Technical Theatre/Design and Stage Management at Point Park University

>>Kim Martin
I am production manager at the Pittsburgh Playhouse as well as the head of stage management program at Point Park
University. We have 19 shows per year so there are
lots of opportunities for a stage manager. >>Stephanie Mayer-Staley
As the head of design, I’m in charge of the design department at the Conservatory of Performing Arts
in the theater department. The design department encompasses or I oversee
the students who choose to study scenic design,
lighting design, costume design.>>Aaron Bollinger
I am an assistant professor here at the conservatory.
The sort of courses I teach are hand drafting,
computerated drafting, I also do a lot of stagecraft work, technical direction,
technical management, and technical design. Here at Point Park University we have the
Pittsburgh Playhouse, which is a set where we
run professional playhouse. I think that’s
a great opportunity for students. We do teach them in the classroom, but they have the
opportunity to work with professionals. The freshman and sophomore year are pretty much the
same for designers, stage managers, and technical production students. So, they all get that same foundation and after that, there’re many more electives where they can concentrate more in their specific. We’re a conservatory program so these students
really learn everything. They go through technical theater classes: intro to
lighting, intro to design, intro to stage management;
classes in their field as well as others. And then there are also the core classes with
the university; their academics. They do have an opportunity to minor if not double major
at the university. There are lots of performance opportunities within the university as well as
within Pittsburgh. It’s a big theater community. In my classes I try to encourage the students or
challenge the students to discover what’s within
them, ready to think for themselves, to create their own opinions, to be critical and
analytical. In theater, really the best teacher
is experience. >>Aaron Bollinger
There is a lot of practical hands on experience here
at this university that you don’t get anywhere else.


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