Teenmaar Telugu Full Movie | Pawan Kalyan, Trisha, Kriti Kharbanda | Jayanth Paranjee | Mani Sharma

Arjun Palwai. victorious in war… Michael Velayudam. going to war… Other than time and change in attires,
both look same like twins. this story begins from
their discussion. a secret which only a commander
tells another commander. Customer’s angry and hungry! Staff is angry here! Don’t know how God let such a small
waist carry so much weight up there! She went away!
– So what? That’s why l need food!
– You had itjust now, right? l need more! Why do you need her?
– l need someone to share my grief. l need a chefwho works! Young Boniya…lovely honey…
these ravishing girls are does… Lightning Maria…Chirpy Taniya…
all beautiful girls are around me… Shining Julia…Red Chelsea…
if you come closer. it’s a blast… Creative Cynthia…Freaky Liviya…
won’t she have fun with a wink? Take on me and let the secret of
fun be unraveled, baby… Let the fun open and flow like
a champagne bottle. baby… Damsel Maria…Rihanna Rosia breaking
into heart warming jig… Happy Ceciliajoins the fun riot
shaking a leg with me… Mother…Goddess mother… You still remember that song. son? How can he forget it? You sang in meeting the bride ceremony. you sang it in our marriage. you sang again in our honeymoon. you sang the same song again
in the cradling ceremony. this is our family song, l’ve found you a good job here with
a bank, come and join immediately. Bankjob? Very cheap. dad. Cheap? Unbearable to see a business
management student working as chef. Why are you cooking though
you’re a professor? This is just for fun.
Just Saturdays and Sundays only. lsn’t it? Me too! l’m also a cheffor fun
from Monday to Friday only. Look, l’ll not do any small jobs. lf l do work l’ll work as stockbroker with
New York Wall Street stock Exchange. and make 100 crores with
one or two deals. a small house in 200 acre farm. marry two good girls, have four kids. and retire happily. l’ll not work like you even
after crossing 60 years. l’ll live peacefully. You want two wives.
how can you get peace? l didn’t mean peace. dad.
l meant for my girl friend name. A month later… Who is the girl? Did you see the girl? l saw! She’s watching you! Shall l go? lt’s good. Not good? Leave it. We can do easily anything we like. New angle. but needs little
discussion on it. Shall we discuss it on dance floor? You can’t dance. Then, why do you do
what you don’t like? We must do anything we dislike
for someone we like. This is new angle. You’ve car? Why? Thought you’ll give me a ride.
– lf not? Would l give? May l drop you at home? Shall we’ve a coffee? The next day… Black coffee without sugar. yuck! To impress girls! Girls don’t get impressed
with black coffee. Then? They get impressed with cocktails. Ambition is to work as stockbroker with
Mason & Brickmann in New York Wall Street ls it good for men to cook? Teaching is much worse.
All women would be happy. Did you put Pisto?
– Yes sir. Yes sir. lfyou had put all these, by now the
aroma should’ve filled the room. l put everything as you said sir.
but it’s not baking yet sir. l think you should switch it on
along with all that. Remember it. Meera goes crazy when l speak
in ltalian, right? Will you bring all your
girl friends to this place? No. not all but only those l like. Three months later… Don’t know why? She’s after
old buildings and temples. lt’s known as art restoration.
please mom. You tell her at least. She wants to go to lndia next year. She’s going alone.
That’s what l’m worried. She’s innocent. don’t even know
to bite finger also. But she bit my tongue recently. What’s wrong with him? He’s talking on phone for
18 hours since he fell in love. After marriage he’ll not even
talk for ten minutes. l know it. Why?
Will love vanish after marriage? No need to worry if love goes.
start fearing. On the mention ofwife’s name.
happiness will fall like house of cards. Won’t you believe it? Please try to understand the situation. your wife is coming there, see! Where?- There! That’s love. this is marriage. Don’t you believe in marriage? You don’t have any idea
of marrying me. right? A year later… Okay. Good. take it. A pasta for me, please. Do l look like a cook without work?
Order it from hotel. What’s the evening plan?
– Why? Shall we meet at Waterfront? Will you pick me up? You come on your own. l’ll catch a bus. Do you believe in love. Meera? Woman’s name comes before
in married couples, man’s name comes before
in love couples. Not that Meera. you’ll go to
lndia in couple of days. and start dusting the
old buildings. so… l didn’t mean that. You’ll be busy with your
art restoration. if l call you four times,
you’ll call me only once. That ratio will grow slowly to
10:1. 20:1 and keep on growing, till one fine day.
when l’ll get a message from you. that. l’ve found someone special. l’ll go to the bar
have few pegs, abuse you and then rest on
another girl’s shoulder to weep. What are you trying to say now? That is…like ANR and Savithri
in the film ‘Devadas’, like Kamalahasan and Saritha
in the film ‘Marocharithra’. l’m a great lover to die for love. Come out clearly. l don’t think long distance
relationship will work out for me. What shall we do now? l too don’t know what to do. Shall we break? What? Shall we break? Why do you’ve to explain
so much for this? l didn’t think you’ll
understand so easily. Not only together, we are a
fantastic couple even while breaking up. Shall l drop you at airport? l own this restaurant. Why did you break up with that girl? What’s the problem? That’s my personal matter. She’s fine. right? She’s going to lndia.
– So what? The girl is ours till she’s with us,
no guaranty once she crosses the street. She’s crossing the sea now. At least send her off. She told me clearly not to come. That’s why l’m not going. There’s a famous song in Telugu.
You know? Women’s words have different meanings. My car is broken down. Not only my friends’ cars but cars
of people l know are broken down. But my car is in condition. Are you a dealer of Fevicol too
along with this hotel. You’re sticking like gum. l knew you would come. lfyou hadn’t come. l would’ve
gone to lndia in sober mood. Take it. l don’t have such habits. sir. No use in juts kissing always,
try something tender like flowers too. For me? Why is it Uncle? Though we meet so many times. why meeting the last time before
one leaves is so special? That small question
initiates a long story. Shall we go. sir? Who is she? The girl in midi moving in
slow motion before your eyes. ln a sari then? lt’s not a girl but a boy. l didn’t know you were that type. lt may be girl or boy
or between too. Not that. You both look same, look alike. l thought ifthere’s so much
style in sending off a girl. What did he do? You can barge into our personal lives,
but we mustn’t even ask about it. He’s my friend.
how can l tell about his life? l’m shameless.
l know you too are shameless. lnstead of behaving like gentlemen.
let’s discuss like men in lndia. Around 30 years ago, in Varanasi… Days when there weren’t TV’s or mobiles
to disturb men from talking to each other. Even newspapers were getting censored.
lt was suffocation everywhere. A rally was going on in
support of Jayaprakash. l saw him for the first time then. l can still remember it vividly, how a warrior looks before
winning over the enemy, he was just like that. Move away. you bloody!
Leave baton. if not you’ll pay dearly. Beat him…beat him to death. Look into his eyes and beat like this. Beat like this… Without your shiver
and without batting your eye. Fear is one thing which
is beyond country and time. lt’s there for you too notjust us. lfyou beat, we’ll shout.
if you kick. we’ll cry aloud, if you pierce with bonnets,
we’ll hack you to death. l’m warning you. your higher ups
and their higher authorities. don’t cross the line.
we’ll wipe you out, don’t mangle rights, we’ll trample you. Police will not leave it so easily. Angerwithout any reason.
love without honour. youth without any responsibility. is useless and waste. lt’s useless to live. Give it to the people it belongs. Not your name. her name. Vasumathi!
– Vasumathi? Rickshaw goes first and
his Bullet follows it. This scene went for about
a week or ten days. Escorting her to the class
and back to her home. Beautiful moon in a halfsari…
entered my heart ringing the bell… Born again as Nanduri’s Yenki…
with teasing eyes you’ve drowned me… l’m flowing like running river…
l’ve come out of dreams to search you… Youth has changed the relationship…
My heart is oozing sweetness… My life is seeking a partner…
Yearning for you is overwhelming me… My life is on high and my world is
shining after meeting you… Your thoughts are making
my heart to write poetry… My every cell is for you. my love…
my every step is towards you only… My heart never knew to raise
the pulse so dramatically… Your every thought is my victory
and touching the sky… The cuckoo call, which tells me
about your arrival is blessing us… Lightning light up the sky…
the breeze blows happily… Thinking about meeting you makes me
forget about tiredness… Motilal Vohra sweet shop is
in the market near Aparna Ghat. One can see the entire ghat from there. Watching women come and go sitting
there is free entertainment. Just order a tea every hour.
75 paise is enough. One tea. For four people…
– Just one tea. Vasumathi didn’t attend
dance class that day. we assembled there, l don’t Hitler’s office too wasn’t
so silent before attacking Poland. My grandma’s uncle dies, Vasumathi came there! First time l was making a bier. Must tie it little tighter
than tying for drying clothes. Because man wearing those clothes
would be heavier. right? Oh God! What am l to do now? Oh God! Do you’ve to die so early? Oh God! What am l to do now? Why didn’t you take me
also along with you? Stop it sister!
Do we also die along with the dead? Give me coffee.
my throat is dry solacing her. l don’t like such things. He too dear!
He never liked tea or coffee. Calm down sister! He lived for 70 years.
what would he do living few more years? Other than benefiting
doctors and medical shops. lf my family comes to know.
it won’t be nice. He toojust like that
hid everything from people. he hid his ailment
which ultimately killed him. He wanted chutney last night
and eat to his heart’s content. That’s what killed him! My family will stop me
ifthey come to know about this. Please stop following me. He used to catch my sari end
and follow me. Stop! Did you ever serve him food
which he liked? Said no to chicken because of heat. said no to mutton for indigestion, said no to fish because of bones. he dies with ulcers eating
chutneys all his life. At least spread a feast on his obsequies.
his soul will rest in peace. Okay. Bloody thing is stretching too long! No use offollowing women,
we must do what we think. Where’s my coffee? Give me 2.5 kgs. brother.
– Yes madam. She’s buying sweets. Take it, madam.
– How much?- Rs.10. lt’s packed! She’s paying now! Come. She’s leaving! Forgive me for hurting you. lt’ll never happen again.
l’ll never come to your dance class. Please don’t stop your studies. Study well. write exams well. After you pass. l’ll come and marry you. Marriage? Doesn’t know anything
other than her name. doesn’t know what she likes,
her habits. straight away marriage? What did you do after
knowing her for 2 years? Just gave her a send off. Didn’t fit, so broke off. Didn’t like. so broke off is right, Didn’t fit. so broke off
is convenience. Arrogance! Agreed, what’s wrong in it anyway? ls it a rule to marry
if you love anyone? lsn’t there any other option? There will be. There weren’t any back then!
Only marriage option! lf l had married her, would l be
able to break from her so easily? She would’ve ripped out my skin
for breaking from her. Alimony. maintenance,
profit & loss, my income. the expenditure of last two years,
she would’ve taken everything from me. Didn’t marry her.
that’s whyjust for a flowers! She kissed good bye and left! Answer me now. sir! Marriage in our times
was canopy and rituals. Now marriage is agreements
and lawyers. He had a heart! You’ve brain! That’s the difference
between you both. Tell me what happened after that. sir. Arjun’s greatness is that he told
her father too about the marriage. Did it lead to fight? l don’t know. but her parents stopped her studies
and packed her to another place. Though meeting umpteen times.
meeting last time is always so special. After 10 minutes, if l call you.
it’ll be an international call, you know? Commerce will not work out
for your studies. The dark glasses, which you wear
because you love it for it’s style. give it to someone, you look like a villain of 70s. Did you see how free l feel now? You’re better when you
don’t try to impress. l fell for it. How can l not try? l tried, did you notice it? How can l know if you hide
everything in heart? Change your habit. What else? Those songs. delete it.
Throw it in Atlantic. Those songs are terrible.
you can use it to torture terrorists. One more thing,
go to pub but don’t drink. if you drink.
you’ll fall easily to someone. Not everyone is as good as me.
They may take advantage. lnfact l did like that
for you to take advantage. Hey devil! Please don’t laugh like that, l fell for your laugh! Your smile is so bright
like a 10000 watt bulb! l couldn’t withstand it,
how can ordinary men bear it? They may die instantly! Then l’ve to meet my professor
and smile. l need a seat in his group. How can he dare not offer you a seat? l’ll kill him by poisoning his pasta.
Tell him Michael said this. l’ll tell him. Will you die? My roommate. name is Shashi. But not as beautiful as me. lt’s okay if she’s not as good as you. l must try someone a level
higher than you not below! Have you forgotten me?
– l’m trying! Just now l saw a girl,
she’s very beautiful. How does she look from front? Had she been good, l would’ve cut
your phone call to talk to her. What about you? Got anyone? He has invited me to dinner. What shall l do? l feel he likes me. You too? Not much… Little? Shall l go? Go. hinge on to him. rip out his skin. See that he hates girls in life. But l’ve decided not to commit
again the mistakes l did with you. So. you must guide me. Do l’ve any choice?
l can’t avoid, right? Meera is going to dinner with Sudheer. A small crack in my heart. sir. To tell you the truth,
l’m little jealous. When she’s going out
with Sudheer there. why am l wasting time having
black coffer with you here? l don’t know like it! My phone must crash with
messages from girl friends. Sir. it’s manufacturing defect. l can’t stay in sad mood
too for long. Arjun too would’ve been like this
when the girl left him, right? He’ll never be like this. He’ll never be! He read 40 books in the
2 months she had left him, he planted more than 100 plants. he walked around 500 miles
covering 7 miles every day. but still he couldn’t forget Vasumathi, that’s he bought a ticket
and left to Allahabad. Allahabad Still remembers the colour of dress
he saw her the first time. Were you so free then? Sir. your man deserves Bharat Ratna award, travelled so long for a girl. what’s your man doing now? ls he making good sweets
in Motilal sweet shop? How can you know his intensity? Such love is born only once in life. Only once? Your man had it only once.
l’ve had more than 10 till date, what do you say for it? That’s not love. sir.
– What’s it then? There’s no word is yet coined
in dictionary for such feelings. Are we mobile network or Hutch dog
to follow the girl to any place? When we see a girl, we’ll talk to her, if it works out,
we’ll move together. if it doesn’t work out. we’ll break. l’ll get hooked up with some other
girl and she’ll meet some other man… He’ll put his hands on
her shoulder, kiss her, and then… A small doubt. You said he went that far for her. he came back after coffee
or ginger coffee? That’s it. Didn’t even kiss her. right? Why did he go that far
without doing anything? Pre marital sex wasn’t there then
like you do now a days. Fear? Respect! Self respect! l respect myself as human
not any beast. lfyou at least kiss
you can know compatibility. She’s not pudding to check taste. a human being. would anyone marry for sexy lips? How would you know her
without doing anything? Eyes! O city girl has come all dressed up! My heart is beating… You’re a macho man…
you’re great warrior… You’re a magician who can
disrobe me with your eyes… Are you Barbie’s sister?
Are you Miss World? Raking up passions in me,
you’re playing a ball with me… lfwhat l like goes away, let it go.
l don’t like to feel sad or yearn for it… The man l love.
you’ve something in you… l’ll go to the place
wherever l find what l love… l’ll keep on try till l get it,
that’s my attitude… l’m a golden goose.
l’m all for you only. dear… Do l’ve to wait for the missed train?
A whistle can bring a bevy of beauties… l’m a full bottle…
have me quickly… l felt like telling you first! By the way. what’s her name? May be in future they’ll ask the
girl’s name after having sex. You’ve a great smile! l had invited you to dinner
last week. but agreed now. Do you’ve to think so much? You want answer or smile? The second one. l’m going out to dinner with Sudheer. On hearing another man’s
name from Meera. in the haste to forget her. Michael who thinks he loves Michelle, in the haste to forget Michael since
he said he has found another girl. Meera who thinks she loves Sudheer. Vasumathi who wants only Arjun and
is willing to wait for him any long time, though distance has taken
away his love far from him, Arjun wants only Vasumathi
on one side. l don’t know if man is confused
or technology has developed? Few months later… Times teaches many things to man. Arjun got used to loneliness
in few months. Michael got used to Michele, Vasumathi started liking ginger coffee. Meera went out to dinner
quite often with Sudheer. Remove the cap. Turn into a good lndian girl. Shall we go to Great lndia House? lndia? We are going to lndia. Not for me but for her. Are you not interested to go lndia? lfterms are good what’s more exciting
there to see other than my ex. Why is it she’s beautiful
though she has left me? This girl too is beautiful, right? Who is better, she or this girl? This is not manners. Shameless people like us shouldn’t
bother about it, tell me sir. This is not lrish coffee. l’ll have coffee till morning
not after morning. Your purse is also fat like you. Did Arjun meet the girl again? Yes, he did. Did he board a train again? This time the girl took the train. Hail Lord Shiva!
Hail Lord Kasi Vishwanath! Holy Ganges. give me a heart like yours… Lead my life in your path… Grant me to offer prayers to Lord Shiva… Grant me a boon to serve my lord… Lord Sambasiva. resident of Kasi…
– Lord Mahadeva. ourfather protector… Ever flowing Ganges is your gift…
there’s no dearth ofyour mercy… Aren’t you the path to make
ourwishes come true? Hail Lord Shiva! You’re the ruler ofthis universe…
We’ve no fear when you’re here… When you preside over our hearts.
happiness and smiles are ours… With your grace,
all our dreams will come true… You’ve made fire and
water to come closer… You’ve shown a wonder
with your divine ploy… When you’re with the
crescent moon as light… There’s no moon day…
in dream or reality… You’re the God of our lives…
our future is in your hands… You rule our thoughts…
you’re the hope offuture… Let we be the blessed ones
ofyour divine grace… Hasty to be devoted to you…
l’ll not stop, my dear… My heart is on offer before you… My wish is to live with you… Grant me the boon.
that’s my humble wish… The blowing breeze is the witness…
Earth and sky are the witness… Soul and body have
epitomized as you… Love has come to life
in your form… lt seems you’re going to lndia?-
Yes. Why are you still having coffee here? Do you want me to spend
night at airport? l’m leaving tomorrow. No buddy…
– Don’t talk like Meera. She books for dinner and
goes there by lunch. My intention wasn’t that. There’s no comparison
between you and her. She’s Marathawad horse,
you’re an Arabic horse. Do you know how poetry flows out
from me on seeing you? Bread piece, banana peel, table.
door latch, camphor plate, horse bridle. Arabic horse bridle. This is what l mean. Poetry flows out of me on seeing you. She used to get into mood
when l spoke in ltalian, she rocks if l speak in Telugu. Okay. let’s meet in pub
today evening. l think she likes you more. You mean l like her lesser than her. Why are you asking me?
You know it better. You’re saying as if l don’t
have any heart. sir. lfyou really had one. would you sit
here missing a girl like Meera? lt’s he who has no heart not me.
– What did l do? You stopped midway a good love story. Good place. cool breeze blowing, lovers who are meeting
after long time. what happened next? Mysore Madam. l know you’re beautiful
from behind. there’s a rumour that you’re
more beautiful from the font. Turn little! How come you’re here?
Got fired from job? l heard you’ve grown thin.
so l’m here to cook foryou. lfshe too had come. you. me. Michele and Sudheer
would’ve met each other. After meeting? How beautiful is your girl friend, Mickey. though l’m not in your life,
you’ve not lost anything. so you may say. the boy is very good, though little expensive,
he’ll buy happiness to keep you happy. l may say like this, l can’t bear such formalities and talks. Nothing. some driver is
inquiring an address. Thanks madam. Sudheer. l’m busy today evening. l’ve a small presentation
with my Professor. You never said that to me.
What? l’ve never lied. Why did l lie to Sudheer now? Michael is here,
tell him going out with him. Why should l lie for that? There’s nothing between us. right? You’re thinking too much.
look you’ve grown thin by thinking. Have you given up fashion too
since l left you. When you’re not with me.
why do l need clothes and fashion? She has learnt much from Sudheer. Go to Chamundi hills. What happened? Would Sudheer mind if l touch you? l’ll mind. ls Sudheer her lover or husband? He’s sambhar and she’s mashed pulse. l can’t stay away from you. let anything happen
l’ll put my hand on you. l’m sure he’s not husband. No earth quake struck! Why would it strike you? Sudheer would feel it
on hearing this. Earth quake in heart! Mike. you’re like a magnet.
you don’t give time to think too. You take me with you. lf he’s magnet. then he’s iron piece. Got stuck! l’ve observed one thing. Meera. There’s no need for us to talk. We can read each other’s heart easily. That’s why l like you so much. More than Michelle? Who is this Michele? l like her more than you like Sudheer. l don’t know why but l feel very light. l feel weightless! Shall l tell the reason? We don’t need to impress each other. Coming on time.
remembering occasions. flowers. gifts, chocolates,
no to give to each other. more importantly
no need to go shopping. Yes. Sudheer will do all that
and this man will enjoy life. Let’s go around for next 3 days
like we did early. let’s paint Mysore red! Please think about Sudheer too! l got it. l’ve thought about it. Tell Sudheer that your presentation with
professorwill carry on for 3 days. He’s a blatant liar. lt won’t be nice to those who see us. Not nice or don’t understand us? l like this girl very much! This fool didn’t understand
what l said now! Fool? Why are you shouting so loud?
ls the girl deaf? Have you understood everything?
– Very well. lt’s fast beat! lt’s rocking! Let’s remove the meaningless masks… Let’s get drowned and float
in absolute freedom… Let’s ease the burden
in our hearts… Let’s remove the blindfold
and see the new world… Let’s shed these inhibitions forever… Let’s race ahead in the
paths of happiness… Happiness spreads around
wherever we are… Let’s raise dust… Let’s be sensational… Let’s switch offthe ego… Let’s confiscate happiness
in our fists… Let’s find happiness
searching Google… Let’s upload our funny
videos on You tube… Let’s take out a print
of our hearts’ feelings… Let’s be open and frank… Let’s break the walls ofego
between us… Hey fool! Take her away. Why did you fall down?
– l didn’t fall. just…hey you… He gave a quarter and
turned me into goods train. Please call Sudheer for help. Stutter O drunkard…stutter… The number he deserves! What a nice girl you are! She’s staying back here for me! l’ll not get taxis to my place
at this late hour. He too here! Tell her! l’ll take her. With him? l’ll not reach
home but hospital. Hey dear…this side… Nobody ever felicitated me till now. l’ll do it. sunny! For you too! Kissed her too!
You mustn’t come in between. l’ll beat you with slippers! This is my number. call me on phone once you decide
who you’ll select him or Sudheer. There’s a curiosity in me to know. Go away.
– May l? Who is it? Do you’ve her photo? You want to see her photo. right? You want to see ifshe’s more
beautiful than you or not. right? Why are you troubling me? Please forgive me sir.
Please go in sir. We weren’t so happy even when
we were together. right? Yes. had we known this we could’ve
separated long back. l want to tell you something… Who is that girl? Don’t worry not any new girl,
she’s Michele. Last night she came down here suddenly. To surprize me on this New Year. How is she? She’s not beautiful than me. You’rejealous. look at Sudheer.
he dull like fused bulb. Okay agreed she’s beautiful,
but my smile is better. Actually l fell for Michele’s smile! ls it? Then. tell he to smile once. Very easy, no need to crack ajoke also. She’ll laugh the moment
l say l’ll tell a joke. Didn’t l tell you? You go bonkers on seeing a wine bottle. if you’ve it, you know the result, right? l don’t like this. Be careful. Why are you here? They’re planning my marriage. Sudheer proposed to me.
– When? Yesterday. That’s why l was called here. Engagement too is over. Marriage is 10 days away. We can’t do anything now. Forget me. What’s the problem in it? Don’t you feel anything? lt’s good if you’re getting
married, right? Good? ls it laughing matter to you? You’re very cute in anger. Why are you so tensed? Nobody is forcing it on you. right? Just proposed to you. Think over it. Secretly behind the restaurant,
without his girl friend’s knowledge. should l think over it holding
my ex-boy friend’s hand? How are you planning to think then? l want you to be away from me
if l’ve to think. Look. how far l’m now! No, you’re not far! For us to be so close… Roaming together like olden days.
going out to dinners. l can’t think if you’re
with me, Mike. Don’t talk like an idiot. You’re an idiot not me. l can think of others only if
you go away from here. l’m going to marry, Mike. Tell me. what do you want me to do? There mustn’t be any contact between us. What’s this like a little girl? You please go away. Mike. How many times can l lose, Meera? l’ll come back immediately
after taking TC from there. Till then ensure the arrangements
go as scheduled.- Okay. Why are you arranging
all this suddenly? Because your daughter
went out with him. Your daughter never came out with me. l was after her. You’ve not only committed a wrong
but dare to stand before us also. l can never do anything wrong, iffalling in love Vasumathi is wrong. l don’t mind committing
that mistake. lfyou utter her name. l’ll kill you. Please tell him to stop beating him. Tell him to stop uttering her name. lnfact l must beat her not him. lt’s wrong to beat a girl.
you’ve sinned by not stopping your son. Once she’s 10 even a fatherwon’t
take daughter into his lap, will not enter her room
without her permission, if l want to hold her hand
at 19 years of age. how much l would’ve thought about it? l took the beating because he
was Vasumathi’s brother. if l hold the hand once.
l’ll not leave till l’m dead. There’s no question of
leaving her hand before that. dating before marriage,
leave her after having a fling, and find a new lover. it may
happen in future. l don’t know, if such a day comes,
l would prefer death than life. Vasumathi is my wife. she’s now with her parents.
look after her carefully. Looks like your son may go
to Delhi in goods train. bring him. Why are you feeling sad
when l say they got separated? By any chance have you
changed after going to lndia? Me? l feel you’re in love. Me? No way sir. You need a heart to love
and l don’t have it. Lord Brahma has stopped making such men. Where is the girl? Where is the girl?
– She left! Hearing your man’s story. he went that far for a girl. when l said my grandma is not well,
you went to lndia, if you want me back in your life, she asked me to come travelling
in ship. train and left me alone. That Arjun is ruining my life. Do one thing. hide this photo.
My life will be better. How can anyone offer ajob
without application? Send your details to John Keats. l’ll tell him. he’s in New York. Meera shopping for marriage. lt happened simultaneously. l think bride groom has arrived,
let’s see him. Why are you having ajuice now? Notjustjuice. mixed it with Vodka. lf l drink l may look like
jilted lover Devadas. ln few hours you’ll become Meera Sudheer. ls it possible for two people to
live together all their lives? l mean this marriage, tying
the knot. taking marriage vows. Will it happen in this age also? Like Senapathi says. falling in love once in life. and carry on till death. will it happen in this age too? lf it’s marriage that can
keep two people happy, as couple. we can live happily for 25 years
without getting bored within it’s ambit, but you never asked me, you asked for ice creams,
shopping. movies. if you had asked me to you
to temple and marry you. l would’ve married you. right? My throat is drying. Don’t look at me so miserably. Sentiment came into our lives
in a flash and vanished. Shall l tell you my gut feeling? What’s his name? Sudheer! lf not how can he get a girl like you. l’ve never seen you like this. Never seen you like this. lfyou’d come before me once
in a sari like this, l would’ve married you
10 times notjust once. l’m very sad. l feel like l’ve lost something. When priest told me to
look up and see Arundhati, l thought she’s girl living
in opposite house. Why are you so sad? Why did you marry me. Sudheer? What happened? But l didn’t marry you
because of love. Married you getting angry with Mike. What l did is wrong. But l want to correct it. Because my suitcase in the
next room and l’m in this room, it means l can never
stay here comfortably. Have you gone mad? lt’s been a year since
you broke away from him. But Mike didn’t leave me
for a second too. So what? l’ll go away, Sudheer. l’m going crazy here. l feel like l’m an
uninvited guest here. Please let me go, Sudheer. l would feel guilty
if you were heart broken, you slapped and
removed my guilt feelings. What’s this T-shirt? No colour, no collar, no comfort… Look at that carpet. lt’s so dirty! Bloody carpet! Look at those dirty curtains! lt’s like a shroud wrapped on dead. Bloody! Why are you so dejected? lfyou see now… Even fake flowers would wither! l mean blossomed flowers! See. your depression is making me
forget Telugu language too. Come out from your depression. Michael. Remember two things. Michael. one. Meera is married, two. forget Meera. Meera is no more in your life. You come out from the depression. Come out from the depression. Remove Meera completely
from your system. Be positive, everything will be fine. lfyou keep on cribbing and crying. even erupting volcanoes will
cool down with your tears. Be positive from now onwards. Everything will be fine and positive. l told you to be positive and
you’ve got positive news. From today l’ll be positive
in everything. l’ll take this carpet
to my apartment, l’ll wear this T-shirt for
a yearwithout washing it. l got ajob with Mason Brickmann. Someone is here. hold on for a second. You don’t know how happy
and glad l’m now! l think l went overboard
last night and disturbed you. As you expect God will punish you harshly.
he overwhelms you with boons. l’m really very happy. You know Wall Street, right? There’ll be girls all around my table. and you know very well about me. right? l’ll do it before
they can realise it. l’m leaving urgently.
l’m getting late. l’ll call you first
as soon as l reach US. Victory is opening its doors… The sky is opening it
today for me… Each step is turning into a lightning… Happiness will never
break away from me… Where ever l’m going.
l’m seeing light only… l’m shining in colours… As my dreams come true.
l’m raising like a wave… l’m doing now what l always
wished to do… Time and directions havejoined
to savour my success… Time will not leave me
for a moment too… Without getting tired.
l measured the sky… Ruling over this world.
l spread light all around… Like a breathing and kicking soul.
the dream has taken over me… A void l never felt till now…
a night that never breaks into dawn… lfyou hug me like this… Though l’ve won over myself.
l’m left alone… Meet Steve urgently.
promised to invest four millions. Go immediately. What are you thinking? What will happen is 10 minutes? All others got 5 million target and
Greg gave you 10 millions target. Steve called and promised
to invest 4 millions. lnstead of meeting him.
you went to save some stranger. What’s the result?
You missed the target. Greg will take you to task now. Did you hear what he said? He didn’t say anything. Did you see his eyes? You brought back a girl friend
who’ll live all her life with me. 50 millions is nothing,
that’s what his eyes said. Didn’t you really see his eyes? Coming man! The same eyes and the same love
l had seen in Meera’s eyes. one slap and you’ll swoon. damn it! l’m talking to her. right?
Can’t you see? Are you blind? Bloody! We needed mother when sick,
in fear dad gives courage. when sad. a friend would be solace, but who would be the right person
to be with when we’re happy? What are you thinking? The people we love must be with us. l feel Meera should be here. My lips smile and my eyes shine bright.
my heart feels light, infact l’ll get strength to live, when l’m in flow if anyone
disturbs. l’ll get angry too! l’m coming man!
Coming! 5 times more than the target
you gave me. is it enough? You’re like white paint on tombs! lf l beat you’ll turn red
like tomato from egg white. He doesn’t know the value of Mike. Did l know the value of Meera? l understood hervalue only
after she left me. He too will realise my value
only after l leave him. For that l must leave this place first. This is my resignation letter. Write down the best reason
you like and then… Shove it wherever you’re
comfortable… l don’t have the patience to
translate it into English for him. try to translate and
get the message to him. Ensure the abuses
don’t lose it’s effect. lfyou’ve any doubt call me. This is also Meera’s number. lt’s me Arjun Palwai! l’m Michael Velayudam. You gave Arjun’s photo
and ruined my life. You and your man both together
hauled and mauled my life. Hearing your lessons.
l quit myjob and on streets now. l’m on streets now. Not that… lt’s my chance to say
and you’ve to listen. You feel pity when some one
is sad and cries. if someone’s alone and laughs.
you’ll say he’s mad. l’m somewhere near to that plight, the mater is l want Meera.
l got itjust 10 minutes earlier. She’s married now. So many take divorce and marry again. Went around with a girl. didn’t’ know it was love
when dating her. later on reaslised. but when? Only after she married a fool
and left on honeymoon to Goa. What should l do now? l don’t have a kerchieftoo to wipe tears
if l cry. l’ve to go to her for it. lf she’s happy with him, l must get drunk and
fall into some gutter. if she says l want you
and leaves him, l must marry her immediately. so l must go to lndia and meet Meera. At least pack your bags. My life is going to dogs here,
to hell with bags. Cut the line! Think for a minute! Would yourArjun stop to think? l never thought about it. father. l love Vasumathi. She’s getting married
tomorrow in Allahabad. l’ll bring Vasumathi here. Don’t you want her parents’ approval? She loves me, father. That’s enough for me. Her brothers may create trouble. lf l beat once,
the fear will last for long time. lf she agrees. l’ll come with her, if not l’ll bring her entire family. To get them admitted to hospital. You don’t know how to raise a girl. leaving her to him, have you come here to give us
message like a postman? No use in killing him. we must kill
herfor daring to go with him. Bloody shameless b… You gave him a long rope. That’s why he’s hurting us now. l warned you already not to abuse girls. Groom is your friend. right? How can he be any better than you? l’m much better than the
groom you’d selected. Don’t see just wealth of groom. see character and
courage ofthe man. Anyone can earn money
but not character. Either tell him to reform and
turn into totally bad man. Don’t let them hang between! Please forgive me. You want to fire? Go ahead. fire! At least when the bullet pierces
into my heart, Meera will go away from there, l love Meera more than my life. if you’re so angry to kill me, go ahead. Kill me! Before you kill me.
l want to meet Meera. Please call Meera. l can’t forget him. Sudheer. l can’t! Can l forget you? More than the sadness of leaving you, the question why l left you
will hurt you more. it’s enough if you find
the answer to the question. but you can’t find a man to
bring solace in your sorrows. As far as l know
only Michael is that man. Do you’ve marriage certificate?
– Not yet received. When were you married?
– Yesterday. Divorce in one day? At least you saw your
marriage photos? Why don’t you call Michael? lf l make the call.
he’ll come immediately. After a year. sitting in
a new restaurant, magic between us has diminished. he’ll say according to
the logic. let’s break up. Why do you want such
a man in confusion? Leave him. Because mother is not beautiful, because father is angry, we can’t leave then. can we? He likes me that’s why he’s confused. he’ll get over the confusion
in near future. l hope he’ll get over it, l needn’t have to call him. he’ll come searching for me. To become great lovers like Romeo-Juliet.
Devadas-Parvathi. Laila-Majnu. do we’ve to die? Let’s change the trend. Change the trend. Let’s prove Mickey-Meera are
great lovers by living. l need your co-operation for it. Angle is new, l need to
discuss little about it. l’m ready. l got down so low,
can’t you get down few steps? When l called you on phone.
you said you’re going to New York. Unable to see Sudheer next to you. Anyway you called me first. right? l did go to New York.
got a good job. a very big firm, moreover l made my boss
to sit like a puppy. but still l wasn’t happy there. that’s why l left everything
and came here for you. So l must get 10% more marks than you. You convince me somehow. l’m a bad man not a good man. Don’t argue with me, you can’t win. l told you. can’t win against me. A PuLi – DDR Presentation 😉


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