Teairra Mari & Akbar’s Messy Drama Continues – Check Yourself: S5 E14 | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

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“Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood”… “Check Yourself”… Season five. You’ll be watching us… …watch the show… …for the very first time. You’ll be getting our natural
and honest reactions. We’re watching it… …with you. The scene y’all about to see is
Roccstar’s album release party that had more people crashing it
than were invited to it. ♪♪ Yes! Ooh, we cute! Who these bad bitches
on the carpet, though? We cute. Hold on, hold on, bro. This your album
release party, right? It’s my album release
party, for sure. Bro, how you gon’ have
Brooke hostin’ your
album release party? He messy. I like Roccstar.
He’s messy. I don’t even be caring about
what people be talking about. Anyway, I’ma go over here
and tend to my guests. What’s going
on here, bitches? Not “tend to my guests.”
You left me. Oh, here go your ass. You left me.
You left me in the trenches! You left me! Teairra! Ooh! Cleopatra in the flesh! Honey, you know. I appreciate you
for coming to my… party. Of course.
Thank you for having me. Helping me host. Yeah, so how you feel? Yeah. I see other people
on the flyer too. Right!
That was crazy! Right, everything’s crazy
to Roccstar. Well, Brooke got
on the flyer because Moniece passed
the hell out. So Brooke came in
and saved the day. Ooh! She was like, “Boom!” That mother(bleep)
was shine-tee. Shine, shine, shine. She looks bomb.
Go off, TT. I actually have that jacket
that Roccstar has on. This what gotta happen. What? You ain’t hit the red carpet.
Brooke, I seen you on the red carpet
over there from afar. I just do that.
You know what I’m saying? Oh, my mama. Well, let me take you
to the carpet! Y’all go ahead. I’ma go this way. Roc is the most messy man
on the Earth. That was real awkward. ♪♪ Hello, TT. Who are you? So, um, I came here because
you’ve been blowing up my phone. Turn up then, Sade. If that’s your husband,
why are you here talking to her and not talking
to your husband? Right. I already explained to you
that we were married and you tried
to tell me that we weren’t. Why is Teairra fighting for this
man when he got two other women and he tried to get
K. Michelle to join? ‘Cause the (bleep) is good. Is that Azbar’s wife? Yeah. I don’t know what it is,
but Akbar got some rowdy. These little females you got,
they not tryin’ to hear
that bull(bleep). Girl’s speaking from
her heart right now. You put out a lawsuit
on this man. Mm-hmm. You were still contacting him. Yeah, I was. You flew to my place,
Dallas. Mm-hmm. I don’t understand,
if you put out a lawsuit
on someone, why are you still
contacting him? This (bleep) got game. I was in love. You know what doesn’t
make sense to me? The fact that she dressed
like a milkmaid. Mary from the prairie out here
with this outfit on. She was on her way
to church. Oh, she… Woman, thou are loose. She needs to go ahead
and pray. You told me that you went there
to go get some (bleep). Oh, if that would’ve happened,
that would’ve been nice. What?! Ohh, (bleep)! Roccstar’s face is epic. A lot of women
are dumb in private. She openly admitted that girls
do dumb stuff in private, whatever the (bleep) that mean. Obviously he was trying
to bring you into our situation. But he never told me
about a situation. Like I said,
I would’ve never picked you. You’re not my type.
I would’ve never picked you. I would never be
in a situation. “I would’ve never
picked you”?! She came there looking to fight. So do they all
(bleep) together? Or he does separate girls
on, like, different nights? “You’re not my type.” So we’re done. We don’t have to hear
about this anymore? I don’t want to be
Sade’s type ever. And it’s done. And it’s done. Okay, bye, Sade! Bye, milkmaid! Bye! I pray that Teairra is over
with Akbar. But again, he might be
the best (bleep) she ever had in her life,
and when you get good (bleep), it’s hard to let go
of good (bleep). So if you haven’t let go
of that good (bleep), Teairra, I personally am not mad at you, ’cause good (bleep)
is hard to find. The next scene you’re about
to see are two dogs yapping at each other
about Teairra. ♪♪ Ugh. Mr. Narcissist himself. Flex. Akbar looking good. Here come Roccstar
looking like a ninja. A rich, bougie ninja. You know who I am? Who are you? I’m Roccstar.
You know who that is? Roccstar? Yeah, you don’t
know Roccstar? Popstar, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah. Popstar? Hee-hee! It look like them guys was
meeting up to catch a fade, man. You’s a bitch.
What’s up? (bleep). What’s up?
You ain’t nobody!
What’s up? What’s up? Whoa! Security! Akbar is tall, he is buff,
and he got light eyes. I’m getting turned on by this. All you do is
pick on (bleep)! I’m pickin’ on you! You not pickin’
on no (bleep)! Came to pick on you! I will break your jaw, blood! “I will break your jaw.”
Ooh, what? This (bleep) is beyond me. I’ll beat the (bleep) out
of your (bleep) ass. What’s that little outfit
you got on? What’s up, blood? Shut up!
What are these? What is that? What are those? (bleep)! (giggling)
“What are those?” “What are those?” They talking about
the shoes, y’all. These are (bleep). Ain’t no (bleep). You’s a goofy. You putting out
sex tapes on (bleep). You know I gotta
do that (bleep). All some sneaking up. I like to see Roccstar
defending women instead of trying
to drag them into the ground like he’s normally doing,
so it’s nice to see you
turning things around, Roc. I’m pipin’.
I ain’t gotta do that. Man, you sneaking a bitch. You was watching the tape? (bleep) what you talking about. Bet you my pipe
is bigger than yours. He said his (bleep)
was bigger? Why y’all talking about (bleep)
and fashion? Whoa, pause.
Did he say, “I think my (bleep)
is bigger than yours?” That was kind of (bleep). He comparing pipe in the middle
of the argument with my boy. Leave my (bleep) Teairra
the (bleep) alone! It’s too long!
She can’t stay
too far away from me! I don’t know how you be
mind-(bleep) these (bleep), but I don’t give a (bleep)
about none of that! Leave that (bleep)
for the birds! Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah,
leave Teairra alone. I agree with that. Tell her don’t call
my phone. She ain’t gon’ call
your phone no more! Tell her stop calling. Trust me, she not
calling you no more. Tell her stop calling Daddy. Akbar is very sexy when he mad. I see why Teairra
ain’t left him alone, (bleep). What was funny is,
you two grown-ass (bleep) actually accomplished
looking like kids. It kind of seemed like
a bromance was kindling there. Like, “I kind of like
your shoes.” “I kind of like your style.” “Hey, man, I made a video
just like that too. I just don’t want
to tell nobody.” That’s what I think
is going on, but I’ma mind my business
this time.


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