SWEET & POWER | S1 Ep3 – “Girls” | comedy drama Asian American female web series

I’m gay. Wait, what? No, there can only be one of us. Big d- …ovary energy? Yeah, just tell them you like girls. No big deal. Okay, you got this. Hey, mom and dad. I have something to tell you. Oh gosh, Fifi! Fifi, no! Not like this! So is now not a good time to talk or…? Dad… Dad, me and Alexa are dating. Honey, Alexa’s been coming over for the last three years — I’ve known. Besides, you know I love Alexa more than you anyway, right? Echo Dot [Alexa]: I love you. How’s college, Noy? Are you making friends? It’s fine — and yeah, kind of. How’s work? Oh, been hectic — busy as always. I’m leaving for Singapore next week to plan a wedding. How come you never invite your boyfriend over for dinner? You know I don’t have a boyfriend. But she does have a ton of hot friends though! Why are all your friends so hot? Like that one girl I hooked up with… What’s her name again? Yoona? Eunice? Eunuch? You got it. It’s Eunuch. Oh God, Chet! Are you dating Yoona? I wouldn’t call what we did as “dating”. I can’t believe you’re engaged! Especially since you never even told me you were dating anyone… I know! I loved how surprised you were! Show us the ring! Holy shit! Is that a Ring Pop? It would have been nice to have gotten a heads-up on the biggest event of your life thus far… But I guess we just keep secrets now. It happened so fast! Yeah, how long did you and Oliver date? I swear Yoona has kimchi in her fridge older than your relationship. I don’t know, but when you know you know. That’s so sweet. And how old is he? Oh you, age is just a construct. Said the priest. Okay! Um… Congratulations! Thank you! Noy, I have a huge favor to ask you. I want your mom to be my wedding planner. I know she has, like, a year-long waiting list, but could you ask her for an appointment please? Please??? Yeah, I… I could ask her. Noy, you and your mom are back on speaking terms? Noy, are you ready for your cousin’s wedding? I am ready. You know I planned — I know you planned it, and I know that, like, 500 people are gonna be there. That’s why I wore my nice socks. I got you something. Come here. This is so pretty. Put this dress on. I can’t wait to plan your wedding one day, when you meet your Prince Charming. So put this on. Welcome, welcome, sisters in Christ! Hi Pastor Paek! Today, we’re gonna get a little uncomfortable in the name of Jesus. Who’s ready to get real? Who’s ready to #liveauthentic? Okay, well, the Lord wants us to live in the light. In the light there is no darkness. So today, we’re gonna be confessing our secret sins. Okay, well, who would like to go first? I’ll go first! So I’ve been thinking a lot of unkind thoughts lately. Really mean things. Like when my roommate asked me, “Will you wash the dishes?” in my head, I was thinking, “Shut up.” Thank you for your honesty. Okay, who is moved by the Holy Spirit to share next? I’ll share next. I want to repent for feeling jealous. My friend got into the Communications major and I still haven’t heard back. She also got a boyfriend as well, and I’m still watching matinee movies all by myself. We’ll be praying for you, sister.
– Thank you, sister. Jealousy… we’ve all been there. Now… I feel God… …telling me… …that Noy, you want to confess something? I do? Love casts out fear. You can trust us. Come on, what’s on your heart? We’ve heard some things. Is there anyone you’re interested in? Male? Or… Female? What do you mean? If you’re a lesbian, you should just come out. I don’t know why you’re trying to lie to all of us. I’m not. You’re being so defensive. I’m not! I’m not. Okay, Noy. It was me. I told Pastor Paek. I think you like like me. I think you’re gay for me. What? No, I don’t. We’re just friends. Hey, look, if Noy’s not ready to talk then we’ll just keep praying for you, sister. We just really want you to know that… God loves the sinner. But not the sin. No, not the sin! Alright, well, who does want to nail their sins to the cross? Yoona? Oh. Um… I’ve been struggling a lot with… …school. College classes can be so hard, you know, but I’m gonna cast all my burdens onto the Lord. That’s right, Yoona, let Jesus take the wheel. Amen. Hey! Um, I just want to say sorry about what happened back there — with you and those girls. That was really messed up of Pastor Paek. Listen, I don’t need to know anything, but you should know that it’s okay to have whatever feelings you want — for anyone. God made you that way. Uh, thanks. By the way, I’m Yoona. It’s nice to meet you. How was church? I see, the offering’s really been rolling in… Pastor Paek’s driving that new Hyundai Elantra. Ah Pastor Paek… he tried to pray the gay away. Aw did he lay prayer hands on you? No, but bet money he touched his dick with those hands. He did say that God loves me though. What?! Gay people? No, sinners. Of course Pastor Paek’s never gonna straight-up say that God loves gay people. I don’t know why you still go. Well, besides getting outed by a bunch of Virgin Marys, I did meet someone really cool at church. Okay? Tell me about her. Her name’s Yoona. What? Yoona? Yoona Kang?! I hate that girl! What are you doing? I got dressed for the wedding. Where’s the dress? I like this better. I have a daughter. This daughter of mine will wear dresses. Change! Noy, will you please ask her for me? I find it really hard to believe that daddy can’t book you another wedding planner. Girl, why are you giving Robin such a hard time? Are you okay? I’m fine, are you okay? Because you just got released from the hospital for “dehydration”… Is there something you want to tell me? Say you will! Okay, I’ll ask my mom. I love you, I love you, I love you! Noy, what are you doing here? It’s really good to see you. Come on in. How’ve you been? You need money? No. No, I would never ask you for that. How’s your job going for you? Which one? I have three. Three? You know, if you need help — I’m fine. I’ve been fine without your help. Can I make you something to drink? Robin’s engaged. She wants to know if you’ll plan her wedding. So glad for Robin — at least she met her Prince Charming. So you’ll plan Robin’s wedding then? Why are you getting up? I gotta get going. No no no, stay for dinner. Just let me know if you can plan Robin’s wedding. You can text me or something. Are you still hanging out with Robin? What about the other girls from college? Yeah Cici, too. And Yoona? And Yoona. You and Yoona are still friends then? Just friends? Yeah, we’re just friends. We’re always gonna be just friends. Noy… I know we have not talked for a while. I hope you know that you are loved, and I am proud of you. I am proud of who you are. You deserve love, and you deserve to be loved by someone… …that loves you back.


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