
-Give me key -No -Father, key is in car- lt’s unfair -Madam, tell him no
-Will you break new TV? Sit down-Stop, it’s new car -Hurry
-Madam, tell him y ou asked me to come to hospital Heard, she works here Her father took car key She gave her visiting card
and asked us to come to hostel What is her name? ls she like lizard on the wall? -Her dad is just like that
-Ok, go and call ls your name Sirivalli? -Why?
-Are you Sirivalli or not? No Such a big agony
for a small heart ls she doctor? Where is madam’s room? Madam!
Why his voice changed suddenly? -Bring your reports
from lab -Ok Did he bring you here? -Where’s my TV?
-Where’s my car? l didn’t break your car
y ou’ve broken my TV y our father is responsible for this Look sir He broke it, l bought it
in my first salary on first job Why have you got weakened? What happened to
that force while entering? Why are you shouting? Do you feel what he did is wrong? -l also feel so
-Why? -Do you feel nice now?
-Shut up What to do now? l want to give you a big TV
as punishment for his mistake Enough if you give me mine No, l’ve decided to give a big TV Why are you committing a TV?
Have you forgotten 5 lakh rupees car? We’ll meet tomorrow Keep the car with you Siri means gold
What is the meaning of Valli? l also don’t know No problem, but it’s nice Who are you? -Are you journalist Ram Babu?
-y es ls it you who wrote article
on theft in today’s newspaper? y es -Oh gosh!
-Dear! Sit down -Shut up, they hit
me not you -Sit down Tell me once
what you had written l wrote, theft is taking place in city
and police are searching for thieves Tell me correctly l wrote, theft is going on, it’ll be
better if police catches the thieves Tell correctly Theft is taking place.. ..why police are not alert
and not doing their duty.. ..and special officer is useless
l wrote this in my style -Who is he?
-My son Do you know when he cries? He cries when he feels hungry
and when people like you pinch -Do you know
when he feels hungry? -No -Do you know
who pinches him? -No -Ok, do you know
when he urinates? -No Have you ever felt
when he urinated on you? lt’s very difficult y ou don’t know about your child y ou can’t stop
when he urinates on you We’re also like that How can we know
when who’ll do what? How do we know? -Don’t hit him
-Leave him Stop sir, come y ou’re in press
else l would have killed you Tell him, if he
writes madly again. . . l’ll write now Thieves are like our kids.
l’ll write that. . . .. he’s a special officer can do nothing
other than wiping their urine Who are they? Haven’t you understood yet?
He is that special officer Look at his face l doubt he may be
involved in those thefts l’ll write that too l’ll change the house after writing
Let me see what he does -What man? -l said merely
will l write really? Shut up, it won’t be nice
if both of us cry Come Why he’s in such a strange condition? Situations are like that
-Why is it so? He spotted a girl day before yesterday She looks gorgeous -Are her cheeks and
eyes good? -lt’s good What is her name? Have they exchanged phone numbers? There’s no such scene
lt’s still under construction -Whose foundation is it?
-lt’s him only So, doesn’t she know about this? No -Look, how he’s changed
-y es Men are weak in women matter He’s too weak
l learnt it day before yesterday l know He may go mad if he shakes like that Go and disturb him -Brother
-What? Our car held up with madam -Can’t you recover it
-Which car? Our new car Oh that one! There’s a good TV remote
in our house, bring it -Why?
-Just bring it Why remote? Are you trying to get your car
by just giving the remote? Our Deepti has
successfully completed surgery Patients are waiting for you What do you mean? lf this remote is ok,
then l’ll buy TV Which TV’s remote is this? Portable is enough for me l want to do something big What ‘big’?
Enough if you give me mine l don’t need big remote
Small remote is enough What do you see in a portable TV? Get me my TV sir l am in TV show room y ou can select your
favorite one, if you come here l won’t come -Where is doctor?
-She’s at upstairs Won’t you get back our TV?
Would our life be like this? We get bored in house We missed Miss World
programme, day before yesterday We missed a block buster movie yesterday We missed MTV And missed different serials And missed midnight
programme yesterday Why your face is like that? l think it’s manufacturing defect Someone has come to meet you -What’s the matter?
-Today is my birthday Why haven’t you informed me earlier? Bring the book No, brother lt’s not nothing,
you’ve helped too much y ou’ve taken enough care of us Why money again? -What is there in money?
-Don’t think like that Of course, my daughter wouldn’t
have become doctor without that money l might not have made her doctor Money can be grabbed
but not the character Once you’ve helped thousands of people.. ..but today you’ve no money y ou should be happy
Sister should be happy y ou’re being grateful for
working for few days in my shed Take this, take care of dad Thank you brother Why have you come by auto?
Don’t you have car? No petrol Fill the petrol in car l don’t need your TV and car l haven’t given TV yet. l won’t
be able to meet you daily if l give y ou know, l like you.
That’s why Why has an affray started
in the sparkling eyes? Why is the body facing
a cold sensation? ls he a golden guy?
He’s my full moon He is the golden guy
He is the one l dreamt of He is the golden guy
He is the consort l dreamt of He won’t let me live me in peace
Look, he won’t be idle He does some charm He would come in dreams
and refuse to go Now and then he caresses my hip l feel shy when he caresses This naughty guy asks for my company
Won’t listen if refused? He keeps on troublings me He’s honest and handsome.
Being his pair is good. Love is getting bloomed Beautiful gates open..
and the youth comes out Hearts speak the lingo to parrot! lt’s a cold sensation.. Who are you? Why do you look at me like that? Why do you look at me like that? Don’t hit, see it 100 rupees ls it mine? Little similar -How much did you ask?
-100 Rupees -Take 500 rupees
-Oh gosh! Not for drawing nice
but to draw nice What is that? l am a thief Thief! l’ll kill you if you try to draw again One crore cash is robbed -How many came?
-Just one man He escaped on red bike That too an imported racing bike Where this racing
people can be found? There’s a red bike outside
Whose bike is that? lt’s tattoo shop owner’s bike What’s this nonsense? l’ve realised something For how long should
can l earn doing this tattoo? Stealing is better than this Attack anyone who has money
They will be finished And rob any bank ls stealing so easy? Of course, shall l tell easiest one? We can rob ATM machine in 5 minutes There’ll be a lame security man. . . ..He’ll be. . .
That’s all What if police catches you? They’re cowards
They’re hefty but not smart Tell me, what they would do
if l plan smartly like this? Tell me Take him to police station
and break his joints y ou rascal! Do you say
police don’t have brains? This table is reserved This table is for him -lf l sit, that’s it
-Where’s my table? l’ll arrange you another table Club will be destroyed -Whose table is this?
-lt’s yours Go and call your owner l’ll take care if he fails, go Stop buddy! This is your club, buddy There’s no table system here Come here, remove all tables from here l said not to keep here
but don’t know who kept Girls, what are you looking? Come on buddy, dance Why are you here? How about you? lt’s our business
Whose that car? lt’s my friend’s
There’s a small repair Supervise the repair personally
Don’t take the bill Thanks a lot
So it’s our garage y es, get any car from hospital.
Have it repaired free of cost There’ll be free treatment
for your staff in our hospital y ou should give me
treatment whenever l feel sick Then surely l’ll soon feel sick 2 lakh rupees award
for tip on ATM robbery -Who are you?
-Where is cashier? -How will a cashier be here?
-Then who’ll pay Rs.2 lakhs What 2 lakhs? y ou’ve advertised Rs.2 lakh reward
for informing about ATM robber l’ll leave if you give that 2 lakhs ls it you, who saw that thief? -Why are you like this? -Won’t you
give money if l am like this? Where did you see him? Theft happened in Paradise centre He came from there to Paradise centre How do you know he is thief? He himself said Will a thief identify himself as thief? We feel differently with different faces y our face doesn’t attract conversation
But mine attracts spontaneously What do you do? l am an artist,
l’ll draw on roads Did you draw his portrait? -Where is it?
-l tore it off -Will you draw again?
-Will you give 2 lakhs? l’ve a small doubt Will you give me 2 lakh rupees
in cash or cheque? Draw correctly lt’s finished lsn’t it film actor
Chiranjeevi’s portrait? He’s everyone’s Megastar Why did you draw his portrait? l’ve made his portrait many times l drew it by mistake l’ll draw but not sure
whether it would be perfect l’ll draw tomorrow
But l saw him Ok l leave you
Give your address -Tell me -y ou should
come home immediately -What happened?
-He is feeling back pain -ls it so? -Be there,
l’ll pick you up in 5 minutes Come -What happened?
-lt’s back pain, nerves are locked -What did he do?
-For doing nothing lt’ll happen if you
don’t do things at proper age -House is beautiful
-Patient is suffering there What happened suddenly? Sister help.
He’s unable to stand -Why do you take trouble?
lsn’t she holding him? -Carefully, slowly -She’s doctor and knows how to hold
-Sit on bed- Why bother? -Slowly -How did this happen?
-l don’t know -Did you bend down?
-No Did you turn back suddenly? Did you fall down from cot? Someone should be there
to fall down from cot What happened suddenly? lt’s paining y ou manage here, l’ll look him
-No, see him first, he’s important Take care,
sister before you checkup. . . What happened? -Did he have cardiac arrest before this?
-lt’s first time for both of us -To where?
-Coming..-Be careful -Why are you holding my leg?
-Some pressure points are here -ls it paining?
-y es-Now -No use,
come over here -Now Come over here There are some nerves
Let me check there Somewhere something will be there Tell me if it pains ls it paining? Here -ls it paining here? -l haven’t
studied these things in college? Have you studied medicine? Our syllabus is different then What did they teach you? The pressure points
which taught to us are different -What’s that?
-Do you want me to show? lf l touch here
something happens somewhere Don’t pinch and torture me lt’s ecstatic when caressed My desires are many Moon has appeared in
the daytime today Mind hesitates again and again Many desires at heart You are mine lf l come close and sing
all the boons would be yours lf you caress me fully, all my
excess beauty would be yours lf my youth ignites
l’ll again come to you, girl Don’t hassle me
and trouble me like a kid Oh darling! lf you come clad like this
my mind goes wayward With desires, mind prompts
me ten times to follow you Oh tall guy!
Oh wealthy guy! l am with you. We’re twisted
to resist moving -lt seems like a
female stethoscope -y es ls this the same girl, whom
he loves or some other girl? No, the same girl lf these things come again
l won’t be quiet Do one thing dear.
Narrate what all happened till now ls your mind fresh? l feel disturbed
if someone stays to my right Order one tea For you too Rajnikanth would look good
if you add this also Are you drawing
cinema actors’ portraits? -Because they’re popular
-Will you draw because of popularity? Come here l am disturbed l said nobody should be on my right side
But that body builder disturbed me That’s why l was disturbed l go mad if l don’t catch a thief l feel ashamed to get my pay
every month from government My stomach is uncomfortable
when l take meal at home l need some freedom l can draw better
if you give me sometime Come here Whose that girl? That girl? -Why Ghantasaala isn’t visible?
-He is in that corner Tell him that l’ve come -Don’t be shocked
Do you’ve Gharvid lakshmi songs? -No No How much did it cost
to construct this shop? lt cost very much -How many staff are there?
-Many staff are there How much do you sell daily? We sell plenty despite
having some cheeky customers Her father Sister in law Ok, you may go Greetings brother! -Who? ls it Gharvid Lakshmi?
-No, l am Akhil’s mother Who is Akhil? -Greetings!
-y our daughter knows him well -Greetings!
-Greetings dear He gave us TV the other day y our son is a nice person
He is very generous That’s why he keeps buying big TVs y our daughter has forgotten
her stethoscope in our house l came to hand it over How did the stethoscope go there? She’s meeting us for first time Haven’t you come to our
house a day before yesterday? y es, to check his back pain y es, These days his back pain
and other pains have increased When will you come home again? What? So that l can go to
any market or temple No, next time l’ll come
only when you’re there What are you doing? -What’s this? What are you doing?
-Look at him -Look father! -Just poured coke,
that’s all -Stop Why do you fall on a girl? What relax? Take your hand, l’ll smash your teeth l went to meet your girl friend -But the situation is not good
-Come to police station l don’t know who,
take down the vehicle number -Who are you?
-y our brother in law Didn’t you teased
a girl now? l am her fiance Not for us, right? For you, for you.. l am so to everyone of you y ou rascal! y ou rascal! Will you pour
cool drink? Now drink it Drink it lf you hit him
then he’ll be my friend Why are you hitting my friend? Stop Why are you hitting him? -ls it rowdyism?
-Are you police? Answer to my question He teased my girl friend Will you hit for that? Not them
but l’ll hit him Will you hit so many people? Are you a hero? Are there any ladies in your house?
Have they been teased ever? Come here What did you do? -l didn’t do anything
-What’s this? What’s this, like a demon? Like a demon Tell me Take him What about you? Go Go y ou talk too much
despite knowing we’re police Stay there Brother, are you fine? -l am fine
-Tell me Shravan month(Hindu month) has arrived
Tell me what it is meant for? l’ve a only son l want to spend my time in
Europe after getting him married y our daughter and
my son are loving each other -y es Tell me the charge to
give your daughter to my son No, no need to pay any charge
lt’s enough if your son enters our house Tell me if there’re any immediate
auspicious time for marriage There’s a great auspicious time
at 9.20 AM on 1 1th date l’ll do the customary things
if you can’t do it then, Ok? -Dear
-Tell me brother l’ve two sisters of my own Though, l am alive but they never. . . . . .cared me and treated me badly l didn’t save money for my daughter Please forgive me Both of their happiness is
important and nothing else l’ve confessed my feelings
because of your goodness -l’ll take leave
-Ok Tell me My daughter’s marriage is fixed -When?
-On 1 1th -What’s the groom’s profession?
-He owns call taxis There’s a big shed
and 100 people work there l’ll surely come Not only coming, you’re like my son
y ou’ve to conduct the marriage Siri is my sister, you don’t worry l’ve no problem when
you’re with me, l’ll take leave l don’t have change Why do l need money when l’ve
good people around me? Keep it Owner is coming,
keep the car ready Take your salary No, l’ll take when l need it y ou’re in difficult situation l know, l am bankrupted l don’t know when l am
going to shut down this shed But l’ll pay your
money come what may l don’t need your salary
y ou should be happy, keep it l too cried like this
when my mother died From today onwards l am not
only brother but your parent also l have none except you He didn’t say anything He spoke about your marriage on phone Where are you staying now? -ln brother’s house
-Which brother? He’s closer than own brother He got me studied and
he’s supporting our family l am staying there only Aritsts shouldn’t be killed My time is bad Because l didn’t have any clue
l am coming to you again Else l would have killed you
when you drew Chiranjeevi’s portrait What? l’ll be disturbed
if anyone stay to my right side l can’t do it
with your torture How dare you say so? Everyone stand around him Draw, take your pencil l’ll kill you if you
don’t draw correctly this time Draw, draw correctly Look, look at me -Are you looking?
-y es, l am Look, draw carefully -Look
-l am looking l’ll finish if you
draw Venkatesh’s portrait lf you draw Balakrishna,
Pawan Kalyan, NTR, Mahesh.. -Who is him. . .?
-Who sir? The one who was seen
dancing in TV? Who is him? y es Raviteja!
l will kill you in pencil Did you understand? y ou don’t know to draw properly
But demand money from everyone Then draw ls it over? lt’s over Why did you draw my portrait? Tell him So, do you mean l am the thief? Tell him y ou scared me and
sitting in front of me.. told often to look at you.. ..that’s why your face came in tension Haven’t you drawn my face? But why can’t you draw thief’s portrait? y ou be quiet man
Am l not talking with him? Oh gosh! Tell me l am not feeling well since yesterday Can you tell me the symptoms? There’s no sleep throughout night Entire body is hot Blood is oozing energetically in nerves And then? What brother? Why didn’t you go to hospital today? Take the phone My whole body has become immobilised lt’s wrong number l am going out today Patient’s situation is not good here lt won’t improve
unless and until doctor comes Why did you disconnect the phone? y our condition has improved
l’ll see you in hospital l’ll come late in night
y ou take meal and go to bed -Don’t wait for me
-Ok -What? -Do you
like him very much? Who? Since when, are
you loving him? Father had told me
that your marriage is fixed ls it him? lntroduce him to me To make marriage arrangements Friendship day is approaching in few days l am going to meet him lf you come l’ll introduce him Why are you shouting? Hey fiance, my brother is here Why do you call me often? Why should he come to
your room? Give phone to him Who do you think?
He is my brother y ou say as if
you are real siblings Listen to me l’ll introduce him on friendship day That’s it, ok? Would l be alive till then?
My health is not good -Shall l give you
an injection? -No -Shall l give you tablets
-No Then, what else do you need? Oh beloved! Oh my great beloved! Oh beloved! Shall l do a pretty research? My young, sweet consort is only you! Oh my darling! Oh my great darling! Oh my darling! Here l come to slit you with my glance You’re my young,
sweet, naughty consort You’re like the unreachable
moon despite reaching you You’ve water and fire within you Oh mischievous kid
who dares a burning light! ls it you who is
playing with me? Your glance pricks my heart within l’ll prick you, oh girl! lnto your burning smiles.. ..shall l bring the rain? With shyness like a bud.. ..with a mingled bond.. ..there is love, oh shying girl! With smile and your love
are you confining me.. ..and mesmerising me? l’ll pinch, your glance is on me.. l’ll pinch inside l’ll scoop your image
in the wind and rain.. Don’t tell me about it! You’re my young, sweet..
..naughty consort Haven’t you started yet? l’ll come soon after
dropping mother in temple Brother is waiting for
the past half an hour Ok, you start -Happy friendship day
-Thank you Are you friends?
-y es -Are you so close?
-Why do you doubt? Will you be quiet
if he flirts your sister? Won’t you finish him
if he flirts with your girl friend? Then, where is the friendship? lf you make him pay
daily in club, you may like him But why do you claim that
you would die for friendship? There is no such thing
called friendship ln fact, you don’t know who’ll flee
if police comes during tussle There is no friendship
or any damn thing lf you talk about friendship,
l’ll slipper you Am l not right? Tell me -Hit him
-Don’t hit Do you have such friends? What happened? ls it him? lf you’re hitting him
then he’ll be my friend Why are you hitting my friend? y ou rascal! Stop! Stop it buddy Why are you fighting, buddy? What’s the problem with you? y ou’re suppose to
introduce your boy friend Don’t say it is him
even by mistake lt’s him only ls he your brother? Brother please l’ll make you blind
if you see my sister l didn’t know she is your sister
Just now l came to know My love has grown further y ou’re stuck up with me Will you boast his goodness? Do you know him more than me? He is cruel and don’t have a heart How did you love him? l’ll agree if you love anyone
in this world except him l feel dirty about him Ask him why l hate him? Why both of you are
enraged with each other? When this enmity started? This is friendship not enmity He is angry with me and
l am angry for his foolishness l am more angry
because he has mistaken me Both of us were best friends Both of us struggled for a living He came from Delhi
and l was from Vizag We both faced many hardships Both liked each other very much He has a sister, her name is Sasha She is very aggressive and beautiful She won’t rest until she
succeeds in her endeavor She is also a graduate
We threesome used to search for job They demanded bribe for job
when we were struggling for food We got angry with and became
inimical towards the system ln this situation, one day
Sasha developed stomach pain She was asked to undergo
an appendicitis operation We were penniless l stole for the first
time in life to save her Our life style changed since then Our troubles ended So many people are
earning illegally in our country So many scams are happening We thought it’s not
wrong to follow that path We became thieves since then lf anyone dares to shout, flee, move. . . How much cash is there in the bank? What is your name? Are you calling the cops? Tell them you’ll lose
your head if they come Tell them -Tell me madam
-l’ll lose my head if you come here ls anyone else trying to be hero? Are you wooing that lady? Do you want to kiss her? Do you want to kiss her? Kiss her, you won’t get
better opportunity than this Kiss her Slap him if you don’t like it Slap him Both this bunch counts to 30+30=60 Even people who work hard
won’t keep account as you do Did it come without hard work? l asked the house owner to wait
till 10th for rent, but she is agitated l want to show this
money to my mess owner That idiot would die for it They didn’t give job
when we were ready to work hard l want to retire after
robbing one more bank Stop l am very happy in this birthday y ou are happy for not being caught Had we been caught
we would’ve been in jail y ou would be in ladies cell
and we both in another cell No, l would like to stay with you in jail They won’t agree for that Why won’t they agree? l would like to stay with you Don’t leave me
Are you listening? lt’s him.. it’s him.. Oh girl! You’ve a chance Bravo! This girl is
like a rain in my dreams What a charm! lt was like a stupor! Oh girl! Come in my dreams
and scoop me like this Oh Chandramukhi!
l salute your beauty! Oh Chandramukhi!
Will play the drums again Here is an amorous aggressive girl
Have fun with her Oh cold mesmerising girl!
Come close Grant me the boon of
a free ride before dusk Start the pleasant melody! Give me a guarantee like this Oh fille! Fall on my lap
again and again l feel the stupor on touching you
Come oh flowery treasure! Scoop me quickly
like this nicely! Grant me sixteen boons
which l ask for Should show our might on
merging different musical notes Oh girl! Oh pretty girl!
We should hug till dawn! Are you mad? What are you doing?
Are you practicing to open the locker? y ou could’ve been killed l am all yours, you can kill me -Come close
-What? Do you like me or not? Very much -Then me?
-y ou should be knowing that Look, look into my eyes There is something more than liking ls it visible? Look! ls it visible? Seems you’ve started to like me more Don’t you feel like
saying that you love me? Don’t you like me? l like you but. . . Why? Leave that topic
Let’s talk something else l’ll leave it now
We’ll talk about it later Time is up
y our brother might be waiting Are you mad? Go Why did you stop me? Now? y ou have really gone mad Here? lt’s impossible now Why didn’t you
hug me today when l asked? We will be hanging in string
if you don’t hug Oh gosh! Ok, come on -l am telling the truth
-Which is true? Don’t disturb me But you are disturbing me very much l will die if you reject me l love you, l swear on Buddha Buddha won’t mind idiots like us The stuff is ready ls one crore cash ok? -2 crores
-2 crores is too much Another party is ready for it What? Make the phone call They are asking for 2
What should l do? What happened? -Do you draw tattoos?
-l am born only for that y ou should write a name -What do you mean?
-Which is visible outside is exterior Which is not visible like here,
here and inside is interior What’s your suggestion? Names like yours should be written
in interior so that it’s invisible He is my darling l want to have his name written
so that it’s visible to everyone Stop, this machine seems like one
used for writing on steel vessel Why do you bother about that?
Am l not here? Allow me What is this? Why are you having
his name written? Tell me Won’t you understand
from her smile? Are you both in love? l love him but he doesn’t Have you told him? -What did he say?
-He said ‘no’ What do you want? Sasha loves you Says you know that l know -Then why are you..?
-l don’t have such intentions She is getting
your name tattooed Tattoo? Stop What is this? -lt’s my wish -Why did you do its
without my permission? Nobody seeks permission -Has she gone mad?
-Leave it She should, only if l love her lt’s not your name
but someone else’s, you can go l’ll hit you Erase it y ou rascal! Erase it Look, how she laughs
l’ll kill you -Come
-Look at her face! Should l write or not? y ou write man! She loves him wholeheartedly l am very fond of her
But he doesn’t love her l felt sad when he said so May be because they know
each for a long time l don’t have anyone
except my sister y ou should made him accept l can’t force him l’ll try to make him accept
But l can do nothing if he refuses l’ll try my level best -What are you doing here?
-Sleep -Go -Sleep man
-l am asking you to go Have you got used to sleeping alone?
Don’t you want a pair? Don’t scream,
no heroine will save you l am the heroine and villainess How did you come inside? Like how you open the lockers Get up, l am sensing your breath y ou crazy! l came close just for that -Shall l kiss?
-No Please dear No, do you know
about Kamini ghost? Why do you hit me? -l am not an ordinary woman
-That is why l am scared -Let’s try something different today
-What to try? -lf you like it, tell me
tomorrow that you love me -What are you doing?
-Shall l strip you? Look, don’t be mad l am sorry, what happened? l don’t know how to
make you love me That’s why l behaved like this l just want to marry you somehow Listen to my problem also l don’t have such feelings
while touching and holding you lf l marry you…
We can just be friends Try to understand Why are you getting drenched in rain? l like him very much
He likes me too But he treats me just as a friend But l want to live with him
and l want to die for him l promised my sister
that l would talk to you But l came to plead to you
Marry my sister Why are you silent? Tell me that you like her How can l say? l’ve already told you l’ve told her several times What can l say
if you ask me repeatedly? What is wrong with her? Why don’t you love her? lt’s not like that
l like her very much But l can’t marry her l’ll give you whatever money
you ask but you marry her What are you saying? l’ll give you
money, you search someone else for her She got your name
tattooed in her hand What can l do for that? What would she answer
if asked about the name? -Go, far away from us
-l won’t -Don’t talk to us
-lmpossible Why? Because l like you
Where can l go leaving you? Tell me How long will you do small thefts? Exhibition is going on in the city Antique diamonds worth
100 crores regarding ltaly Rob it Who is buying it? We can settle after doing this l meant after marrying Eighty, ninety and it becomes hundred People who’ve born
should live till death Purse should have money
Fall in love lf your pockets become empty
and you fall on road, so what? Swindle whatever you get and
hide whatever you swindle Get car and bungalow
Life is yours, enjoy it Oh boy! Humans are illusions!
Watch it! Oh boy! World is full of deceits!
Think about it! ‘Today’ has come to you! Don’t bother about ‘tomorrow’! Oh boy! Heart is full of love
Come on buddy! Oh boy! Love is yours
Take it buddy! Should tell if love exists in heart Should mingle glances and bod to live l like you Will you express your love
in front of everyone or not? l’ll commit suicide if you don’t Don’t talk rubbish, go home Go Will you come or not? -Where are you?
-ln biker’s club Why are you obstinate? Come here and tell me
you would love me. Else l would die -Listen to me
-Will you come or not? Shut up, go home -Will you come or not?
-Haven’t you gone home yet? No Go home. l’ll meet you
in the morning y ou can see me alive only if you
come now and tomorrow l won’t be l won’t call you again Sasha just phoned me
She is still in biker’s club She is talking nonsense She is threatening to commit suicide
if l don’t say l love her l am going there,
you also come No, don’t touch my sister Don’t touch her y ou’ve killed my sister She died because of you l didn’t know that
she would do like this y ou don’t know anything
y ou don’t know how deeply she loved you y ou don’t know
how much she is fond of you y ou’ve killed my only sister Go, go away Don’t you ever
face me in my life -Listen to me
-Don’t show your face -Go -Don’t say
like that, listen to me Go, get lost He hates me since then. l never
thought that Sasha would die like that l went many times
to plead to him l tried many times to
make him understand But he is angry with me He developed a hatred for me l parted him But l always used to think about him She didn’t understand my feelings
and l couldn’t understand her But he misunderstood me l’ll draw his portrait today
come what may Get me that 2 lakhs
l’ve lots of commitments with that money No, l doubt whether
you saw the thief or not -l saw him
-l won’t believe l need a lie detector Call the expert l know he is weak in drawing But l’ll let you know whether
he is telling truth or not Will you kill me
with electric shock? Why should l need
this machine to kill you? This is a lie detector. lt won’t lie
but will tell whether you’re lying Haven’t we met somewhere? Don’t you remember? y ou can’t meet me
even if your sins. . . . . .cleared and you’re
in critical position Answer me correctly Something is flowing -What’s your age?
-24 Machine is screaming
Tell me the real age -32
-Then why did you lie? -lt has become avocation
-ls lying an avocation? l lie often about age Are you a man or woman? Woman.. man
Machine is working well y ou shouldn’t test that
l had brought it to test you Answer me sharply
l am not smooth like sir, but too harsh -Are you married?
-No -Any illicit relationship?
-Nothing like that With threesome Oh gosh! With threesome Oh gosh! With threesome l can remember now
l forgot the house owner -Where do you stay
in night? -ln the house -Which house?
-ln the house -Which house?
-ln our house -ln neighbour’s house
-Why? Girl was alone because the
uncle and aunty gone outstation -Have you ever stolen something?
-No. y es l did l stole a pencil in childhood -So you are a thief
-No -y ou machine!
-y es thief but a small thief Why are you abusing machine? -l suspect you in that ATM theft
– lt’s not me but him -Can you draw his portrait?
-l can -Can you guarantee
it will be correct? -l can l’ll try -One final question?
-Ask me -Do you want to
kill anyone? -No y es -Who?
-y ou Kill me He is telling truth. lt’s my
duty to make him draw the portrait Come home.
Mother wants to talk to you -l can’t
-Why? Brother asked me not to
meet you or step out from home -Where are you?
-ln house -ls he there?
-y es he is Wait l’ll come there Throw him out Brother Why did you stop?
Kill my son, kill l would’ve killed him but for you
He should be killed Come on. Kill me
if you’ve guts, come l came to ask you,
your sister’s hand for my son -Why?
-My son loves your sister Once my sister also loved your son l requested you in your house
Have you forgotten that? Have you asked your son?
Both of you killed my sister That’s different but
they both love each other No, both are my sisters Come, come He won’t change,
his whole life, let’s go Are you scared of him? He is just a new brother
l’ll chop off his head He isn’t your real brother, come l would have come if he is
real brother but he is more than that That’s why l can’t come Will you come or not? Love me, my foot!
l’ll slipper you No dear, no l liked you l liked you very much for
refusing to come for your brother’s sake y ou should become
my daughter in law, come -y ou
-Sir Did anyone hit you
after drinking tea? Sit down Have you ever practiced drawing
with someone poking your back? l understood one thing The more l torture you
you would draw more beautifully We will try it now Drink the tea Drink the tea, drink Drawing by seeing a
portrait is a method Drawing by seeing men is a method
and by imagination is another method Drawing someone by
seeing somewhere is another method Not like that sir Draw man Why do you look frozen? Draw -Try it
-Little distance is better He drew a new face at last l had seen him somewhere Draw little hair Draw hair lsn’t he come to biker’s club? Just now Akhil had
gone with doctor from here He took her despite her refusal
l am calling because l am scared Where is that Akhil? Kiss me and wipe it off Look at me and leave it Look into the eyes and pass the time Tread step by step and follow me Get up, leap and
close the door like a man! Spread out, open out
and beckon your desires Close the door and
suffocate me with your hugs! At times without you
both becomes one Craving desires have become
a shower at midnight Wipe the shyness in
your cheeks single-handedly Beauty is here, have a
bite if you’re hungry Mingle with a dance, wash me
and perform splendidly l’ll come like a thunder,
lightning and dancing l’ll come heavily,
as a burden and prettily How can resist without drinking you? ln my nightmare last night
there were many teases Build a nest in my heart and live on l’ll give whatever l have
perform splendidly once Why did you arrest me? y our hairstyle
prompted me to doubt you We’ve a video taken 1 year ago lt has been recorded
in the parked police jeep camera Our driver had slept after boozing That has helped us
That visual has been recorded Do you know the girl running? No Some guys had chased that girl They all killed that girl Then someone came for her rescue One more man came after him l doubt it may be you We don’t have any
report about this murder We don’t know who that girl is We aren’t in a position to identify her So, it’s not you ls it him, whom you saw? lt’s not him What happened? Why did you kill Sasha? Tell me Was Sasha murdered? -Was my sister murdered?
-What are you seeing? Kill him Tell me, who killed, tell me l’ll tell you This owner Mama only
sent me to you Besides Mama, Samir was also there He only had put the Diamonds Sasha stayed back in
the club only on that night After robbery and
getting diamonds from them.. ..we’ll kill 3 of them Look, who is there? Go, look, who is there? Kill her l’ll kill you Didn’t you say that
you would commit suicide? Anyhow you wanted to
commit suicide, die Die What are you seeing?
Kill him No buddy, l am here only l am here only buddy l only killed Sasha Forget the past things We didn’t get diamonds
and Sasha didn’t survive Let’s have a new deal There is only one deal
that is to kill you all We know you are ready for anything lsn’t Siri’s life more
important than dead Sasha? Who are you? Siri is with us The diamonds which
we aspired is in Goa now Exhibition is over
lt will go to ltaly in few days Rob it for us
and take back Siri l’ve already sent Siri to Goa y ou rascal! l will butcher you all Why do you come in between? lf anything happens to her. . . Shafi, go with them -Listen to me
-Don’t show your face, go l want to speak to her Are you safe or not? y esterday only
they brought me to Goa Listen, don’t overact -l need diamond, understood?
-Where we should rob? There are totally 78 security people When will diamond comes out? lt’s 38 k.m. from Panaji to airport l want to check this route
l want to know the weak points How many bridges are there? -What is this planning?
-ls it secret? -Sit down,man Go to plan B if plan A fails What do you mean by plan B? y ou’re lucky to be alive
till now despite killing my sister Just shut up and be quiet None of them should live
even if both of us die Are you scared for being raped? We’ve such an idea They want to speak to her Why to speak?
l’ll show them y ou scoundrel! l just wanted to rape her
But left because you would feel angry y ou only know to rape girls But you don’t know what
we both are going to do for you y ou go after giving
diamonds to Shafi tomorrow Then she will come to you No, both should happen simultaneously lt won’t happen, buddy -We need a bike
-Why? Don’t know
some work is going on -We are under the bridge now
-l should know what is happening there Come here We are leaving now Container has started
Don’t waste time, understood? l don’t want any hitches Later there don’t say that
something is missing What happened? A vehicle is stopped in front Close all roads -Tell me
-Where are the diamonds? Hold him -Sonu died, police fired him
-Don’t stop the boat y ou rascal!
He is my friend, he may die -Don’t stop -Come here
-What are you doing? What’s happening there? -Shafi has died
-Forget about him -Where are the diamonds?
-lt is with me Come with that to my place Police has cornered you Surrender yourself
Don’t try to escape Listen, surrender yourself -Where are the diamonds?
-Where is Siri? Show me the diamonds first -Where is Siri?
– Won’t you give if l not say? Not only l won’t give. . . ..Nobody will go out from here How dare you?
She is in old guest house Wait, l’ll tell you -Tell me
-Put her underground Bury her alive Bury her alive underground, kill her What will you do now? y ou rascal! y ou are alone
What do you think of yourself? What will you do
l’ll chop off your limbs l’ll butcher you What will you do?
Can you go out? Can you save her? l am worse scoundrel than you Leave him Siri is in old guest house, go l’ll bring Siri. But don’t
let anyone who killed my sister ls he still alive? y ou rascal! Why should
we die unnecessarily? lt’s not important whether
he will save her or we live l want his life Swear on mother
Take him if you’ve the guts Come on Go man
Catch him, l need diamonds Pick the diamonds -Come
-Leave Kill him, don’t leave Kill him, don’t leave -lt’s phone for her -Give,
we’ll see what she would talk? -Brother
-Where are you? -l don’t know this place
-Don’t worry l am coming y ou rascal! y ou rascal!
How dare you hit me! Brother! l am very much scared What happened to you? Get up
Hit him How dare you kill the girl? Don’t be scared! y ou rascal!
Where are you going? Come y ou killed Sasha,
now you’re trying to kill Siri Will you cut the girl’s hand? ls it paining?
Are you scared of death? Not there
l’ll show you, you rascal! l’ll kill you, l won’t leave Buddy, what are you doing? Why did you lock?
Remove it Don’t kill me, buddy Buddy! Don’t kill me, buddy Buddy! Die, you rascal! Buddy! -lt’s him only
-What’s the guarantee? lt’s him only l can’t trust you y esterday there is a robbery in Goa l don’t know whether
it’s the same gang l’ve been transferred
because of this Shut up and go l’ve to go to railway station
and search house there.. ..and l’ve to get children’s transfer
from school. l’ve my own problems Then who will give my 2 lakhs? Greetings! Whose portrait did you draw? lt’s yours
Just for money -Did they give money?
-No -They won’t give, take it
-Oh gosh! From Goa? Do you know why l gave it? A good thing happened
because of my portrait by you.. ..and we came to know a truth Will you draw the portrait? Mine and his sister’s l’ll draw superbly l’ve got practiced drawing
many portraits in the station.


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