tc talks: what is two-way theatre?

Hello, welcome to the first of our tc talks, this is a Tuesday regular thing we’re going to do through the season where I’m going to spout off on whatever’s on my mind. So, on my mind at the moment is ‘two way theatre.’ It’s a phrase that I came up with in passing last year in conversation and it’s suddenly seemed to us to be really a rather useful term for what makes theatre special, why theatre is different and in many ways better than anything else you could do to entertain yourself. It’s really important to me, I have two kids, they’re 21 and they’re 18, and they use their phones and their internet and all of the rest of it to find out where the real human thing is happening and I love that because that’s why they love to come to theatre and that’s why lots of young people love to come to the theatre. I was noting the other day: everyone young is a theatre lover. You never meet a kid, aged 5 or 6 who doesn’t love the theatre. And a lot of them are already using TV and internet and pads and all the rest of it. So, there’s no danger that theatre’s going to become obsolete because it’s absolutely hardwired into us. We still want to be in a room with people. And that’s the way we’re working this year, we’re trying to get a company of actors together and a company of directors who really don’t just want to do a play at you, they want to do a play with you, and they want to talk with you and feel the energy that you bring into the room with you So, two way theatre is really just a way of saying that there’s nothing like theatre and that theatre is live, and what do we need most in the world nowadays? To remember that we’re alive.

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