Swati Mutyam Telugu Full Movie || Kamal Haasan, Radhika || K Viswanath || Ilayaraja

“Why don’t you see Rama, Sri Raghurama…” I asked to get all the papers
and he just got the English one One, two, three, four… Nookalu
– Yes Nookalu This milk and
– Bought paper even today You bought six bottles of milk too They are coming I’m listening to the same from three days Saying here comes my sons
and my daughter in laws Still, can’t you buy
what do they need after their arrival? They’d be troubled if we don’t get then Huh, like no trouble
if all these are ready Huh! You are being stubborn,
why trouble them all? They’ll hardly have ten holidays. Will they look
into their works or travel for this old man? Is this any nearby? Oh no, what’s that?
– Tumbler You keep it in the way? That elder one has to come from Jabalpur,
very far away That second boy from
– Guwahati, Assam Yes, the same
– Mahatma Gandhi road Ok!
– Ok Even in a big job, to travel so far it
costs a lot and great tension Look, why can’t you be with them?
Say, all would be so comfortable I won’t go
– Why? I won’t go and I won’t.
That’s all Here Nookalu, come and hold this.
Otherwise, I’ll fall down Why now?
– I should bring down the vessels Aren’t these not enough now? What if there are holes in them? Why do you scream?
I’ll fall, right? Don’t shake Grandpa
– Grandpa You said to see grandpa and
why’s this crying now? Indira, father in law
– Hello father in law Hello
– Are you fine? Get down grandpa
– Quiet baby We’ve come to grandpa, quiet now
– Balasubramanyam He’s coming dad
– Ok Hey, go out and play You didn’t come the day before
– Yes, that was Our Deepthi got first prize in
College story competition Hey Deepthi
– Yes uncle That function got late
and we missed the train What story did you write? Nothing grandpa,
Daddy says like that Spectacles in a very small age What Nookalu,
is the father in law staying healthy? What health madam, however, he is regularly,
he stays happy like a kid when you all are here Go, go to grandpa When we ask to take him with us,
he says not to come leaving this house I too tried telling him, he’s very stubborn You should adjust forgetting about your
bungalows for a few days, at least for this old man My dad and this is grandpa This is my grandpa and
this is coconut instrument Grandpa, you played this as a kid? Grandpa, I brought this for you.
See, it’s so good I’ll feed the baby and get her back Come on dear
– Grandpa, play once please Play it grandpa
– Please play, grandpa What grandpa
– One minute What do you need, father in law? That… “Sleep dear, sleep” “Lullaby of coins for the Lord
sleeping on the leaf” “Diamonds lullaby for the Lotus eyed Lord” “Lullaby of coins for the Lord
sleeping on the leaf” “Diamonds lullaby for the Lotus eyed Lord” “For the cute Krishna” “Pearls lullaby for the cute Krishna” “Precious lullaby for the Lord
ruling the Universe” “Lullaby of coins for the Lord
sleeping on the leaf” “Diamonds lullaby for the Lotus eyed Lord” “Sleep dear, sleep” “Kousalya’s lullaby for charming Rama” “Yashoda’s lullaby for the charm
of Yadu dynasty” “For the lord with elephant face” “Goddess Parvati’s lullaby
for the elephant faced Lord” “The great Lord’s lullaby for
the boy with his charm” “Lullaby of coins for the Lord
sleeping on the leaf” “Diamonds lullaby for the Lotus eyed Lord” “Sleep dear, sleep” “Annamaiah’s lullaby for Lord Venkateswara” “Gopaiah’s lullaby for Kodanda Rama” “Syamaiah’s lullaby for
the blue tinted Lord” “Tyagaiah’s lullaby for
the greatest of the Lords” “Lullaby of coins for the Lord
sleeping on the leaf” “Diamonds lullaby for the Lotus eyed Lord” “Pearls lullaby for the cute Krishna” “Precious lullaby for
the Lord ruling the Universe” “Lullaby of coins for the Lord
sleeping on the leaf” “Diamonds lullaby for the Lotus eyed Lord” “Sleep dear, sleep” Swathi Mutyam In the name of the father
– In the name of the father And of the son
– And of the son And of the Holy Spirit
– And of the Holy Spirit Amen
– Amen And the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ
– And the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ And the love of God
– And the love of God And the fellowship of the Holy Spirit
– And the fellowship of the Holy Spirit Be with you all
– Be with you all Amen What, a story again? Yes, daddy Swathi mutyam,
the title is good, right? Good, it’s very good Still into your stories even when you came here,
instead to spend some good time with grandpa? I started the story with grandpa in mind, see Oh, you started well.
After that? After that…
– Hah You don’t need your imagination to write. Grandpa’s life story
will exactly suit for your title Grandpa, for me Hey, monkey…
– I’ll bath the baby and bring her back father in law She wet my shirt
– Grandpa- Yes You’d love me get a better name in the
next story competition, right? – Yes You’d feel happier if I get
the first prize again, right? I’ll be happy Then tell me your story
and I’ll write that I don’t have any story separately.
Your grandma’s story is my story Ok, say the same Grandpa.
I’ll write it That’s a story of 70 to 80 years back Grandpa, I need 100 years back story.
Please say, grandpa What to say? Your Grandma took great troubles.
That God took her husband in a small age Your dad… Hey Balu, come here This fellow… What’s this? Ok, you go When he was so small, along with him… Sir… Sir Hello Sir. Hello Madam Please come Sir,
come madam Uncle, is this my Grandpa’s house? Madam, daughter in law is here Dear Lalitha! Lalitha! I’m your grandma, dear It all happened unexpectedly.
I too am unable to believe He married the girl he liked. I always prayed to God for keeping him happy
but never felt sad that he went away from us. I always thought he’d change his mind
and my son with daughter in law will be back home I never expected such a day to come Where and to whom? Daughter in law and the boy have come
– Whose daughter in law? Huh! Hubby, they did right
or wrong but bad has happened. At least see her face
and this kid’s face and show mercy Rajeswari, I sent away my own son
for saying no to me and marrying this girl When he’s no more,
who are these to come in? Rao Sir, if you say so where
do they go and how do they live? How you thought them to live and got your sister
married, ask them to live the same way Please don’t say so. As I’m not so capable
to support them, I’m pleading you like this If you say no now… There are foster homes and orphanages No hubby, we lost our only son being
rigid like this and now this only blood relation Rajeswari!
Don’t argue with me and cut even our relation Rao Sir,
please think about this kid with a kind heart Brother!
Son! Oh no!
– What happened? Oh no!
– He’s always like this I’ve been trying to feel bad sitting right there
thinking about what happened, but I’m unable to You’re the only brother and she’s the only sister
and yours is an ordinary family No need to feel much worse about this,
because the Crores of people are like us in the country When a Billionaire’s son married our Lalitha
opposing parents, even that wasn’t any special Because of Lakhs of marriages
as such are taking place But the girl losing her husband within five years
is an incident to feel bad and I felt bad right then But that Rao with no mercy rejected
daughter in law and grandson That isn’t any story to feel bad
and leave that matter I was thinking of the same
sitting there and felt bad What is the time Sir?
– You stay quiet, I’m angry Then I didn’t feel good.
Ok, leave all those things There is just one way for that Rao
to realize and we get justice We should pull him to the Court
and make him pay compensation Why come on to the roads more? It’s better
to adjust thinking God’s fate for her is so Even God feels bad thinking his
responsibility is gone down if we adjust like this Listen to me, good for both Let’s appoint a great lawyer, squeeze out
that Rao and extract compensation For this process,
give two hundreds for now Hundred now and then again
based on the work proceedings Understood right?
You can give then Guravaiah Sir, don’t show mirages.
Chalapathi Sir is an innocent man Don’t make him too a fool like all Hey Venkatasami! You wash any cloth on the
same stone and teach me about treating the people? You should be told, you send
impure oil even for God’s worship Even God isn’t caring
about this and why do you care? You shut up Grandma! Grandma!
– Say, I’m listening Birth ceremony of Ananthalaxmi’s baby
is taking place It’s good that we present something Your dad has no habit to give than
to just receive Still, why do you ask me for everything
putting your dad and stepmother aside? Ok, I won’t ask anything from you
– Will you ask your brother in law? I won’t ask at all You’d say so now,
but after marriage, you’ll pull with interest Marriage and with brother in law?
Say that crazy man to come What for him, he’s a King That’s why he’s crowned and made to
sit on the bull to wait till I come Don’t play a fool at me, you… Go! I send the can only when money is sent Oh no! Oh God! You idiot!
– Silence, slept till now Who, your mother in law?
– No Chitti
– No Then who?
– The bull Bull, the bull? It slept till now and the poor
thing just woke up and is moving It sleeps again if you shout so.
There won’t be any oil. Silence What silence again, idiot? I’ll break your legs
and hands, put them in the machine Stop, stop! I said, it’ll sleep right?
Now, take over and you move on Huh, I will move. Get up! Hey, pick all that oil into the cans So much of oils is gone waste Damn!
– What damn, idiot? You shouldn’t sell it.
It got mixed in the dust Apply it to the body and head I will apply, huh. Kantham! Hey Kantham, you go and get papers Didn’t they say horse listens
only to the Jockey? As an idiot is controlling,
the bull moved backward Now even when I’m there, it moves backward
as a habit and make me an idiot What’s this? Did I ask to get? Hit on my head with it.
I said the stamp paper, get it Should I sign again, father in law?
– Yes I won’t sign
– Why? Grandma said not to sign Who’d bear this loss if you don’t sign?
Who’ll bear? You know how much
does one tin oil cost? 200, my foot! This isn’t waste oil
sold by your dad This is pure mustard oil,
one tin of oil costs a thousand A thousand and three tins cost
three thousand Give it. Take it, sign This is already signed
– Ok This too is signed
– Ok This too is signed This isn’t signed Hey, what’s that?
Are you signing again? Father in law got great loss of three thousand
– Who said? What man? Hey, get up If you sign again like this,
I’ll put scars on your body. Be careful Got loss it seems, a loss! Enough of the signs he took till date He won’t get any loss even if you do
mistakes for the whole of your life Go, take a bath What’s this, how much loss should I bear?
He’s drowning me See, how the precious mustard oil
is flowing like a canal Shouldn’t an account be written? You shouldn’t write an account
but I should write the account of your sins I should write for taking over
my entire house I should write for eating away everything
on the name of cultivating his fields I should write that you tortured us like this by
remarrying three months after my daughter’s death Say mother in law, say. For safeguarding like
a Dog so long, you should say and I shall listen Why would anyone say just like that?
They’d say when you sin A word for human
– And a shot for the bull You say me a bull? Oh God! I’m a sacred wife
and can I say you so? I thought aunt forgot the saying
– You’re a sacred wife, ok What are those sounds?
Who’s in the house? I’m so sacred and you doubt me? Any great man gets a doubt when sounds
are heard in the house See daddy, when I served your snacks by covering
from evil sights, he’s doubting a sacred woman like me I doubted as I am like Sri Rama, is it any wrong? You aren’t Rama but Ravana. I ruined my
cute little daughter’s life not knowing that You ruined me by sitting in my house
and eating as you got a chance You should be ashamed
– Did he say to feel ashamed, dear? Yes daddy I’ll go, die jumping in Godavari right away I too will join you, dad
– Come, dear Wait! Are there any swimming competitions
to follow each other to jump and die? You don’t need to die.
You be right here and kill me. “Saying to get a silk sari” “My dear went on boat to get silk sari” “Hey moon, be the same like
day till he reaches the shore” “Hey moon, like a day” Subbulu! Hey Subbulu! What Sivaiah? Why are you singing about the moon in the day? There, he’s come Where, where is he?
– It’s you Why, are you not? Round face,
eyes like circles, smile as moonlight Then, you sing Hey Sivaiah, come here and rub my back.
I can’t reach Why did you have the back out of reach? This is always the problem with you ladies “My dear went to Tallrevu to
get the sacred thread” “Don’t go away hey moon, till I am his wife.
Promise on the moonlight” “Hey moon, promise on the moonlight” “Moonlight!” Oh no! What happened? You get married once Venkatasami
brings the sacred thread How do I get married, when you being
an elder to me aren’t married? She said not to marry me
and how’d I get married? Who said? My father in law’s daughter Chitti You’re a cutie pie and did she say
that to you? Why did she say so? My grandma said,
“Sivaiah is your husband, Chitti.” Chitti asked me,
“Am I your wife, brother in law?” I said what do I know and ask grandma She said, “Why does a man saying grandma for
everything needs a wife?” and left patting on my head You fool! She did it well Look for a good day and
we both shall get married What Sivaiah, are you listening?
– No, I’m tying my pants What Sivaiah, looks like some current passed
in your hands listening about marriage? What just current, there won’t be limits
to our love after marriage You rascal! Go What Subbulu, got a shock once the hand changed?
You immediately caught it The intention of the person is known
by the grip of the hand Oh no! Oh no! Damn! Don’t see whichever face
comes across in the morning Is it because the aunt is a widow?
– Yes, go inside Oh God! Why works for you in the morning?
Leave it there and go in No problem, sister in law.
What’s wrong in this? What shall I say when question so? It seems that the neighbor slipped and fell down
after seeing your face yesterday in the morning His wife scolded continuously Anyone would feel to see a good face
after waking up in the morning Hey, get water You go and look about coffee, go Lalitha madam!
Lalitha madam! Lalitha madam You daily used to call Durgamma madam
and why are you screaming Lalitha madam today? Did Durgamma turn into Lalithamma? Why will it become so, madam?
Durgamma is Durgamma and Lalithamma is Lalithamma My dress Where is my shirt and short?
– Here, kid Yes, two of your saris. Write down Hey, put this tumbler there Come dear,
here are six saris of your mothers What about the blouses?
– They are here These are your shirts and shorts Take them carefully Oh no, so many dresses? I living with husband am living
with one dress on the body and the other in dry Oh no! Six saris for washing for
this lady without a husband! I and my children should be begging if my
husband’s income is spent on ironing like this I just thought only the clothes
but even your mind has also become so dirty If your husband boils that and irons for once… What are you whispering?
– No, nothing madam Still, what is this madam? She came
to your house as God didn’t show mercy Otherwise, she too lived happily
till a few days back You’d say, what are you losing in between?
You think to earn more if more clothes are given You don’t need to give any money for her clothes.
She’s in so many troubles I’d get goodwill by doing
at least this help to her Oh! If you need goodwill,
take her to the house and worship this burden If she’s ready to come,
we can happily give her food Our houses maybe small but not our hearts They don’t feel happy with hearts or minds.
They torture even after feeding thrice a day Mom, give me food
– You can eat after returning, come It’s time for school What madam, sending the kid
to school without feeding? It’s very tough if you get angry
just for the words Fine for now, but can you give up
afternoon, evening and night? We don’t save anything just for now,
making him sit happily and feed Go dude, go No sister in law, he vomited after food
yesterday morning. That’s the reason Maybe you think I’ll prepare idlis if you say so. No way,
my kids eat even three days old food eagerly if served He too will make it a habit, sister in law Umbrella even here?
– For you, thinking it may rain Ok, put that somewhere Oh God! Hey, not here but there Oh God! Oh no! Oh no, what are these crazy deeds? I didn’t see
– Ok, the kid got completely wet Don’t feel bad dear
– No problem Enough now Then I won’t sprinkle water from tomorrow Hey, is this all for myself?
Isn’t this for you? Whatever we do,
should be done with devotion Then, shall I go for the offering?
– Ok go Hey Sivaiah, silence Offering is not yet done I’m watching, you’re feeding it all
to the kid without eating Take this You feel I don’t have?
They’ll give me again when I ask We know this temple well. I and my granny
come daily, clean all this and decorate Take it Take dear, when the real God is in the temple
he’s like the God going around the village. It is goodwill Rajamma
– Yes You know who she is, right? Our Chalapati’s sister, Lalitha
– Is it? I didn’t recognize I couldn’t recognize you dear,
don’t mistake me No idea why but God puts
a problem for every person That lady for such a pure man, your brother No idea how he got your sister in law See you, madam
– Come on dear Look dear, the problem you got in such
a small age isn’t any ordinary We should be strong at heart at such times How many blows did I face? My daughter
happily married died before my eyes Son and daughter passed away. My grandson became like this getting hurt
in the brain as a kid in the accident Bearing all this and still alive taking medicines,
what do you think is the reason? For him depending on me, for my grandson God, no problem if his brains don’t get normal
but let that pure childishness remain the same Enough that you gave him at least the will power
and hard work to finish what he is said to do I’m alive to daily remind
that God for once like this Mom, shouldn’t I go to school? If you don’t feel mine is a blind belief,
I’ll say, you one thing dear You too take a day, clean the temple
or these steps and serve God It isn’t that your troubles are gone with that If God blesses us, we will at least survive instead
of flowing away in the troubles That Lalithamma is sending a kid to school
by feeding him the offerings means Think how cruel is that sister in law
treating her Stop! Do you think this is any playground
to come as you wish? Do sit ups It was a mistake,
he’ll come in time from tomorrow Let’s see that tomorrow.
Do sit-ups till the end of this class, idiot You won’t get sit till then Hey, what’s this?
– You too do sit-ups till class is over What’s the comparison to him and me?
He did a mistake. He should do You also did a mistake
– What have I done? Isn’t it wrong saying him to do sit-ups
without knowing why he came late? Don’t stop
– Hey you Hey, why were you late?
– You don’t do Hey, move back What madam, why is he late? As her sister in law didn’t take proper care,
she took him to temple – Excuse me It’s true. She took him to temple and brought
after feeding the offering. Won’t it get delayed to climb and get down
so many steps? It’ll be Why not say that, madam? Yes, stop it now Sir, from tomorrow after the offering is served at the temple,
ring the bell seeing him coming Ok dear, go now. Go What’s your name? Balasubramanyam
– Balasubramanyam I came to know, your name is Lalitha,
my name is Veera Venkata Satya Siva Sundarramaiah Your name is just three letters.
There are three people in my name Veeravenkata Satya, Lord of Annavaram Siva is me and Sundarramaiah
is my grandpa And who’s there in your name? Only me and my son for now It’s goodwill helping like this.
But only men should do Sivudu My grandma used to sing this
– Say what it is “Siva or Madhava” What shall I decide for you? Who shall I decide for you? I think you know music well? Why not get me a few music classes
at places, you know? My life will go on even if a hundred
is given per class What, what’s that yawning so fast? When you circled around the fire on the marriage day,
I thought you were doing so as the priest said What do I know that you circle so for
the whole night around the cot? Dirty business habit! I’m seeing from which angle
you look beautiful This life is enough just to see my beauty
and it takes another life to get pregnant Let that take, I’m your husband in all lives Father in law
– Hey, get down Get down, you shouldn’t see so at nights What dear, come Why him in the middle? You Sit You go, idiot. Go! Give now What, what’s your nuisance? I urgently need a hundred No hundred nothing,
you go and sleep now I won’t leave till you give
and I won’t sleep I’ll break your hands.
No midnight and nothing, go! Oh no! Son in law
– What, you too from the window? No, looks like he asked you
for something and you said no For that, he’s hitting himself
to bleeding with a hunter Let him die, I won’t bend Then I can’t see this. I’ll go immediately,
jump and die in the Godavari Wait, daddy,
I too will jump with you and die Wait! No day or night, you both are always
into swimming competitions Come son in law,
see how is he hitting himself Still, did he ask for Lakhs or crores,
just a hundred It looks like just a hundred for you. If a hundred
is given ten times, how much is that? Where shall I get it from if
he asks so suddenly? Here is the hundred, dear You shouldn’t hit like that Hey! Just fake screams,
that guy doesn’t do anything But, you took a hundred making so much mess.
For what? To learn music Give half of that and I’ll teach Why do you think I teach only half for half? Then? If I give you, how can I help her? Who is she?
– Lalitha madam Is that the matter?
Good dear, come on But, if you go to a famous tailor with shabby
cloth piece and ask to stitch a coat, it isn’t good Similarly, if you go to a well-known musician with
your voice singing time pass songs and ask to teach music No, it isn’t good.
It needs music, tempo sense Voice opened at any phase
should reach the top Then either she can teach
or you can learn Do you practice daily, like this?
– I just started I should learn music from you What do I teach you,
when you’re singing so well? The peak tempo
– Ok Now the lower note
– Go on What’s this? When you’re by my side,
whatever I sing is turning into a great tune What you sang when I wasn’t there also
was a good tune. It was Madhyamavathi This is the song of Goddess Sita
we sing in our celebrations “Hey cute little Sita Goddess” “You should smile like the sound
of birds and anklets” “Hey cute little Sita Goddess” “You should smile like the sound
of birds and anklets” “Hey cute little Sita Goddess” “When believed in Lord Rama to be
the support and companion” “Did he leave you in the forests
like a heartless man?” “Like a heartless man?” “Did he leave you in the forests
like a heartless man?” “You jumped into the fire and
floated up like a flower bud” “You’ll win one day and the earth
and sky are with you” “Hey cute little Sita Goddess” “The trees around you are
your siblings now” “Neverending tears would fulfill
your hunger and thirst” “The time for your eclipse to be gone
and flourish back” “It’ll come one day and
the Lord is watching” “Will that day come and
the Lord watch?” It seems Yashoda came to know
that Krishna ate mud She asked Krishna to open
his mouth and show Then Krishna said Mom, am I any kid to eat mud?
Am I a fool? Are you sleeping,
why are you not responding? Grandma
– What dear? I sang a song at Chalapati Sir’s Lalithamma
– Ok Why did she go weeping after listening to that? Which song did you sing? Song about Goddess Sita’s forest life Why not, Sita’s life is full of troubles. Though a Goddess, she had to face
troubles being born as a lady Who knows what troubles showed up and were
reminded, poor lady. She’d have left weeping So, is she in lots of troubles grandma? What else, if not troubles? She lost husband in small age.
In-laws didn’t give a support When she took shelter at brother,
that sister in law is torturing Don’t know why,
vultures don’t touch unless dead But these relatives torture even when alive
if the situations go down So, should she go on facing troubles like that? That’s why I said to her to pray
that God to show a way I said, good happens by cleaning
the temple area or the steps Educated kids and
will they believe as we do? What, you came so early in the morning? For the steps worship
– Steps worship? Come on
– Hey, what is this? Come Just a few more steps and we’re here.
There is the temple You have more troubles and
thus better we worship all the steps I’ll help you, please come Chalapati, you gave me a hundred day before That wasn’t enough even for the lawyer’s clerk Now, we need 500 more
– We can give 1000 if not 500 But, he hasn’t properly heard details
about the case He won’t as we didn’t give. Feed for the bull
and fee for a lawyer should be given in advance You go and get 500.
He’d then listen, go Come on See now, I’ll make this case take circles Sir, he’s a blindfolded bull and may make a circle
around at one place and cheat I can’t listen to anything,
you don’t say as you wish You are an educated man
and why these brokers in between Sir? Look, will you shut up? You go, man Madam, clothes
– They would get Look, as you have a coconut it isn’t like
applying coconut oil by rubbing it on the hairs Hairs will be gone and the skull gets hurt What?
– To wash This is washed Similarly, not enough just to have an education. An expert like me should explain the problem
to the lawyer and prepare him Then he’d argue the case without
taking back steps Pleaders and courts to better someone And donating what all you have to
pay their fees I just have one single chain
and I won’t give that Will you talk the same way
if Lalitha was your own sister? You’re a lady and should be knowing
about her troubles more than me I wanted to keep the only thing
left safe as I know that Mom, give food If you say food early in the morning,
I’ll kill you. Get out Even this chain wasn’t bought by you
but given by my parents Let at least this go to my children Ok, have the chain given by your parents
and give it to your children Give me the sacred chain I put in your neck I’ll give as you asked, tie a thread in this neck.
Not a sacred on but to commit suicide Then my kids will be orphans
and you can do as per your wish There won’t be anyone to ask Father in law, my mother is not to be
seen anywhere – Not seen? Are your legs paining? Just a few more steps
and you’ll be done with that The road comes after that and
we don’t need to do for that This is over and now this Here, come here.
Come on Please come Come here Hello Chalapathi Sir Lalitha! Dear Mom
– Lalitha Mom Don’t talk for some time. She isn’t habituated
and is unconscious getting tired You go home. I’ll make her worship all the steps
after she wakes up and gets her home Enough of what you’ve done She worshipped all the Gods from childhood
and which God kept her happy? Enough of this! Baby Lalitha,
come on dear Great good may have come
if even those steps were worshipped How will it happen? As they said goodwill comes by
taking a dip in the Godavari, if you drown in Godavari holding
the breath for long, you’ll be dead Anything should have a way and limit Are these steps any less in count?
They are from Kotipalli to Kondapalli Shouldn’t that lady have a capacity
to worship all these at once? How will her trouble be gone
if she doesn’t do? Hey, are you doing the worships in the temple?
The priest is doing them. We are just touching the flowers there
and we get the goodwill Similarly, she doesn’t need to do
for her troubles to go away Either you or I can do taking her name Isn’t your granny doing for your good?
It’s like that That’s the affection of a father. See that father’s
concern for his son’s disease to be gone See how he is walking on fire risking his life That’s what you said in the morning, then You meant another can pray for
one’s problems to be gone Hey, where are you going? Mom
– Yes Why did Sivaiah make you
clean all those steps? For our good Hello, where are you taking him? Hello, hello Pray Allah well and tie a good talisman Hey Sivaiah stop, your legs will get burnt Hey, it’s a danger Sivaiah Mom You wait, son Sivaiah Wait son Better if you stay back here tonight Sivaiah, hey Sivudu See, your granny is worried. See Son Siva! How do you feel? Are you settled at least now? No problem
for him, madam. He’ll happily sleep Even your health isn’t so well.
Don’t wake up and rest for some time What rest can I take? He keeps messing with
trouble like this and another by the time it’s gone I’m done with these in regular. You’re very lucky Rajamma. For a human to help
others selflessly, one needs great will and practice We call such a person as sage. Then, for
what did your grandson go into the fire? He’s a pure pearl with no dust and dirt.
He’s a sage by birth and a great wizard You’re serving such a man and
what more do you need? What dad, you didn’t visit the brother in law
at least for once? You crazy idiot, we get stuck when gone. Let’s think of the worst, what
if Doctors say he needs big treatment? All those expenses will come onto
our head in lumps, dirty torture Look, come here Sri Ramanavami celebrations are starting from
tomorrow and all would come for donations Say your dad is suffering from blood motions,
isn’t coming even to the house and send them away right from the gate If you stay back home like this for
two more days, you’re then a free bird Chitti, Chitti
– Yes What? Will you go to Mr. Chalapati’s house and see
if Lalitha’s sister in law is troubling her again What’s your madness brother in law? It’s like making
one sit on thorns and asking whether it pokes That Durgamma will
never change in this lifetime What son?
– Anger On whom?
– You What have I done? Her brother took away without
completing the steps worship You pulled me away in the middle from Baba.
What good will take place now? Hey, you, me or her brother
are all just for namesake Lord Vishnu came down to
save that Gajendra Similarly, some great person has to come
forward for saving Lalithamma from this problem He should tie the knot in her neck with courage
and provide a permanent shelter And he should stand in her support.
That’s the only way out But these dirty traditions,
made a lady not to have that chance “Rama, why don’t you see?” “Rama, why don’t you see?
Hey Lord Raghuram! Why don’t you see?” “Rama, why don’t you see?” “The great lady, obedient princess” “Daughter of the earth, sweet voiced lady” “Daughter of the earth,
sweet-voiced lady is walking towards you” “Rama, why don’t you see?” After Sita’s groom selection process
was announced, when all in the Assembly were watching Janaki in admiration Goddess Sita’s maids were thinking in themselves
as to why Lord Sri Rama isn’t looking at her “Rama, why don’t you see?” “Rama, why don’t you see?
Hey Lord Raghuram! Why don’t you see?” “Rama, why don’t you see?” “Great men in smiles” “Greatest of the warriors” “Great men in smiles” “Bravest of the warlords” “Greatest of the warriors” “Strong Lords with no competition” “Every second being a day” “Waiting being an age” “When they saw in admiration
at the lady and Lord Siva’s bow” “Rama, why don’t you see?
Why don’t you see?” “Kings stepping ahead to take
the bow and returning in sweat” “Lords boasting to achieve are
back with lost will power” “Kings stepping ahead to take
the bow and returning in sweat” “Lords boasting to achieve are
back with lost will power” “Great Machos ashamed unable
to lift the bow or their face” “Forgetting themselves and
are into an insult” “Isn’t anyone there to lift
and aim the bow?” “Prayers to Lord Sri Rama” “Lord Rama got up then and
put his hands on the bow” “He looked at Sita from the corner of his eyes” “He aimed the bow in split seconds” “Lord Siva’s bow broke with great sounds” “Charm made the new bride Sita’s face” “Hail Sri Rama, enhancer of Raghu Dynasty” “Dasaratha’s son Ram,
eliminator of the demons” “Hail Sri Rama, enhancer of Raghu Dynasty” “Dasaratha’s son Ram,
eliminator of the demons” “Great celebration of
Goddess Sita’s wedding” “Great celebration of
Lord Srirama’s wedding” “Great celebration of
Goddess Sita’s wedding” “Great celebration of
Lord Srirama’s wedding” “It’s an eye feast to watch,
sweet to chant it” “Great celebration of
Goddess Sita’s wedding” “Great celebration of
Lord Srirama’s wedding” Hey Rama, there comes “The great lady, obedient princess” “Daughter of the earth,
sweet-voiced lady is walking towards you” “Rama, why don’t you see?
Hey Lord Raghuram! Why don’t you see?” “Rama, why don’t you see?” Idiot, what’s your dirty deed?
– Not a dirty deed but a good thing Then, how would she get a good? You tie Lord’s sacred thread to her, for this? Stop Sir, please stop Let’s get this cleansed,
he did by not knowing I’ve done after knowing it all You rascal, stop your idiotic deeds Grandma said someone has to marry her and
be in her support for her troubles to be gone How egoistic are you, rascal?
Beat him up Grandma! Grandma! Grandma
– What dear? Do you know what brother in law did? Rascal, you think I’d welcome you with
a lamp if you come wearing this in the neck? You should be ashamed. That guy
tying this should be hit with a slipper And dung water should be poured
on your face for allowing this My mom didn’t allow this to be done
– You shut up, idiot Your brother is going around the courts
for your compensation, there And you silently got that tied in the neck
and are celebrating If your brother comes to know about this
dirty deed, he’d kill you and then die with insult Then, I’ll be a widow Remove that and throw it away
before all these take place I didn’t tie to be removed
– Then why, to kill us all? To stand as a support to Lalithamma!
To take care of you all not to trouble her! Rascal, you go when he’s calling?
Don’t you need any good or bad? Oh no! We know what your good is Son in law, bring his money
and land papers with you Why make him live in front of
our eyes here with that dirty lady? Or to see the villagers exile even us
along with them and hit? Who will exile? Why to exile?
What wrong has he done? Is the justice different for a man
and woman? Why were you not exiled for marrying just
after three months of your wife’s death? Oh no, grandma! What are you in between, idiot? My money and my land
– Yours or your dad’s, go rascal Why won’t you give? You talk opposite to me and
question why I won’t give, rascal? Dirty rascal! You are dirty rascal Do you say whatever you feel like saying, idiot? He’d kill my grandson
– Move aside Grandma, come
– He’s killing my grandson Hey, what’s this? Oh no! Please don’t let go dear. I was
everything so far holding that hand By the time, my hand was losing
grip God has shown you up Come on dear, come to me Chitti! He got you into this bond for your good
and released from the earthly relations I’m going away from him and
cutting off my responsibilities I’m making you get closer to him
and increasing your responsibilities Me…
– Grandma Grandma! Forgive me dear
– Grandma Grandma! Stop!
– Grandma! Oh no, grandma! My grandma! Oh no, grandma! Grandma!
– Chitti Chitti I’m hungry, please give me food Grandma! What son, was he seen anywhere? No mom, I searched all around the temple.
He was nowhere to be seen No idea where’s he gone Fishes Hey, what’s this? Oh no! Mom, Police Why are you running like that?
What is this Police? Who is he madam? Do you run away from the Police station? Why did you take me to the Police station? Won’t I get a doubt when a guy
like you are selling a gold chain? I wanted money for hotel.
Is it wrong that I sell my chain? Shut up, don’t overact Sir, he isn’t a man like that Who are you, who are you to say? Why do you say who? Say, shall I say? Lalitha, I tied the sacred thread
on Sri Ramanavami Oh, is he your husband?
– Yes Look, madam, he seems to be innocent
– You Are you new to the city?
– Yes Come here, madam Come to the station and take that chain Why should I come, you get that Hey, what is this?
– Give this to that old man Mom was so tensed about you for
the whole night. Where did you go? Where were you? Come on, say You said to be feeling hungry.
I went to a hotel – Ok What? Say Sivaiah That hotel guy to me…
– The hotel guy That hotel guy seeing me…
– Say Sivaiah You said to be hungry, right? That hotel guy seeing me…
– What? Chicken curry
– Chicken curry? Mom, chicken it seems
– Shut up No Lalitha, that hotel guy seeing me… Chicken curry! Why did he ask?
– Silence, mom is angry That hotel guy seeing me, goat
– Goat meat? What more did he ask? Idiot, shut up
– Mom! “Hey cute little Krishna!” “Who hit you, my dear?” “Hey cute little Krishna!
Who hit you, my dear?” “Mom hit me, my God” “Mom scolded me, my God” “Be quiet my dear,
I’m here to pacify you” “Hey cute little Krishna!
Who hit you, my dear?” “Krishna missing and unable
to sleep for the whole night” “No idea how much was
mom’s heartfelt sad” “Maybe you went for butter like a thief” “Maybe you hid in a corner
after eating mud” “Mom, am I any kid
to eat mud or mad?” “See my mouth!” “Mom is the mad lady” “Mom is mad and anger
of the crazy lady” “Shall we break up and go or
give her off to the devil?” “I’m getting to cry” “Who’d give milk if we break up and go?
What?” “Say who’d feed us if given her
to the devil? “We’ll be with mom and can’t
go leaving her” “We’ll eat either food or even her hits” “Come on hit mom, hit more” “Hey cute little Krishna!
Who hit you, my dear?” “Who dear?” “I’d hit with my hand if you were small” “I’d teach you manners if you were big” “I’m not Yashoda to punish you” “I’m not Sathya to tease you” “Don’t ask me about who you are” “Don’t leave and go saying
I’m nothing to you” “Don’t leave me and go” “We won’t, we won’t go mom” “Hey cute little Krishna!
Who hit you, my dear?” “Mom hit me, my God” “Mom scolded me, my God” “Be quiet my dear”
– “No, I won’t” “I’m here to pacify you” “Hey cute little Krishna!
Who hit you, my dear?” Here, Sir Hey, looks like a great babe is into
the opposite house – Yes Sir Is the account an addition or minus? She’s a good addition in age Sir.
But there’s a small minus on her side Minus right?
Let’s divide without any leftovers You be careful that none multiplies
in this matter – Ok Sir Careful, you may fall down
– Ok, you careful Did you fall?
That’s why I said you to hold my hand Mom, tie this
– Mine too What’s this? What are these getups,
saris, and lines on the body? I wore this as I don’t have a silk dhoti Today is Mukkoti Ekadasi, you too
have the lines and let’s go to the temple No, we are on fasting today. We get
goodwill by not eating anything Every day is Ekadasi now,
all the groceries are emptied in the house Much more goodwill by fasting every day Oh no, I’m feeling hungry right away Hey no, open your mouth No dude, I too am feeling hungry
by seeing this Let’s go to the temple.
It seems they are showing films there We won’t feel hungry watching
devotional films – Films? Yes, no need to pay money.
They are showing for free The first film is old Sampoorna Ramayanam,
we can sleep watching that Films in which we have steps
and dancing No, we’ll go blind watching
such films on the festival day Let’s keep chanting Hail to Rama
and Hail to Krishna Hunger isn’t gone by chanting
or watching films Look for a way to eat two times a day What is there,
we’ll get groceries and cook Yes, but how do you get them? We’ll pay money and get
– Where do you get money from? We get money by doing a job
– Who should do the job? You! He is a small kid and
I have no education Ok Sir, plus went out. Just the small
and big minus is at home Then, I’ll first divide these and later can
freely do the addition – Yes Wow, that smile,
lines on the body and name is Sivudu Siva is Vishnu’s form and
Vishnu is in Siva’s form It’s wrong, he’s a beggar. Mom isn’t home to give you anything, go If a beggar, cheeks won’t be so chubby.
He’d be dried out with no food Be seated Oh no!
– What kid, did I sit on your hand? Sari
– Oh, did I sit even on the sari? Lalitha’s sari
– Oh, Lalitha’s sari? Wow, it is so sensitive just like the person.
Why is she not to be seen anywhere? Lalitha madam
– She isn’t there She’s gone for job. Oh no, when such grown-up men are here,
do we send a sensitive lady for a job? Damn! What exactly is a lady?
A woman and woman means nature And the nature means the lady.
Lady, nature’s lady! Do we make such a lady go over to
all the houses other than ours? Oh no! My head is gone down till legs listening
to this as a man and no idea about yours It’s wrong.
Poor Lalitha is working very hard But I have no education and
he’s a very small kid All these aren’t obstacles,
they can’t be and they shouldn’t be The only goal of a man is to take care of the lady.
And to give pleasure to that nature’s lady This isn’t just my theory but even
the English people said to beg, borrow or steal for taking care of the woman Beg is to beg around,
borrow means to take a loan We can’t repay, right? No and thus is steal, do robbery Oh no, they’d push into the jail Correct! And thus they’ve put
beg at the start as that’s best Damn, it’s wrong. We shouldn’t beg The kid doesn’t understand So, nothing wrong to beg Now, I like you I like you too a lot Then, you take care of the kid
and I’ll go for begging Oh no, they don’t give even a penny
seeing a strong man like you If you take this kid with you, they would donate
at least ten rupees showing pity on the kid. It’s child sentiment I’ll do all these arrangements. Nothing wrong in going around for at least two
to three hours to take care of nature’s lady Ok, go around It’s like you are still practicing music
in front of my eyes So many changes in such a short time You sing in praise of Lord Rama without
missing tempo and your life changed right in Rama’s temple means it’s all
as per the wish of that Lord Everything is happened for our good, dear Is your son safe? Where is he? I came leaving with him Sir, music you taught me
should be my living You don’t worry dear, I’ll arrange
music classes in 4 to 5 houses I know. Ok? “I beg for some goodwill,
I beg for some donations” “Those donating a bit will feel
heaven on the earth” “You won’t have another life” “I beg for some goodwill,
I beg for some donations” “Not having food in the day” “Not having a shelter at night” “Not having food in the day,
not have shelter at night” “We’re the orphans in troubles
and leading lives in problems” “We’re orphans, we have none” “I beg for some goodwill,
I beg for some donations” “We’re nothing now to our parents” What are you seeing so dear,
who is he? I said Sivaiah, right? He’s the one Is it? Hold on! “We’re nothing now to our parents
and came away from our village” “We visited so many houses
and saluted so many feet” “We’re orphans, we have none” “I beg for some goodwill,
I beg for some donations” Poor fellows, I’m going to give
food to those beggars Balaiah
– Yes madam He’s my grandson Uncle, Sivaiah!
– Yes Sivaiah, what’s this? What’s this begging and what’s this get up?
– Son Oh no, poor kid Sivaiah while leaving gave me this key Upstairs The poor lady looks like you’re tired a lot Any coffee or tea
– No, thank you Sure
– Fine Have it, please We are the neighbors. I should help when
you’re tired and you should help when I’m tired Don’t know what my fate is, I can’t bear
seeing a lady in troubles and I can’t sit still Say what your problems are. Is it financial, family? I can solve
any problems and do justice I don’t need any help or
pity from you, go now Look, Sivaiah won’t make it till midnight You’re alone and beautiful.
I too am alone and very hungry Oh no, leave me Oh no! Lalithamma What happened, madam? The door is locked here,
let’s go from the other side Did he do so, that rascal… Wait hubby
– Leave me What happened,
why’s he leaving in a hurry? What happened, he tried to
rape that lady in your absence Such a guy should be
chopped into pieces You stay calm hubby
– Leave me Wait
– Should I be calm even after all this? That idiot shouldn’t be left alive.
He should be chopped into pieces Yes, what Sivaiah?
– Oh no Hey, I taught you
to beg but not to hit Oh no, hey Sir, please don’t hit.
Please don’t hit Sir Oh no, he killed me Sivaiah
– Sir, you save him Sivaiah! Sivaiah, listen to me
– Sivaiah He locked the door from inside, madam Sir, don’t hit
– Sivaiah Sivaiah
– Oh no, my boss is dead Sivaiah! He’s dead, oh no!
Sivaiah killed my boss Police, fast What have you done hubby? If something goes wrong, it may
come onto us – Boss Let’s take him to Doctor Boss Careful madam Boss, are you dead? He’s killed my boss Doctor Sir Hello Sir
– Hello He stays on the upstairs opposite
to our house Oh no, not here but there
– Oh, there? Doctor Sir, please check immediately What happened? That is…
– That is… He slipped while getting down the steps I, hit him Sir – You?
– Yes When I wasn’t at home… No Sir, 2nd floor and maybe slipped
while getting down the steps It’s a lie, everything is a lie I hit him, Sir, he did a big mistake Right, Venkataswamy? This, I hit him Please hubby,
can you be silent for some time? He should know the truth Venkataswamy
– Sivaiah, come home Why even you,
I should say the truth right? Move from here first,
let’s go home and talk You first go Sivaiah, I said will come
there and talk – The truth You go Should I say the truth or lie from now? Did you both eat food, hubby? First, answer my question,
should I lie or say the truth? Should I say the truth or lie from now? What’s that stubbornness, hubby? Then why was my mouth closed
when I said the truth at Doctor? If something happens to that rascal,
they would put you in jail as you did it For that, should I lie?
– That is Granny said not to lie and
you’re saying not to say the truth I don’t understand who to
listen and what to do Say whether I should say the truth
or lie by morning. That’s all Hubby, hubby! Why did you sleep here? Should I say the truth or lie?
– Say the truth The kid wet all the bed and
thus I slept here Not any of your sight problems, madam. Whom you saw begging was your grandson
and the guy making him do so is my niece. When that mad fellow tied some yellow thread, your
daughter in law is feeling happy that it is a sacred knot Is this any kid’s game?
The marriage of a widow I feel like my head is shaved clean in
my village and I don’t know how you feel Such a big palace with maids and servants,
Crores of wealth and the only heir of all this is begging on roads And you see that, oh God! No, even
the enemy shouldn’t suffer this way As Sir’s fate is good, you’re still alive after seeing
that. I’d have long drowned away in the Godavari What living? That God is torturing me so
by keeping me still alive No madam, great lady like you shouldn’t die.
I’ll get your grandson to your house If Sir gives me ten thousand showing mercy,
your daughter in law and grandson will be in your house and my niece
will be in my backyard Are you Mr. Guravaiah?
– Yes My name has come to your notice,
it’s me, Sir Rajyam, go
– You go now madam Sir understood everything. He’s even
his grandson and work is done now How much do you need?
– Just ten thousand Are these five fingers enough for now? Sure, enough and no more needed Fruits
– Are they still not gone? Then a boy went to his mom
and asked for one rupee. Taking that one rupee he went to a shop Then he bought biscuits with that one rupee Damn, you shouldn’t go that way.
You’ll fall down Then, while he was eating biscuits
his brother came He asked to give for him too.
He said not to give Then he screamed aloud Subbulu, hey Subbulu! Subbulu!
– Yes Chocolate
– Come dear, come on Come on Careful Slowly, slowly What a man are you? You left the lady
to work and into singing there I’m saying you, why are you
looking like an idiot? Come on Sivaiah, you say the justice It’s this man who tied the knot
in my neck, right? Yes, why did he tie that? Ask me and I’ll say.
What’s to ask him in between? Why, didn’t he tie the knot in
Lalithamma’s neck? What Sivaiah? He tied the knot in my neck saying to be a support
and companion to me, what’re you doing now? You push me to work and sit happily?
Do you go roaming around the place? What Sivaiah?
– Yes Is this what a husband should do? Will even Lalithamma feel bad like you
when I’m sitting idle without working? She’s from a bigger family than us
and would feel worse Huh! She isn’t able to say you anything.
But, there are many things you have to do You should admit the kid at school. You should
look for a job and earn for the house to run All these works are to be done by you, right? What? Where? To admit kid at school – Really?
– Yes That’s the correct thing No, you shouldn’t go like this Hey Subbulu, here are the coconuts Here is the change Yes! How does Sivaiah look in this dress, kid?
– He looks good Hey, wrong! You shouldn’t take that.
Umbrella even now? Look Sivaiah, if you admit kid at school, break
a coconut praying Bezawada Goddess Kanaka Durga What?
– Ok If you get a good job, break that second
praying to Madhura Meenakshi Goddess If you buy a white sari with your first income,
Lalithamma’s face will glow in happiness Yes, if you happily break these three coconuts
you’ll understand why you tied three knots in her neck Hey, I said no umbrella, right? Sivaiah, coconuts Bye A Anil
– Yes Sir J Pradeep Kumar
– Present Sir Balasubramanyam
– J Pradeep Kumar – Yes Sir Balasubramanyam Blasubramanyam Balasubramanyam?
– Yes Sir Silence, silence Come here Both of you, both Who are you? I’ve never seen you We just joined Sir
– Did they give you a seat? No problem Sir, he’ll adjust and sit Not sitting so, did you visit Head Mistress
madam? Did she give the seat? Did you pay the fees? No need of all those Sir,
he’s very brilliant Good, but anybody must follow
the rules. You, him or me Go, go and visit HM madam Suryanarayana Don’t start lessons till we come back Suryanarayana In the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ And the love of God The fellowship of the Holy Spirit
be with you all Amen Yes Balasubramanyam
– Oh, Mr. Balasubramanyam How do you do?
What can I do for you? Balasubramanyam Oh, I see! He’s Balasubramanyam Sivaiah What can I do for him? School
– That is the school Seat, Balasubramanyam! Oh, you want to admit him
in our school? What class? Second class
– Second class? So, you do one thing. You go to
the school, get one application form Fill it up and give, I’ll give the signature
and you have to pay the fees also How much?
– 85 Rupees 85 Rupees
– 85- Yes 85 Balu, how much more do we need?
– Twenty-two rupees What is this? Stop it, man What is this, what is this cruel deed? I don’t know who you are No problem, I know who you are Lalithamma informed it all Come on, let’s go into the next street
– For what? People in this street are done giving money.
For him to join in school, more Twenty Two rupees I’ll give the balance amount, come on Still, you torture your body
for earning money? What else would I do?
I don’t have any job How if you say no?
It comes when you try Then will you get me a job?
– We shall see, come on What’s that stylish walk, dear? Lalithamma! Lalithamma! These grew in my backyard, madam What are you looking around for madam? He went out with the kid in the morning.
No idea where did he go I sent him saying to admit the kid
at school and search for his job Did you send him to a job?
What does he know? What to know, madam? Won’t a just born calf
when thrown into the water, doesn’t come out swimming? Who taught that to swim?
Similarly, even Sivaiah will move on You be stubborn. Yes, sister, she made me an idiot and
gave a strong dose to Sivaiah Keep watching, Sivaiah would finish
everything successfully and come home proud Stop! Stop, this is the house Mom! Mom, he admitted me in school.
Into the second standard I don’t have 50 paisa Sir Sir, then that one rupee Turn that side Son, what are those wounds? We need money to join at school and
for that, he hit himself with a hunter “Sleep my dear, sleep” “Lullaby of coins for the Lord
sleeping on the leaf” “Diamonds lullaby for the Lotus eyed Lord” “Pearls lullaby for the cute Krishna” “Precious lullaby for the Lord
ruling the Universe” “Lullaby of coins for the Lord
sleeping on the leaf” “Diamonds lullaby for
the Lotus-eyed Lord” “Sleep dear, sleep” What Sivaiah? You said to get me a job Oh that, I haven’t yet met anyone and spoke I’ll inform after I meet
– No problem My job You said and I too said to look
into that. I’m on that same job Look, you don’t need to remind me forever. I said will look and I’ll look for it. Go What? My job Please give some food madam, Sir Thank you Sir, please My job What, you think are jobs grown
over the trees? No jobs for even the guys with BA and MA Even if I wish to beg someone, you can’t
read at all and no local knowledge too Look, I’ll see a job but don’t torture me.
Go now So, you want a job
– Yes The kid should be given good education
and make him reach heights I should see that Lalitha is happy and fine You know, I tied the knot to Lalitha for the same Yes, to stand as support and companion And thus you should
– Need a job Move, move Move fast.
They’ll close the temple again Hey, hey idiot Hey, come here Damn, what is this?
– I applied Is it like this? He’s left in the morning and
why didn’t he still return? Maybe he got a job
– Job? Yes, that grandpa said he’d get him a job There, he’s come
– What’s all this? Grocery and vegetables Careful So much heavy Instead of you carrying these,
why not get in a Rickshaw? He is asking four rupees for
this small distance Instead of giving him, we can get
a good amount of sugar This is the offering at our temple,
sweet rice Your temple, do you have a temple
even in this city? Grandpa got me a job in the temple Three hundred rupees salary
and a hundred as advance Balance amount after buying these all It got wet in sweat Even this dress is for that From now, we get a huge quantity
of offering as our share it seems If we eat that instead of cooking
food daily, we save big money With that, you can daily go
to school in Rickshaw If we go on saving money like this,
one day… This is a secret We can even appoint a cook,
so that mom doesn’t need to take a strain Yes, don’t say mom right away.
We shall say later Promise, you shouldn’t say. Ok? Balu! Balasubramanyam What? If I get you admitted at school, earned a job
and look after all the responsibilities of the house Didn’t Subbulu say that Lalitha will smile?
– Yes Then why is Lalitha crying? Son
– Yes mom What, mom?
– Come here What, when you’re happily smiling
why does Sivudu say you’re crying? Crying, no way Getting you admitted in school and for
taking great care of us both, I’m so happy You’re saying all lies when mom is
happily smiling, you said she’s crying I wanted to give sari to your mom and
break the coconut, you spoilt it all You go and wash that Subbulu, Subbulu
– Why did you come at this time, Sivaiah? Bejawada kanaka Durga and Madhura Meenakshi
are done. Just Kasi Vishalakshi is remaining It’s so good, it looks more beautiful
when Lalithamma wears this When brought this along with the offerings from
temple, this became so with turmeric and kumkum Can you please clean it and give? Ok Lord, so you too blessed them both You’re great Sivaiah.
You’ve achieved everything said Just this one work is pending Take Wear this Lalithamma, why hesitation still madam? Please come madam, come on Subbulu
– Why are you still thinking madam? They say nothing happens
without that Lord’s orders This Rama tied the sacred thread of
Goddess Sita in your neck means that Lord corrected his mistake
and gave you life again Fulfill that happily, madam.
Even the Lords will bless you I’m taking the kid and will send him
home tomorrow – Why? Lalithamma will tell you all that Close the door “Recited by the heart” “Silent song” “Silent song from the heart is today” “Showering affection” “Purest pearl” “You are the purest pearl
showering affection” “Entire body is filled with sweet romance” “Body is like a flowery bow” “Silent song from the heart is today” “You are the purest pearl
showering affection” “Let me be as your Ganga
over the head and be blessed” “Let me stay forever as Parvathi
being your half body” “When hearts meet, in this sweet love” “May the lamp of love glow bright” “May the lamp of love
glow bright for ages” “Silent song from the heart is today” “You are the purest pearl
showering affection” “Let me give you
the primary education in love” “Let me show you taste of
sweet with my kiss” “With Lalitha in the dreamland” “Let the time meltdown” “Let the time meltdown as the hugs” “Recited by the heart” “Silent song” “Silent song from the heart is today” “Showering affection” “Purest pearl” “You are the purest pearl
showering affection” “Entire body is filled with sweet romance” “Body is like a flowery bow” Hello Madam Please come Sir Who has come in the car? Father in law of Lalithamma, Sir Hello, I’m Sivaiah Please come. Come in Hey, grandpa has come.
Grandpa came He scolded my mom and uncle that day Did you scold? He’s just a kid, don’t mind.
Please sit Lalitha! Lalitha, two coffees No problem Sir
– You don’t need? Madam’s health is very critical. She’s
wishing to see the kid and Lalitha madam Sir has come in person to take them Did you listen?
Let’s go fast, see and come back I had been once and even returned back Yes, I felt my status and prestige
were more that day and rejected you But today, I felt it’s my duty to fulfill the
last wish of my better half for the last 30 years I have thus come here.
It’s your wish if you feel even this as a mistake Past is past, please don’t let Madam
go away by being rigid Madam, please come once
with the kid and visit her Wasn’t I by the side when
my granny was dying? What, was I there or not? And now when his granny is critical,
Balu should be by her side right? Did they come? They’ll come, madam. Sir has gone
in person and will definitely bring them They won’t come Doctor,
she’s a girl of great self-respect She won’t step in this house. I don’t have the luck
of getting my pier lit by my grandson, Doctor It isn’t good for you to get emotional like this Please come Sir, come on Please come madam,
she needs you now and not me Please
– Look and walk Doctor, how is she now? No problems now as they’ve come Madam, madam
– Yes Sir brought daughter in law
and grandson, madam Come dear Salute Not to me, to your grandma Hello grandma Son, my dear Hello mother in law Come dear, be seated Baby Lalitha
– How are you? I’m fine dear Baby, he isn’t just Sivudu but Lord Siva Madam, here Son, here take this Mom would get angry
– Take it son Son, will you stay back with grandma?
– Ok You won’t leave, right?
– No My dear Milk You’ve really given life to Madam Did you see sir, life is back in Madam
after seeing her grandson No medicine could give
that effect till now Sir, please don’t mistake as
a small man like me am saying Don’t be stubborn now and somehow make
daughter in law and grandson stay back here Then, madam will be lively among us Sivaiah Madam
– Yes The keys
– Why for me? Madam asked me to give these
to you, please take Please take these, madam Madam, what food shall
I get cooked for now? Why are you asking me? You should take care of all these responsibilities now, right madam?
– Me? Yes, madam,
we’ve been waiting for this day You should forget your relation completely
if you wish for Lalitha’s good You should go away from them if they have
to enjoy life as the daughter in law of this house Sivaiah, granny said this whole palace
is ours it seems. It’s good, right? She’s asking to stay back right here,
shall we? What Sivaiah, what’s wrong? Come on, say Are you not feeling well?
Fever or headache Are you feeling hungry? You are feeling hungry and I know it Eat Eat it You don’t want? Why are you hitting that, hubby? This is playing like it’s crying,
when I wish to be happy You feel happy if we go far away They’d be happy if you stay
with his grandma Then, won’t you be with us? No, I shouldn’t be Prestige and status of Mr. Rao get ruined if you stay, correct?
– Yes Only you both should be there If you are there, they will get him
good and higher education They’d give all those cars, house and
lands to him – I don’t need It’s wrong, you and mom can live happily Happily Oh, have you packed everything and
leaving for the village because of that? That means you’ll be happy there in the village and
I and my son will be happy here in that big house Good! Then, how do you feel by
remembering us often? Now, even my granny isn’t there.
She’s dead None can separate us and
even that God can’t Hubby, see! What Mr. Rao is showing
isn’t love and affection It’s selfishness He needs a grandson to make his wife live.
They need me as the kid can’t be without me His prestige gets ruined if you are seen
and thus he doesn’t want you Thus, he’s sending you away Hubby, can those who don’t like you like
seeing your baby growing in my womb? Won’t they kill him even before
coming onto this earth? Maybe it’s good to do so
– Wrong, it’s a great sin He isn’t my son But the replica of this God,
giving me another life Not that, my granny used to always fear that I
became so and my whole dynasty will be the same No hubby, no. She’d feel happy seeing her
great-grandson from wherever she is You’ve got the pure love and
a heart with no impurities They’ll safeguard him. See, he’ll grow up, finish higher studies
and reach a top position He’s that fellow, Nagasubrahmanyam, IAS I’m not saying it’s getting tough
to travel here But if you stay with us, we won’t need
to worry about how you are here Yes father in law, not that we don’t know
why you wish to be here in this house But, you are the only elder we have When you stay with us and look after us,
we all will be very happy father in law Please don’t say no,
come with us, father in law Yes dad, when we are all there and you are eating
food cooked by a maid, can we be happy there? Come on, say dad Yes grandpa, you should come with us
– Yes, you should come with us Grandpa, you should come with us Silence! When should we leave? Yes, grandpa agreed What’s that? Is even granny coming with us?
– Yes Hubby, take me into the backyard once Take me once to the sacred Basil castle, hubby To the sacred Basil castle
– Yes Why now? If I leave my last breath in your lap
at that castle, it seems you will be alive with me as my hubby for lives to come Lalitha! Lalitha!
Why are you leaving so fast? Why you don’t want me to leave? Why not stay for a few days more?
– Why? Mukkoti Ekadasi This way
– Move Mukkoti Ekadasi is coming and you can
directly go to heaven then and thus Should that God let me live till then? Lalitha! Lalitha! At least wait for just one month.
One month! Our daughter in law is pregnant and
you can leave after seeing grandson What?
– Ok Then, why at this basil castle
from now itself? It’s cold here, let’s go inside
– No I’m going to drive away cold with the burning sticks,
no problem even if the body goes ice cold Till then, let me sleep in your lap
right here hubby Ok! Lalitha! Lalitha! What’s this? No, no! “Sleep my dear, sleep” “Lullaby of coins for the Lord
sleeping on the leaf” “Lullaby of mother earth
for this lady of patience” “Diamonds lullaby for
the Lotus-eyed Lord” “Lullaby with tears to this love Goddess” “Sleep dear, sleep” Balu! See Careful “Lullaby of mother earth for
this lady of patience” “Lullaby with tears to
this Goddess of mercy” “Being as my breath” “Lullaby with the breeze for you
being as my breath” Move! “Lullaby of Sunlight to
the light of my eyes” “Lullaby of the skies to
this lady of great character” “Lullaby of the five elements to my dear” “Sleep dear, sleep” Mother in law!
– Mother! “Lullaby of the five elements
to my Goddess”


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