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Catch them! Catch them! Catch them! Catch them! Catch them! Catch them! Catch them! Yamraj, don’t halt.
Please keep moving. If they are able to catch us.. .. they will change our shapes. Catch them! Catch them! Run, my Lord. Yamraj, run away. ‘To protect religion is my religion.’ ‘And I have great
strength in my arms.’ ‘I always hold Gada
& the lace in my hands.’ ‘My daily duty is to take lives.’ ‘I am Yam! Yam is me! ‘ Run away, my Lord – Chitragupt! Run away, my Lord – Chitragupt! Lord.. Lord.. Were you asleep or awake? And what do you think of yourself? You are not like an
employee in the govt. offices This is Yamlok. And you are
Chitragupt, who keeps account.. .. of the sins of the sinners
on earth. – Please forgive me. Actually, I didn’t sleep for a
moment in the last 3 ages. So I was taking a brief nap. Really. Yes, lord! And I saw a nightmare in my sleep. A nightmare? What was it? I saw that the people
on earth were chasing us. And we were running away
from them to save our lives. – What? What? The human, who tremble in fear
merely by hearing my name.. .. they were chasing us? And we were running
away from them? No, Chitragupt!
This can never happen. And the earth.. .. which is played as a game
by the children of our Gods and.. .. Goddesses, we don’t need to
go to that earth any day There is no need for you to
go there at all. But what if somebody compels
you to go to the earth? Who can dare to call me to the earth? Who’ll be that powerful? Catch him! Catch him! Catch him! – Give me that one. Suraj, why are you running? Your fathers are chasing us.
– So many fathers! Run! Run! O my God! O my God! O my God! O my God! Catch him! Pandu, run! Let’s hide under the bus. Go ahead; I will get under it.
Hurry up! They had come till here. Where
have they vanished suddenly? Where did they go? So you are hiding here? We were searching you only Take out the money. – Money?
Yes, take out the money, Pandu. Yes, I have the money.
– In another pocket. Yes, here. Everyone will get the money. I got it. – Got it. Now stand on the queue
and forward your hands. Forward your hands and beg! – Run! Catch him! Hurry up! What is this, Uncle? – These are
pulses. Pulses? Give it to me. – Junior master,
why are you bothering? I am taking it to the grinder. These are not meant for
the mill but to make slippery Come out, you cheat.
– We’ll not spare you today. Why are you hiding in your
house like a coward? If you have the courage, come out. So you are the mother of that cheat. Does your son regard himself
as the landlord & billionnaire? He should learn to live
within his status. Your son has borrowed money
from us for his expenditure. Now when we asked for the
money, he got inside the house. It’s actually not his fault, but
the lady who gave birth to him. See the luxury in the
beggar’s house. They have kept a servant
in the house too If you don’t have the ability
to pay our debts, then come with us. You can wash our
clothes & utensils. Hold your tongue! What is your
status to speak like this? If you come to know about
my landlady’s reality, then, OK, I’ll pay your debts.
Now go off from here. If you don’t pay up the money,
we know how to take it out Let us go.
– Yes, we will see. We will see. Please listen to me, Uncle Look at this. Then you will know
about the secret kept for years. See this. This is the golden palace. The
memories of the bygone days. The sign of your forefathers. Mother? – Yes, and that
is your father. You are the heir of a high class
Landlord’s family. But it was too late by the
time your father got the.. .. responsibilities of a land lord. To maintain the elegance of the
life style, he kept on taking debts. And one day he buried
himself in that false elegance. When madam left the palace just
with a set of clothes & you.. .. who was brought up like a
prince, then alongwith the.. .. servants, even the furnitures of
the palace began to shed tears. And then I brought you here. Do
you know whose house is this? This house was gifted to me by
Madam on your birthday And now she herself.. Madam had asked me not
to tell you these things ever.. .. but when those people
started rebuking Madam.. .. I couldn’t hold myself. I pray to you today, don’t make
her sad like this. Don’t make her cry again. “Your smile is like a flower” “You will become my identity” “Your smile is like a flower” “You will become my identity” “You have to bring the stars
from the sky to the earth” “You have to become the
king of this world & show me.” “You have the mother’s blessings
that you’ll prosper in life.” “And tread the life of truth” “Your smile is like a flower” “You will become my identity” “Oh! Moon.. ” “Oh! Moon.. ” “You are such a moon which
has no stains” “There is no other tune more
melodious than your words.” “You are there in my eyes
and my eyelids” “You are my life & breath” “You have your mother’s blessings
that you’ll prosper in your life.” “And tread the life of truth” “Your smile is like a flower” “You will become my identity” “Your smile is like a flower” “You will become my identity” “I have learnt how to walk
holding your fingers only, mother” “I uttered your name as soon
as I opened my mouth” “My life is meant to worship you” “The lamp of your motherhood
will keep burning forever” “Now, take me in your arms &
hide me in your saree” “Your smile is like a flower” “You will become my identity” “Your smile is like a flower” “You will become my identity” “You have to bring down the
stars from the sky” “You have to become the king
of this world and show me” “You have my blessings
that you’ll prosper in life” “You’ll tread the path of truth” No, mother. Don’t cry. I confess that I borrowed money
from them. It was my fault I am sad, that they laughed at
you because of me. “You will become my identity” I take oath that I’ll not do any
such work in future. And your son Suraj will definitely
become a Prince one day & show. “You will become my identity” “You will become my identity” What? You are going to buy the
palace? – Yes Do you know what is the price?
– How much? 5 crores. 5 croes? See, if you have some good party
to buy the palace bring them here. I’ll get you a commission from Sir. You will get me a commission, son? Let me buy the palace once.. .. I’ll dismiss you from
the job at first. Get out -Please let me go inside
just for once. Once, just once let me go in.
– Get out of here! Please! Just once! Just once! Pandu. – What? You wait for me here. I’ll go and
have a look at the palace inside. Be careful, Suraj Be careful. Be careful. Be careful. Mother. Mother. So you are running away after
stealing the doll No. No. Mother. Thief.. No, I am not a thief. This doll
was given to me by my mother You have the guts to tell lies
even after stealing. No, I swear. Even the palace is
also mine -Your palace! Please give me the doll.
That is mine. What happened? See Pandu, I took my doll, &
they are beating me for that I’ll earn 5 crores and buy the
palace. Then I’ll see them Okay. Now let’s go. Is it too difficult to earn 5
crores, Pandu? – Not at all To earn money is the most
simple job in this world If it’s so easy to earn money,
then prove it by earning.. .. 2 lakhs at this moment itself 2 lakhs? – Yes. Only 2 lakhs? I’ll earn it in two
minutes itself & show. How? It’s very easy. By handing over the shopkeeper
in the jewellry shop.. .. in front to a mental doctor. I am repeating an old saying. One
can lock the shop to get rid of.. .. the thieves, but it’s very
difficult to get rid of cheats. For that one needs special eyes.
And I have those eyes. As soon as I see some cheat, I
speak out spontaneously, Catch him, he is a cheat Sir! – I need a necklace. It should be at least
worth 2 lakhs rupees You’ll surely get it. Please
show her the sets This is a diamond necklace for
2 lakhs rupees Wow! Beautiful. Sethiji, if I sell the necklace
outside, will I get 2 lakhs? Yes, no.. no. You haven’t yet
bought the necklace.. .. and you are talking
about selling it I was just saying that casually.
Please give me this necklace Take it please. But the money,
– I don’t have. What? – I don’t have the
money with me What? – Actually, as I’m still not
grown up, my uncle didn’t give me.. .. any money fearing
I’ll be cheated. – Is it? Oh! I forgot to tell you my
uncle’s name He is psychiatrist
Dr. Jagat Sharma So you are Dr Jagat Sharma’s niece! Why didn’t you tell me earlier
itself? – Do you know him? No, but I have heard
a lot about him. As all the mental patients go
to him only for treatment. Actually, I don’t know
him personally. Very good! Very good! Will you please come with
me to meet him for few minutes Why? I will give you 2 lakhs rupees
in a moment Okay. How smart is your uncle! He sent
you to buy the necklace.. .. but didn’t send you the money.
He knows that this world is.. .. full of cheats. I was telling my
people the same thing that, there .. are lots of cheats in the world.
– A lot, sir. A lot! Should we go to get the money
now -Yes, let’s go Come. – I will go and get the money. Doctor! – Yes? Are you the mental doctor? No, I am the doctor for the
mental patients instead. Oh, sorry. Doctor, I doubt that my father’s
mental health is not alright. How did you have the doubt? Actually we don’t have any
business or any shops But my father keeps on telling,
pay me the price of the necklace .. it’s closing time for my shop. If you give me the money
soon I’ll be able to go home. He keeps on telling like that Why does he speak so?
– I think he is mad. Yes, no doubt. He is mad. Do one thing, bring him here. I’ll
give him two electric shocks. His madness will go away. Doctor, he has come with me.
He is sitting outside. Bring him inside
– OK, I’ll just bring him in Sethji, the mental doctor is
asking you in. How strange, isn’t it? I have to
meet a mental doctor, although.. .. I am not mad. – Please come now He.. So this is the person. – Yes. Yes, I am the person.
– I see. Please have a seat. Will you then give him two?
– Yes, I’ll. You may leave now I’ll take two from him. Bye. – Bye. It’s of no use. There is a hole
in the heart. Not in the heart, but the hole is
in the x-ray plate itself It’s my fault that I came to a
psychiatrist for my heart disease Next. Doctor, please give me the
money for the necklace.. .. so that I can leave. So you think like that!
– What’s there to think? It’s closing time for my shop. Since when have you
began to think like that? Think like what?
Give me my money soon. I want to go from here. Did anything happen like this
to you earlier? What happened before what?
What are you speaking, doctor? Do you think that you have some
other shps also beside.. .. the jewellery shop? What’s this going on? Please have mercy on me and
make me understand everything It seems the matter is serious.
– There is nothing serious Just give me my two, Doctor So your daughter has told you
everything about the two? She told me in front of you
itself. Please give me Really? Let’s go then,
I’ll give you Is he a doctor or
a mental patient? What are you doing? What are you putting on my head?
Aren’t you going to give me two. I am giving it! I am giving it! Has your madness gone now? – What? Isn’t it madness to keep asking your
money for the necklace & to say.. .. it’s closing time for the shop? Your daughter has told me everything. My daughter? But
she is your niece. So you have started getting kicks
of madness again. Take this Cheating! I have been cheated. You’ll not be able
to escape from this sin. Chitragupta in Yamlok
is calculating your sins. What’s the reason for laughing
out so loud, Chitragupt? Tell me about this too -Well, a
girl has committed a sin.. .. in a quite different
manner on earth today. She has taken a diamond necklace
from a jewellry and also got the.. .. shopkeeper into a mental
hospital too What’s this, Chitragupt? How
come your note-book has.. .. become so big? Is the number
of sinners in the world increasing? – That is true, my
Lord. But they have a speciality. This is the note-book for just
one person only. What? Can just one person
commit so many sins? Yes, lord. There is no such sin including
cheating, looting, raping etc.. .. which this person haven’t
committed. Who is that wicked sinner?
– His name is Chota Ravan Who is this Chota Ravan? I am Chota Ravan. Look! Look! Look, old man! Do you know the history of this city? If you don’t know then open the
satellite of your mind and see This city is hell, the Yamlok, and
I am the Yamraj of this city. I’ll decide whom to
be killed when. I have decided to kill you now No, for God’s sake please don’t
kill me. If you don’t want to be killed,
then hand over your bag to me No, I can’t give you this bag.
I have borrowed this money.. .. for my daughter’s marriage. This old man is talking too much. Finish him off. No! I feel uneasy seeing red blood. When I turn my head to
the other side, then kill him God, I’m just a puppet in your hand. Why do you make me do such works?
– Ravan brother.. Good. Very good. This job seems to be by chain batch. What was the price that was fixed
for the contract? – 25,000 rupees Really. Hey Choti. – Tell me, Chota. Don’t take enemity with our
hockey batch, it’ll be bad for you If U take enemity with our chain
batch, we’ll break all your teeth Quiet. Hand over the necklace to me
without much fuss Necklace? Which necklace? Seen it Ravan Brother? She is
trying to cheat in broad day light And is acting as if she doesn’t
know anything about the necklace She took me to the mental
doctor and gave me two.. Yes. Take out the necklace. How much have Sethji
promised to give you? – 25,000 Did you address me like that? Sethji, come here
– Yes, Ravanji Come here. Did you address me like that? You raised your hands on mine! Doesn’t this girl look like
your daughter? I don’t have any daughter? Doesn’t she look like
your neighbour’s daughter? I don’t know. Don’t you know? You dared to call a girl 420? What’s this going on, God? How can you change
your stand like this? When I had complained to you that
this girl has cheated me.. .. you only had..
– What! Have I cheated you? What’s this going on? – You
dared to defame a good girl? No. No, I ma not defame her. Now tell me, does this girl look
like a cheat? No, she looks very much like
Mother Teresa’s daughter She looks like the granddaughter
of devotee Shabari! Then why did you blame her that
she stole a necklace from your shop? Actually my head has
stopped working properly. I don’t have any jewellry shop. These days I get kicks of madness. That is why I asked for help from a
great peacekeeper like you. Great is that mother, who gave
birth to a Ravan like you What? – Forgive me for wasting
your time, Ravan brother. Forgive me. Forgive me. Forgive me for wasting your
time, Ravana sister Now take out the money Only 75 paise? – It’s enough
for your face. Don’t try to play smart with me
I’ll burn you like a match-stick Ravan brother, Inspector Ranjit
is coming here I’ll see you later, Lily
– Go off! Sir, it seems there was fight
between chain batch and hockey batch. And they have run
away from this place. It’s my duty to protect the law
and order in the city It’s my duty! It’s my duty, and it’s the debt
of my dress on me I am the greatest of rogues
and vicious of all goons This earth is my motherland
and myself is the flag here Silence. If you get any information about
the goons, then give me a call Then I’ll decide whom to be
hanged and whom to let in This is said by Inspector Ranjit.. .. who is there at your
service for 24 hours. If you call me by
night, I’ll come down by morning It’s my duty to maintain peace
and serve the citizens. Okay. Take care.
Thank you. Good night. Bye. Applause! Pandu, how will I earn 5 crores?
– It’s an easy job How is it so? – Do you have a coin? Yes – Give it to me. Count this one rupee 5 crores
times. It’ll become 5 crores. What are you doing up there?
– Hey, move. What’s this? – Akkum Bakkum. Meaning? – Holi Meaning? – Diwali Meaning -Great? Meaning? Wonderful! – Meaning? “The girl is a great one” “She is an explosive palanquin” “What a top, what a shirt and
what a great jeans she has” “She is sharp, beautiful
and stunning!” “You are a problematic basket” “Agree to me, girl” “The boy is great” “He seems to be
a easy victim” “What a crazy, flirt;
he is a street prince!” “What a suit-boot and what
an appearance” “Don’t stop me on the road” “Go away, mad fellow” “Hey hero, you are zero!” “Hey hero, you are zero!” “Girl, you are good for nothing” “Girl, you are good for nothing” “She traps with her tactics.. ” “.. the good-hearted passerbys” “The fair-skinned girls.. ” “.. should not slip on the
black streets” “Let that loafer pass by” “He seems to be a mad lover” “He comes after the girls” “He seems to be a Majnu” “Don’t tease me & make my
heart burn. Come to me.” “Hey hero, you are zero!” “Girl, you are good for nothing” “What a top, what a shirt and
what a great jeans she has” “What a crazy, flirt;
he is a street prince!” “Hey hero, you are zero!” “Hey girl, you are a tomboy!” “You go out through
the narrow lane” “Or else I’ll teach you a lesson” “I’ll not give in to your words” “Instead I’ll make you dance in the
direction of my fingers” “I’ll make this small delicate
wrists wear bangles someday” “I take oath, I’ll make
you my bride, beauty.” “Go & get your heart trapped in
some other place, not in me” “Girl, you are good for nothing” “Hey hero, you are zero!” “The girl is a great one” “She is an explosive palanquin” “What a top, what a shirt and
what a great jeans she has” “She is sharp, beautiful
and stunning!” “You are a problematic basket” “Agree to me, girl” “The boy is great” “He seems to be
a easy victim” “What a crazy, flirt;
he is a street prince!” “What a suit-boot and what
an appearance” “Don’t stop me on the road” “Go away, mad fellow” “Hey hero, you are zero!” “Girl, you are good for nothing” “Hey hero, you are zero!” “Girl, you are good for nothing” Editor Sir, Chota Ravan is
coming here. Chota Ravan. Where will I hide if you hide
yourself here No? Then if you ask me, I’ll
vacate the office and leave No? Then what
more do you want? I have come with an urgent
work. – Order me, dada Tell me, what should I do? Have patience, I’ll tell you I have started writing poetry I knew that you’ll fall down. But you fell down before
listening to me completely. What’ll happen to you.
after you listen to me completely? Please recite your poems, Sir Great great! – Quiet! I haven’t yet started
reciting. – Okay. “Go away, mad fellow” I have a small sister. – Great great! Small sister? Seems to be sister
sentiment. Please read further My small sister is leaving my
house today. – Great, great. Her marriage is a debt on me. I will marry her off again
& again for thousand times “Go away, mad fellow” “Go away, mad fellow” Marry the sister off again &
again for thousand times? It’s a great poem, Sir
– Is it really so? A brother is wishing that her sister
should be married for thousand times. How many brothers
can dare to think this? It’s really great, Sir Then will you publish my poem
in your magazine? Is there any other way out? I
also have to go home by road What? – I’ll surely publish this. “Go away, mad fellow” And give my name and adress
below it so that everyone.. .. comes to know of this. I’ll do that accordingly. Bye. Again sparklings in your eyes? And smoke from the body too. So much smoke? – This is not
smoke, but the heat of love. What? – Yes. I.. love.. you What? – Yes, this is love at
first sight. Please say yes. He loves you the same way
as a child loves his roti An unemployed loves his job.
Say yes, Bhabiji (sister in law) Whom did you call as Bhabiji? I’ll break all your teeth
and give in your hands here itself. Why are you meddling in?
I’ll bring her in the line. You are going to bring me in line? Do you consider me as
a bogie in a goods’ train? – No. But my love train’s. Go off by the narrow lane. Else
I’ll teach you a good lesson Why are you speaking this?
Please speak something else. Something else? Then get lost. This is the second thing. I am speaking about love.
Please give me a reply OK, as far as my love for you
is concerned, I won’t love.. .. you for next 10 lives, leave
aside in this life. Look at this dress & appearance,
he is asking me to go around with me. Get aside,
otherwise you’ll harm my vehicle I know why have you refused me today. Because I don’t have
any money with me. But I’ll become
a billionaire in a few days. Then I’ll buy the golden palace.
And you’ll come after me.. .. saying you love me. What happend? I forgot about the 5 crores,
& went in the side track of love How’ll I earn this 5 crores,
Pandu? I got an idea by seeing
the dagger What is this? – Take out 100 rupees. What for? As soon as you see the dagger
on the table, you’ve to pay 100 Do you know, who he is?
– Who? Chota (Small) Ravan And do you know who he is
– Who? Bada (big) Ravan. – Quiet. Be quiet. So you have decided to collect
money from my area, right? It’s not like that, Master. As I have
to gather 5 crore rupees as soon.. .. I thought this
is the best way. Why do you need 5 crores?
– To buy the golden palace You decided to buy the golden
palace. Are you nuts? No, Master, actually the
palace is ours. This guy really seems to be mad.
Let’s have some fun with him. Guy, if U do according to what I
say, I’ll give you 1 lakh paise 1 lakh. – Meaning 1000 rupees. 1000 rupees?
We’ll do as you say, Master I’ll decide, let’s go Come. Come. Follow me. We have decided to conduct a
meeting here. Go off you all Hey, move! Put the chair. So you’ll buy the golden palace!
Is it a blade that.. .. you’ll buy it whenever
you wish from the shop? Do you have the money to buy
a blade? – Akkum Bakkum Akkum Bakkum? What does
that mean? Will I get 1 thousand rupees? 1000 rupees. You’ll surely get. First
clean my shoes. Akkum Bakkum. What are you doing, Suraj?
Have you forgotten that.. .. you are from a high
class family? If I obey his words, he’ll give
me one thousand rupees. I’ll gather money like this way
to make it 5 crores. Then I’ll buy the palace & take
my mother back to the palace. Hence not only cleaning his
shoes, I am even ready to.. .. press his legs. Let me do that.
– Suraj! This one. Great, master. Clean it. Now rub this
– No, Master Don’t you want your thousand
rupees -Yes, I do want Then do as I say -Don’t be
adamant, Master Otherwise you’ll have to repent,
Master -How’ll that happen? Instead, it’ll freshen the mood.
Then you’ll recite a poem Rub it -Suraj, what are you
doing? Are you going to drink? I can even drink poison to buy
the palace -But.. Suraj! What is this? – This is the
first principle of liquor Destroy the family where you
drink liquor You beat me twice? – lf I beat
your people after drinking.. .. your liquor, where will your
respect go? That’s why, It seems liquor has got high
in his head. Let us escape Master, where is my thousand
rupees? Where is my 1000 rupees? That I’ll decide tomorrow. Editor! Come here So what have you decided
about my poem Don’t you know that I have
already published it last week See this. Have you seen my slaves, how
my name & poem are published? My praise will be sung
by the entire city. Ravan brother, the postal van
is coming for you If any van has to come to me,
it’ll be the police van. Why would a postal van
come to me? Chota Ravanji, there are 5
sacks full of letters for you. 5 sacks? – What’s there to
be surprised so much? Your poem was published in
my paper last week. So the appreciators have
become mad for you. You have become so popular just
after one poem itself! You have got 5 sacks of
fan-letters. My head. Mr. Editor! Did you do all this? What are you waiting for?
Start reading the letters Sriman Chota Ravan Saheb
– Great, great! Listen further. Read on! I read your poem ‘Sister’s
marriage’ last week -Great Are you a donkey to marry your
sister thousand times -Great You moron, -Great great! – Your
dead body will be eaten by dogs Beast! Your dead body
will be eaten by dogs Chota Ravan. you.. Master, this letter is full of
bad names only for you. Didn’t you say that people have
become lovers of my poems Yes, I said so. When my poem was not
fit to be understood.. .. by the readers, how did
you publish it? I put in the machine, and it got
printed automatically. Take this editor with you. I’ll put him in the machine
– Excuse me, my 1 thousand, I’ll decide about him first, then
I’ll decide about you. Listen, -I’ll decide. Till that you
wait here like a statue. Okay. Editor, now I’ll decide about you
– Are you going to murder me? No, instead I’ll make you murder When I asked you to make me a
poet, you defamed me Now I’ll make you a murderer. Don’t know why little master
hasn’t come back yet.. .. as the rain is also falling
heavily. I’ll go & search for him Till when are you going to wait
for him in the rain? You will get cold. Let’s go &
wait in the temple But he has asked
me to stay here only. If I go away from here he’ll not
give me my thousand rupees I will not move form here.
– Stay put with your stubbornness. I’m going to the temple. Nobody listens to me! I searched for him a lot, but
couldn’t find him It seems he stayed back in a
friend’s place because of the rain But don’t be worried please,
Madam Are you staying in the same
place since then? Please go in and have some food. Suraj, what happened to you
Let’s go home There is nothing to be worried
so much. It’s just a cold He’ll be better by the evening He will be alright. Mother, I’ll earn money and
take you to the palace I’ll definitely take you
to the palace Yes, mother. I’ll definitely
take you to the palace. Yes. I will become your ideal son!
I will take you to the palace. All the faults are mine, Madam
I revealed everything to him.. .. by getting sentimental. I didn’t
think that it’ll reach this state But after seeing his patience, I feel .. that he will get all your wealth,
respect and status back to you I can just hope. Don’t know what’s written in future. Chitragupt! – Yes. This is Brahmadev’s
written predictions. – Yes. Everything including life, death.. .. & the future of each
person is written here in detail. Please delete all
your dates of deaths.. .. from your account book and fix
new dates according to this. And send back this copy to
Brahmalok again soon. This is Brahmadev’s order.
– As you wish. Chitragupt! Chitragupt! Chitragupt! Chitragupt! Chitragupt, have the predictions
from Brahmalok arrived If I tell Yamraj now itself that
the predictions have slipped off.. .. from my hands, he’ll beat
me to death. Chitragupt, I am asking you
Have the predictions reached you It hasn’t reached my hands yet,
& I don’t know the reason for it What are you looking at in that
direction again & again I am looking at my future, Lord Suraj, what happend? What happened, Suraj?
– Akkum Bakkum -What happened What happend? Look there. A Book.. there Where is book? – There.. Predictions! Dhan Laxmi Co’s AR234234.. .. lottery will fetch 2 crore rupees. What is this? The lucky number
of the lottery to be released.. .. day after tomorrow is already
written here -Let me see too Your head will break into pieces
in a few moments Where did you find the lottery
number here Isn’t it there? -No It’s there. – Where? Your head will break into pieces
in a few moments My head.. The same has happened what
was written here Didn’t you see the lottery
number here? -NO It means the number written
here may click If my head can break, your
lottery can also click Lottery. Why are you making a face like
a new born baby? Why don’t you speak? If
Brahmadev comes to know that.. .. the book of predictions have
lost, what will happen then? Destruction will take place,
Lord-Shut up! I am innocent, Brahmadev
All the faults are Chitragupt’s It’s not my fault. Still both of you will get the
Punishment Both of your entry will be
prohibited if you are not able.. .. to bring the book of predictions
within 30 days from the earth Not only that, if the book
doesn’t reach back to me.. .. both of you’ll lose your divine
powers & will have to live.. .. in the earth. No need of that, Lord. I’ll search for the book of
predictions with my divine vision Don’t be in that illusion, Yamraj.
As soon as the prediction book.. .. was lost, your divine
powers were taken back Now you will have to go to the
earth & find the prediction book This is your punishment.
– Brahmadev, if that book.. .. reaches some human hand.. .. he’ll know about
everybody’s future completely. It’ll lead to a great
chaos -No need to worry No harm will take place. Because
one will be able to see only.. .. his future in that, not other’s. Then what is your order for us?
– Leave for the earth, immediately Lord, should we carry our
bags & baggages -Shut up! We may have got a punishment, Lord. But we have got some
leave after 3 ages. I am Yam! – We have reached Bombay. What iron wires are these, Lord? Oh, I understood. Men have
arranged for their swingings too. I am also having a great
desire to swing. Then go & satisfy your desire
– Thank you, Lord Chitragupt! Chitragupt! Chitragupt! So how did you like the
swinging, Chitragupt? It was like the great fire in hell So if you want to stay alive in
the earth, don’t touch anything Let’s move & search for the
predictions, Lord Suraj, the same has happened
what was written on that book We have won the lottery for 2
crores rupees -What? Let’s go. Today the no 35824 horse will
win the jackpot in the race. – Horse? Let’s go & take part in the race.
– Let’s go. Come on. Come on, fast. So we have got the jackpot too Then have you gathered all the
money to buy the palace? I have got even more than that
– What are you saying. – Really. You have become a billionaire,
Friend Will your Lily fall in love
now – Not only Lily, even her.. .. father will say Akkum Bakkum
in the direction of my fingers “Don’t go away from me after
stealing my heart” “Come to me, I’ll become
your king” “Don’t go away from me after
stealing my heart” “Come to me, I’ll become
your king” “Go away from me, Lover
Don’t look at my eyes” “Don’t go away from me after
stealing my heart” “Come to me, I’ll become
your king” “You are my dream girl,
you are my beloved” “Why are you getting stubborn” “You are my dream girl,
you are my beloved” “Why are you getting stubborn” “After making me your own and
stealing my sleep” “Why are you now moving away” “You won’t be able to persuade
me like this” “I am not going to give
my heart to you” “Don’t try to tempt me,
don’t touch me like this” “Don’t try to use your force
I’ll never be yours” “Don’t go away from me after
stealing my heart” “Come to me, I’ll become
your king” “Don’t go away from me after
stealing my heart” “Come to me, I’ll become
your king” “You are an ignorant as well as
not an expert gambler” “I’ll tell you for sure” “You are an ignorant as well as
not an expert gambler” “I’ll tell you for sure” “I’ll now show you my real form” “I have seen many like you
You won’t be able to escape” “Why are you doing like this,
my beloved” “Don’t go away from me after
stealing my heart” “Come to me, I’ll become
your king” “Don’t go away from me after
stealing my heart” “Come to me, I’ll become
your king” Chitragupt, I am getting tired of
walking now. I am feeling thirsty, as well as
having a strange feeling. I am having almost 36
strange feelings, my Lord. This condition is called hunger. What should one do
when one feels hungry? One should eat something. I’ll fill
my appetite with a small quantity. But you’ll require the Himalaya
mountain to satisfy your hunger. Chitragupt, I am Yam. Reduce your anger,
else hunger will increase. Lord, look at that way. Men are
having ice-balls there. Come to me, I’ll become
your king We only have nectar. We don’t
even touch any other stuff. You’ll get nectar too. But
first come with me. Come. Come, lord. Lord.. Please have a seat, Lord Hello. – Dhum tata. Sir, I am greeting you
and you are cursing me! What will you have, Sir?
– I want that. She won’t give you that.
– Not that, but what she is eating. Please give us hundred like that.
– Hundred! I’ll just bring Delicious! It’s delighting Chitragupt, this is nectar.
– Yes, Lord. Jump into them. Chitragupt, these ice-creams are
even greater than nectar Lord, the bill is even greater
than that Bill? What do you mean by that?
– Bill means this letter Meaning? – From which world
have you come from? Take out the money
– Money? Meaning? I’ll just tell you the meaning.
Manager, they have both eaten.. .. hundred ice-creams & now
asking the meaning of money They are doing a drama. Lord, it seems a
great danger is about.. .. to fall upon us. Let’s run away
from this place in the earliest I am Yam. Only in Heaven,
but here the bombs are the kings. Please run away as soon. Sir, they are, – Catch both of them. Catch them Catch them Catch them Catch them Catch them Catch them Catch them Catch them. Catch them. Why are you laughing,
Chitragupt? Lord, what had come to my
dream in Heaven has.. .. came into reality in the earth.
That’s why I’m laughing I am Yam. – Catch them Let’s run away, Lord, else our
breaths will go away Catch them Catch them Man, will you please give
us a lift in your car? – Okay. What’s the matter? Both of them had eaten almost
hundred ice-creams in our shop Hundred ice-creams? And now they are running away
without paying the bill OK, how much was the bill for
– 500 rupees Pandu, give him 500 rupees Take this. Go. – Thank you. Let’s go. Friends, what’s the matter?
Didn’t the drama company.. .. pay you? – Man, the matter
is not that. Why are you addressing me as
man? Aren’t you a man too? No, he is Yamraj,
and I am Chitragupt. We have come here.. Well.. – Chitragupt! It seems the drama is over, but
its influence is still there! Whatever be it, man, you have
helped us in our troubled times. Be happy. Be happy. “Your smile is like a flower” “You will become my identity” “Your smile is like a flower” “You will become my identity” “You have to bring the stars
from the sky to the earth” “You have to become the
king of this world & show me.” “You have the mother’s blessings
that you’ll prosper in life.” Yes, madam. Mother, isn’t this the same gift
that you gave to me on my b’day Yes, -See, I have got everything
back by your blessings I have bought the palace too. Do
you consider me as your king-son now? Are you happy? – Yes. I have just one wish now. I
want to see you married I want to see my daughter in law
and take my grandchildren in my arms. I’ll surely get married, mother Pandu, if I marry at all,
I’ll marry Lily only. But will she get married to me?
– Why are you scared? We’ll see the predictions, and
come to know of it Let’s go quickly Quick. Quick. What happened, Suraj? What’s
written in the predictions? Tell me. Why don’t you speak? It’s written there that my mother
will die at 10 O’ clock today What? No, you have read it wrong.
Read it again Save me! Please don’t beat me Help me. – Lily.. He is running.. Catch him. What’s the matter, Akkum
Bakkum? What happend? Lily, we will have to
get married soon. Are you nuts? Do you think that
I’ll melt seeing your tears.. .. and come to your arms? Lily, my mother will be dead at
10 O clock today And her last wish is that I
should get married Are you mad? How did you know that your
mother will die today. It was predicted by an
astrologer There is only one hour left now.
Please don’t say no, Lily I fool the entire world and you
are trying to fool me? How can you tell such a lie to
get married to me. No, lily. I am not that mean that I’ll find.. .. the excuse of my mother’s
death to marry you. Please believe me,
I have my mother’s oath OK, I accept that you are
speaking the truth But why should I marry you? If not for me, then at least for
my mother’s happiness marry me Did you get only me to propose
for the marriage? Go & get hold of
some other girl. I love only two people in this
world, one is my mother.. .. and the other is you.
– Strange man! How many times have I
told you that I don’t love you But at least for a show we can
enact a drama of the marriage This seems to be a better idea.
But what’ll I get from this deal? I’ll give you whatever you ask
for -Will you give me 2 lakhs? Yes, I’ll -See, your mother is
going to die at 10. After it’s 10, I’m not going to
stay there even for a moment there. Do you agree -Yes, I do
– Let’s go then Mother. Mother, as you asked me to get
married, so I did get married Are you happy now? – You think
I’ll refuse your choise? No, mother, that’s not the matter. As the time is going to end, I
got married in a hurry Time is going to end, meaning? Actually.. I got married so soon, that’s why.. On one hand you got married
without Mother’s permission Gopalji, please arrange
for the auspicious bath.. .. for Suraj and daughter in law. Send for invitation
to all the relatives.. .. and get the room
upstairs ready for them All this will take place leisurely.
You just have some rest Son, I didn’t see my daughter in
law getting married. But I have to fulfil the
other rituals. – Yes, madam. Mother. Mother, are you alright? Has
anything happened to you What happened? Why did you
shout so loudly? Actually.. – Suraj, why these tears
on this delightful occasion? I got much delight, that is why, Why are you looking at the
watch again & again? Do you have any plans to go out
with daughter in law? If you have any plans, then leave
after 12 O’ clock Because inauspicious time is
getting started after 10. And make sure that.. Mother.. Mother.. Gopal Uncle, bring Ganges water
quickly -Ganges water? Why would I need that? – It was
just a slip of tongue Come downstairs, mother. Sit
comfortably in the sofa Come, mother. Come. But.. – Come. Please speak something
at least. What will I name your
grandchildren? Tell me, mother, I am very much
scared, mother Mother. Suraj, what happened to
you, my son? What happened? Nothing happened to my mother
Seen it Pandu Lily, nothing happened to mother,
Gopal Uncle You are alright, mother, nothing
happened to you What has happened to you, Suraj
Why are you behaving like this? Actually I got married without
taking your permission.. .. and you didn’t
even get upset with me.. .. so I felt very happy,
and so, mother.. Come upstairs, daughter in law Why should I? I didn’t get
married to your son He has asked me to enact the
drama of marriage, so I did. You told me that your mother
would die at 10 O’ clock Why did you tell me such a lie? See, the contract that we had.. .. already had it’s time. Your
mother is also alive still Now I don’t have any time
for all these worthless matters Send the amount of 2 lakhs to
my home. Good bye! Mother.. Pandu, whatever was written in
the predictions till date.. .. all happened accordingly. But I am happy that nothing
happened to my mother. But how did it become wrong?
I didn’t get it. Forget about your understanding! My mother was saved. She got a
new life. But beware, she.. .. should never come to know of
this. – I’m not mad to tell her this O God! O God! Lord, we travelled the entire
world, but we didn’t get.. .. any clue about the predictions.
So let’s get settled on earth. I am Yam! – Hello! Dhum tata -Are you cursing me? Dhum tata No, he is saying greetings to you
– I see. The way your appearance .. is special, your language is
also special too I can’t bear this pain! Yamraj, please take my life. Lord, this man is suffering.
Please bring solace to him.. .. by claiming his life as soon Are you mad, Chitragupt? Till I
get the predictions, how will.. .. I know which human’s death is
written for what time? That’s why I can’t take his life
now -It means, till we get.. .. back the predictions, no one
will die in earth. No. But if we don’t get the book by
30 days, our death is absolute So, let’s go lord!
Let’s find out book. Pandu, he.. Pandu, we took them for actors,
but they are really Yamraj.. .. and Chitragupt. – And they have
come here to search predictions Now I understood. They couldn’t
take my mother’s life as they.. .. did not have the prediction
book with them. Correct! Now we will have to keep the
book away from Yamraj But if he comes to know of this
then? – He won’t? How? – For this we
will have to enact a drama. Why have you brought me here
in the excuse of the drama The person with whom you have
to play the drama is coming to.. .. that ice-crean parlour.
– Because he is mad for ice-creams. But what will I have to do? ou have to keep them trapped.. .. in your house
for one month. – What? I’ll give you 1 lakh per day.
In total 30 lakhs Oh, my god! 30 lakhs! – Do you agree?
– Yes, I do See, both of them are there.
– They seem to be actors. Yes, that is why! Take it for granted that
your job is done. – Yes. Forget about the ice cream
We have to find the predictions I won’t move an inch without
having at least five ice-creams Lord! Waiter, bring O-type ice-creams
for me. – Yes, madam. Yes, madam. Will you eat it? What are your names? – I am Yamraj. And I’m Chitragupt. What are your real names? – The same. Where do you live? – Yampuri. Isn’t it near Jaggannath Puri? Yes, you can take it like that. Where do you stay here?
– Under the trees. If it’s so, then why don’t you
come & stay at my home? Sure, but will I get ice-creams
at your place? – Sure. Chitragupt, I’m going to have
some rest in this girl’s house. Till then you search for the book. You’ll have a rest in her house,
and I’ll search for the book. – Yes. Imediately. – As you order, Lord Girl, let us go. Hello! Police station? Move away from my front. How dare you tease the girl
standing here? I am teasing the girl? Then what are you looking at
her for with your eyes wide-opened? I am not looking at the girl. – Then? I’m looking at that. What’s there to see
in those cowdungs? – Yes. Don’t you doubt anything by
looking at them? Suspicion about what? Don’t you get suspicious on seeing
them? – I don’t get anything! Don’t you get even a little
bit suspicious? Well, tell me what suspicion
are you getting? I am wondering how the cow
climbed on the wall & shitted. What kind of character he is? Munna, come here please. What is your native place? – Yampuri Yampuri! What district? – There is no district. No district? – No. Ok, so why are you wearing
this dress. This is the latest fashion
in our village. Latest? – Fashion. Okay. Tell me, which bus one has to
board on to go to your village Not board, but one has to come
under a bus to go to my village Under the bus? – Those who come
under the bus, reach there. He’s a strange man! What is
he taking me for? Shut up. What will the
people think if they saw this? What are you taking me for? Hey you!
– Yes, you! You spoke to me in that tone. – Yes. Mean, sinner, your head
will break into thousand pieces Thousand pieces of my head?
lmpossible! Shut up! Mother, a 100 acre mango
garden is getting sold. Should I buy it? – Gopalji, tell
him that he is free to do.. .. whatever he wishes. But he
shouldn’y talk to me at all But -I don’t want to talk
to him at all. Mother, listen.. Why don’t you want to talk to me,
mother? What’s is my crime? If I have committed any mistake,
then punish me, beat me. But please don’t stop talking
to me. Gopalji, he has defamed the
name of our family. He dared to bring a rented girl
as my daughter in law. Mother, I love her. If I marry,
I’ll marry her only. Gopalji, please ask him to
get the girl here. I’ll talk to the girl and conduct
their marriage. But ask him not to talk to me. Mother.. Little Master, get on to the job God! I had played the drama just
for my mother. Now even Lily won’t agree to me.
What should I do now? What to do now? Please tell me what to do now? Listen to my advice. Give an effort. Really. – Yes. Really. Beauty, where is my Lord? I am Yam! What happened to him? What kind of attire have you
worn, my Lord? Modern style -You have learnt
English also I have learnt a to z after living
with this girl, Chitragupt You have learnt a lot, Lord Leave that and tell me
where is my future book? Where is my future book? I have searched for it in the
entire city, but couldn’t find it In the course, I met a mad
policeman. He also ate my head. Then why don’t you go to the
police station and file a complaint? They will find the book in a moment. You are right.
Do like that. – As you wish. All my ornaments are
there in this suitcase. – Yes. Take this suitcase in your charge. Yes. Okay, lord. How far have I fallen! Earlier I
used to keep an account of.. .. sins & deaths of men, now I
am made to lift the luggage What are you mumbling? – Nothing
I am just bubbling with delight. Go outside and express your joy.
– Ok. Go. – Go. What have you done? What if
somebody steals the ornaments? Don’t be worried. Except for
Chitragupt & me.. .. the ornaments will appear
garbage to all others Keep spinning yarns! Sir, I have lost my purse. Where? – In the cinema hall. How much money were there in
the purse. – 1000 rupees. OK, if we get it, we’ll keep it.. .. and if we don’t get
it we will return it to you. Next. Sir, I have lost my book. Where? – In the sky. In the sky.. In the sky? Why did you go
there? We had a meeting in the clouds. In clouds? – Meeting. Meeting. Okay, please have a seat. What does this man think of
me? Don’t laugh. The people
are watching. What’s this? – This is a suitcase. That even I can also see.
What’s there inside? Jewellries of pearl and diamonds,
ear-rings.. .. and a crown made of nine
pearls. – OK, I see. Okay, you see. Let us see. What is this? What’s there in the suitcase?
– Jewellries of pearl and diamonds.. .. ear-rings and a crown
made of nine pearls. Why doesn’t this person
take me seriously? Shut up. Have you lost your sense for a
moment after seeing all pearls. Yes, sure. Everybody
would feel giddy.. .. but first talk about that book. You came to the police station to
lodge a complaint about that book. That book is very important. Yes Sir. – What’s so
special about the book? Everything is written there including
whose life has to be taken & when. I am not able
to understand his character. My name brings fever even to
the most dreaded of terrorists But this person has come here to file
a complaint for losing his hitlist. Whom do you feel
to back him in reality? Shut up. So Munna, you were telling me
that in that book is written.. .. whose life is to be taken when
– Yes, Sir Then is my name too is written
there -Yes, its 100% true. Beauty, as soon as this
ice-cream comes to an end.. .. bring another ice-cream for me. No, if you keep eating
ice-creams like this in dozens.. .. you will catch cold. Then I won’t talk to you. Don’t behave like a child. I am annoyed with you. Even I also know how to get annoyed.
– Then, go. ‘A girl!
– A girl! ‘ Brother, give me 2
vanilla ice creams. Please feed us ice-creams too. Please save me from those
goons. They are coming this way Please, listen to me. Look; they are coming! They
are very dangerous! Please, save me! Will you buy me another
ice-cream if I save you? I’ll buy you the entire shop. They are coming. Save me. Come here, girl. Men, why this wickedness? Go back What is this -This is my weapon. Really, this is your weapon. I also have a weapon. What will you do with
a fake Gada? Check it. I am Yam! I am Yam! Bye. Who decided this condition
for you? There is a new hero in our city. He brought this condition
to us only with a single hit. He insulted our batch like this? Where are your sticks? All were broken. He has a Gada. And as soon as we hit the Gada with.. .. our sticks,
everything broke into pieces. After seeing the fashion of
hockey & chain in a film.. .. I decided to name my team
as a hockey batch. But wherefrom this Gada
fashion came here. Don’t know. From today, hockey stopped,
and Gada started. What’s this jeans, what’s this
Gada; how comfortably.. .. I used to write editorials for
my newspaper by sitting.. .. under the fan! These goons
have made me a fighter. What are you mumbling? – Nothing. Will you commit one more
murder? No, I am already suffering inside
after committing one murder. Do one more,
you’ll suffer from outside too. – No. Quiet. See, the girls of chain-batch
have arrived. Decide firmly. Inspector, Ranjeet sleeping. Oh, sorry, sorry! Inspector
Ranjit speaking! I will come right now! Ravan brother, stop it! Inspector, Ranjeet is coming. Start your drama. Duryudhan, why are
you showing me your Gada. I will break your thigh with this
mace.. – Hey! What’s fight is going on here?
– Nothing, Sir. Actually we are having
a drama of Mahabharata. Drama! But somebody informed me that
a great fight is taking place here. Sir, somebody might have
given you a wrong information. Hey, who has given the
wrong information to Sir? Who is this standing like
a puppet? Brindavan’s Krishna Kanhaiya.
He’s Krishna, Sir. Hello. – Hello. But where is his flute? – Neither
there was any bamboo.. .. nor a flute could be made. So
I have given him a Gada. It is stronger.
– Ok, ok, ok. Very strong. Who is this girl? It seems he has neither
read Mahabharata.. .. nor seen B R Chopra’s
tele serial. She’s Draupadi Yes. – Okay. Okay. Hello. Next time onwards, keep your
hairs tied up like me And there is no need to carry
the weapons in open street. Weapon? Only daggers & pistols
are referred to as weapons How can you decide these Gadas
as weapons? What is this? He is daring to retort with a
question to my question. How dare he? If the citizens come to know of
this what’ll they think about me? Why does he keep laughing? Shut up! Where have they all vanished? This is the magic of Inspector
Ranjit, the undefeated. All have run away being scared
of my volcanic anger. Move back. Sir.. – Run! Listen.. – Run! Jeep is here. – Later we
take the jeep, first you run. Move back. Move. Sir.. You? – Yes, Chota Ravan,
what are you looking at me.. .. with eyes wide open? By the
grace of God, I have decided.. .. the car, and also the
golden palace too That day you ran away after
promising me to give Rs 1,000 And I kept waitiing in the rain
the whole night. And got cold & fever the next
day. But when God decides.. .. to have his grace,
there is no bound to it. I have found my good luck..
– Enough! Now he has become
the luckiest. – Yes. I am the owner of my fortune
from today. I got my luck Pandu. Take this 1 lakh rupees & buy
tea to your slaves Master. – Am I awake
or dreaming a movie? He decided one lakh just
for the tea. It means he stays in
the palace full of money What’s this? After taking the
advance, you are telling me.. .. that you won’t be acting
in the drama. I don’t have the time, as I am
playing another drama these days Another drama? I have to keep a person who
thinks himself to be Yamraj.. .. in my house for one month. And one person is giving me.. .. one lakh per day for this job. But why? – I don’t know that. Chitragupt, I have found the
trace of the predictions How, lord? Just now I heard this girl telling
to that person that one person.. .. is paying 1 lakh rupees per day
to keep me at her home. But who is that person?
– Must be someone. Someone? – Yes; someone. Lord, you seem to have lost your
senses asyou did’nt get book. Lord, there are millions
of people on the earth. How will you be able to find out
that one person from billions? Wait & see the miracle of
my intelligence. Just wait for my miracle. This
girl has fallen in love with me I’ll trap her in my love and get
to know the truth as to.. .. with whom the book of
predictions is lying with. You wish me all the best..
No, It’s okay. ‘My religion is to protect religion.’ ‘I have tremendous
abilities in my arms.’ ‘I always hold Gada & a lace.’ ‘My daily activity is to take lives.’ ‘I am Yam! Yam is myself.’ “Welcome!” “Welcome!” “We salute to you hundred times.” “Oh Beauty.. ” “Oh Beauty, the impatient angel.” “Oh Beauty, the impatient angel.” “You are the magic of God.” “The world is only full of sorrows.” “Only my youth is vibrant
with waves of happiness.” “There is no one like you in Yamlok.” “There is no beauty like you there.” “Please don’t stay away, come to me.” “I am your servant,
don’t be afraid of me.” “Oh my companion.. ” “Oh my companion, you attract the
mind, you are filled with liquor.” “Every part of your body
beholds a smile.” “Are you Menaka or Urvashi?” “I am the lady of the earth,
beautiful and a spinster too.” “You are the princess of
my heart & life.” “I’ll become your companion.” “O my beloved!” “I am the thirsty river of beauty.” “My eyes are deep like the sea.” “Stop, O beautiful!” “Oh Beauty, the impatient angel.” “You are the magic of God.” ‘My religion is to protect religion.’ ‘I have tremendous
abilities in my arms.’ ‘I always hold Gada & a lace.’ ‘My daily activity is to take lives.’ ‘I am Yam! Yam is myself.’ ‘I am Yam! ‘ What is our Yamraj doing, Lataji? He must be taking rest. He has gone to your home.
– My home, why? I heard that there is a book
in your house How come this has happened?
Let’s reach home fast I came to know with whom the
book of prediction is. With whom? – The same boy,
who helped us that day. We have to get the book
immediately & start taking lives. Let’s go, Chitragupt. ‘Destruction, trouble, all these
take place as per Brahmadev’s wish.’ ‘Nobody can escape from
burning in the fire of death.’ ‘lf death goes to take life
from someone before time.’ ‘Only true devotion has the
strength to rescue the devotee.’ ‘Sai’s name is the true name of God.’ ‘Sai’s name is the true name of God.’ ‘Salutations to SaiBaba.’ ‘Salutations to SaiBaba.’ ‘When terror is spread all around.. ‘ ‘And even the waves of
river becomes poisonous.. ‘ ‘The entire universe is about to
be destroyed by almighty.’ ‘Devotion has the strength to
save a devotee from death.’ ‘Lord, Saibaba! ‘ ‘Lord, Saibaba! ‘ ‘The sky and the earth may come
together to become one.’ ‘But it’s absolute that one that
has taken birth has to die.’ ‘Yamraj may have
arrived from Yamlok.’ ‘But devotion has that strength
which can save a devotee.’ ‘Sai’s strength is with everybody..
Everybody’s Sai is one.’ ‘Sai’s strength is with everybody..
Everybody’s Sai is one.’ ‘Sai’s strength is with everybody..
Everybody’s Sai is one.’ ‘Sai’s strength is with everybody..
Everybody’s Sai is one.’ ‘Day & night won’t be here
without the sun & the moon.’ ‘Without Sai’s grace this wind
would also stop blowing.’ ‘The chanting of the temples
also say the same.’ ‘That devotion has that strength
which can save the dovotee.’ Ice-cream! Chitragupt, Ice-cream. Ice-cream.
– Not ice-cream, but problem-cream! If we don’t get the book of
prediction, we will.. .. have to earn our livelihood by
selling ice-creams in lanes. I am Yam. Go & search the book Again English. This English is
taking the life out of me. Welcome child!
– Yes, fatso! I am Yam.
– I’m also not less than anyone. Please hand over the book of
predictions to me with love Akkum Bakkum! I won’t give you. Don’t try to take advantage of
my affection filled behaviour, boy. If you don’t give me the book, I
will break your head into.. .. pieces with this Gada. Do so please. Then I won’t be able to tell
you where the book of prediction is. What kind of trouble have you
created, Chitragupt? Lord, this man belongs to the
Kali era. He’s not going to give in easily. I’ll find a solution to this problem
by convincing him with sweet words. Go. Boy.. Boy, if we don’t get the book,
we will have to leave Yamlok.. .. and start living in the earth.
This is not possible for us So please return the book to us. If I return you the book.. .. what benefit will I have? Lord, the boy is asking.. .. as to what benefit will
he get if he returns the book to us. I’ll give him lots of boons Boy, my Lord is saying that he’ll
give you lots of boons Then ask him.. .. to give me a promise that
he’ll never take my mother’s life. Oh, such a small thing!
– A small thing! This is definitely
in our right to give you. Lord, the matter is settled. The boy has agreed to return
the book to us. – Really. Yes. You’ll just have
to give him a promise. That you’ll never take his
mother’s life. No, this will be against
Yam’s religion. Tell him to ask for any other
boon except for mother’s life The same problem
came to Sati Savitri. You were telling her repeatedly.. .. to ask for any boon
except her husband’s life. But at last you had to give in.
– That matter is quite old now. Tell him to ask for any other
boon except for mother’s life. Boy, ask for anything
else except your mother’s life. I don’t want anything
except my mother’s life. Both of you can leave
this place. – Go. Lord, the matter is getting
complicated. I am Yam. Yam is me! Lord, the need is ours. If we spare just one life,
what harm will it cause? I can give any boon
except his mother’s life. Then I’ll keep my eyes closed.
You touch this boy’s feet. I am Yam! What else is there to do? You are
asking him to ask for any other boon. And the boy is saying
he doesn’t need any.. .. other boon except for his
mother’s life. Then how’ll this matter be
settled? I have got an idea. – What? It seems from the boy’s words that
his mother’s life has come to an end. If you take her life.. .. then he’ll be compelled to
return us the book. No, that will be against religion. And until I have a look at.. .. the predictions & come to know
about the scheduled time of.. .. death for somebody, I don’t
have any right on his mother’s life. My Lord! Please hand over the book to
me, boy. I’ll be always grateful. No, I won’t give you.
– How stubborn he is. Chitragupt, try to convince him
with some temptations What can I do, my Lord? Both of you Akkum Bakkum. What do you mean?
– He is asking us to leave the place. I am Yama!
– Let us go. Let us go. Let us go.
We won’t succeed here. Lord, please come. Come. Suraj, I think we should shift the
book to another place There is no need for that. Let it
be here. Nobody will doubt on it It is safe in here. Yes. How will we solve the matter
and get the book of prediction? I am also not having any idea. Old papers buyer! Old books buyer! Old papers buyer! Hey, old papers buyer! What is the price you are
offering. – Rs 3 per kg. Increase the price. – I won’t. Then forget about it. Old papers buyer!
– I have got a great idea. What? If it’s so, then rush for
it immediately. Old papers buyer! Waste papers, Rs 100 per kg. 100 rupees per kilogram! 100 rupees per kg! Good that I
didn’t sell to him for Rs 10 Ragpicker, wait, I have lots
of old newspapers & books Only you are not clever human,
I also know a bit of cleverness 10 kgs. 10 kilograms;
brother, it is 10 kilograms. Now give me 1 thousand rupees.
– Take this. Have you counted? – Take all,
even if it is surplus. Take this. – What’s that? I got a strange ragpicker. He was offering Rs 100 per kg.
And I sold all the old papers What? – Yes. And the book there.
– I have sold everything. How long is it since he has
left? – He left just now Pandu, let’s move. Thief! Catch him! Thief! Catch him! Suraj, the sack having
the predictions.. .. have reached another person. What will we do now? Come. Check it! Check it! Where will you escape? Leave me. What’s all these? Come straight to the police station.
– Leave me. Where have you brought me? – Okay. Where have you brought me? Look! Sir, he was smuggling Ganja. We
caught him red handed. Stupid man! What is Ganja? This sack has
books only & a great book too Lower you voice. It’s my duty to
protect the citizens. Until I turn all the smugglers to
beggars, I’ll not rest in peace. Open it. What’s there is the sack?
– Books Are you mad to call these
Grass as books? How have the books become
grass? You? – Yes me. I told you
about our lost book that day. We had found it. It
was in this sack! But how did it turn into leaves? You are trying to fool people.
You have dared to smuggle.. .. in the area of such a
strict police inspector. – Yama. What did he say? – Yama! Is he insane? When people are about
to be beaten, they call out, mama! Why are you saying Yama? Are you trying to fool me? I will.. – Yama! I am Yam! – He’s arrived. Who is he? – He is my Lord. What does he do? He is the one who takes breaths
out of one’s body. What does he think of me? He
is trying to terrify me! When he told me that the book
having the hit-list was lost.. .. I hold myself somehow. But
now he has brought the killer. What could be his background? Shut up. Greeting, lord. – Dhum tata Lord, he is beating me. Lord, we will fry him in
boiling oil! – Certainly. Lord, we will put 1 lakh
hot mice in his body. – Sure. One more request.
Please give his head to me. I’ll play it as a football. – Sure. Sure. What happend, sir? Sir, what’s the matter? Why are you crying
like this, Sir? Who are these two,
guru and disciple? They say that they will
fry me in boiling oil! That they will poke 100000
needles in my body! That they will cut off my head
and play football with it! What do they consider me as? OK, today either I’ll be here, or
they. Go & first tie that disciple. Then I’ll think about the other. Go. – Okay, sir. How are you feeling now?
– I am having great delight. It feels as if I am flying
in the clouds. In clouds? – Yes. I am flying. You.. – Yama! You.. I am Yam! Lord. Hold it. These are cartidges, not pea-nuts. No. Listen to me.. Stop. This is bomb. No. No. He’ll die now. He’ll die now. I am Yam! – Let’s go Lord. So you have decided to shower
1 lakh rupees on us for tea. Where did you get so much of money?
– Why do you need to know that? If you want,
I’ll give you 1 lakh more Spit on that. Tell me where did
you get all that money? I’ll not tell you -You
won’t tell me? Why are you beating him? Now tell me -I won’t tell.
If I reveal that my mother will die. If you don’t tell me, then you
will be dead. Move! Now you all decide about him. Lord, that wicked man is beating
that helpless boy so mercilessly.. .. out of his greed for the
predictions. Let him get beaten up more. He
has also made us suffer a lot. This is suitable punishment for him. Now you will tell me. I won’t tell you. Lord, if anything happens to him,
then we will never know.. .. where the book is. Then we will have
to stay here for good. Then we will have to save him.
– Don’t delay. Please save him. But Chitragupt, the question
is, how do I save him? Do you want me to fight with
these petty creatures Won’t it be an insult to me. – Lord,
why do you need to trouble yourself? There is the soul of a fighter
named Bruce Lee in Heaven. Call the soul and put it in his body. That’s really great! Dhum tata, Bruce Lee Get into that boy’s body and
finish all those wicked ones. Run! Mother! Lord, I have always seen you
putting man’s body in red-hot oil. I am feeling quite
strange to see you.. .. rubbing oil to a man’s
wounds today How did you bear so much beatings? For my mother. So much love for your mother! Great is that mother who
has given birth to a son like you. I am also feeling like.. .. visiting your mother and have
some food prepared by her. But she should not come to
know about your identity I will tell her that some goons
were beating me on the road And you saved me. – OK Mother, please consider me as
your son too, & give me.. .. one handfull of food to me. You are like God to me, as
you have saved my son’s life. I have understodd everything today.
– What, my Lord? As to why Lord Vishnu took
incarnate as human again & again. Why? – To have affection-filled
food from the mother’s hand Madam.. We devtaas have done a great
mistake -What? We kept the nectar with us, but
gave the mother’s love to human. We became immortal and men
became blessed. Lord, it is very enjoyable. Please give your blessings May you live long! What have you done, my Lord? Your job is to take men’s lives.. .. not to give them life. Why did you bless her to live long? As soon as the food
given by that mother went.. .. in my neck, that blessings came
from me spontaneously. It happened without my knowledge. Whatever way be it, you have
blessed my mother to live long. Now please promise me that
you’ll not take my mother’s life I’ll return you the book
immediately. Impossible! I thought that it was
you whom I was blessing But ultimately you blessed my mother. So it is your religion
not to take my mother’s life. No such thing is written
in the religious scriptures. So what? We will’ve an amendment. Slowly! My body is so swollen
that it gives me great pain.. .. even by a tender touch. Now tell me why did you call me? That boy!
– Which one? That boy who is always after
you declaring his love.. .. has got a secret with him,
with the help of which.. .. he bought the golden palace &
crores of rupees. If you can bring me that secret.. .. then half of Bombay is yours,
& half mine Tell me straightway
what do I have to do? Your marriage took place
& finished like a drama You’ll have to enact the drama again. By becoming the daughter
in law of that house.. .. you have to bring me the.. .. secret of his great wealth. What’s there to enact a drama? I’ll get it out from his mouth
by giving him a good beating. – No. You should always solve the
problems peacefully The consequences of moving my
hands & legs are in your front OK, I’ll go to that palace as
daughter in law & get the secret If it happens like this, then area
from Nariman point to airport.. .. will come under you, & the areas
from airport to Panvel will be mine. Go & come back soon. – OK. Mother. Mother. Mother, please forgive me. I have
done a great mistake I refused a goddess like mother
& my lover and went off Please forgive this sinner and
make me your daughter in law I’ll always serve you like a
servant at your feet Come, you’ll only become my
daughter in law. Gopalji.. – Yes, madam. Show the room upstairs
to daughter in law (Bahu). – OK Come, dear. Suraj, -Mother, you talked to me! You are no more upset with me! Uncle, Pandu, my mother
has forgiven me Listen to me, dear. Daughter-in-law has
come -You mean, Lily? Yes, she is upstairs. Go & talk with her. I am going
to the temple. What are you waiting for? Go &
meet her. I’ll just be back Akkum Bakkum, lily. Lily!
– Move away! I am dead! She feels shy! Please tell me for
once that you love me, Lily I.. no, I can’t!
– Oh! Again she is feeling shy! Please speak to me lovingly! I.. Iove.. you.. “My heart was longing for you
for so long impatiently” “My love, I was just
waiting for you” “My heart was longing for you
for so long impatiently” “My love, I was just
waiting for you” “Our love is young now
& we are lost in it” “Our eyes will move
around from here to there” “Our eyes will roam
from here to there” “My heart was longing for you
for so long impatiently” “My love, I was just
waiting for you” “My heart was longing for you
for so long impatiently” “My love, I was just
waiting for you” “Our love is young now
& we are lost in it” “Our eyes is going around
around from here to there” “Our eyes roams
from here to there” “How will I tell you how
thirsty I was?” “I was thinking about you
every moment” “How will I tell you in what
condition I was?” “I was also looking for you
every moment” “I got you & it made my
life playful” “It has removed all pains
from me” “Look at me, my love” “I am immersed in love” “My heart was longing for you
for so long impatiently” “My love, I was just
waiting for you” “My heart was longing for you
for so long impatiently” “My love, I was just
waiting for you” “Our love is young now
& we are lost in it” “Our eyes is going around
around from here to there” “Our eyes roams
from here to there” “Go away, you are not aware
my” “I am getting scared of love.” “Come to me, my love.” “Let my eyes kiss your eyes.” “You have my oath,
leave me” “Don’t act out of
that impatince” “My love, the time is youthful” “Let me know through your lips” “I had faith on your ways” “I was only waiting for
you, my love” “I had faith on your ways” “I was only waiting for
you, my love” “Our love is young now
& we are lost in it” “Our eyes is going around
around from here to there” “Our eyes roams
from here to there” “Our eyes is going around
around from here to there” “Our eyes roams
from here to there” Leave me. You hold me in such a
way as if you will almost.. .. broke few of my bones.
– Doesn’t matter. I’ll join them Huh! Joining them -Truth is that
now you have come in line I’ll ask my mother to find an
auspicious day for marriage Our eyes roams
from here to there Will you tell me how did you
become a billionaire so soon? This is a secret. I’ll not reveal
to anybody It means you don’t love me. – What
connection does it have with love? One who is loved
is never kept in dark. Is it so?
Then I’ll tell you everything. I have got a book, the name
of which is Predictions. All the future events
are written in it. Like which horse will win the race.. .. what number will
click in the lottery. I just followed
the book & became a billionaire I see! Then please give me the book. I can’t give you that book. Why? – Because it has my
mother’s life secret in it If it goes away from my hands,
then her life will be in danger If you don’t give me the book,
then I won’t marry you. What are you speaking?
– I am speaking the right thing You’ll have to decide one thing
today, whether you love your.. .. mother or me.
– I love both of you. You, as well as mother. – No. You’ll have to choose one between us. Think properly. Anyway, that old
lady’ll live for just a few days You raised your hands on me!
You will have to decide right.. .. now whether you
want Lily or your mother. What’s there to decide? It has
already been decided by my slap I just want my mother. Do you
consider yourself to be so beautiful? If I throw bundle of notes, I
can buy thousands of girls like you. Shut up. If I want to get married, I will
get many girls like you. But I can’t get a mother after
spending all the wealth of.. .. the universe. You won’t get
the mother’s love I place my mother in my heart,
and worship her And you want me to leave her
for an ordinary girl like you No, I am not that mean. Now
get out from here Suraj, -Don’t talk! Do you know
what a mother is? God can’t be in every house. So
He created mother for each home If you want to know the respect
of mother, go & ask your mother Or else ask this question to your
children when you become one. They will tell you what a mother is! I regret that I gave my heart to
such a girl who doesn’t know.. .. what mother means. Now
go off from here. Suraj, please listen to me Suraj, listen to me. Suraj, leave me. Suraj. Suraj. What are you doing, suraj? Suraj, no. Tell me what secret have you
brought from the golden palace? I have learnt the greatest secret
of my life. The son who loves.. .. his mother so much, he’ll love
his wife also the same way I have learnt this secret that the
husband who has the heart of.. .. a son, his wife will be
very fortunate. And the greatest secret is that,
I’ll never get happiness in my.. .. life, if I chose some other as
my husband than Suraj Hey, you!
– Yes, guru? This girl left this place like a
snake. But before giving a bite.. .. she herself got a bite. It
seems that boy has played.. .. some magic on her. He has certain chanting with him. I need that chanting. I’ve decided a plan for that. Little master, while I & madam
were coming back from the.. .. temple, Chota Ravan’s goons
attacked us & kidnapped her Where? – To his place. And
asked you to go there as soon Why are you taking the tension?
Nothing will happen to her I have just tied her up. Do you
know why I did all these? You gave me 1 lakh rupees to
have tea Please release my mother I’ll leave her. But tell me how
did you decide the palace? Even if I have to accept death,
I’ll not tell you that secret I’ll get it from your mouth Don’t touch my mother!
Don’t touch my mother! I will kill you! Leave. You dared to hit my mother! You dared to hit my mother! Mother. Mother. You decided such a big trouble
for such a small trouble? You raised your hands on
Chota Ravan NO, please leave him No. Suraj. Tell him the secret, Suraj If I tell him that, No, mother
I can’t reveal that. Then I’ll decide this old woman.
– Chhota Ravan, don’t beat my mother! What else do I do,
if I don’t hit her? No! Don’t beat mother! No. I’ll tell you. I’ll tell
you everything Tell me. Come here. Hey! Bring him here! Speak up! I have a book with me, where
everyone’s future is written in it And I have become a billionaire
with the help of that. – Really. Then give me the book
immediately Don’t beat her. I’ll bring
you the book Now you have come to line. I will keep beating her until
you bring that book. If you want your mother to be alive,
go & get the book. Go. Go. – No. Now you’ll have to take out the
book to save your mother As soon as you take out the
book, I’ll snatch it away We will certainly snatch it! ‘Now you have come to line.’ ‘I will keep beating her until
you bring that book.’ ‘lf you want your mother to be
alive, go & get the book.. ‘ ‘Go. Go. – No.’ Why have you stopped?
Go ahead & take out the book Otherwise that sinner will make
your mother suffer It’s better for your mother to
be dead instead Because, as per the rule of the
Creator, one who takes birth.. .. has to die one day. Your
mother has put me in debt She has fed us. We’ll keep her
in Heaven like our own mother Have faith on me. Yamraj, I have tried a lot to
save my mother But I’ve now realised that it’s
not in my hands to save her Still give me a chance to save
her from that wicked fellow. What do you mean? – I’ll rescue
my mother by giving the book.. .. to Chota Ravan. Then you
snatch away the book from him That’s a great plan. Please
accept it, Lord No, I can’t accept that -Lord,
today is the last day As soon as the Sun sets, the
time given by Brahmadev to us.. .. will be finished. And we will
have to live here for good Please agree to him now. Once
the book comes to your hands.. .. you will able to take his
mother’s life easily I liked that advice. Go & give the book to Chota Ravan I’ll get the book from him
by torturing him to death Go. Our problem is solved at the end
of all the troubles now Come. Take this. OK, take your mother. I have become the most powerful
rougue of the country now What’s the meaning of Your
game is finished from today Fool, it’s meaning is that it is
Brahmadev’s decision This is the same person who
had beaten us with Gada Brother, today he is
wearing a crown also! Let’s run away. Are you scared of these actors? Wicked man, give the book to me
without much fuss Do you think it to be your
father’s property? I have got it after lot of tricks.
I’ll not give this to you.. .. even at the cost of my death If you don’t give me the book,
you’ll die anyway Shut up. Shut up. What are you waiting for?
Beat both of them to death Let’s go. – Let’s go. They have come to fight with us.
Please show some miracles. – OK. Hold this noose. Hold this mace. – As you wish, Lord. What’s this?
From where did this bow appear? Has he done some magic? Please apply the Fire-arrow.
They will be decimated. Will you get me some
ice-cream? -Leave that Think about the book of
predictions first I am Yam! What’s this? I saw this kind of
thing in Mahabharat teleserial Fire has come out of it.
Let’s run away Run! Run! Run! Run! Run! You decided that way,
I decided this way ‘Halt Halt! Halt Halt! ‘ ‘Halt Halt! Oh my darling,
give me a look’ ‘Halt Halt! Oh my darling,
give me a look’ ‘My heart beats for you
It pines for you’ ‘Both your anger & ways
are unique’ Now I’ll apply the snake
arrow on them “My mind is swaying;
my body is swaying!” “I have lost the peace of my mind.” “Who is playing the flute?” What’s this? Men have started
dancing in front of my arrow Lord, apply the rain-arrow now.
They won’t be able to stand it Certainly. “The rain is falling pitter-patter!” “The rain is falling pitter-patter!” “A girl winked at me; I fell down!” All my weapons have gone waste
What will I do now? Men have become very clever. Then, what shoud I do? Lift your Gada and put your
strength into use Attack! No. No. – Give me. No. – No? I now understood the meaning of
the prediction for me. Why did you do it? You are great, my Lord. We have
got back the book of predictions Should we start our duties now? You are under arrest. Don’t move. How far will you run
away from us? Chitragupt, make sure by having
a look at the prediction.. .. whether his mother’s life is
finished or not. So that I can take her life by
throwing the lace here itself As you wish, my Lord Lord, the page on which his
mother’s death was written.. .. has been torn off by him. You are great, son. You have
faced so much trouble.. .. to save your mother’s life.
I am pleased with you The day on which Brahmadev
made me bless her with.. .. long life, the same day He had
given her 100 years of life The words were mine, but the
voice was Brahmadev’s We are nothing in front of
Brahmadev’s decisions Mother! Salutations, Mother! “Your smile is like a flower,
You’ll become my identity!” “You have to bring the stars
from the sky to the earth.” “You have to become the
king of this world & show me.” “You have the mother’s blessings
that you’ll prosper in life.” “And tread the life of truth.”


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