Taylor Swift & Scooter Braun drama! What really happened?

Taylor Swift is officially the biggest artist
of the decade and is in the top 10 on Billboard’s list of greatest artists of all time. So I
would expect that the industry people would treat her like such a big artist should be
treated. But she still doesn’t have the rights to songs from her five albums, and
we have another part of the drama between Taylor and her previous record label now owned
by Scooter Braun. And honestly, at this point, everything is a little bit confusing. Who
is in the right? Which celebs supported Taylor? Stay with me for a recap of the Taylor Swift
and Scooter Braun drama and decide which side is telling the truth.
So I need to do a throwback because this whole Taylor and Scooter thing started back in July.
That’s when Taylor on her Tumblr reacted to the news that Braun had bought the Big
Machine record label where the singer started her career as a country star. So now Braun
owns the masters to all six of Taylor’s albums, which means that he makes money off
every stream or purchase of any song Taylor had released until 2017. Now, when the news
about Scooter acquiring the label broke, Taylor wrote a blog post explaining her situation.
She revealed that for years she tried to gain the rights to her art back but all she was
offered was another deal with the label and earning one album back for every new one she
released. Taylor said that Braun owning her music was
her worst case scenario because he is a manipulative bully. She’s talking about that massive
drama that went down between her and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West after his song Famous was released.
If you don’t remember, it included misogynistic lyrics about Taylor and a nude wax figure
of her was used in the music video. There were also some leaked phone calls and snake
emojis involved. Well, at the time of that drama Scooter was Kanye’s manager and was
involved in the making of the Famous video. So can you see why she just doesn’t want
to be associated with Braun? But now Taylor’s battle with Scooter Braun
and Scott Borchetta, the founder and CEO of the Big Machine Label Group reached a new
level. The singer took to her social media to write a message to her followers ahead
of her performance at the 2019 American Music Awards where she will receive the Artist of
the Decade Award. Did you know that she’s won more AMAs than anyone this decade? And
as she got 5 nominations this year, she has the chance to break Michael Jackson’s record
for most wins, who owned 24 awards. And Taylor’s no stranger to breaking records because last
year she made history as the female artist with the most AMAs wins, surpassing Whitney
Houston. For the occasion of this year’s ceremony,
Taylor was planning to perform a medley of all of her hit songs. But there’s one big
problem. She doesn’t know “what else to do.” That’s how she captioned the post
that she wrote to her fans in which she described the situation she’s in. So Taylor claims
that Scott Borchetta and Scooter Braun said that she wasn’t allowed to perform her old
songs on television because, according to them, that would be re-recording of her music
before she’s legally allowed to next year. Besides that, Taylor was forced to reveal,
and this wasn’t how she planned on telling her fans, that Netflix had created a documentary
about her life for the past few years. She said that Scott and Scooter had rejected the
use of her older music or footage of performances for that project even though there’s no
mention of either of them or of Big Machine Records anywhere in the movie. That’s not
all because Borchetta told Taylor’s team that they’ll let her use her music only
if she does the following things. The first thing was that the singer had to agree to
not re-record the copy versions of her songs next year. And that by the way is something
she’s legally allowed to do, and something she’s looking forward to.
Another thing was that they needed Taylor to stop talking about them. Because of that,
she thought that sharing what was happening to her could change something for other artists
and maybe help them avoid being in a similar situation. She also felt like the message
that was sent her way was “be a good little girl and shut up” or you’ll be punished.
This definitely is wrong. Neither of these men in no way contributed to the writing of
those songs. They weren’t the 14 year old Taylor who wrote most of these lyrics in her
bedroom and they did nothing to create the relationship Taylor has with her fans.
That’s why Taylor knew she could ask her army of Swifties for help. She asked her fans
to let Scott and Scooter know how they felt about this whole situation. She didn’t have
to wait long because soon #IStandWithTaylor started trending on twitter. Taylor even mentioned
the artists who Scooter manages and who apparently cared about the treatment of fellow musicians.
She hoped they could help by sharing their thoughts. Yes, this is about you, Ariana and
Demi. I’m not gonna mention Justin Bieber because we know he sides with Scooter. At
the end, Taylor added that all she wanted was to be able to perform her own music. She
said she’d tried to resolve this issue privately through her team but it didn’t work out.
Is this really how it was? I’ll tell you in a moment
Just like she asked, Taylor got the support of her famous friends. Obviously, Selena Gomez
took to Instagram to write a long post defending her best friend while not caring about possible
consequences. She said that in her opinion it was greed, manipulation and power and the
lack of respect for the words her friend had written since she was 14 years old. Also,
Camilla Cabello wrote a post in which she said that it felt heartbreaking that the world
was being robbed of something important when Taylor couldn’t sing her life’s work.
Other artists who supported Taylor were Halsey, Brendon Urie and his wife, Todrick Hall who
used to be managed by Scooter and the member of Taylor’s girl squad, Gigi Hadid. Do you
think that the support coming from all these celebrities can change something in Taylor’s
case? While Taylor fearlessly stood up to these
industry men, Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta wouldn’t give up so easily. That’s because
later the Big Machine Label Group released their side of the story and they basically
implied that Taylor is a liar. They said that her statements were based on false information
and they never said that that she couldn’t perform at the American Music Awards and they
didn’t block her Netflix special because they don’t have the right to keep her from
performing anywhere. And look at this! They said that they’re not stopping her from
performing ANYWHERE instead of saying for instance “we never said you couldn’t perform
your old songs.” Are they trying to be sneaky? WHAT are they trying to hide?
Anyway, the statement then says that since Taylor’s decision to leave Big Machine last
fall, the label has been following her requests to give a licence to her catalog to third
parties as she promotes her current album Lover. By the way, they don’t have any income
from it because this album was released through her new label. Then Big Machine’s statement
accused the singer of owing millions of dollars and multiple assets to the company. And as
TMZ had reported, apparently Taylor owes them $7 million. What’s more, the company claims
that they’ve been trying to meet with her privately in order to solve the situation
in some way but instead Taylor made the decision to involve her fanbase what apparently was
a calculated move that was a danger for their employees and their families.
At the end of the statement, Big Machine said that the narrative Taylor created just didn’t
exist and all they asked for is a direct and honest conversation. And when that happens,
she will see that they have nothing but respect, kindness and support waiting for her. As they
claim, up until now not one invitation to speak and work with them through this has
been accepted. I’m so confused at this point. What is the truth here?!
As if that wasn’t confusing enough, Taylor’s representative released a new statement to
fire back at the statement from Big Machine. This is too much but let’s get into this.
So Taylor’s rep revealed a message that was sent to her team on October 28 by the
Vice President, Rights Management and Business Affairs from Big Machine Label Group. It literally
said that the label wouldn’t agree to “issue licenses for existing recordings or waivers
of its re-recording restrictions” in connection to these two projects: the Netflix documentary
and the Double Eleven event in China. Well… that’s interesting.
The rep then clarified the message and called out the label’s lies. So to avoid any arguments
over rights, at the Double Eleven event Taylor performed 3 songs off her new album Lover
because the label felt that any live performance of catalog songs violated the agreement. The
rep later said that just the other day Scott Borchetta denied the request for both American
Music Awards and Netflix. And in their statement, Big Machine never denied the claims Taylor
made in her post. They just wanted to make this about money by saying that she owed them
but in fact, it’s been determined that they owed Taylor nearly $8 million of unpaid royalties
over a few years. Alright, this is a mess! Do you think what Taylor’s representative
revealed is true? This is what happened in the Taylor Swift
vs Big Machine battle so far. And now there have been reports that Scooter Braun is pretty
annoyed with Scott Borchetta. Why? It’s because he’s not happy with the way Scott
handles things related to Taylor and her music catalog. Scooter doesn’t run Big Machine
or have operational control of the company so he hadn’t taken part in these negotiations
and his name is still being dragged. What is more, an insider claims that Braun has
been trying to reach the singer but she hasn’t returned his calls. And he claims that the
fight with Taylor is something he doesn’t agree with. He’s quite changed his tone
since July. Do you believe in Scooter’s good intentions?
One more thing. What does the situation with Taylor re-recording her songs look like? While
talking about the release of her seventh studio album Lover, Taylor said that this album was
really special to her because it’s the first one that she would own. She also confirmed
that her contract says that starting November 2020 she can record the albums one to five
all over again and she’s very excited about it.
Are you also excited that Taylor Swift will be able to re-record her music? Who do you
think is telling the truth in this battle? Do you believe that Taylor has been wronged
or is she just playing the victim? Let’s talk about it in the comments and don’t forget
to subscribe to our channel to stay up to date with CurioSips! See you next time!


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