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start by asking the question i think is
on everyone’s mind it’s the white elephant in the room doesn’t listen to
record use a private email server like a big story on a bad idea obviously people have compared the
character to hillary Clinton has no going to second season you’re probably
hoping that that sort of days away but considering that her tenure as Secretary
of State is so much in the news how do you deal with those comparisons in the
beginning I really trying to move away from that question just by the whole
thing I’m I was focused solely on kissinger obviously yeah I thought it
was clear but and then as you know the truth is we’ve had three very impressive
female secretaries of state and and i’ve been stealing from each three fairly
equally and and Hillary you know I mean it’s it’s it’s not bad thing in life
time somebody come up with a hairy doin hillary was way too many trained in all
I think we’re just exploded quote we do you guys think about you try to avoid
making sort of obvious parallels or is it just out there and you just kind of
deal with it as it comes don’t think is right I was really so
focused on trying to create a secretary of state that was their own creation for
TV and I did read all of their stories and pay attention to their particular
styles they all have very different styles and I took a little bit from each
of them but you know it’s enough of a challenge to try to create our own
original character and that’s what we’re all focused on ya so tell your sort of famous for turning
down projects and you decided to say yes to this one why did this one appeal to
you and and change your mind about wanting to do another TV series of the
stage by the way that this sort of came to me you know well a strong female
character who’s a bit of a fish out of water I tended gravitate towards that
end and it was a new Morgan had worked together along time ago and seeing his
name right of the front I knew that I would be protected organization great
feminist and I knew that he would help us protect don’t know that the integrity
of this character and that was really important and then I read the thing and
I was knocked out by Berbers writing and I love not only the political aspects
but also this relationship that was gonna be between Henry and Elizabeth
this idea of seeing very powerful woman with you know husband character who was
somebody so strong and Israel ego and as I don’t know that he could be alongside
whether we haven’t seen that I thought it was very interesting so that was it
was sort of close to a no-brainer and I guess for me I just know after I read it
and then I couldn’t not do it that’s how I kinda tend to back into projects due
this one and Barbara Lori what made you think of 10 on the attacks are also was
involved in the decision as well me what made you think you’ll be right for this
kind of role well I’m here for a long time especially I met her one-time
quickly on a deep impact and there was just a strength is gone guys got like everyone on set loves her
all the women on the man she really makes everyone comfortable she walks in
we call it you know she’s number one on the call sheets of everyone’s a little
differential but he makes everyone feel like we’re on number one on the show and
it’s really great woman to be around in a real on this night and I can just add
when I said Morgan unit after was thinking of tea leoni this is Morgan did
and how important factor was achieved health powerful women behind the scenes
as well on on this project very absolutely and and and it’s proven to be
as important and impactful as well as I thought yeah there’s a guy with each
other on personal experiences of what it is to be coming up and not just in this
industry but in this world and it’s this is a really great experience I have to
say I’m really get a kick out of you you do have a theory on the Showtime and
that you are the husband of the secretary of state what appealed to you
about about taking on this character when they initially approached about
well two things that the first is sort of a superficial thing that I’ve never
seen a professor of religion portrayed on television before I thought that was
fascinating and that lent a lot of sort of death and layers to the relationship
and the relationship of someone who is dealing with a geo-political affairs all
the time because unfortunately a lot of our conflict around the globe globe
remain conflict of religion and I thought that
he would have a particular insight into those things but more than that I this
may be sort of a contrary point of view but I saw Henry is kind of the primary
role model in this show because I think we have seen in real life a lot of
strong women who’ve been secretary of state we’ve seen a lot of strong women
on television but to see a guy who is confident enough not to sabotage his
wife but to be able to say you know go girl be as big as you can be I’ll be
right here doing my own thing I thought was a really great message for men who
dichotomy here in a sense is this political woman shoes in politics after
very high browse she’s married to this professor of ethics religion and they
never run counter to each other as a result of that as a matter of fact they
seem the weave together sorry minister to work in the foreign policy stuff into
the the home life and home life in the foreign policy suffered a look at a clip
in a minute of a breakfast table seemed has been kind of iconic for the show
that you know just as they’re getting ready for their day they’re also dealing
with these you know where it matters how do you kind of nitrate that out how much
of each to kind of put into each episode from the beginning I really had this
approach that I called the three-pronged approach to storytelling which is that
every episode I wanted to have an international event i wanted to have a
story about inner office politics which i think are pretty universal I wanted to
show that you know even in the state department people are unhappy about
their parking place their office you know and then I wanted to put that in
context of family life because early on I was talking to Lori Morgan about it
and I said this story is really only interesting in full context and we all
were in agreement about that this is the Secretary of State story when she also
has to go home and deal with what she has to deal with where she’s dealing
with president United States in the morning and the president of pgm in the
evening is sort of you know the context we wanted to give it and so we’re very
devoted to to serving all of those aspects of the storytelling


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