Surkh Chandni Episode 23 | 3rd Sep 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

oh !! now what we will do? what we have to do, we will dispose off the dead body , or what else ? and if someone will see then? who will say and how, he is dead I am so scared . what happened ? why are you so upset , I am doing it all due to you , we have moved so far , no way to go back , don’t worry I did not kill him so that you may create problem due to your fear its not like this, I am doing it because of you for we both , don’t cry no need to worry son , he did say for 10:30, he will be about to come its almost 11:00 I am bringing the breakfast no Ayda , I don’t want don’t worry Aman , do break fast do breakfast now what will happen Jawad ? you are talking like as you are a 2 years little girl , your so wise brain became rusted its a very big thing happened no Shumaila now we started the game don’t spoil it now listen me carefully , when police will get the dead body of Mukhtar , they will call you first you will give statement,that, you both had a domestic fight , he left the home and you were continuously trying to call him, he didn’t pick, then you became angry and that’s all after that this house is yours and Jawad is also yours you killed Mukhtar its all due to this witch , firstly she killed Mukhtar then she wants to kill you, use some wisdom what you will do? will you call the police ? yes I will call the police , I will tell the police and send her to jail I said you will do nothing I will go to police , Jawad I am your mother you are my mother that’s why you are still alive stop your rubbish talk , I will not leave her until this problem will not solve, stay here Jawad …. If you will do anything I will……… Jawad I am your mother , for God sake get in Jawad move inside Jawad leave me for God sake Amad , call brother , he is so punctual , I am so worried Ayda I don’t want that Shumaila will come to know either she may come to know, what is the fear now? I think he is alive , call the ambulance call the ambulance what happen? he is not picking up the phone neither he is picking the phone nor he is coming Aman go to the home and check Ayda I can’t go to home Aman brother does not do like this , it must some problem may God bless him, I am going no , you will not go because nobody knows that you are here with me let them knew, I have to go aunt , wait I am going I will go with you lets go don’t take tension Aman try once again hello! brother Mukhtar sorry I think its wrong number in hospital? which? what happened to him? okay Aman what happened? nurse , is a patient admitted here ? Mukhtar ask the doctor doctor doctor , brother Mukhtar ? what is your relation with him? I am his sister its not less than a miracle you have to tell it to police immediately , because its a police case whole night his body has been in a garbage box ,he was attacked by a knife knife ? yes, it was a severe bleeding so it will take time indeed God blessed him may I meet with him? you can only see him because he is not in conscious this side ? yes please thank you welcome sister yes sir tell the inspector that the family of that man is here sure sir lets go outside Ayda, tell it to Aunty also what happen? why are you so worried ? I am doing all due to you don’t worry , no chance of going back I didn’t kill him so you may let us to be arrested due to your fear I am doing everything because of you what happen ? why are you so scared ? was the door opened ? yes it was where is brother Mukhtar? ya I am asking something to you, is any one died ? what ? no , who said? Mukhtar is not at home. we did fight have you told about divorce ? after the home why are you looking me like this? are you saying truth ? why may I say lie ? its okay , if you are saying it then I believe , now I am going do you have some doubts on anyone ? we don’t have doubts , we are confirmed , this case is associated with each other its associated or not , its our duty if you might did your work properly so we would not……. do not show attitude otherwise I will arrest you first have some patience inspector, If I will stand against you …………….. to whom you have doubt ? Jawad you got chance to take your revenge yes I got yes she got a chance , now I will see what you will do, this case has came to you again be afraid from that time madam , be careful, I am in uniform I wish, you might took some respect of this uniform have you written complain, now lets go not complain , launch F.I.R for F.I.R you have to come to police station, I will not launch any F.I.T here, lets go Amjad.. Aman, this time that should not be happened which was happened before that’s why he said about F.I.R so he may tell Jawad he will get his bail before arrest not he but someone else will tell.. why you came here ? its my home that’s your home, its my home on which you are standing , my father did transfer on my and my brother’s name have a look where is Mukhtar brother not at home, , since when he is not here ? what is your problem I want to know, your husband is missing since a long time and don’t have care yesterday we had a fight , then he went you did not call since morning yes I did not call is it my interview here ? am I looking mad? am I dog so may follow him? let him go or die he is not died you wanted the same … your follower tried to kill him but he is not died tell him what rubbish you are saying ? she is not talking rubbish , she is saying right , and you will be quiet now , I will finish your game now and talk with respect , she is my wife wife? no one knows that how many places she has been disgraced Jawad I will pull out your tongue Aman Jawad you put me out of this area after insulting me, the police had come there to arrest me , out of your house you had been pasted my posters on these walls if I could not get you out of this area after disgracing you, I swear I will change the name of my father are you looking my neighbors ? the ant got wings, have to cut be my witness , you all be my witness the fishy girl , has insulted Jawad and you are talking about your wife I swear, I will do your double insult and will kick out not only from this area but from the world time will tell that who will go from this world , goodness or badness I will see you okay will see have you made fun? oh My Lord, first my daughter , then my husband , now my son, please stop my Lort a mother is suffering from pain, my Lord have some mercy on us I know every thing is one by Jawad give him punishment my Lord, give health to my son , Mukhtar will get his senses back , I will ask him to divorce Shumaila, its all her badness ,which my son is facing Lord give my son back to me eat something I don’t want, I have headache after all this , headache is must Ayda have tea , its cooling down sister in law did so weird I think she did not have an idea that Jawad will do this either she had an idea or not,she did cheat only sake of money Ayda she was like that since ever she had no interest in any relation money, house , and luxuries , and the falsehood in in her heredity don’t you worry , law will never forgive her also how strict one may be that she did not come to see her husband even how she may be able to come Ayda? tell me, just forget that pray for Mukhtar brother that he may have back his senses soon, he will tell us everything we have passed through so much pain , now its Jawad’s tern Shumaila look here , we are not new friend when I did say that our friendship is new ? then tell me what are you hiding ? you might know what is the problem? whatever it is, tell me and share it , we will solve this problem together its a big problem yes tell me what is the problem? Jawad killed Mukhtar in front of me Shumaila!! I did not want that , but he made me so afraid , I thought he will kill me Shuamila what did you do? what I did? I trapped in this problem yes you are saying right . he has been teasing constantly for the sake of money he is not so special , he kept me like a queen so I did support him I know, you don’t love him at all , you did it all due to money we did not know , that we will get this problem Mukhtar did not die when he came to senses , he seen me who did attack? Jawad did so did Mukhtar see Jawad ? when Mukhtar will come back in his senses then he will give statement against both of you, Jawad will go to jail, and also you what may I do? shall I run away from home ? no, do one thing, tell everything to his family, you will get less punishment , be witness but how I may tell them all ? this is the only solution , go to hospital and beg him and do apologize and tell him everything that you did it all in the greed of money when case was suited on Ayda , he threaten you to kill , then you became his partner , and also at the time of Mukhtar he threaten you that he will kill you and you became his partner forcefully , you only wanted divorce . but Jawad wanted this if he will not be conscious and I may take this on my neck , then you are saying right, but either you agree or not but this is the last way you have to go, go now think , I will go you Shumaila I did love you and you used me I was mad , I was mad so I did trust you , you saw my love only now you will see my aggressiveness now you will see my aggressiveness his condition is in control now he is not still in conscious but rest is fine do pray , his condition is much better now, but still we can not say anything till he will be not in complete senses where are you going ? I had to go before Shumaila it all happened due to you and you are sitting here peacefully now where is your tongue , who has closed your mouth you did not come once even to see that person who is the father of your daughter it is all done by Jawad and you are still with him, with that killer and still in the house of Mukhtar , get out from here now why did you do so? Shumaila why? get out from this house , its my house , you can not live here its my home and if you have not relations with your husband so that you might see him once , then you can not live here aunty leave her , its a moon light for few days., leave for today when in day light police will arrest her in front of all neighbors , then it will be well enough live peacefully the peace of this house will become the pan of your life, understand ? why are you not launching F,I ,R? I wrote your complaint , F.I.R is launched then arrest him now you will teach us, that we have to do? if you will stand against law, then we will tell what to do? then do whatever you want by the way what will happen by the complain of this girl, whose own father was……….. talk with respect stay in your limits who will be in power the time will show, in those days the time was in your favor, but not always yes sister Rihana, okay I will pick you , bye


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