Superman at the Taft Theatre

Expect to see a comic book come to life. And
even if you aren’t a comic book fan, you’ll enjoy this because it’s tongue-in-cheek. We’re
not making fun of Superman by any means, we’re still being very honest and true to who this
character is and what the character stands for, but there is a bit of a playful nature
because it is a musical comedy. So even if you don’t know or aren’t familiar with the
comic book, you’re still going to enjoy the show for its humor and, you know, Superman
is one of the most iconic superheroes of all time. But there are so many new elements that
even our biggest Superman fans may not know. There’s a newer villain that was developed
specifically for this musical that’s been injected into the Superman history. We incorporate
the comic book style and the artwork and the elements that you would see in a comic book
on the stage through the costumes and the scenery. There’s really dark line work in
all of our scenery that makes it feel like a comic come to life. You may be very familiar
with the DC movies and the Marvel movies that have been coming out. This musical is still
set in sixties when it was written, and it’s a musical comedy so it’s not like any of the
films you’re going to see today. It’s not dark, it’s not violent. It’s lighthearted
and fun. Does Superman fly? Are you kidding me?! It wouldn’t be a Superman musical without
Superman flying so yes he does fly. Kids will take away a greater sense of being a hero
in their own right. Doing good out in the world, what a hero means to them. We gear
our programming to the young and the young at heart. So when you come, audiences that
are maybe past the age of seven, you watch our shows and it takes you back to being a
seven year old. I am also a part of an incredible group of men here in the Cincinnati area called
“Real Men Wear Pink” and it’s in conjunction with the American Cancer Society. We are doing
something very special with our production of SUPERMAN™ The Musical. If we raise our
daily goal at every public performance, Superman will fly out to take his final bow in an entirely
pink version of his costume because, even Superman wants to wear pink.

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