Tarun Idi Naa Love Story Movie Theatrical TRAILER | Oviya Helen | 2018 Latest Telugu Movie Trailers

This is my love story. Are you Dr. Shruthi? 99% out of 100. Are you Abhiram?
– 100%. I saw you. Liked you. I thought it would be great if I fall in love with you. We have a heart, right?
Is it possible to stop falling in love? “How long is this wait?” “I have missed you all this while..” “I have to say ‘I love you’.
Come closer to me..” Just get married. You will be the apple of our eyes. I will hold you tightly.
Will you do wheeling? Why don’t you take a guy’s proposal positively? A guy’s love is like a slow poison.
I know it very well. I considered the attraction
towards you, as love. But, now I realise the difference
between love and life. Why should only guys be the Devdas? Let’s try to be for once. There is a big queue for free visiting.
There is a small queue for Rs.50/- ticket. If it is Rs. 500, they send us even inside the sanctum sanctorum. If we give Rs. 5000, they bring
the deity to our home! But, though we give them a lifetime,
these girls will always make us wait. Idi Naa Love story

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