Tales for Rainy Days: Wendy Shearer

Hi, I’m Wendy Shearer. Welcome to a week long of Tales for Rainy Days at Shakespeare’s Globe. I’m going to be
telling two wonderful stories from West Africa, where you get to meet
larger-than-life characters who have to make difficult decisions and face treacherous storms. One of the stories I’m going to tell you is called
The Wedding Basket. And here’s a little taster. There once was a really rich man
who owned seven white cows. Now in his village, if you owned one white cow you were considered extremely lucky. And yet he owned seven. But every night, someone was visiting
and milking each one of these cows and stealing all of their
delicious creamy milk. Well, he was furious! “I’m going to catch this thief. I’m going to lay in wait
one night with my fisherman’s net and catch them
red-handed!” he fumed. And so that’s what he did: he sat
at the entrance of the barn, determined to stay awake all night long.
And as he sat there the rain began to beat down. A storm was brewing: the rain beat
furiously and the wind howled and he was mesmerised falling asleep to the rhythm
of the rain. But then he saw something in the distance. And he peered out and
noticed rising from the river was a… Well, you’ll have to join us here to find out
exactly what he saw.

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