Teachers & Teens Take A High School Geography Test

hi my name’s Christina I’m a sophomore at UCLA my name is Salani and I am a science teacher hi I’m Ryan I’m a teacher I teach primarily math and English I’m the hall I’m a third year at UCLA i tutor NOAA USDA also tutor at UCLA this is teens versus teachers taking the same geography quiz who’s smarter oh I think I’m a C in geography I’m not really I mean I know the general map of the world and places but I don’t remember doing that great class I would give myself c-minus I think I could pass but it’s like bare minimum passing so we’ll see I don’t want to build myself up too bad and look like an idiot so I’m okay at geography I’m not gonna geography at all I’m probably gonna get a zero or negative score I’ll believe in yourself students in the US are terrible at geography I’m a student in the u.s. I’m terrible at geography I think that in the United States we don’t do a very good job of teaching anybody about anything outside of our like particular bubbles and it’s kind of like jarring and alarming coming from like being a student LAUSD we were really focused on like sciences and math so like if you asked me where Chicago is I have no idea like honestly I feel like New York isn’t office inside of Chicago so you know coming from me we never really stressed that in school so are you ready I’m so ready darling okay what are three of the five major inhibited US territories inhibited can I get a addiction inhabited I’m skiing how I said inhibited see that already fail I got one I’m like trying to interpret the term territories it could mean a few different things I feel like so I’m trying to think like what they mean by major inhabited US territories and there’s also connotation there of their being uninhabited US territories so my mind’s going there but I don’t think there are any of those I don’t know I’m getting too deep yeah you got a lot out of that question I was like I’m trying to get the first one down here on the paper next one what is the world’s smallest country by area into Tulsa City yeah this is you guys are tricky there’s a lot of small countries it’s not the US that’s that’s a continent yes I have an idea but I don’t know if it’s exactly right but it’s gotta be close let’s go on to the next one which of the following US states has the shortest coastline Alaska California Florida or Maine oh my god those all sound like they have ample coastline yeah okay all right there’s a trap door here somewhere I just I can’t find it Alaska I feel like is like 3/4 covered with it yeah like it’s surrounded rather yeah California so like long and narrow it seems pretty long but Florida is like got the wraparound you know I guess if you’ve straightened that out would it be longer than California’s I don’t know and then man that’s you know get into the Northeast I don’t know a lot about that area okay what is the capital of Turkey that’s it yeah this one I’m pretty sure I know all right we’re on the same page maybe we both got one point hope I’m right what are the official language of Brazil no that’s amazing yeah okay hopefully oh yeah oh my god I spoke too soon there could be a trick there what what’s the official link of the United States of America English there isn’t one goddamn okay yeah I think I don’t name four countries that border France I gotta like close my eyes and like envision a map let’s see is it bad if I don’t know Frances I would say it’s not good I don’t know anything I really don’t know anything can you name the continent that Frances on did better than some people would okay I’m just gonna name any countries I know in the same continent what country would you find Mount Kilimanjaro Jordan Kenya Tanzania or turkey I know this one I’m gonna do just a little trick that I teach kids it’s called process of elimination we’re gonna say not that one I don’t think it’s that one okay how many countries have elected or appointed a female leader before the United States there’s definitely so many before the United States we’re so behind at least one right I can imagine it I don’t own the other country I have a good answer for this but it’s not the answer they’re looking for so I’m gonna go with it okay honestly I didn’t do too well on this out let’s see I feel terrible I don’t think I go one right I haven’t been in school for a long time and I teach a specific subject so so how much do you rate I’m grating myself on a curve so I got like three of them what about you I gave myself in a curve I’ve ever gotten three here okay so it’s a game okay I got one and a half points I got one and a half oh yeah ha ha so who’s smarter Donita one and three is a good number we’re tied yeah I’ll learn geography by traveling and having the ability to go to these places where I will look at the map I am this one I don’t think that’s gonna teach me anything but I will look at it even if I don’t look at it my students are gonna tell me here this is what it is in the cloud so I’m also upset that I got only two countries around France since I’ve been to France so I am a dumb-dumb I didn’t really defense and I got through so the lesson here is never go to France and you’ll know more about it yeah I feel like I definitely missed out on geography for sure I need to travel more but as a teacher I don’t make enough money so if I can get a little raise we can find out all these countries and borders and all that I need to be a flight attendant for a year boom that’s it you look like a flight attendant I do look like that’s what my mom told me but I would have to seek my nose piercing okay [Music]


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