Sydney Theatre Company 2020 Season

Intoxicating, explosive, dynamic that’s what good theatre is. There’s a split second, just before the lights go down,
where there’s this complete silence, curtain up, You forget that you’re in a theatre,
you forget that there’s anybody else around you, it’s magic! The shared space that you get with an audience, it’s that wonderful energy, it’s kind of like a magnet. Yeah, you’re just
realigning yourselves the whole time. There’s something really magical and
unquantifiable about an audience and you get the joy of the immediate feedback! A gasp, a laugh, a sob…
you’ve got to be prepared for all of that. A good play is something that really
makes an audience think. People are coming together to
tell a story, to conjure spirit… it’s pretty deadly, yeah. I think it can definitely change the conversation and you become reflective and it is
the closest thing to empathy, really. The people that are telling truths that you’re not
meant to say – ah! I’m just like ‘Yes, do it! Say it!’ It’s great to be able to be exploring things as they’re
happening, responding to what’s going on in the world and having a really good time while you’re doing it! Laughter is a very unifying thing and if the world needs anything at the
moment it’s some point of connection. When you’re out in the middle of that stage and
you’re going for broke and there’s nothing to lose: I absolutely love it more than anything. You’re just there and it’s happening live.
You just have to fly. Yeah, it’s that incredibly thrilling free fall. I think there’s a ritualistic side to the theatre that I love:
the tradition of it that is timeless and ancient. If you’ve been lucky enough to be in the
audience when something has taken you there, just never forget it and you sort of chase it. I guarantee you you keep coming back
looking for it over and over and over. My favourite type of theatre is when it creeps
up the next day or a week later and I’m still pondering a question… I think that’s what excites me most Interaction with other people, that allows
us to think and feel beyond ourselves that’s magical. Yeah…I think theatre is really special.

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