Suryast – Marathi Drama with Subtitles

Sit, sit. I will take it. Sit. ‘The food grains
availability in the country is..’ Turn down the volume. ‘And the credit for that goes
to the new agriculture policy..’ ‘..of the Government
according the Prime Minister..’ Hello. Wrong number. ‘The Prime minister further said
that this policy..’ – Who had called up? Who knows? Someone was
speaking in English. He must be asking about
my husband, what else? So why did you say it was wrong number? Mr. Santram has said
that if anybody calls up.. ..I should say it is wrong number. ‘They took out a parade and..’ Whose photo? ‘Have sent..’ It seems to be his only. “Appaji had already
supported the coalition..’ ‘..and he has sent a telegram to
that effect to the Prime Minister.’ ‘He is not feeling well and so
his doctor has advised him..’ ‘..not to meet anybody.’
– When will you feet a tpeace? ‘With that news for today are over.’ ‘Good day.’ He has become so old. Once he fractured his
thigh bone when he went.. ..from the Ashram to clean
up the Harijan settlement. That leg remains unhealed forever. Why does he go to all this trouble?
For whose sake? If he falls down again
and fractures a bone.. ..who will take look after him? I am the one who will look after him. But why live
confined to bed at this age? Aunt. – Yes? Why did Appaji leave home? Why? You are a new daughter-in-law.. ..that too in neighbour’s house. Our son Bal is the chief minister. He lives in government bungalow. My grandson and Bal’s
business is doing well. There are all kinds of amenities.. ..but not in my husband’s destiny. There is no use of
luxury existing in your home. You need luck to enjoy it. He is always angry
and shouting on people. But why? Why? Santram is your father-in-law. He is our neighbour. He is Babu’s partner. Both are getting along well. Bal is the chief minister, right? He helps them, but my
husband can’t tolerate it. He thinks that these two are
looting because Bal is chief minister. I said they may be doing it,
why are you bothered? He thinks everybody should
go to Ashram and live in huts. They should walk on
foot with a bag in hand. He doesn’t like your
father-in-law Santram. Aunt, he has not been
found since two days. Where could Appaji have gone? Where and why? Whatever it may be but he is
the chief minister’s father. The chief minister’s father. But does he care about it? He constantly criticises him. Bal is a nice man. He just tolerates it. But tell me, would
criticising someone constantly.. ..accomplish anything? He criticises Bal helping these two. But I ask, who helps Bal
in fighting elections? These two, right? What does he lose if he
behaves nicely with them? What are you thinking about? No, nothing. You are in deep thought all the time. Really, it is nothing. Anandi was also saying the same thing. What? That daughter-in-law
doesn’t like this place. You are very lucky. You have become
Santram’s daughter-in-law. Santram earns a lot of money. Well? My mind feels uneasy here. I don’t want all this. Why are you saying so? I feel like not staying here. Run away like my husband. You will be suitable
as his daughter-in-law. Your husband has come. Come, dear. Come. Talk to her. I am going. What is this, Shalan? You are still not ready. We have to go to the party. Enough of your parties. I am sick of these parties. You can go alone. – What? How can you do that? How can we avoid parties? It is a question of public relations. Why are you staring at me? Shalan, what is wrong with you? All the time you
look troubled and angry. Our marriage is six months old now. I don’t like here at all. – Why? What is lacking here? Because there is nothing lacking. The parties, the glances, the
gossip about Hill Road bungalow. I am not used to it. Look, you will get used to it. All your life you have lived in
the third grade house of Girgaon. It will take you some time
to get used to being rich. Come on hurry up, we are getting late. But.. – I said let us go. Well, Lalji, what is going on? Hello. Yes, I am
Appaji’s grandson speaking. Appaji? Who are you? Okay, okay, are you the
editor of Dainik Lokshahi? But hasn’t censor told
you not to print any of it? Print the news of denial by sir. Yes, yes, I will tell them
you had called up to check. Yes. What? Mr. Santram? He.. The editor of Dainik Lokshahi No, he is not there. Okay, okay, fine. Prabhune from Dainik Lokshahi. What was the idiot saying? He was asking about the
whereabouts of Appaji. I told him I don’t know. But none of it was to be printed. We have told everybody not to print it. Censor has imposed the ban. In earlier times we would
have been forced to send.. ..four bottles of scotch to each one. Now their mouths have been sealed. Well, this kind of power was necessary. This was getting out of hand. What was Prabhune was saying? Nothing. He said that I
should tell Mr. Santram.. ..that he
specifically called up to check. Baburao, it is amusing. This idiot Prabhune, the
editor of Lokshahi daily.. ..till recently used to consider
himself as Ramshastri Prabhune.. ..of the Peshwa era and used
to write anything he liked. He used to harass me and sir. The historical Prabhune’s
this finger, what is it called? Index finger.
– Yes, index finger. He used to speak and
write as if he had repented.. ..for all sins. And now he keeps seeking permission.. ..just like school kids
raise their little finger.. seek permission
to go to the toilet. Who are you calling up? Commissioner Jagdale. I will ask him if he has
information about Appaji’s whereabouts. No.
– Why? Put down the phone. We must not give importance
to the police commissioner. If he doesn’t call up
we should scold him. Okay. I have told him to report every hour. Baburao, do one thing.
– What? Today or tomorrow
send an advertisement.. ..of full or 3/4th
page to the weekly Kuthar. Not on behalf of our Society. Not even on behalf of the government. Then? Call up Bambordekar and tell him.. give advertisement for his press. And ask to get the power
increased for his press. Kuthar criticises Bhaurao. Not too much but let
Bahurao face the brunt. This is the right time
to demolish shanties. Baburao.
– What? Will you do something for me? What is it? Call up the police and
make inquiry at the jail. You are crazy, granny. Can Appaji be in jail? Listen to me. He has not
gone to jail for the first time. The father of the
chief minister in jail? What nonsense, granny? Don’t you know your grandpa? It is his lifetime habit. He wakes up in the
morning and goes to jail. The moment he is free from
jail he will take out procession. He takes a bag in his hand.. ..puts receipt book in it and goes out. Just open his suitcase and check. You will find at least 10 bags
with Mother India’s print on them. Mr. Santram, why are you laughing? Mr. Santram, on the third day
after our marriage he went to jail.. ..because Gandhiji
started disobedience movement. Gandhi had nothing else to
do but what about my husband? Forget about all that. It has been two days since the
chief minister’s father disappeared. What does it mean? There would have been no problem
if he had quietly disappeared. Now the public will
gather and criticize our boy. Why does he create trouble? He creates trouble so that the
government would put him in jail. What if all this comes to the
knowledge of the highest authorities? Has it? It’s nothing. Bhaurao
will make the phone call. Has he ever shied from it? Some day he is going to pay for it. Hello. Yes, I am Santram speaking. Wonderful. Has he been found? Well done. Where was he? Where was he? Speech? Gathering a crowd and giving
a speech before the station? These people don’t know discipline. Bring him. Bring him. Bring him safely here. He is coming. Where was he giving a speech? In front of the station. It is not his fault. It is his lifelong habit. Giving speech and explaining to people. He feels like being
locked up on this 28th floor. So let us fix a
loudspeaker in this window. He can shout as much as he likes. At least the people living
in the slum will run away. It stinks so much. Are they humans? I will run a bulldozer over that place. Mr. Santram, I say..
– What? Was there a crowd at the speech venue? 10 people would surely
assemble if a famous person comes. Looks like he has arrived. The police van has also come. Babu.
– Yes. I suggest..
– What? As soon as he comes reproach him. Don’t keep quiet. Bal is feeling very troubled. He is not fighting a
battle by going to jail. How can I reproach him? He will scold you because
the police brought him here. How can he scold me? He has got into that habit. Shouting at people for any reason. Shame on you. Shame on you. All of them are useless people. You have again brought
the country under slavery.. ..after getting freedom. There is no freedom of speech. The English people were better. The English people were better. Where is he?
– Who? Your wretched father! Are you finished? You have won a great battle. At least change those dirty clothes. Bal will come any time to meet you. Shut up! Shut up? Why shut up? You are Bal’s father.
Shouldn’t you behave.. a way that is
suitable to his status? I will slap you. Slap me. Slap me. What else have you done? Don’t tell me about the
achievements of the chief minister. Shout. Keep shouting all your life. Granny.
– Yes. Do you want to ask me something?
– No. What? Nothing, nothing. Ask me. Ask me.
– No. Nothing. I mean, you just left?
– Yes. It was the question of sir’s prestige. Why did you leave? Shall I show you? I am leaving. No, I mean didn’t the
lift attendant see you? How would he notice it? I didn’t use the lift. Do you mean you went down
the stairs from the 28th floor? So what? I can even climb 28 floors. I have done hard labour for many years.. ..and my hands and feet
have become like iron. At that time I felt
that if I bear all that.. ..this country’s future will be bright. Appaji, are you going to take bath? Are you in a hurry? No, I mean sir will come soon. Later.
– What happened? I will do it later. I will sit here and watch how
your master’s prestige gets lowered. Baburao, sir has come. Sir has come? Mr. Santram! Mr. Santram! Come. Ask me if you want to ask something.. ..and get on with your business! Have you finished your tour? Am I am minister who would go on tour? What all places did you go to? Where can I go? Why? Your people were following me. They didn’t let me move around. Did you face any problem? Problem? What problem can there be.. such a peaceful
and prosperous state? You gave a speech in
front of the station. Speech? Have you given freedom to
speak freely before people? Freedom? Appaji, to be honest you have
lost connection with the public. Yes, you have got connected. 80% of the
population is hungry and poor. Yes. They need food.
– Yes. Not freedom.
– Yes. Freedom is the
prerogative of a few people. A few of prominent people. But Bal, what is the end result? There is no food and
there is no freedom also. Oh, I remembered something. Mr. Sanrtam! Mr. Sanrtam! Yes, coming. What is it, sir? Mr. Santram, in the next
15 days organise rallies.. various places. Higher authority has sent this order. What kind of rallies, sir? We need bread, not elections. Make this declaration. I will lead the first of the rallies. Do it. Make Bhaurao lead one rally. He goes to Delhi frequently. He should not complain that
he is being kept out of it. He is the finance minister. Sir, I will get on
with the arrangements. How long will you deceive
people with such fake rallies? Appaji, it is not the
question of deceiving. It is the demand of the people. Demand of the people? Are you trying to fool me? Is it people’s demand that
you should suppress our voice.. ..and jail us? It is a bitter medicine. There is lot of indiscipline all around. Bal, if you want discipline, first
it should reflect in your behaviour. You should set the ideal
of living with discipline.. ..and sacrifice and self-control. Does it look like it? Does it? Let it be. Appaji.
– Yes. I want to tell you
one thing very clearly. What? Look, present time is different. Yes, I know. Bhaurao goes to Delhi frequently. Your running away and
making wrong publicity.. ..will convey a different meaning. Okay. I won’t tolerate it. There is no question of tolerating it. It is not acceptable to me. What are you going to do? Look, it is not the
same like earlier times. Now I will have to take
decisions in larger interests. And I don’t need to say it in words.. to of what kind they will be. What are you going to do? What are you going to do? I won’t think twice
before throwing you in jail.. part of hard decision. Stupid man, where am I right now? Right now at least
you are among your kin. You don’t know your father. He spent half of his life in jail
for the sake of the country’s freedom. And you, who spends his
life sitting on a chair.. ..are threatening me with jail? Appaji, the jails are not the same
as they were earlier! – Yes, I know. I know. Every time you do
something or the other against me! You never like if
something good happens to your son! Have the fireworks started? For two days the house
was so quiet and peaceful. Bal, go inside and have tea. This man won’t let
anybody live peacefully. Your days are getting over. Keep it in mind! Your days are getting over now! Okay, now sit quietly. There is no use of
having amenities in your home. You need luck to enjoy them. Sit. Aunt. Aunt, can I make a phone call? Make it, why are you asking? Make it. Where is Appaji? He is sleeping inside.
– At this hour? He didn’t sleep the whole night.
– Why? He had fever. He was restless. Now he has fallen asleep. Hello, I am Shalan speaking. Is Kulkarni there? Hello. Hadn’t I spoken to
you about my husband’s job? What? Okay. Okay, I will ask him and
let you know in two days. Thanks. Now play the harmonica. What are you doing here? I was calling up my friend’s husband. Why? For you. I was asking him if there
was a vacancy in his company. For you. What did he say? He said he will check. But before that, he said that
I should get done some work.. ..he has with the chief minister. Things are like that only. But.. – Look, we will need
about 4000 or 4500 rupees.. monthly expenses. From where will it come? Look, I have not finished high school. Is it wrong to use father’s money? And doesn’t somebody need to spend it? Lalya, stop doing that. Stop depending on your father’s money.. ..and stop spending it. It is not good to live
on this kind of money. Then what is the use of father’s money? Lalya, don’t do that. Shalan, then what should I do? Look, if you don’t
become self-dependent.. ..we will have no future. We must get out of
here as soon as possible. Look, I am telling you firmly. It is not possible for me to
live here in this environment. Mr. Baburao…I won’t be
able to tell you all that. I am scared of the looks he gives me. Look, Shalan, you used to
come here before marriage. You used to see all this. But at that time I had
not noticed all this. I had fallen in love with you. But now I have realised. This house is not like home.
It has no culture. Lalya, shall I tell you the truth? I was happy at my father’s house. We were poor, but we were very happy. We had less money, but what
we had was not dirty money. The luxury and wealth here is dirty. It is really dirty. I feel disgusted with this wealth. Look, do one thing. Go and stay with your
father for a few days. Now even that possibility seems remote. Why? Because of your father, that
house is no longer with us. That too has become corrupt. My father retired and
your father gave him a job.. ..a T.V. and a fridge. Everyday something or
the other is sent there. Now my father won’t let me
live with him even for a moment.. ..without your father’s permission. Shalan, you are
unnecessarily creating a scene. You should adjust a little bit.
– Impossible. Parties are organised here every day. I am forced to attend them. I am forced to dance a
the bungalow on Hill Road. I am forced to give company.. people who come from Delhi. And those people.. Look, Shalan, this is a
different kind of life. All this is normal for high society. It is thrill. I don’t want such thrill. Fine, I will talk to
father regarding this, okay? What is going on between you? You are extravagant. You
blow up your father’s money. At least go and sit in an office. Help gaikwad. Make yourself busy into something. I don’t have time even to die. And you go inside and
help your mother-in-law. The Women’s Forum
women have come visiting. Go and see what they need. There is no need to keep
following your husband. Go. And be ready in the evening. We have to go to the
bungalow at Hill Road. Baburao. Baburao!
– Coming. Come. -What is it? Where are is Manek? She is sleeping there. Okay, we will sit here. Why? My office has been
occupied by the milkmaids. The women from Women’s
Forum have gathered there. Okay, go and see. None of them is worth looking at. They are just dumb women. Instead of that we will sit here. I will ask to serve tea. It will be served here. Sit here. Where has Gaikwad disappeared? Come, Gaikwad. Come. I thought you were stuck
with the milkmaids’ group. Sit. Sit. Gaikwad, have you brought
the file of Gaikwad Dangre? Yes, sir. So read it carefully. Think carefully about it. Tell him that he should not
interfere in the affairs of our Society. It will cause him trouble. I will tell him, sir. You should ask him once. Does he want to remain free or in jail? He is creating
trouble because he is free. Has a speech been given anywhere? What speech, sir? Danger, gathered about 50
workers and gave aspeech. Shall I make a phone
call and get him arrested? There is no need. Sit. Gaikwad.
– Yes, sir? He belongs to your caste. Meet him once and
settle the issue personally. Okay, sir.
– Find out what he wants. Okay, sir. Baburao, it is like this. In such matters, if
the rascals are jailed.. ..they will come out as leaders. Instead of that if we
give them what they want.. ..then their voice will be silenced.. ..and democracy is also saved. What do the milkmaids say? They want to organise a conference. Organise it. Gaikwad.
– Yes, sir? Have tea. Sir, I don’t want it. Don’t have it, give it to me. Okay, sir. Gaikwad, you spend time with Appaji. Careful, the cups may break.
They are imported. What do you talk about with the king? Nothing, sir. He had run away the
day before yesterday. He gave speeches to all the
leading newspapers’ offices. He slandered our names. What did he do? He said, throw a bomb at Mr. Bal. To ask for the
inventory of his property. Sir, it is his usual tendency. But he gave figures. My apartment is
worth five and half lakh. Mr. Santram’s apartment is
worth five and half lakh. The furniture in both of them
is worth eight and half lakh. Our bungalow at Hill
Road is worth 80 lakh. So how do these figures add up?
– Yes. Gaikwad, you had said
you don’t want tea. – Yes. No, no, have it. Don’t waste it. Have it. So who tells all this to the king? I don’t talk to him about such matters. But if you forbid me, I
won’t sit with him in future. No, no, sit. I have no objection. Sit. But you see, Gandhi’s ideals,
poverty eradication.. ..empowerment of Harijans, prohibition.. ..a man should talk on these topics. It will be good if you
don’t talk about business. Okay, sir. Gaikwad, talk less and work more. Call up Vasumal. Okay, sir. Daughter-in-law, why
is your face like this? Go to a beauty parlour. Powerful politicians come there. You should give them company. You should look beautiful. Send your mother-in-law to me. Yes, I am calling from Mr.
Santram’s house. Yes. Sir.
– Yes. Hello. Yes, I am Santaram speaking. What happened to 50%? It is a public rally. We have to bring people there. The order has come
from higher authorities. How will we bring them
if there are no trucks? How dare you? Do you know who is ruling? Who is speaking? Who is speaking? You can go to hell. Where is Vasumal? Call him. He wants hiring charges. The truck driver wants money. The people riding in
the truck want money. Hello. Vasumal. What is this? Do you want to get into trouble? So what? You will have to make
this much sacrifice.. ..for the sake of the country. Oh, that is the case. Okay, okay. Baburao.
– What happened? Go and meet Karunakar right away. Tell him to go and raid Vasumal’s house. Let me see how he can
refuse to send the trucks. What? Why is your face like this? I have named you Anandi. I know. So keep the expressions on
your face matching with your name. Like this. Next week we need wheat bread. There was wheat bread
in yesterday’s dinner. Anandi, I don’t want it.
– So? Look at her. Baburao, tell her. Tell her. I wonder if she ever reads newspapers. Sister-in-law we have
to organise rallies. Public rallies. What for? Rallies for we want bread,
not elections. Mr. Baburao, you will
make us lose elections. We don’t need elections, we need bread. You are using the wrong words. Gaikwad, keep it in mind
when making declaration. Okay, sir. We need bread.
– How many? Five thousand. Five thousand?! What do your milkmaids
from the Women’s Forum do? Tell them to make bread. Baburao.
– Yes. Go and pay a visit to
the ministry office. Why? There are the wives of the secretaries. Satisfy their urge to do social service. Distribute the quota
for bread among them. Okay. Get back to your work. Baburao.
– Yes. It is your responsibility. Write it down. Write it down.
– Okay. Inform the organisers
of the rally in advance. Tell them not to eat the bread. They should just hold it
in their hands. – Okay. The same bread is needed
for another rally also. From where will we get new bread? So give this instruction in advance. Otherwise those idiots
will eat the bread.. ..and then will demand elections. The public is unpredictable. But what if instead
of that we make them.. ..with lime or plaster of paris? What?
– Bread. What will is do? The idiots won’t eat it. And we won’t have to worry
for the next couple of years. Not a bad idea. Why are you waiting here? Shambhu had come yesterday.
– Really? And in the afternoon
Partap too had called up. So both the
brothers-in-law all of a sudden? Wonderful. Baburao, before marrying ensure
that your wise has no brothers. What were they saying? Have you done anything
about Shambhu’s work? Send a reminder. They deliberately ignore it. Gaikwad.
– Yes, sir. Sahasrabuddhe. Call him up immediately. Yes, sir. These highly educated
people are too much. They won’t do properly even one task. He does remember it. But he wants me to call
him up and flatter him. I will take him to task. Sahasrabuddhe. Hello. Is it Mr. Sahasrabuddhe? I am Santram speaking. How are you? About the university? So all the strikes, rallies
and picketing have stopped. Doesn’t it feel nice? Where are you going to send
the letter giving support? The letter regarding giving
support to the leadership. Yes, yes, get them. Get the maximum number
of professors to sign it. Tell them they will get
preference in examiner ship. Actually, I had called up because.. Okay, okay, first tell
me about your issue. What is it? Two hours? Meeting with the CM
for two hours means.. How can you get that much time? Okay, I will try for one hour. Yes, Baburao is
sitting here. Talk to him. Yes, I had called up for this. Sambhajirao is my elder brother-in-law. Sambhajirao Deshmukh. He has done a course on
sculpting from School of Art. Architecture. Stones and cement are not
available for buildings.. who will care about his statues? I asked him to join my running business. He refused. If you send him for
four seminars in a year.. ..he can survive a full year. You get a lot if you take contract.. ..for gathering people for meeting. Yes, he gives lectures on art. We don’t have time to listen to that. Just check, we had sent a scheme to you. About installing a medium sized statue.. all the colleges
under your university. Of Gandhi. Of Mahatma Gandhi. Yes, recently people have
begun to forget Gandhi’s ideals. So it is better if Gandhi
is present in some corner. Do you think so? Half bust is okay. Yes, we will prefer bigger
one but half bust is okay. Yes, then there won’t be the
problem about private property.. the loin cloth, watch
on the waist, footwear etc. Right. It is socialism so
private property is not good. But do something soon or else.. The opposition party. They will unnecessarily start objecting. Yes, the outside ones?
I will take care of it. I am going to install one
Shivaji into each village. New boys’
achievements must be publicised. Yes, this and one more.. Actually, sycophancy is
not good but what can I do? All this is part of life. My other brother-in-law
is Paratapsingh Deshmukh. Partapsing Deshmukh. Write it down. Write it down. Baburao, my father-in-law has
given such funny names to his sons. One is Sambhajirao and
the other is Partapsingh. There is a saying among the Muslims. Having henna adorned
hands but wearing tatters. Did you write it down? Hello. Yes, yes, Partapsingh Deshmukh. He is studying inter science. I will give his roll number to you. He wants to study medicine. What’s that? I know that last years those
getting 75% mark got admission. That’s why I am calling you up
before the examinations start. Right at the beginning give him 80%.. ..then there won’t be
a problem in future. And we will give generously
if anybody needs to be paid. No, no, there won’t be any
stinginess in this case. No. Yes, about the CM’s meeting,
we will do it. Baburao is sitting here. I will talk to him. You should make him wait. Never give consent immediately. Hello. Yes. Yes, I am Baburao speaking. Yes, I will look into it. Yes, Mr. Santram told me. Do one thing. Call me up in a couple of days. Yes, yes. I will look into it. Okay. Okay. He wants to meet the CM. Baburao, the appointment
for vice-chancellor is due. He wants an extension again. In past two years he wrote
two articles on sir’s birthday. This year he wants an interview. What? Well, I have done the
work for both your brothers. The younger one will
get up to 80% marks. Ask him to meet me tomorrow. And the elder one will be
making 100 Gandhi statues. Ask him to start chipping stones. Mr. Santram.
– What? Does he make good statues? Who? Your brother-in-law. Rubbish. He made my statue. It looks better than me. Where is it? Your brother-in-law? The statue. I have kept it at my in-law’s place. Why? I told my mother-in-law
to protect from evil eyes. The statue? Well, what if it broke due to evil eye? It is mine. What do you mean? My brother-in-law proved to be smarter. He made my statue and sold it to me. It was so small and he
charged 3000 rupees for it. It is like they say,
that wife’s brother is.. Forget it. Here, take this chit. What is it? My elder brother Eknath has sent it. Let me see it.
– Take this. What does he say?
– He is very angry. What happened? Read it. Read it. In the whole district there
isn’t even one bag of fertilizer. So how will
sugarcane and grapes survive? Everybody is ready to make
demands about imposing taxes.. ..on agriculturists. Baburao, don’t crush the chit. I have given it to you to show
to sir. Put it in your pocket. Dithering won’t help. Our Jai KIsan Society should get
full share from fertilizer distribution. I know that Bahurao’s
cronies will raise objections. But you must make a strong plea to sir. I will talk to him. Bahurao has raised the
point that there is fraud.. our Jai Kisan Society. But I say which
Society runs without fraud? Tell sir that Mr. Santram is very angry. You are really angry. What else? I do all the hard work. I supplied 150 trucks for PM’s rally.
Didn’t I supply them? I collect money by various means. For whom? For sir, right? I make sir’s group powerful.. ..but sir goes and does
favours to those people. I just remembered.
– What? Gaikwad.
– What, sir? The income tax officer.
– Karunakaran. Call him up and ask him to meet Baburao. Baburao. Ask him to conduct
a raid at Vasumal’s house. Vasumal will rush here. You won’t say anything. Send the parcel to me.
– Okay. And you must ask him.
– What? Write down that Santram has
asked to specifically ask this. Okay. And put it in your pocket.
– Okay. Gaikwad.
– Yes, sir. What are you doing? Sir, I am going. Yes, but before going,
make a couple of phone calls. Phone.. – We must look into to
matter of distribution of fertilizer. Okay, sir. Who is the secretary of
the agriculture department? Mr. Muley. Yes, and Kamani from finance also. Call them up. Okay, sir. Politics is full of corruption. What can we do? We must indulge in it. Shall I remind you? Wait a minute.
– Okay. Is it Mr. Muley? Sir
wants to talk to you. Hello. Yes, I am Santram speaking. How are you doing? Really? Then come over this evening. Come after 7 o’clock. Yes, do come. Make the other call.
– Yes, sir. Baburao. Whoever has invented
scotch is praiseworthy. No high official will refuse it. And whoever doesn’t
refuse it will do the job. Baburao, it is a joke. You should laugh. Go and attend some management seminar. Sir wants to talk to you. Mr. Kamani. Yes, Mr. Kamani, I am Santram. Okay, okay. Well, come over this evening. Come after 7 o’clock. He said he will come
even before I asked him. Call daughter-in-law.
– Okay, sir. Go. Baburao.
– Yes. What are you doing this evening? Nothing. Why? Come and let us have drinks with them. Okay. What were you saying about
sir’s Delhi trip? What did he say? Sir had gone to Delhi. He said that there will be
news that vegetable ghee.. ..will come under control. It will come under control? It will not. There will just be news about it. There will be
activity among the traders. I had told Makhanlal. He is ready to give 5 crores. But I told him that the party
cannot run on only that much. We have to share with
the state and the centre. So he asked me to give him a
final figure after asking sir. Let the news about the
control come tomorrow. What had you asked me to remind you of? About this thing, Baburao. What is this, Baburao. Let us go. Madam is coming. What are you doing? I am leaving. Go. Go. Gaikwad, let us go.
– What? Anandibai, come here. I will tell you. The two of us, I and
Baburao and two official guests.. ..we four are there for dinner tonight. So there should be
fritters and a mutton dish. Send Chaudhary to get mutton. Tell him that there are four guests. And don’t put tomatoes in mutton. – Why? Kamani will be coming. He has got kidney stones. He is not allowed to eat tomato. Go and do your work. The old cook will be coming. Go. Do one thing. Don’t make Shalan
attend these parties. – Why? She doesn’t like it. She will begin to like it
when she get used to it. Lalu also doesn’t like
it so he too gets angry. He is angry today also. – Why? At yesterday’s party
Baburao pressed her shoulder. He just pressed her shoulder, right? So what? He pressed her
shoulder doesn’t mean he.. Keep in mind that he is
the chief minister’s son. Tell me about it. About what? You had protested before Pandit Nehru. Gaikwad, it would have been fun.. ..but my son Bal messed it up. What did he do? He always kept me locked up. But holding protest rallies
and obstructing his path.. Gaikwad, I am fearless. I am fearless. Vamanrao Joshi used
to be in jail with me. He always used to tell me. – What? Kabir says I am standing in
the marketplace with a staff. Whoever gives up his
possessions can come with me. But Appaji, talking
is a different thing.. ..and actually doing so means.. That is important, Gaikwad. That is important. I was in jail at Nagar. Panditji used to tell us about
the importance of simple living. He had just returned from Russia. He was impressed on
seeing Lenin’s two rooms. Lenin, the revolutionary, who
gave the message of revolution.. millions of people in the world.. ..used to live in two rooms. He lived in two rooms and
brought revolution in Russia.. ..and he ruled over Russia. He used to tell us that we
should live such simple life. To whom?
– To us. Gaikwad, in 1947 the
country got freedom.. ..and he adorned his chest
with a rose and went where? Where? To the royal palace of
British general’s at Tolejung. Really? Hadn’t you written a letter to him? I received a reply from him. What? He told me what he could do? He was forced to live in such a place.. preserve the prestige of
the status as the prime minister. I felt bad, Gaikwad. I felt very bad. Because just like a common man.. ..Panditji gave the excuse of prestige. What prestige? He should constantly
ponder over this point. Whose prime minister I am? Of the most common man
who sleeps on the footpath. What right do I have to
live in a royal palace? Panditji didn’t do any
good for this country. Gaikwad, what was the consequence? All over the country,
people cropped up.. ..imitating Nehru,
who imitated the Queen. It’s true. Your boss lives in such a huge bungalow. Your boss is his crony. Look at what is going on. Shall I tell you one thing? It is difficult for anything
good to happen in this country. Very difficult. Gaikwad, what is going on? It must be about the jail experience. It feels so nice while hearing it. What is wrong if it feels so? His tales are like this. Forget about home and wife
and children and go to jail. Have you done
anything else in your life? Gaikwad, she always speaks like this. But to be honest it is not her fault. I am really at fault. How? I shouldn’t have married at all. Why? Gaikwad, I have
burdened her with my life. She had expected that I would
get a government or teaching job.. ..and we would live happily. And there is no guarantee
about when he would return. When he returns there is no guarantee.. many
revolutionaries would be with him. In the village I used to earn
to provide two square meals.. ..and these wretched men used to eat it. Gaikwad, I say you can
eat but why the attitude? One wants good quality rice and
another wants clarified butter. Gaikwad, it is true. The whole life she has toiled. She has provided for herself and Bal.. working as maid
and cook at many houses. Now what happens, Gaikwad.. ..that Bal and Babu
are looting the public. Bhide had come day before yesterday. Who? The editor? – Yes. Of the daily Satyavakta. – Yes. What did he say? He was talking about how you
created a scene at his office. So what, Gaikwad? These days every editor
feels that he is like.. ..Tilak or Agarkar. Did you tell him about
the transactions here.. Not transactions, I will give
him full information about.. ..corruption in this place. I told him to print it. I will give in writing
and he should print it. There is censorship. Shall I tell you? Does he have the guts to print it? But he wouldn’t have printed it
even if there was no censorship. That is why I say how
can he compare himself.. ..with Tilak and Agarkar? Bhide and Potwade. Bhide is like that. Gaikwad, you are still here? No, sir, I am leaving. Had I told you to
remind me of something? No, sir. No? – No. I forgot. Oh, I remembered. – What, sir? Mr. Gendasingh will be
coming from Allahabad. Yes, sir, I know. Wasn’t money sent to Shinde’s wife? No, sir, it must have been sent. But why has she sent a letter? I will check, sir. Check it. Okay, sir. And give her increment of 50 rupees. Inflation is growing, and she is poor. Okay, sir. Gaikwad, this Gendasingh
comes frequently these days. He is a rich man. He is the right hand
of the crown prince. Because of him only Mr.
Tiwari was removed.. ..from the post of chief minister. Come. Appaji, I have one more
thing to tell you. – Yes. He is our crown prince, right? – Yes. Shalan. Daughter-in-law, listen! Shalan! Shalan, why are you doing this? Don’t leave the party half-way. Come. I won’t go there. Listen, if my husband finds
out he will break your head. Let him break it. He pinched me so hard. We will tell him not to
pinch so hard. Come on. No, I won’t go. I don’t like it. But why? I am Lala’s wife. He remains angry
with me because of this. Why are you taking to
heart his displeasure? He has no job. He lives off his father’s money. What is going on? Nothing, nothing. She is coming. I won’t come. – Shut up! You are becoming
adamant when we pamper you. Don’t you have any manners? This is a modern society. The old days are gone. What about when
Gendasingh comes tomorrow? Come on. Otherwise the guests at
the party will laugh at me. Take this. Have this soup. I can’t see anything
from the binoculars. You will see what it can show. I can’t see people’s faces. I can’t see people’s eyes. Why do you need people? Are you getting
impatient to give a speech? Speech? Currently there is a
ban on all such things. Don’t you know? There is nothing wrong in it. Can you see anything? There are only shanties there. They drink liquor in the
night and create a ruckus. So dirty. They are going to be demolished. What? – The shanties. Where will they go? To the cemetery.
They will be demolished. Who told you? Anandi told me. If Santram decides
something he will definitely do it. If Santram takes it in his
mind he will kill you and me also. Those who protest are in jail. In the meantime he will do the job. Once those people are freed from
jail he won’t be able to do anything. Okay, do it. That is what Anandi was telling me. Who has called up? Hello. Oh, Sahasrabuddhe? Vce-chancellor? I am Appaji speaking. Hello, hello. Santram is not here. Babu is also not here. What did you want? Unveiling of a statue? Okay. Which Gandhi? Mahatma Gandhi? Okay, okay. How many? 110 statues? Well, Sahasrabuddhe,
how much did Gandhi cost? 3000? Wonderful, Gandhi has got good price. Call up in the evening. Yes. Good day. Hello. Yes. Is it Manohar Pradhan? I am Appaji speaking. Yes. Yes. Well, have you forgotten my voice also? Where were you? Have you snared a wealthy lady or what? Why is your voice so low? Undertook journey on foot. I know. You need bread for election, right? Manya, how many people
were there for the walk? 10,000? Wow, wow. Manya, had you too gone
by truck for the walk? Tell me one thing. How much money you give to
the participants in the rally? Forget it. Are you giving
speeches anywhere these days? What? Anti-Fascist Conference? What is that? Okay, okay. So… Then you need not worry. Okay, okay. Let it be. You are an MLA now. You speak without fear. Which Ram Shastri? From history?
Don’t take his name. Had he been alive today he
wouldn’t have protested. He would have become
chairman of some commission. Tomorrow, you must ask a
question in the assembly. Is Vanaspati Ghee(clarified
butter) coming under control? And to stop it, have the
traders lobby paid Rupees 7.5 crore.. the government officials? I’ll give you a statement with my sign.
Read it in the assembly. Yes.. For sure? Ok.. ok.. Come over sometime then. Meet me. Whom had you called up? Manohar Pradhan. Manohar Pradhan? – Yes. Where is he these days? He
has been elected, isn’t it? Not just an MLA. He is a rebel MLA. Huh! To hell with his rebellion! Hadn’t even dreamed that
he would get elected. – Yes. But where is he these days? Where did he go? What has happened? These days you don’t
notice things. – Why? Hey.. Shalan is involved. With whom? Now… With whom?! You need to be told everything loudly! With Genda Singh. Where did he meet her? Parties go on at the Hill
Road Bungalow, isn’t it? – Yes. Santram takes her there. Yes.. and he decks her
up so much.. – And then? What then? He liked her too. And she went! Why wouldn’t she go?!
Youngsters these days! Janaai.. – Welcome Anandi. I had come to distribute sweets. Sweets for what occasion? Our Pratap.. he
passed his inter science. But is the result out yet? Result is yet to be declared.
But Sahasrabuddhe had called up. I see. Pratap is your
younger brother, right? Yes, he is very intelligent. He got 80% marks. Is it
easy to get 80 % marks? But still he had to pay some
professors under the table. I see. Everywhere, there is corruption,
isn’t it? Yes, yes.. – Yes, that’s true! So what does he plan to do now?
– He wants to be a doctor. Very good. My father had a wish.. at least one
of his children should be a doctor. Ok. Sit down. – Yes, sit. No, no. can’t sit right now. Why? Are you going for a wedding? No. Am going to the Hill Road bungalow. Genda Singh-ji has come. So,
to give him company. And where is Shalan? I’ll take her along too.
Shouldn’t she get used to high society. Genda Singh has come? Yes. He came this morning itself. My husband has also gone there. These days he comes very frequently. He is a busy man. Very
close to PM. – Yes, yes. He is big shot. Isn’t it? – Of course. All work is done just
on his word. – Oh yes. I’ll take leave now. – Yes, bye. Appa-ji, Bhaurao is coming. – When? Just now. He is coming up.
– Ok, let him come. Why all of a sudden today? – Why? No.. I mean he just comes once a
year on your birthday, with flowers. No. He must have
something to say about sir. No. He is devoted to him. Devoted?! Nowadays, every
alternate day, he goes to Delhi. Why? – Who knows? May be to complain. Ok.. Ok then.. are you going to change? Why? Is Bhaurao coming to see me? Yes. Bhaurao’s aunt is
of marriageable age. Get lost! Ok, shall I give you a shawl at least? Get lost! Then sit this way only! Welcome.. welcome. Bhaurao is here. Let it be Bhaurao. What is this? Appa-ji, I tell you each time. – What? No more feet are left now,
before whom you feel like bowing. Ok, ok. We just have your feet now. That’s why Bhaurao.. when
I heard you are coming.. ..I washed my feet and was ready. What is this Appa-ji?! Mother, how is your health? What will happen to me?! But how come you are here
today without any intimation? Yes.. I felt like having
tea made by you today. I always tell this at home, Janaai. Always go to Janaai’s house
for the first tea of the morning. No other tea has the taste of your tea. Bhaurao.. you are embarrassing us. How is that? I never realized that you need
to praise your wife this way. You would have realized it if
you were interested in the family. Ok Bhaurao.. you sit here. No, no.. not here. Not here. I’m all right here. Ok.. And Janaai.. just tea. Nothing else. Why so? I’ll make some porridge. No really. I want
nothing else. Just tea. And that I don’t mind having 2-3 cups. Have as much as you like Bhaurao. Baburao.. you must be having
other work. You may leave. And you see.. do come to my
place also sometimes at least. My bungalow is next to Sir’s only. Ok.. Yes, I will. Ok then.. you must be having
chores to do. – Yes.. many. What is this.. early morning you
called.. – Will tell you.. come sit. Sit down.. I’m just
wondering what the matter is. Something important
must have taken place. Be patient Appa-ji. Let me have tea first.
Then I’ll tell you. – Ok. It is important. – Ok, ok. Saw these news and photographs. The supply of
clarified butter has fallen! People are queuing up for
buying clarified butter. Look at those news and the pictures too. The news of clarified butter
shortage has been printed by mistake. What do you mean by mistake? Yes. The censor people
have made a mistake. Oh.. – There’s a rule of
not printing such news. Balasaheb is furious. He is showing his
infuriation on all the editors. And the chief of
censor has been suspended. Are you people, idiots?! The prices of
clarified butter have soared. People are queuing up for buying it. Are you going to hide these
news and pictures from the people? Tell me? Tell me why this has happened? You all have taken 7.5 crore
rupees from those traders, isn’t it? 8.5..
– 8.5!? Yes. Genda Singh-ji
took more than 7.5 crores. Oh. And unofficially. 1 crore has been
dumped here.. in the neighborhood. How long will this go on? It’s terrible. I told that MLA minister.. – No..
he is from our party. He’ll be sacrificed without reason. Otherwise, nothing will happen. Everyone has become thick skinned due.. being in power for years together. Appa-ji, I tell you.. forget
about being open in public. I have to keep our mouth shut even
within the party internal meetings. You can just open your mouth
for giving support. That’s it! Take.. – Yes, keep it.
We’ll serve ourselves. Keep it here. – What is this Janaai?! You should have sent
it with the servant. Why do I need servants and maids!? Why not! You’re the
chief minister’s mother. But whom am I tied up with after all.
The tide can turn anytime. And you can be dragged on the
streets too. You never know. Because of that boy, we’re
getting some peace in life. But he doesn’t have it in his destiny. He is just fond of
holding his bread in his hand. In any circumstances.. we
have a dwelling in the village. Also have 5-10 acres of land.
Consider it as your own. Your saying that much
is more than enough. Go now.. We have important
things to talk about. Go on! Yes.. am going. Bhaurao, call me before you go, ok. Yes, yes. Bhaurao, when you came up over here.. many policemen were there down? With guns? I didn’t notice. But
5-6 of them saluted me. Why? Are you thinking
of eloping once again? Not at all! Why would I elope?! Bhaurao, you have to
remove me from here. I have a couple of important
things to be done. Let me finish them. Appa-ji, you must rest in this age?
Why take so much trouble now? If you have any work..
tell me. I’ll get it done. You! You won’t be able to do it. Bhaurao, tell me something.. ..have you seen my
son’s bungalow over there? Which one? The Hill Road one? – Yes. No, no. Why? I’ve been hearing news.
Have you heard anything? Do you want to hear in detail? Yes, yes. They say it is fantastic. What are you saying?! I mean.. I’m just saying
what I’ve heard. – Ok. In the bedroom, there are
mirrors on all the four walls. I see. There is a mirror on
the ceiling too. – Ok. A mirror that shows an enlarged figure. Why is that? You won’t understand that Appa-ji. It is not meant for
the likes of you and me. Inside the bungalow, there is a
swimming pool on the top floor. Oh. And on the ground floor,
exactly below that, there is a bar. All kinds of imported,
expensive liquors are kept there. Just take sips of
liquor and sit on the sofas. Relax with your head
resting back and look upwards. From the transparent roof,
the swimming pool water and.. ..completely naked men and women. And such a place.. our son visits often! Bhaurao, I’m asking you!
Our son visits there often? What will you do, after hearing that? Bhaurao.. what is the idea of
these people’s luxury and happiness? This is a kind of mental disorder. And a mental disorder
of what stage, Appa-ji! This Santram has presented his
daughter-in-law to that Genda-ji. Can’t hear this! Just like presenting a bottle of
perfume. – Can’t hear this anymore! Bhaurao, we can
understand the needs of a man. But this is going overboard.
And for that.. keep yearning for more and more. And then what happens, Bhaurao? Our wants become our compulsion. But once the wants are fulfilled.. ..we start desiring even
those things which we don’t need. It’s true. Why does he keep
coming here again and again? Genda Singh-ji, isn’t it? – Yes. To collect party fund. – Ok. He has come even today. – Oh. Trading of 12 crores is going on. 12 crores! Can you say how many zeroes after 12?! I’m the Finance Minister.
Even I get confused! But what is this trading about? Appa-ji, they have brought 7 lakh
tons of rotten wheat from Haryana. I see. And they are going to sell it to the
farmers here as seeds for sowing.. ..via government subsidy. And all this selling will be
done by Santram’s society. And what when the
farmers are ruined tomorrow? They are sure to be ruined.
They will surely be ruined. But after that the
government relief work will follow! And that too, via Santram’s society. Bhaurao.. what will you do then!!? What will you do?! I’m here to tell you
that only, Appa-ji. – Yes. I had told you 6 months ago that
I’ll resign and come out of all this. Yes. – But you stopped me. You said that what will I
achieve after going to jail? Instead stay in the circle
and see what happens. – Yes. So I stayed. But now it’s not possible anymore. Appa-ji, these are not humans.
They are all thick skinned hippos! Before, at least there was a
value for what learned suggested. Today, where are they?
Where have they hidden? Did you read the paper
published by the principal? Yes. The one which supports
leadership and disciplined approach. And that interview taken
by that Sahasrabuddhe! And this Sahasrabuddhe.. the retired chief
justice of The Supreme Court! Nothing will happen now, Bhaurao! We just have to keep
watching all quietly! No, no. I won’t just wait and watch now. Appa-ji, I’ve taken a decision.
I’m here to tell you that decision. What decision have you taken? I want your blessing. Ok.. tell me what. I’ll tell you. Hey! What are you searching? No hidden tape recorder
has been kept here, is there? I’ll bash their heads!
If anyone tries that. You speak. Appa-ji, I’ve taken a decision. We must advertise the program of
20 steps with aplomb. – Yes, yes. The 20 step program is the ‘Gita’.. ..(Hindu holy book) of
the young generation. What do you feel about that, Appa-ji? I was so shocked! I wondered why you
remembered that all of a sudden! So what have you decided? I’ve taken a decision. – Ok. I’ll immediately resign
and get out. – Ok, ok. Almost 100 MLA’s will
leave along with me. – Ok. Wherever this wheat will be sold,
I’ll go there. – Ok. And till I get arrested I’ll expose
this wheat scandal on a foot march. Very good! – At least the
people will be awakened! I want your blessing, Appa-ji. You have it. I was
going to tell you the same. The farmer is in big trouble. It’s high time that
someone has to do something! I was going to tell you. The 20 step program is the
new generation’s ‘Gita’. I mean what do you
feel about that Appa-ji? It is like reading ‘Gita’ to a donkey. Instead yesterday’s ruckus was better. Happy.. I’m happy, Bhaurao! I’m really happy. Appa-ji, give me your blessing.
– Please don’t.. May you have a long life!
Be successful, Bhaurao. And don’t look back now! You say that 100 MLA’s are with you. Then what can that Santya do! But even if you get alone..
don’t look back. Don’t look back! Go on. – I’ll leave. Bye.. – Bye. Bye. What is this? Bhaurao has left? Didn’t even call out to me.
Didn’t even inform me. Why are you sitting with a long face? I think he told something
about Bala, the jealous one. This Bhaurao is such a jealous fellow! He comes, makes an
excuse of touching your feet.. ..and instigates you against Bala. He can’t tolerate at all
if Bala is doing good. The rascal comes, talks sweetly and
downs 4 cups of tea before he goes! Let him come again! I’ll
smash the teapot on his head! On that Hill Road bungalow, your.. ..Bala has cabaret parties,
do you know that?! I do know. And how did you feel? I felt nothing. When Babu was 5 years old,
Bala’s wife expired. After that he didn’t re-marry. In the quagmire of politics,
he didn’t get a chance to marry. But is that a reason to do all this!! It’s nothing wrong. Don’t judge others
from your point of view. Everything you do is unique. But I’ve borne all this. You were showing off your might by
getting arrested again and again.. At that time. The bathroom is over there. Go there! Appa-ji.. I want to talk
to you about something. Ok. Tell me. You see, these days Saheb
is not keeping too well. What is wrong with him? He has already had a heart attack once. That was 3 years ago. You speak. He has high blood pressure.
If he gets mental stress.. ..he feels pressure on his heart. Don’t beat around the bush.
Tell me what the actual matter is. That’s why, we must not do.. ..anything which will
cause mental stress to him. So who has done any such thing? You called up Manohar Pradhan?
– Yes I did You told him to ask questions.. ..regarding ‘Vanaspati
Ghee’ in the Assembly. So what’s wrong with that? What’s wrong?! – Yes. Forget him because he is
Manohar Pradhan. – Why? He always extends his hand for helping. These days, everyone
extends their hand. You speak! He won’t ask any questions. Why won’t he? – Because he
belongs to Bhaurao’s party. So? – So it means he is from our party. Yes. These days the disciplined
approach is being followed. – Yes, right. So he won’t break any discipline.
– Yes, yes. You go on. What next. You see he came to sir. – Ok, ok. Then sir told him in turn. – What? That the cabinet is
going to get re-shuffled now. And the number of
ministers are going to increase. -Sir told him so much only. -Yes. Then Manohar Pradhan said that
‘I hadn’t come to ask questions’. ‘Your father is spreading a word
against you. So please be careful.’ ‘I came to tell just
that.’ He said that. Ok, I see. You see Appa-ji..
times have changed now. Really, the times have changed. Yes. I mean politics
isn’t like before now. No, no, no. I mean, now any leader, any chief
minister, any minister may say.. ..something, and the people will
listen. That is no more the case. Yes, yes. You’re right. Right! I mean, these days you have to
work in government offices.. ..taking care about everyone’s wishes. Absolutely true. – Yes. So sir is always under stress. – Right. And amidst that, if you create such.. ..obstacles every day,
his image will be tainted. Yes, you’re right. We’ve to think about his
social image, Appa-ji. Yes, right. Otherwise, old Gandhians like you.. Shut up! Or else I’ll crack your jaw!! Hello.. Hello.. is it Manohar Pradhan? Yes. This is Appa-ji speaking. Do you have time to meet me today,
tomorrow or even just now? Yes, my house. I could also have come to your house,
but I’m not free. You know that. Yes.. what work? No work.. I
just have got some cow shit.. ..and I want to stuff some in
your mouth, you scoundrel!!! Manya.. Manya! You imbecile man.. ..forget speaking.. you don’t
even dare to hear me on the phone! You’ve become so big.. Manya.. Manya.. Hello.. is it Manohar Pradhan? Yes.. yes.. no.. no work.. I have got some fresh cow shit..
I’ll stuff some into your mouth! Manya.. Where did the sun rise today? What are you doing? Manya.. Manya.. – You are too much.. Hello.. Manohar.. Manohar.. he hung up. We must call again and again..
again and again! I’ve chores to do.
Call up again and again! What nonsense is this! Everyone is drunk! Why? Santram-ji’s proposal
of Jai Kisan society’s.. ..proposal was passed due to.. ..whom.. they are fighting over that. It has been passed, then why to fight? For credit. – I see. They are elected
members of the Government. They always squabble. These people are
always like that, Appa-ji. Today, Santram-ji’s people
call for a drinks party.. ..then they will boast about
what they have done for us.. Next day, if Bhaurao’s people invite.. for drinks, they will boast about.. they blocked
Santram-ji’s Jai Kisan Society’s proposal. Though Santram-ji knows about all this. How many people came for the party? 26. – Ok. And Shankar actually threw up too. Who is that, Kulkarni? He is from Civil Supplies. But why does the
scoundrel need to drink so much?! They don’t realize it, Appa-ji. When a person is drinking, he.. ..doesn’t realize how
much he drinks, Appa-ji. True, true. How much to drink and how much not. As far as I’m concerned, I
never drink excessively. If I drink in excess, I’m finished! Yes, yes. And then I start babbling! And once I start babbling,
I may say untoward things. Everything in the tummy
will stumble out. I’m scared. I’m scared. What are you searching? Nothing. I haven’t said much, have I? Not at all. If it is so, then please punish me. You have that right, Appa-ji. In reality, I don’t talk to anyone. Not to Santram-ji.. not to Baburao. When I come here, I talk
to you a little. That’s all. When I come here, I feel
like coming under a shade. Otherwise, living is by keeping
everything locked inside my mind. When I look at you,
Gaikwad.. I always think.. come you are here? Why? Because I am basically
a ‘Mahar’ (backward class). No.. Now I’m a Buddhist, Appa-ji. Yes, yes, yes. Who dare call me a ‘Mahar! True, true. Once Baburao-ji got angry and
called me a ‘Mahar’! – I see. Then? – I spit! Well done! Appa-ji, I spit and said, ‘Go away..
get lost! I don’t want any job’. Did I say it aloud? Not at all. But Santram-ji is a
generous hearted man. – Ok. He passed an order. We
should not be insulted. And since that day, I got
a status in the company. Very good. For your information,
Appa-ji.. I’m not an ordinary person. I have 10 Maratha’s, 5
Brahmins working under me. And I send the rascal
s to run chores for me! Jadhav.. go and get cigarettes for me. Tilak.. get me betel leaf. After becoming the PA,
when I went to my village.. mother didn’t recognize me. Why, why? She said, ‘Bablya..
you look so different’. I asked her, ‘Mother, what
do you mean by different?’ Ok, ok. She said, ‘You are so educated now,
you sound like a stranger.’ ‘You don’t feel like our own.’ That night, she brought a pot
full of Toddy (intoxicating drink). She herself drank and made me drink too. She started singing, dancing, crying! She said, ‘Bablya.. remove your
clothes and wear the loin cloth!’ ‘Put a blanket on your shoulder.. ..and hold the stick
with jingles in your hand!’ ‘I want to see your father!’ ‘I want to see your father!’
saying this she howled and howled! What happened to your father? Santram’s father burned my father alive. What are you saying! My father questioned Santram’s
father regarding Eknath’s sin. That’s why he was tied to
a tree and burned alive. But what sin? Santram’s elder brother,
Eknath, ruined my sister’s life. Where is your sister? She died long back. – But how? Who knows? She was
found dead in the forest. Mother said, ‘Bablya,.. ..even after death, my
heartfelt wish will remain intact.’ Which wish? To burn Santram’s father’s house. Very good! She said that!? Yes. – Then what did you reply? I didn’t say anything at all. But that night, I
couldn’t sleep Appa-ji! Whenever I used to
doze off, I used to dream. Just one dream. I have a burning stick in
my hands and am running! I’ve set alight
Santram’s father’s house! Santram’s father and Eknath,
both are inside the house. Both are screaming for their life! They are crying, howling!! Did I laugh out loud? Gaikwad.. your laughing and
crying has pierced my ears! What happened next? About what are you talking, Appa-ji!? Your dream of setting
alight Santram’s father’s house. Appa-ji we must forget about all that. There is no point in
digging old graves, Appa-ji. That’s why Appa-ji, I avoid
drinking in other people’s houses. After all this has happened,
you are working for Santram?! Santram-ji was in the
village at that time. He met me in the
middle of a street one day. He asked, ‘What are you doing, Gaikwad?’ I answered, ‘Nothing much.
Just looking for a job.’ He told me, ‘Come with me.
I’ll make you a big shot.’ ‘My father burned your father alive. Let me wash of that sin
at least a little bit.’ But Appa-ji, Santram-ji
is a generous hearted man. He said, ‘Come with me.’ ‘Take a job in my company.’ What did your mother say? She had burned all her life,
Appa-ji. She didn’t want to burn anymore. She was shocked hearing
the figure Rs. 700 per month. She said, ‘Bablya.. forget
all that! Take the job.’ If Gandhi’s thousands of followers
had taken up jobs thinking this way.. ..what would have
happened to this country? And roughly at that time,
I had fixed up my wedding. Ok. That girl was also fed up of poverty. Ok. Even she said, ‘Take up the job’. At least get rid of this
poverty once and for all. Janaai used to say the same thing. We’ll get married and settle down. That’s why Appa-ji, I always stay busy. You’re right. I get home office work. And when I don’t have any work,
I listen to the tape recorder. I listen to radio, music. I hear my son talking in English. I dream about sending him to America.. ..and making him a successful executive. I drink a little at
night and go to sleep. Gaikwad, don’t you feel now
that we need to do something.. ..for these exploited, harassed class? I do feel. – Oh. I feel like taking a
burning torch in my hand and run. I feel like screaming out to the.. ..whole world that
Santram’s elder brother.. ..Eknath, made my sister
pregnant and then murdered her! When my father rebelled,
he was burned to death! All the villagers rebelled.
Court drama happened. Poor Shinde was arrested. And Shinde accepted
imprisonment happily just for money. But Appa-ji, Santram is a
generous hearted man. – True, true. He gives Rs. 300 worth of
‘Dharma’ Sari to Shinde’s wife. Looking at him, we need to
keep our emotions checked. You’re right Gaikwad! Keeping emotions in check is
easier than keeping hungry. We can live with our emotions in.. ..check but not with starvation,
Appa-ji! You’re right! Right, Gaikwad! Can’t live with starvation, Appa-ji! Lalya.. Lalya.. this is not good! You’re revenging against
your father by ruining yourself. This won’t affect him in any way.
But you’ll be destroyed! You’ll be destroyed! Where is she.. Where are you going? Whom are you asking? – You! That means you still know me! Where are you going? – Delhi. For what? Who is with you? Genda Singh-ji. Shalan.. Shalan.. come back. – Why? Shalan.. Shalan.. come back! It is very late now. You just keep drinking. Look Shalan, we’ll leave this place! Where? – Anywhere.. but away from here! You cannot just leave saying anywhere! Child.. child.. it’s
for your betterment. I am used to this now. He’ll throw you away! You’re still here?! What’s going on here?! He is waiting for you down. The horn is blaring
since so long! Come on. Lalya.. Lalya.. now we
can’t just sit and relax! These are not just single men. It is a group of a
fistful of goons and wretched! It should be broken and destroyed! It should be shattered! Lalya.. we can’t just sit and relax! Gaikwad.. you’ll live for
hundred years! I was just calling you. Sit down. I called up at your home for 5-6 times.
But no one picked the phone. Where did you go? No one is at home at present. What do you mean? That night, I talked to
you and I became restless. Ok. And in a shock, I rushed out of station. With your family? – Yes, Appa-ji. And that was my mistake. – Why? A person who wants to
rebel against the government.. ..shouldn’t get attached to
things like marriage and kids. It is difficult to move ahead.. ..rebel with the worries
of your family’s safety. It really is difficult. Appa-ji, you were furious with me? No, no. why should I be angry? Gaikwad.. Because I can’t do anything at all. As they say.. ..there may be 100 without self
respect, but one who is opposite. But he too is related to them! Then why would I be angry. I was just crazy to think that you
were stuffed with the feelings of.. ..frustration to the rim and
that you will easily catch fire! Such sorrow, pain that you have
undergone, no one else might have! Such youngsters must rebel,
one after the other.. But it looks a bit difficult. Forget it. Gaikwad, will you do something for me? What? Give my message to Bhaurao. Go and meet him.. I’ve
been calling up so many times. But he is untraceable. Appa-ji, don’t you know? – What? Bhaurao has resigned from the cabinet. Very good! He has done it? – Yes, yes. But then how come the news
wasn’t there in newspapers? Such news aren’t printed in newspapers,
Appa-ji. – Why so? And especially about Bhaurao,
it won’t be printed. – Why? Because his public image is good. Strange! Greetings Gaikwad. You’re sitting in this temple, is it! And where were you for so many days? I had gone out of station. Without even informing?
What do you intend? No.. my son said.. – Forget about it. Come on.. ..we need to send the delivery of
seeds. Have a truck to dispatch. Come on. Hello.. is it Police
Commissioner Jagdale? Yes, yes.. This is
Appa-ji speaking. Greetings. What order can I give! I’m just the father
of the chief minister. Yes.. I have one
important thing to tell you. Do you know Genda Singh? Do you know what he is up to right now? He has brought 7 lakh tons
of rotten wheat from Haryana. He is going to sell them as seeds
to farmers via Santram’s society.. What is it? Are you listening? Then why are you so quiet? You’ll take action?! Against whom? You might take it against me.
You are the police department! Yes.. surely? Ok, fine. Fine. Yes. Ok. Hello.. yes.. give the
phone to the chief minister. Pass the phone to Bala Saheb. I? I am his father speaking. Give him! Hello.. is it Bal? Now stop this technical
inquiring about my health. It’s enough. Do you know Genda Singh? Yes, the boss of your party. He has got 7 lakh tons of
rotten wheat from Haryana.. What! Bal! Bal! Lalya.. Lalya.. what happened? Appa-ji.. I went around so much. But no publishing house is
ready to print your letters. Tell them to charge double,
triple, but print them! I told them all, Appa-ji. But no one dares to print
letters against the government. What to do Lalya! Shall we do something? – What? I’ll cut some stencils. – Very good. And I’ll get a few copies
cyclostyled every day. – Very good. And do something. Send two
copies to all newspaper offices. They won’t print. But still. Look.. when in a crowd.. on
bus stops, railway stations.. ..factories, lanes..
just keep distributing. Throw some from the terrace.
Let anyone find them. Ok. I’ll immediately start work. Is police there down? Yes they are. There are five down. Plus there are two of
them outside, here itself. What can I do?! If it was
the first or second floor.. ..I would have tied
a rope and gone down. But it is 28th floor! This Lalya is not to be seen. Why? Did you have any work with him? No, no.. no work. Then? Did you ask him to get something? No, no. No, I mean why are you
waiting for Lalu then? He has gone out since morning
and I haven’t seen him after that. That’s why. These days, your
interaction with Lalu has increased. Yes.. just seeing if I could
get some female through him. For Genda Singh? No, for me!! Take this! Genda Singh is here. They say he is good looking. How did you know? Anandi was saying so.
Where would I see him? That’s why this new Sari, I guess. Huh!! Get lost! Apply some blusher and lipstick,
you’ll look good! Ok! Has Shalan come?
– Yes, she has. A big party is going
on in the neighborhood. Really? – Yes. Ok, ok. Lalya is not to be seen. Hey! Looks like they have come. – Who? Police and the municipality people.
– Why is that? They are going to
clear the slums. – I see. Tonight. – Ok. And Genda Singh is going
to watch from up here. This Lalya.. where
does he go, God knows!! No whereabouts of him! This
boy is useless, I tell you! Is this the new one
that you got made? – Yes. It’s of real diamonds. How much does it cost?
– 2.5 lakhs. Oh gosh. Have you set the ice? Yes, I have. I’ll give you. Come. And yes.. police have come down there? Yes. Two police vans came long back. They should clear those
slums once and for all! Dirty people! They kill
crows and pigeons and eat them. And then the leftovers are
brought in our windows in their beaks! No manners at all! Who.. Crows? – I mean the
slum dwellers! – Ok, ok.. Shouldn’t our city look clean! It’s written in the 20 steps program. How would I know? Even I don’t know. I
just say for the heck of it. Giving the ice, aren’t you?
– Come, I’ll give. Lalya.. Lalya.. where do you go! Let me go! Every where
these police have been posted! Let go! You were trying to
elope once again? – Yes. Now, not only down, but two
policemen have been posted.. my door as well
as Santram ji’s door! So don’t try to elope! Why are you guarding here?
What is he doing? He is disconnecting the phone. Hey! But why is he
disconnecting the phone!? Appa-ji.. Appa-ji! You are misusing the phone, App-ji! Because of these gimmicks of yours,
sir undergoes lots of stress. His heart experiences pressure. Forget the nonsense. Come to the point! You called up the police commissioner? Yes. It’s my right. Really? – Yes. But he belongs to our party. Who? Police Commissioner? No. Genda Singh-ji. Why did you need to tell him to
arrest Genda Singh-ji immediately? That is my right. As an honest citizen,
I did my duty by telling that. Tell me something. How
did you find this out? He himself told. Who? – The Commissioner did. Where is he? Where did you meet him? He has come here.. for the party. With Genda Singh?! – Yes. Oh God! Even the police are
in kitty with the criminals! Appa-ji.. you have a message from Sir. You ask him to come! No. First listen to
the message. – Yes. What? All this that you’re doing must stop. You’re becoming a toy that
Bhaurao is playing with! Come to the point. Sir doesn’t have time to come.
He is sitting with Genda Singh-ji. Get lost! What is going on!? Hey!
– What is this! What are you doing!?
– Go away from here! Take him away! Take him! What is this Appa-ji! – Come on! Scoundrels! Sitting with criminals
and drinking liquor, the scoundrels! Good! Good exhibition of yourself! Now just watch what happens to you! In old age, you are getting brain.. ..waves of being
insulted by your own son! Now.. bear it.. bear Bal’s grunt! Huh! No one needs to stay here. Appa-ji, what is your intention!?
– Don’t you know that yet! In old age, you should sit and relax
in the house, but instead you’re.. ..behaving like a kid! The consequence of this is
going to be horrible, Appa-ji!! I don’t care about it! You hit commissioner Jagdale on the
back.. I was not as much affected. But you attacked Genda
Singh-ji and tore his shirt! If Babu hadn’t taken
the stick from my hand.. ..I would have bashed his head! But why?! Don’t ask questions! Just give
an order to arrest Genda Singh! 7 tons of rotten wheat..
– All that is a lie! Why? Why is it a lie? Take him to
court then! Let the court decide! But the courts are also not spared! We have been ruling for last
30-35 years. – Yes, I know that! No one should try to teach us
what is good for the people. Today, whatever progress the
country has made, it is due to us! – Yes! Not because of people like
you who constantly whine! Today, the financial condition
of the country has improved. There is a new power, new
discipline in the country now. Yes! Don’t read the picture
painted by government expenses before me! You took bribe of 8
crores from the Ghee traders.. And ghee is expensive now! You took 16 crores from the tea
traders! And tea is expensive now! In every field, people are
taking bribes empowered by their rule! All corrupt people!! Then from where will the
money for elections come from? Go to people!! Go to people!? You people think that elections are.. offering prayers
to Lord Satya Narayan! And collecting donations
of 25 paise from each one. These days, a prayer
cannot be completed.. ..even with a donation of a rupee! What do these people do at
that Hill Road bungalow? From where does the money
come for such extravagance?! From where do you
come to know all this.. Who is keying you up..
I know that very well! Yes. Touching feet is just an excuse. But just remember that
he is playing with you! About whom are you speaking!? About Bhaurao! Why would he play with me?! If you had understood that much,
what more was needed! He is conspiring to
change the rule here. But the rule is not decided
these days by public backing. It is decided from the top. For that you have to keep
the people at the top happy. For that you have to
send money to the top. Look.. – You won’t
understand all these matters. You have involved
Bhaurao in false convictions! But remember one thing Bal! I’m going to be a witness
in his favor in the court. I’ll be his witness! Do whatever you like! Appa-ji.. – Yes. Instead why don’t you do this.. – What? Why don’t you go on a foreign tour?. What will I do after
going for a foreign tour? Nothing.. just that you’ll feel good.. ..after seeing different countries,
different surroundings. You are just engrossed in the same
old thoughts and same old issues! You’ll feel good if
you go for a holiday. But what will I do
after I go for a holiday?! Why should you do anything? And if you really want to do something.. ..just observe what the foreign
governments do for their old citizens. Give us some report on that. Yes. And money? You don’t worry about money. Wherever you go,
arrangements will be made for you. But how!? Any trader will.. Shut up! You imbecile man!! What I am stopping you from doing,
you are making me do the same!! So you’ll just stay here
and keep harassing us?! You first give an order
to arrest Genda Singh. I don’t wish to say even
a word in that matter. On Genda Singh’s word,
governments are built, run and broken too. I have got nothing to do with it! Just give an order
to arrest Genda Singh. Appa-ji.. I’m telling you something
for the last time. Listen carefully. What? Whatever you did right now.. I personally apologized
to Genda Singh for that. I told him that you get
attacks schizophrenia and.. was one of such
attacks that you attacked him. I’ll get him here tomorrow morning. Why? You have to bow down at his
feet and apologize to him. Send him.. send him! Good.. very good! What happened, Lalya? Very good. I was distributing them
all day at different places. What was the reaction of the people? Who had the time to
see people’s reactions? People just used to take the
flyers and put them in their pockets. Then? But on station, at two places,
a crowd of people.. ..chanted slogans
against the government. Very good! That’s it.. We need
to make them aware constantly! Tomorrow, there is
going to be fun over here. What? What fun? Religious war! Did you have your food? No. – Go and eat. First go and eat. Eat first. Go. Appa-ji.. – Yes. Do you know about Bhaurao? What is it? There was news on radio just now. Whilst on a walking
march in a rural village.. ..a truck ran over him and
Bhaurao died on the spot! The demons made their move!! Lalya, the demons made their move!! This is not an accident. It’s a murder! Genda Singh! I won’t sit
quiet until I’ve revenged this! This is not an accident. It’s a murder! This is not an accident. It’s a murder! This won’t be tolerated, Genda Singh! This won’t be tolerated! The end of your days
is here, Genda Singh! The end of your days is here! You possess power and guns today. You have an army of helpless followers. That’s why this won’t be tolerated.
We won’t tolerate it! The time to think about violence
and non-violence has passed now. These are just beliefs.
Nothing can be achieved through them. Genda Singh, because
of your greed today.. ..tomorrow, thousands of
farmers are going to die. And that’s why.. today, today itself.. ..I’ve the right to murder you! I’m going to murder you. And I’ll
face the court as your murderer. I’ll accept whatever
punishment is given. Life imprisonment,
hanging.. whatever it is! But before that, I’m going to stand
in the courtroom speak out my heart. I’ll shake people up and
make everyone tremble! People! Wake up!! Do something while there is still time. Don’t just show aggression. Don’t stop!! Don’t wait for a moment! I feel so relieved! I will sleep peacefully now. I will never have slept
so peacefully all my life. Oh Lord! Give me strength. Janaa.. Janaa.. today, I’m
going to apologize to you. Don’t laugh. Don’t laugh this way. Sit near me. Come very close. Forgive me Janaa.. forgive me. For what? I’m a criminal. All your life I harassed you. It’s wrong for people like us to marry. Forget it. You said this much..
it’s more than enough. Now sleep peacefully for some time now. Don’t keep on screeching this way. No dear. Henceforth,
I’ll never be angry. Today, after all these years.. ..for the first time I
feel like sleeping peacefully. Then go to sleep. I am fortunate,
that you said this. In all these years, I was
never able to say what I felt. Not even to you. You were never so close. Why are you seeing me
this way? – Nothing. Ok, sleep now. Dear, you need to thrash me. I can’t remember any
happiness I’ve given you. At least I’ll have the sweet
memory of this thrashing while I sleep. Why are you sleeping? Wake up! Is this the time to sleep? Get up! They are running bull dozers,
they are clearing the slums.. ..have set the slums on fire.. Get up! What are you saying! Janaai.. Janaai.. Janaai..
come and watch from there.. quick! Come quick.. it is visible
very nicely from there! Come on! Genda Singh-ji is going to watch
from there too.. come on fast. Don’t run! Take sticks in your hands!
Take iron rods in your hands! Oh god! Now stuff some shit in
our mouths! – Face them.. come on! What happened? Appa-ji jumped down. What happened? Appa-ji jumped down.
He committed suicide. Appa-ji jumped down.
He committed suicide. Appa-ji jumped down.
He committed suicide. The state’s Chief Minister’s father.. ..Shri Appa-ji passed
away in Mumbai today. .. While suffering from an
attack of schizophrenia.. ..he jumped from the 28th floor window. That’s what the police are guessing. The Prime Minister has
send his condolences saying.. ..people like Appa-ji are
the jewels of the country. The goal for which Appa-ji lived,
we must move towards it.. ..and the goals and
values for which he fought.. ..we must inculcate them in our lives. This will be a true salute to him. And with this, we come
to an end of today’s news. Greetings.


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