Survive a Movie Theater Shooting | Episode #4

(Movie Theater… Fighting in the distance…) (Bang… Bang Bang… KaBoom!) (Music Begins) What’s more American than hanging out at the
movie theater on a summer evening? Beautiful place like this. Come with your family to
enjoy some popcorn, soda pop, and a movie. Now days though, every time we turn on the
news it seems there’s some type of active shooter scenario taking place at the theater.
There’s all types of mad men that do all types of crazy things. How do we combat that? First and foremost is out mindset. We have
to make a conscious action in our life to be willing to affect our own survival. That’s
number one, mindset. Number two, you need to have a plan. The plan
might just be something as simple as, if stuff goes bad, I’m going that way and I’m going
that way fast. But you also need to be flexible. If everybody in a crowded theater decides
to go the same way you did, you might need to change that plan and come up with plan
B. Next thing you need to think about is where
are you sitting or where are you placing yourself in public spaces? In a theater are you putting
yourself in the middle row, in the middle of the theater? Or are you sitting, maybe
off to one side by an aisle so you can get up and move about? Scope out who is there.
Somebody look out of place? If there’s some guy on a July day with a trench coat on off
in the corner mumbling to himself, I might think something’s off here… but go with
your guts. If something doesn’t look right, it’s probably not right. First and foremost, you need to protect your
loved ones. You need to get them to safety first. Are you by yourself, with your kids,
are you with your grandmother? You can’t just take off running and leave these people in
a movie theater. So you need to have a plan to get them to safety first. We need to think
about cover. There is a difference between cover and concealment. Throwing a blanket
over somebody hides them but that doesn’t stop bullets. So as you’re placing yourself
in public spaces, we need to be looking for hard cover. Places that can protect us, and
protect our children. So the next step is… if you have to confront
this attacker. Student say to me, “I just pull my gun out and shoot him.” Really? So
you’re in a theater of possibly hundreds of people in the dark. You’ve probably only been
alerted to this problem because there’s gun fire or some other commotion, and you’re going
to start shooting in a dark theater. There are so many compound problems for a packed
theater. This is why these mad men pick these places. Everybody is very vulnerable sitting
there in the dark. What happens when you’ve tried to get out?
You’ve tried to hide your kids. Nobody is stopping the bad guy. Now it’s up to you.
This is why I’m talking about your mindset. Your mindset to prevail. Your mindset to at
all costs stop someone who is trying to inflict violence on you. And we do that by counter-violence.
That’s what you have to do. You have to commit to whatever action you’re going to take, and
see it through to the end until that attacker is stopped. You’ve seen in some of our other
videos, we’ve talked about multiple rounds on a target, until they are on the floor and
stopped. This is the scenario. Let’s go over some key bullet points. One is always mindset. Let’s think, how do
we convert fear into rage? Always paying attention to what’s inside of our visual area. Who is
coming in? Who’s going out? Always have a plan. Always be willing to change
that plan if necessary. Even if the plan is simple, it’s way better than no plan. Know the in-fill and ex-fill (entrance and
exit). How do I get in? How do I get out? Always be thinking about that as your moving
through spaces and places. Place yourself in places that command visual
control. You need to be able to see who is coming in and out of the space. Don’t put
yourself in a spot where someone can pop-out around a corner or come around a wall and
you don’t know who is coming. Put yourself in a position that you command visual control
of your area. Know the difference between hard cover and
concealment. Have a quality flash light. You’ve seen me
use this one in a video before. $20 dollars, this thing could save your life… Blind and
attacker… Give you a second or two to deploy a weapon… Be able to see to get out of a
theater full of people screaming in the dark. We are not trying to scare you with this discussion.
I know people are scared enough. What we are trying to do is change the headline from twelve,
thirteen, fifteen people murdered to by a lunatic to… to a homicidal maniac walked
into a theater and was stopped instantly. And that’s going to happen when people start
to take responsibility for their own survival instead of leaving it up to somebody else. And again, we are never suggesting not to
call 911. We are not suggesting that we are the police. What we are trying to do is train
people that immediate action is often needed. If we are drowning at the bottom of a pool…
you would not sit there and wait for help to arrive. You would figure out how to swim. Only you and you alone are truly responsible
for your personal safety. If you are going to own a firearm or carry one for self-defense,
make sure you train often. Everything that we do on these videos, we’ve practiced many
times with unloaded firearms. You need to do the same. Hey, if you like these videos, subscribe above.
If there’s something that you haven’t seen that you’d like to, hit us up in the comments
section below. We do check those. Train safe guys, I’m Mickey Schuch with Carry
Trainer .com. Thank you


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