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Love, Now [email protected] Episode 1 These designs are meant to be launched as part of next year’s product line. Also, three companies have qualified to pitch for this year’s advertising projects. The agencies are Feng-Hua, Sheng-Chuang, and Pin-Jia. How long have you been with the company? Twe… Twe… Twelve years. I remember… “Wèi​-Yù”
(“Sanitary-ware” i.e. bathroom accessories) was your second most popular idea. It changed consumer awareness about Wèi​-Yù. One might say that it was your… masterpiece. Thank you, General Manager, for your praise. You’re being too modest. I also remember… that it’s been five years since you achieved this. Before leaving work, turn in your resignation letter to the Human Resources Department. Meeting adjourned. General Manager, General Manager! General Manager, this is too sudden. I…I promise… I promise I will perform to the best of my abilities. You’ve already had five years worth of time to perform to the best of your abilities. You were the one who gave up. General Manager… You can’t just fire me like this. I’ve been with the company for so long. Even if you can’t appreciate my work, I’ve still exerted much effort. Don’t think I’m unaware of what you’ve been doing behind my back. You set up your own company. And, you’ve stolen some of our business by falsely reporting higher prices. These past few years, you must have earned a lot of money, haven’t you? I…I… Everything you’ve taken from me on the sly, I will make you cough up and pay interest for! Just like you say amongst yourselves… I’m quick tempered, and love to take revenge. So, I will definitely take revenge against those who dare to cheat me. In a few days, you should receive a copy of the lawsuit I’ve filed against you. Ai… General Manager! Have you gotten in touch with our Philippine contacts? Don’t worry, General Manager. All your meetings at the different sites have already been confirmed. Also, the implementation plan has already been sorted out and sent to your phone. You can look them over, anytime. And the information on ceramic technology? Lan Shi-De. Hello, Madame. Hello, Director. Grandma, Mom, you… I knew you were still at work. Let’s not talk about that. You forgot about today’s matchmaking date. Grandma… Don’t frown. This time, your blind date will definitely meet all your requirements. Her eyes are big. Her nose is sharp. She’s tall and slender. Most importantly, she has long hair, past her shoulders. Yes, your Grandma and I looked at her for a long time. Wait a minute! Where are you going? Wait! Wait! Sun Qi Ming Hello, I was about to call you. Let me tell you. The proposal we submitted toHao Shenghas passed the first phase. And… Come back quickly. What happened? Quickly. Quickly! There’s something very important. Come quickly! Hello? Why does this person have no manners?Fish, fish, swimming in the water.Swimming happily, here and there.Hey, what happened?! You came. I can finally get off work. Hey! You made me hurry back just for this? Sun Qi Ming, are you itching for a fight?! Hey! I forgot to tell you. You can now start your vacation. Vacation? U-huh. Hey… It was not an easy task to have our proposal passHao Sheng’sfirst round. We’re at a critical point right now, okay? We still have the second round coming up. The third round… I know! But there’s still some time before the 2nd round, right? I’m the boss. I have the final say. Oh! – You have the final say?
– U-huh. Amazing! You’re actually aware that you’re the boss! I have the right to let my employees go on vacation. Look at this. It’s a mess! No one has been home for half a month, because everyone stayed here to work on this case. Come here, quickly. Look at this. Shouldn’t you clean up some of this trash? After you clean up, show your dad and sister. Look at how bad your complexion is. You complain all day about your waist and back aching. Hey! Don’t change the topic. Okay, okay, okay! I agree that everything you say is right. Everyone has worked extremely hard. Don’t tell me you’re going to work on it by yourself? When everyone returns from their vacation, they can take things easy. You really are a workaholic. Oh, please! This is called enjoying work and living seriously, okay? Haven’t you heard of the saying that stubbornness never changes? Hard working women are the most beautiful. All I know is that women who keep working overtime have a higher risk of liver damage. You can say whatever you want. Okay. Action. Oh my…! What’s happening? I forgot to tell you. In order to conserve energy, during the vacation, there will be no electricity. Enjoy your holiday!(In Asia and Europe, vacation day is called holiday).SUN QI MING! He’s here! He didn’t leave immediately! It seems like there is hope. Sit. He’s sitting! There’s progress! Mom! They are talking. They’re talking? Aiya! Aiya! It must be her! Look! It has already been 23 seconds. That long?! Aiyo! This must be it! There really is hope. Yes, yes. 27 seconds. 28. 29. 30! What’s the matter? He’s coming over. Who is coming over? Huh? Hi. Hajimemashite!(“Nice to meet you”, in Japanese)What a coincidence. Yes, it really is a coincidence. I’m getting ready to go home now. Do you two Lan ladies need a ride? Let’s get these to-go, then. This rascal! He said he’d cooperate with us. This is making me angry. Really! We’ve already flipped Taiwan over searching for a perfect match. How come we still can’t find the one who’ll move Shi De’s heart? He isn’t giving anyone a chance. How can they move his heart? I’m so angry! I’m home! Perfect! Our love expert has come come. Come over here. Shi Yun, come. Let’s hear what the expert has to say. What’s wrong with this one? He’s never satisfied. He isn’t satisfied with this or that. That’s right. He says that he only showed up because he wanted to humor us both. That’s right. I really don’t know what he is thinking. The matchmaking failed again? Yes. He says that he sees how hard Grandma and I have been searching, so he forced himself to cooperate with us and sat down. He sat for 30 seconds. At least he sat for 30 seconds. But…He says it’s just because he wants to humor us! Mom, you should think about it. He cooperated with you and sat for 30 seconds. Maybe, next time, he’ll cooperate and sit for one minute… one hour… one whole day… possibly even… His whole life! Right! That’s why we must persevere and continue to work hard. You said it very well. Let’s work hard. Right! I’m going in. Shi Yun. Can you help us persuade Shi De? That’s not a problem. Has he come back yet? He’s in his room. You can count on me.Subtitles brought to you by the Love, Now Team at VikiJust a minute. Jie(older sister).What’s up? What? My beloved little brother . . . Let’s talk about your marriage. Listen well. You must maintain your image as a harsh and shallow person. You must continue your inhumane and picky standards. You must not… get married before you. I know. That’s good, then. But, you have to help me persuade Grandma and Mom to stop setting up more matchmaking dates. I also want to help you. The problem is… Every time you hear the key words: long hair, past the shoulders, eyes that are round and big, tall and slender body, and sharp nose, you become dazed. You agree to go to the dates, yourself. Who can help you? I think you have become mesmerized by all those key words. You can’t be saved. Take your time admiring your precious photo. I have to finish my drafts. Hey, by the way… Next time, remember to stay longer. 45 seconds, okay? 45 . . . Ok? Come here. How was it? Okay. I’m going to work now. Success! Success! Everyone’s characteristics are similar to yours. Yet, they are not you. Dumb. So what if there’s no electricity? Can’t I finish my work at home? I’m home!Subtitles brought to you by the Love, Now Team at VikiDad, what is it? Is something wrong? Nothing. Yi Qing, come. Tell Sis, what’s wrong with dad? Turn around. Why are you also crying? Don’t cry! What’s the matter? Tell me. Okay, I’ll help you solve the problem. What’s wrong? Okay, don’t cry. What is that? Nothing. -Give it to me!
-No! Dad, hand it over!Let me see! No, it’s not about you. Dad! Dad. Sis will have to know sooner or later. Dad. Give it to me. My biopsy report? Malignant liver tumor. Terminal liver cancer?! How can this be? I don’t do drugs nor drink. Six months! There is still hope. Cancer isn’t necessarily a terminal illness. It can still be treated, right dad? Right. I have heard of a doctor who gave a prognosis of 3 months, but that person ended up living 30 years. Don’t be afraid, maybe you can too. Six months? Six months! Didn’t you always want to go to Boracay Island and meet up with Samantha? I have arranged everything for you already. I arranged for you to stay at the hotel she works at. You two can talk together. You can also think about what you want to do later. Sis, it’s almost time. You should go and have fun. Don’t think about anything else. Don’t be too stubborn. You have to calm your emotions. We’ll wait for you to come home. Sis. Yes! You both act like Oscar’s-level actors! When my company needs to shoot a commercial, I can just hire you two. You just arrived?!My sister has already left. Why are you so dumb? What? If I had come earlier, the whole plan would have been ruined. You made my hair all messy. This is absurd. Your dad is overdoing it. Dad, you’re overacting. Who’s overacting? The onion is too pungent. No wonder your crying is so realistic! Is this really okay? Isn’t this birthday present we’re giving her a it too much? We wanted her to leave the country to relax.But… Your sister’s face… She looked like her spirit had left her. Dad, don’t think too much. She’s a workaholic. She didn’t go home for two weeks. How can we not give her a lesson? Besides, I already wrote a letter, explaining the truth, and faxed it over. I told Samantha to place it in her room. Once she checks in, she’ll know that her illness is fake. But, the vacation is real! Only you can think of playing tricks on people this way. So powerful. Aren’t you involved? I am not. All I did was to make her go on a vacation. I’ve done nothing else. Who used the diagnosis report? Terminal liver cancer…who thought of that? It’s you! I lied for good intentions. No wonder my sister has seen through you and dumped you! Wait a minute. You can’t say that. I wasn’t dumped. We discussed things clearly together. We had a mutually amicable break-up. Will everything really be alright? Yi Ru hates it the most when people lie to her. When she comes back, I… Dad, let me tell you… Once she learns that her illness is fake but the vacation is real, she will be so happy. Think about what Boracay Island has to offer… Amazing food, great new scenery, the beach and the ocean, bikinis… In that beautiful environment, even the worst anger would be extinguished. Trust me. If Sis stays angry, we can just say that that Qi Ming Ge made us to it. Is that how you treat friends? You’re too much! You’re just useful in that for support. Don’t play around. Bikini! Bikini! That’s enough. You have no respect for elders. Manager, this is your passport and boarding pass. I have already contacted the other party.There will be someone awaiting your arrival. That’s great. Keep a watch on Assistant Manager Wang for me. Don’t let anything slip by. Yes, Manager. He dares to be late?!Subtitles brought to you by the Love, Now Team at VikiTo the pier. Yes, Sir. Hey! Hey! Why didn’t you look as you were crossing? Do you want to die?! I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I want to live. I don’t want to… I don’t want to! I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die.Boracay Tourist Assistance Center Boracay Police StationSubtitles brought to you by the Love, Now Team at VikiI’m sorry. Because of my situation, I caused your wallet and luggage to get lost. I can’t believe I’d meet you this way. Excuse me? I was saying… the police will… soon find… my wallet for me. My things. What about you? What happened to you just now? It’s nothing. I was just too anxious, so I said a bunch of nonsense things. What are you going to do without any money? That’s not important. Not important? You have no money, so where will you eat and stay? Let me help you find a place to stay, okay? You’re my lifesaver At least, let me help you with this. I can also feel a bit better by helping you. The important thing is that you are ok. I’ll call for a car first. – Here, I’ll get it.
– I’ll get it.Subtitles brought to you by the Love, Now Team at VikiThis is the room I was originally supposed to stay in. I am very sorry. I made you suddenly change to two single bedrooms. You also paid for me. I have nothing to do anyway. Plus, since you are my lifesaver, I should be doing these things. If I can meet you, I don’t mind losing my luggage several times. What? I… I… I was saying… Since things have already occurred, there is no way to change it. The important thing is to face it and resolve it. I also think that way. Who would have known that the methods in which we handle situations are so similar. To workaholic Yang Yi Ru, here’s some good news and bad news for you. Good news is… your health report is fake! You are not sick! The bad news is… during this time period, you can only rest and not work! Happy Birthday! Accept the reality that you are another year older! That’s right! You should get some rest. I hope that you can find your wallet and lost luggages soon. Thanks. Wait a minute. I’ll treat you to lunch. Do you have money? There’s still some time before lunch. How about we go shopping and buy some new clothes. Isn’t this more practical? If you don’t find your luggage, do you want to wear the same outfit the whole time? Okay, let me put away my luggage.Then we can take off. Okay.Subtitles brought to you by the Love, Now Team at VikiMiss I want two cup, Thank you. Here, this one is for you. You should be thirsty. Sorry, I don’t drink this. I am suddenly thirsty. It is very tasty! Mr. Lan. That’s weird. Where did he disappear to? Mr. Lan. Sorry. Right now I can only treat you to a snack. What are you saying? This restaurant food is very good. Plus, look around. It’s full of people of inside. This local restaurant, is it actually very famous? But truthfully, why are you so brave? You were able to dance in front of so many people to earn money. You are really amazing! It’s okay. If you want something, then you have to earn it yourself. Other people aren’t obligated to help you. Yeah. There are many things that other people are not obligated to help you with. Sometimes even if they want to help, they can’t. It’s like with…illness, injury,or even… Why are you looking at me like that again? Did we know each other from before? You look like someone I have met before. Me? I guess you have fallen in love with her. Your expression appears perverted. Being perverted and nostalgic are two different things. The difference is huge. Okay! I’m just joking with you. That particular expression, I have seen a lot in Taipei. My boss is like that. What’s wrong? If you run into workplace harassment, you can use the harassment law and file a lawsuit! Or once I return, I can help you teach him a lesson! I am just joking! He doesn’t want to do anything to me.He also doesn’t dare do anything to me. Really? Really. Okay, hurry and eat.You danced for so long, earlier.Aren’t you hungry? I am just joking. Look at them . . . They must be really happy right now. They must be extremely blessed. Sometimes I really hate myself. Why didn’t I take better care of myself? Why didn’t I treat myself better? Maybe that way, I could possibly live longer. Maybe in the future, I would have the chance to be with the person I love and live together until we become old. We could live happily together. Let’s go. I’m sorry. You treated me to lunch, but I wasn’t able to finish it. I also embarrassed you. Don’t worry about it. There are not many people who know me here. And, there’s no one who knows you. Go ahead and cry. Your method of consoling others is really weird. It is my first time to hear it. Isn’t it better to express your emotions? If you want to talk, I will listen. Why!? Why do I have cancer?! (Next Episode Preview)Subtitles brought to you by the Love, Now Team at VikiThanks for watching!The End

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