Taapsee Pannu on her struggle against Nepotism, Bollywood Camps and farce Awards | Woman Up Ep01

If my 2-3 films went flop in the start I won’t have gotten the next chance because I don’t have a god father If I had a god father I would’ve been more relaxed If it ever happened I’ll still get a chance In 2016 when film came out I was told that I will take away all awards home or at least be nominated I was not even nominated in so many award shows because I was nobody It did hit really hard and my heart broke Nobody bothered to notice me for the longest time I’ve been that dark horse I still am In an industry that weeks of privilege it’s sometime difficult if not impossible to sometime make it big without a god father what do you do sometimes even talent gets over looked you just have to create your own identity and move on that’s what our guest did in her life joining us today on a special episode of women up is Tapsee Pannu who has definitely created space of her own in this industry Welcome Tapsee This women’s day series would have never ever been complete if you didn’t come on board As a women you stand out for so many causes and you’ve lent your voice for so many things that most actors I think before you were scared to do were you ever scared or were you made to feel actors don’t speak like this No because nobody bothered to noticed me for the longest time I have been that dark horse I still am I never was the center of attention or under scrutiny because people didn’t really expect me to eventually become what I have or they didn’t really expect let’s just say that So I was never I never had this big you know entourage of the kind that will always keep telling me what to do what not to do because I never thought she’ll last long anyway really Ya Ya I had people very openly writing me off saying nobody wants to meet you don’t think there’s a good response for you in the market I don’t think your kind will fit the bill So I’ve had and even thought I had success in the industry not even south even when I came here in beginning when I had hits It was not like the thought like two three more and than you know she will fade out but than unexpectedly because I wasn’t under scrutiny and over judgement and all that I guess they just never looked at me you know someone who can take over or just pass like that so I guess ya that’s what has happen and nobody bothers to tell you But one thing is good that you’ve made your own path and today there’ll be a lot of other people who would love to be who you’re as a person as an actor as everything Do you somewhere look back Have you ever met somebody who you’ve met before who tried to like bog you down who have walked up to you and have you seen perception change around you like you said I have seen that and they were the same people who wrote me off saying nobody really wants to meet you or there’s no response for you in the market and like we are telling people around just take queue from her filmography so that’s the kind of difference I’ve seen and I don’t take it seriously coming to that Ya I don’t take it seriously because I don’t take myself too seriously because I feel I don’t thing I was something big some king types I think I’m just living my life enjoying everyday yes you know as a normal human being I do feel like taking revenge but I don’t take revenge in the convectional meaning of the word for me revenge is by doing great work Ya so just seeing that person walk up to me and say something otherwise it’s a validation So it’s done I won’t even tell that person that you said that remember I won’t even say that it’s inside me head I’m like okay it’s done Tapsee move on So like that so I don’t take myself too seriously I kind of enjoy everyday even the failure I enjoy thing okay this is the next challenge I want to know that you’ve played rebellious character and not in the usual term of being rebellious you know Have you been rebellious as a kid while growing up during teenage years have you been like that I think I’ve been very aggressively rebellious person throughout my life I’ve been a very vocal rebel in my life I am talking about well growing up also I’ve been the kind who asks questions all the time to my family why should I do this why should I not do this why are you asking me to be like this and I’ve been constantly been compared I was constantly compared to my cousins females cousin sister who were relatively more to sile and more obedient and all the time being told that why ain’t you like that why do you fight so much you argue a lot I’ve grown up hearing this about me you argue a lot that’s because I want to know why or why not and than you don’t give me a logical answer I won’t accept it So I used to be dark horse in the family also so nobody apart from the fact that yes they expected me to do well in academics because I’ve always been consistently good scorer but they never thought I’ll make this kind of a mark in life or people will talk people will talk about me beyond my family People talk about your personality and you know like you said I want to tell viewers that this is also somewhere I connect with you like I think when I was 15 years whatever I used to speak people said he is speaking beyond his age and today when I was 25 – 27 now 28 I think those same things I’m saying but It’s heard a little more it’s people pay more respect they pay more attention to what you’re saying I’m saying the same things has that happen to you I think I say different things now but the fact that now my questions are taken more seriously and nobody tries to put it aside saying that she argue’s a lot get her side usually it was like that you know my parents use to feel very awkward and use to give me instruction before going out of the house you’ll not argue there they used to give me guideline before taking me out of the house that don’t start fighting with us you know somewhere in someone else’s house or somewhere out doors So I used to get those instructions Now they understand if I know what I am talking so they don’t really bother correcting me as much maybe they’ve just given up otherwise you know when I said that this is the industry where without a godfather it’s very difficult to make a positioning it is true like even talent sometimes and most of the times gets over looked there are so many talented person I’m sure there are so many people who are much much talented than me who probably have not gotten their due and you’re admitting that of course I am so many of them are so talented and much more talented than me who probably have not been able to get the due attention that they deserve but do you think that today the nepotism debate being such a huge conversation there are also star kids who are great actors yess and there are also star kids like you just admitted they also admit like Janhvi has gone on record saying that I believe that when I am here I have taken someone else’s poistion so I need to justify it and people should feel like I’ve taken I’ve snatch somebody’s opportunity which I feel I’ve How do you take it right now it’s a very diacotimas situation in the industry today you can’t really blame them for being born in the families they’re born in okay. first of all that and nepotism happens in every industry just that ours in front of the camera and dinner table discussion for so many families and houses so we repeat apart more and this is like the rule of the game when you enter the film industry you know there’ll be favoritism and nepotism like any other industry so either you can just keep talking or stay bitter about for rest of your career and keep talking about it and keep winning about it or you can just accept it and make it your way through it and because it’s not gonna change the more you talk about it even now people are aware of nepotism they know it but it’ll not change it is still not changed but than what do you wanna do about it you just wanna keep winning for rest of your life and career or you wanna just still make your way I don’t want to keep winning about it I knew about it Ya you never played victim Ya I always known about this fact I’ve been rejected and thrown out of because lot of star kids because of recommendation and all But I knew that this is going to happen But did it affect you ever in the beginning of course it makes you cry in the beginning I mean even now if it happens it’s not like I feel like now this won’t happen it can happen now also and it will hurt me I can make me feel really bad but for how long how long I set and crib about it I cannot say I wasn’t told about this I knew this happens I still decided to choose to be in this industry I knew my path is going to be longer it’s going to be tougher But you don’t see the other side time and again I’ve tried to glorify and show audiences the beautiful side of being an outsider My struggle and my achievements are my own Nobody can today take the credit that because of me or because of one’s support she is where she is so that nobody can feel if she takes her hand away she will come crashing down good or bad it has been my journey so I think thats the best part about being an outsider and apart from the fact that yes you’ve seen your life through your own eyes you’ve lived it you’ve lived those hard times so you can project and act them out very well in front of the camera that’s why probably those character of mine can feel more real to people because I’ve lived that life so I know how to inact that in front of the camera I think it’s a bautiful thing to be an outsider ever happened like that when you felt or do you think as a performer if you had a god father despite not being from an industry or whatever because you can’t choose family if you had a god father backing you do you think your journey would have been different ofcousre ya it would have been different I would have been more relaxed while selecting projects thinking if mistakes happen it will be okay I’ll still get another chance it is not like now I guess it’s been too many years I’d to consistently prove myself with every film not just one not just 2 hits I’d to prove myself with every film if 2-3 films went flop in starting I won’t have gotten the next chance because I don’t have a god father if I had a god father I would have been more relaxed I will still get another chance that comfort will be there I am telling you of an actor male actor whose not from the industry and I won’t name because he didn’t go on record saying this so he said that in first few parties he went into he felt very unwanted Ya you do in the beginning forget about the parties because I’m not a party person so I’m not really been to many parties before or now but I’ve felt very unwanted in the events the events or awards or you know this kinds of events that are created and industry people are call to attend certain events screenings for that matter I have felt little unwanted because I didn’t know too many people and also because I’d done a dozen films in south before I came here the way I was treated was almost like I’m like any other struggling new comer who is who’s somehow manage to get one film but you don’t know about the future because I don’t take myself too seriously It was not like it scared me or something But it used to make me feel little sad because I worked really hard and created the filmography of at least 12 films in south which have done really well my first film won 6 national awards I didn’t Arkalum won 6 national my tamil film I was launched by Ravendra Rao sir who launched women like Shridevi he is known for launching heroines so I just had kind of a thing you know very comfortable position in south when I came in here there were people ahead of me who were sitting in the front row I was sitting in the 5 row who haven’t even done half the no of films I have done so it used to feel very awkward just because it is not Hindi you don’t value the actor which felt awkward so But again I don’t take myself seriously did you stop going I stop going I stop going because I was like let me channelise my energy in a in the right way let me just work and do some kind of films where they will know who I am and than let’s attend parties so I waited for 3 years Today you’re creating a clan you your own Ya let’s just say it’s a Pannu camp it’s a Pannu camp the directors who you’re repeating and who are repeating you because they’ve a certain confidence in you which is great do you think that there are also certain directors who are celebrated in their own right who have not really walked up to you and offered a film. they could’ve maybe ya given the position that you’ve got you’re bankable star you are doing 90 crore business which is great do you think that somewhere that has still to change Ya and I’m still hopefull it will change someday I mean it’s not like I’ve planned this to happen where I have directors to repeated me more than once or even maybe twice very soon but i’m not giving up hope on the others also I mean maybe it becomes so good oneday that they feel like okay now even lets just give it to her I’ve been this persistent because I’ve always felt like how much more you’ll avoid that’s how I have created How much more you’ll avoid me so I’m like someday you’ll realise it that I’m there so I patiently wait till than today you get awards for your performances you’re getting best critic award haha I’m not popular as yet does that affect you because you’ve delivered a very big hit so I honestly felt like that was a very challenging performance to potrait ofcousre but I was not even nominated for that so far in any award show but than you know you should 2016 my expectations out of getting awards for my performances dropped drastically and that’s got nothing to do with taking away the credibility of xyz award shows I’m just saying 2016 when PINK came out I was told I’ll take away all awards home at least be nominated I was not even nominated in so many award shows because I was nobody okay so it did hit really hard and my heart broke and I’m very vocal about that whenever people ask me about that that 1 year I felt very bad but you know what I did to me was first of all took this whole thing as a challenge that every year I will deliver such a performance that how long you’ll avoid me how long so it is the 4 year now that consistently I’ve to keep delivering performance and than I’m finally getting it now the only thing is the kind of the excitement and the madness I would have felt I would have acknowledged for that performance which was a you miss that ya I miss that excitement because now it’s like I’ll prove it to you I’ll prove it to you again it is a validation of certain kind for sure because but you don’t understand there are bunch of jury memebers okay their decision is subjective its they who decides you win or you don’t win doesn’t decide for your entire country there are certain bunch of people with subjective decision I might like a performance you might not like a performance but I’m the authority so award will go to that person doesn’t mean but there is a lot of law being also ya ya there is people have been very vocal about it well I’m the living example of the fact that you can win without law being it will probably take you 4 to 5 extra years but you will I don’t have the channels or I don’t have any source to do law being so the fact that I’m getting awarded today I can guarantee you you can it will take you longer time but you sooner or later if you persistant enough you’ll get it do you feel that for a women it’s more difficult to create their own identity first and the society at large cannot handle a person with strong opinionated mindset and a personality because of the second the first happens it is difficult because people first of all they’re not used to seeing women speak up much and that’s been our thing since years we get very baffled suddenly when we see a women voicing her opinion so strongly we’ve always seen her standing a little behind you know trying to make her presence felt here and there little bit but not out there in open saying things as much that’s why I feel you know I find this as a reason why I do get trolled very often on social media and people make fun of my fatigue reply is because they’re not use to seeing a female or female actor speak up and answer back like that we’re generally expected to be quite and let it go and you know you don’t answer in this tone because you don’t give it back in that kind of sarcasm so they don’t expect us to get back so it’s quite new for us to watch so many women speak up and stand for themselves which obviously will take time because so many decades we’ve been living pre conditionings is ya so give it some time to break there’s already a crack there is there is already a crack so let’s just keep pushing it all of us together can do it only I won’t so all the women out there men women everybody everyone together can it so it will take some time but will get somewhere on that note we’ll move on to our next segment which is the fun segment so we are back with Tapsee Pannu for the fun segment which is called women we love so Tapsee there are a set of 7 questions you’ve to select 5 I’ll ask you all 5 one by one you’ve to answer 3 of them correctly if you do we give you a gift it’s a plot line test so I’ll give you a plot line you’ve to guess the film from the plot line okay A sweet blind girl Zooni meets the flirty Rehan she ignores her friend’s warning but she soon realises she made a wrong choice when she finds out that he is a terrorist she eventually kills him also the star is a superstar Fanaa yess so you’ve got one I was like I know it why it’s not coming to me okay it’s a 6 seconds challenge name 4 Indian sports women Saina Nehwal, Sania Mirza, Mithali Raj, Hima Das yes absolutely you’re playing Mithali Raj who better than you to play guess from the clues I’ll give you 3 clues you’ve to guess the movie 4 friends, life choices, one shadi Veere Di Wedding yes 3 out of 3 you got the gift but we’ll still ask you the other two before Parineeta your Mission Mangal co-star Vidya Balan starred in a TV show which was it Hum panch waah 4 out of 4 we’ve grown up watching it Amazing that show okay this one is little difficult we all love Smita Patil and Shabana Azmi they’ve actually set out the rules for these kind of films How many films have they done together I only know one which is Earth ya that is one I will guess. Its teen guess is also right it’s right it is three oh nice they’ve done 3 films Earth, Mandi and Nishanth so wow 5 on 5 it’s a clear victory clearly she knows all the women we love My luck line is stronger than my lifeline so this is an special gift hamper for you because you’ve been amazing Thank you I hope you like it Thank you so much for this lovely conversation like I said Women up wouldn’t been possible without having Tapsee Pannu on board and believe me when people say I’ve heard it a lot of times that Man Up I think it’s time India and the world says Women Up Thank you


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