Surkh Chandni | Episode 25 | 17th Sep 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Ayda, I used to get worried due to small issues of my house. It seemed like all the issued are only at my house. We are very thankless. Isn’t it? We have everything but we still complain from God. Meaning of my life is changed after seeing you. I used to do the same before but do you know when we do this? When we start considering ourselves weak. We sympathize with ourselves and spend our lives while complaining. The day I stopped sympathizing with my own self. My life changed the same day. I have to lead my life with strength and hope. No matter what problem come in my way, I will not complain from my God. We make prayer for you daily and do you know I also pray for you in church daily. Thank you! Talk to your brother now. Sometimes it seems that he can listen. Brother, was she saying right? Can you listen to what I’m saying? Do you know when it was father’s first death anniversary. I went to visit his grave. It seemed like he was waiting for someone. Brother, don’t go to father. You spent your whole life away from me. I used to get scared of you. Infact, I was angry at you. The day you stopped my education, I said too much bad about you in my heart in anger. And after that day, I don’t know why I never used to like you. But now look, things have changed. God might have done this so that you look after me and mother. Look after our house. Put your hand on our head for support. Brother please come back. Today, your sister herself is saying that she needs you. Because I know your culprits are the same people who brought me to this situation. They also trapped Amaan. May be this is why you are breathing by the grace of God. For God’s sake brother, open your eyes. Your sister can get out of this difficult situation through your one statement. Brother please, come back. Come back brother, please. We can’t live without you. Brother, can you listen to me? Shumaila? Shumaila, are you inside? Ruqaiya, take me out of here. Take me out, please. I had been listening to your screams since two days but I had no strength to come. That Jawaad has gone crazy. He is after everyone’s life. He has got liberty. It is me who has given me this liberty. No one can stop him but me. I beg you, take me out of here. What happened to you? You will be jailed. Doesn’t matter if I go to jail or get hanged but I have to stop him. What happened to me. I went mad. Shumaila, this is not the time to talk about this all. He has put such a big lock on the door that I wouldn’t be able to open. For God’s sake, do something for me. I helped in all bad things. Why wouldn’t I help you in doing something right. No matter how bad I am but I am your best friend. Look Shumaila, I’ll call police. No! Don’t call the police. They all are under him. Just break the lock. Okay! I’ll do something. Today was the worst day but I didn’t know that everyday would be a hell. How time pass we do not know. I went to visit father’s grave. My child, you shouldn’t have in this condition. We should remember the graveyard in every condition. We all have to go there. When have you grown up, Ayda? Time passed and I grew up. I also became strong. Don’t you worry. Everything will be fine. Your Ayda is ready to tolerate this all. Have food. Have it By bringing food to me daily, what are you showing that you love me a lot? I love you alot but you have forgot to. You have stopped, this is why you are after giving me punishment. Look at here. Look. Look, I’m folding my hands. I did bad in my life but you don’t do it. Leave this all. This enmity will not leave of anywhere. If I will leave this enmity then I will not be able to face anyone. The whole game is in my hands. Everything is going smoothly. You and Shumaila both are going out of my hands. They way you are caged in this room, likewise, that Shumaila is dying there in a room. She is rotting. Your end will be too bad. I’m telling you, it will be too bad. It is Jawaad. You will see, only good will happen no matter what limit do I have to cross for that. Jawaad. No my child! No! No! Jawaad? Yes aunt? My child, where is Humaira? We haven’t seen her for so long. Aunt, she is a little sick so doctor has asked her to rest. What is this? She should have informed us. We are together since long, my child. This isn’t right. We’ll do and see her right now. No no. Not now. Don’t go right now. I gave her medicine. She is sleeping. She had been awake whole night. She got sick again in the morning. Okay! We’ll come in the evening. Hey, where is Shumaila? She is your friend. We can’t see her. I don’t know. Since that incident happened with brother Mukhtar, she didn’t meet me nor I have seen her. Their happy house ruined in a year. Aunt, this wouldn’t have been possible if their daughter wasn’t characterless. Look, what happened with Sumaila’s husband, it happened because of this all. O God, today’s girls. Gor forbid. Aunt, I’ll leave now. I have some work. Okay? O God, do you remember the way she came in the neighborhood that day? Aunt, I don’t know this all. I have to go and look after my shop. And you, go and visit your friend in the hospital. Come in Greetings! Greetings! sit It is acid attack. No! Actually I didn’t know about it. It is obvious. My husband will not announce it. Sir, actually for few more days Amaan … Look madam, Amaan was already on 15 days leave. Although is wasn’t company’ policy but we still gave him. But now it is something else. What is it sir? Amaan is a drug dealer? So you want to take him out? There is no place for such man in the company. What kind of man, sir? He isn’t proved guilty. But an evidence was found against him. This is the thing sir. Evidence is found against those who do not do any crime, not against those who do crimes. Look, I can not do anything about it. I can not stop company’s work. You are absolutely right, sir. Company is a small thing. The world couldn’t stand. It doesn’t matter if someone is there or not. You can hire someone else but no one will think that company can take a stand for an innocent person. This s his cheque. This is some of his amount that was left Send Mr. Jateen. Please, take it. Thank you so much. Thank you to do this. Is there any news about brother Amaan? He lost his job today. It is only me who is there to run the house. Do one thing, take my this month’s salary as well. Pains make one’s heart so big. It is said, you can not know the truth until you are in pain. They say it right. Mother and aunt both were angry at me today. I came to work, this is why. There love is hidden in their anger. Listen, I did something without informing you. What? You were fond of radio right? You remember that aunt Bushra who has a salon. Yes Her husband has a radio station. So? So what? I asked her to call you on her show. You have such a good voice. Have you gone mad? You know situation of the house. I can’t do it. You will get money for it. Try it. I couldn’t discuss it when that situation with brother Amaan happened but Ayda, one needs money. You only have to go for one hour in the morning. I will suggest you to do it. God is giving you an opportunity to raise your voice and spread it to the world. Hello? yes? So Mr. Mukhtar, who did this? Did you see him? Yes! yes Okay! Who is he? Jawaad! Jawaad? Okay, write Jawaad’s name. Fine, we will leave now. One second Was there anyone else? Yes! Who? Shumaila! Shumaila! Okay, lets go Shumaila? Shumaila get up quickly! Shumaila, he will come anytime. You have to leave quickly I’ll go to police. Listen to me and go to Ayda. At this time, she needs witnesses and your statement will be in her favor. Ayda would have some good people who will support you and also the police. You might be right. Do one thing, keep hiding till night. As soon as it is night, go to Ayda’s place. What about you? Don’t worry about me. I have done arrangements for me. Come Look here Do you still hate me? It should be you who must hate me. I was with those who did this with you … You had no idea. You were only keeping a relationship What relationship, Ayda? What? What do you want brother? I want her not to be in pain. But she must be punished. I can’t forgive her. I can’t Shall I go with police? Yes! Go Ayda, go They should be where they should be and she burned all the relationships. Why did I give you the key? I gave you the key to guard her. Who asked you to open the door? Who? Tell me. I will kill you. Tell me Who asked you to open it? Tell me quickly. Tell me Ruqaiya! Ruqaiya! What did she give you? What? Why did you open it? Speak up! Speak She gave me money. She gave you money? Didn’t I give you money? Didn’t I? Didn’t I? Mother? Mother? Mother? Mother? Mother? Mother? Mother? Mother get up! Mother? Mother? Mother? Mother get up! Mother? Mother? Mother please get up! Mother? No! Mother please get up! Mother sorry, I will not do that again. Mother what happened? Mother? Mother, open your eyes. Please mother, open them. Mother? Mother? Mother? Mother? Get up! Mother? Mother? Mother, get up! Mother? Get up! Amjad, go and check there. Faizan, you go there. Here you are. Mukhtar is back in his senses. He took your and Shumaila’s name. Where is Shumaila? Aunt? Why don’t you speak? Aunt? Speak! Why don’t you speak? She is your mother. What happened? Inspector, he must have killed his mother. Hey! I’ll kill you. Get lost from here. You will kill me? I will see you. Take him with you. Jawaad, I’ll handle everything. Come with me quickly. Leave me. I will handle things. Sister in law? Where would she be? No one knows where she is gone but I took her out from here. Ayda, Shumaila was trapped badly. Jawaad beat her and locked her in this room. She has gone to give her statement in your favor. I can swear that Shumaila has realized her mistake. She want to correct things. Where is she? I don’t know. You must know anything. She only told me that she will contact me after going a bit far. When? I don’t know. Rukaiya, take my number. I have your number. She gave it to me. She said when she will call me, I would inform you and make you both meet. She is afraid if Jawaad would kill her. Now he will not. I’ll wait. What is it? Acid The shop keeper gave it to you just like that? Yes! He shouldn’t give it like that. She is right. If we will not say anything then how will they do something. This girl is saying absolutely right. I have been saying since long that young boys are responsible for this all and this is also because of the acid that is being sold in every shop of a street. May God punish such people. This might be an excuse which will cause betterment of all. Amen It is isn’t me but you who did everything. You worked with strength otherwise I give hope to every other girl. But those who take a stand always win. And you took a stand. My child, haven’t you slept yet? I’m waiting. For whom? Shumaila What is there to wait? She will call. Aunt, it is very important for me to meet Shumaila for Amaan … Look, today was a good day. Jawaad is behind bars. We got to know about Shumaila as well. Things are turning well. Haven’t you seen? Ruksana is sleeping peacefully. You too go to sleep. Pray that everything gets fine. Don’t you worry You go, I’m coming. Aunt? Yes? What will we tell to the little girl? There is no need to tell her anything. But aunt? There are children who live if their mother dies. Aunt, her mother is alive. It is better for her if she dies for her no matter even if we have to lie. Go to sleep. You go. I’m coming. but I have trapped Amaan in drugs case. He wanted to send us behind bars but I have sent him. Now he will not come out. It is a matter of few days. I will keep you here for sometime and then I will make you my wife.


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