Swiffer Surprise | #targetdemo

– [Mom] With three kids who love to play outside,
the mess doesn’t always stay outside. So, it can be tough to keep everything clean and dry. (doorbell rings) – What the…? – Who was that honey? – I don’t know, they just left this box… – Huh. Well, don’t open it. Don’t even touch it, alright?
We don’t know what it is. – [Mom] My kids aren’t exactly
the cleanest kids around. And sometimes the Paper Towel Foot
method just doesn’t do the trick. (doorbell rings) – Oh, God. What the (bleep) is going on? – [Dad] Is that another box? – What do they want from us?
Who sent this? Who put this here?! – Did we order anything from Swiffer?
– No. No we didn’t. – I’m calling the police. – [Mom] When you’ve got three kids AND a dog– (doorbell rings) (screams) – [SWAT Leader] Ma’am get down!
Get down! Get down! Each of those boxes contained
an improvised explosive device rigged to detonate as soon as they’re opened. They could take out your
entire home and everyone inside. – Oh my God. – So, what you’re saying is,
they weren’t sent by Swiffer? – They were sent here by Swiffer, Ma’am.
We don’t know why, but they’re trying to kill you. (phone rings) – Hello? – [Swiffer Rep] Are YOU ready to take
the Swiffer Wet Jet Challenge? – Why are you doing this to us?! – Across the street! – Open the box. – [SWAT Leader] Take the shot! – [Mom] Spills, stains, dirt– as a mother of three, I’ve seen it all. And did I mention my kids love
to bring stuff in from the outside? – [SWAT Guy] Go, go, go! – [Mom] And that’s why I use:
Clorox all-purpose wipes! (huge explosion) – [Mom] Clorox. Because Swiffer is terrorists.


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