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The jury finds Mr. Aakash Rana
guilty on all accounts. I just want to present my
side of the story to the court. His hindu marriage with British
nationalist Mrs. Nikita Malhotra …is considered illegal
according to the laws of England. Our marriage is not illegal. The court orders to seize Mr. Aakash
Rana’s assets and bank accounts. But my visa is valid. And
I am married to a British citizen. After hearing the appeal
of the UK border agency… …the court orders to deport
Mr. Aakash Rana immediately. We are not criminals. And bars him from
returning to UK ever again. See, I am not a criminal. I want to take my wife along. I want justice. Hi. Good to see you, sir. How are you? Still alive, sir. But we faced really terrible
days since you left. Did you get any news? I’ve been looking for
it since a long time, sir. God willing, we’ll soon succeed. Taxi! This is a garage? A garage of stolen vehicles. They don’t come here to
get repaired, but disappear. Steal a car from a
posh locality in London. Remove the parts and
sell them in the gray market. All in two hours. Hey. Hey.
– Jojo. You? Aadil. Come on.
– Wait here for a moment. Who is he? He’s with me. Do you have the packages? Show me the money.
– Package first. Show me the money. Show me the stuff. Show me the money. Show me the stuff. That’s one hell lot
of C4s you got here, boys. That shit could
blow London sky high. What’s the idea? You’ll know soon. Come on, man. Run. Run. Run. Cops. Run. You brought a cop. He’s not a cop.
– Move. Move. Move. Down. Team One, move in there. Team Two, move in there. Move! Move! Move it! Let’s all go down. Move.
– Move. Team One, move. Team One, move. He’s also down. Move. Move. Watch it. Watch it. Aadil run. “Come on,
everybody, do you want to play?” “Do you want to get hot?
Do you want to get wet?” “At night if you have…
– Laila. Laila.” “If you have the company of…
– Laila. Laila.” “In your arms just…
– Laila. Laila.” “I can make Majnu go crazy.” “I am Laila. I am Laila.” “I am Laila. I am Laila.” “I am Laila. I am Laila.” “I am Laila.
Everybody’s beloved Laila.” “I am Laila. I am Laila.” “I am Laila.
Everybody’s beloved Laila.” “At night if you have…
– Laila. Laila.” “If you have the company of
– Laila. Laila.” “In your arms just…
– Laila. Laila.” “I can make Majnu go crazy.” “I am the talk of the town.” “I rule everyone’s
dreams without a crown.” “If you spend a night with me.” “On fire your body will be.” “You’ll never be
able to forget me.” “I can make Majnu go crazy.” “Put up your hand in
the air and say Laila.” “Everybody say La momma Laila.” “She’s a Laila.” “Where’s a Laila?” “Come on, my Laila. “Every Friday I apply
kohl in my eyes.” “In a party when I look up…” “Everybody if you see her. “Tell me what you see.” “I want to shake your body.” “Start it again.” “Every Friday I apply
kohl in my eyes.” “In a party when I look up…” “16 to 55,
no matter what’s the age.” “To get me,
everyone has just one craze.” “Looking at me,
hearts beat faster in rage.” “I can make Majnu go crazy.” “Laila. Laila.” “I am Laila.
Everybody’s beloved Laila.” “I am Laila. I am Laila.” “I am Laila. I am Laila.” “I am…” “At night if you have…
– Laila. Laila.” “If you have the company of…
– Laila. Laila.” “In your arms just…
– Laila. Laila.” “I can make Majnu go crazy.” We’re closed.
– Steve, they’re with me. So far whatever you
did for was for us. Now it’s our turn. Nowadays,
you don’t get respect easily. You have to snatch it. I hope we’ll get
our share by tomorrow. He’s a combination of
a statesman and a film star. He’s companionate,
enthusiastic, humorous… …and has a strong
sense of public duty. That my friends, is Arjun Khanna. Arjun, I personally feel that
you’ve decided to retire too early. It is truly a loss for us, Arjun. You’ll be surely missed
by us and our community. To Arjun Khanna,
policeman extraordinaire. Thank you. Thank you, Levi. Thank you for saying such
wonderful things about me. Now, can I have a copy
of the speech, for my in-laws? In my entire life,
I’ve realized that… …there are three things
you should never try to do. First, never try to kiss
a girl leaning away from you. Second, never climb a
friend leaning towards you. And third, never try to
keep such a wonderful gathering… …away from drinks and fine dine. So, ladies and gentlemen,
please join me in my memories. Let’s party. Yeah! Packed your books?
– Yes. All of them?
– Yes, of course. Packed your lunch?
– Yes, Daddy. Make sure you have it.
Did you call your mother? Yes.
– What is the pickup time? I have done it!
Where is your ticket? Daddy, don’t worry.
I’m a big girl now. I am all grown up now. Okay, big girl,
I’ve a surprise for you. Surprise? Wow. A new cell phone. Thank you, Daddy.
– Here’s the charger. Thank you. I have added all the contacts. Just in case. Okay? Bye, Daddy. I love you.
– I love you, too. Go. Go. Go.
– Bye. Yeah. If you could tell Suzan
to mail final presentations, too. Come on. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. This is your co-driver,
Sean Sadler… …welcoming you to
112 Virgin Train service. It’s this one, sir.
– Thank you. On our journey today
we will calling at Wigan… I’m late. Don’t say it. Good morning, sir.
– Morning. Morning.
– Good morning. Morning, Rita. Morning, Leno. The forces tell me it’s
time for me to go home to sleep. Any updates? I had a problem on
a train that had stalled… …under Southampton country line. I had to diverse some
passengers via Northampton. Good morning,
Railway control security. May I help you, please? Just a moment. Hello, this is the Railway
Security Chief speaking. Hello. There’s a bomb on
London-Glasgow 112. If the speed drops
below 60 the bomb explodes. Do not stop the train. Do not stop the train. Excuse me, sir.
– Yeah? You are needed inside, urgently. Yeah. Thanks fine. Hi, guys.
– Good morning. Hello, sir.
– Hey, Radhika. How is your cold?
– Absolutely fine, sir. We’ve a situation. Okay. Good morning, gentlemen.
So, what’s happened? There’s a bomb threat.
– Trigger station? London-Glasgow.
Train 112. Did you say the
London-Glasgow express? Radhika,
there’s a bomb threat on 112. The bomb can explode
if its speed goes below 60. Perhaps someone is playing a prank.
But I’m not taking any chances. What? Okay, listen up, everyone. Guys. Guys. Guys. Come on, listen up. There’s a bomb threat on
London-Glasgow Express, No. 112. I want each and every
one of you to concentrate. Radhika, keep the track
of 112 clear. – Yes. John, get me the
driver on the line. Sir. You’re needed inside,
urgently. I told you there’s
a bomb on the train. If you think it’s a hoax then… You… Give me the phone. Hello. Hello. Just rewind. Quickly. Stop. Play. ‘It’s a hoax then… ‘ ‘You… ‘ Hello. He’s on line. Who are you? I just heard you abuse. What do you want? Who are you? My name is Sanjay Raina. Railway Traffic Controller. My name isn’t more important
than 500 passengers’ lives. But your good sense
could save their lives. Hence, listen carefully. If you this is a hoax then
I have planted a similar bomb… …on London Manchester
Goods Train 509. It is currently running
at the speed of 15m/hr. In a while the train will ascend. While ascending its speed
will reduce by 5 miles. And the bomb will explode. If you want to save the drivers… …then they should jump
off it before the bomb explodes. Hello. A bomb. Come on, jump. All the exchange points
that I am concerned about… Sir, he hasn’t lied. Goods train just blew off.
There was a bomb on that train. What about the drivers? Sir, they jumped off
before the bomb exploded. But there were minor injuries. Find out the exact position
and speed of the train. Right, sir.
– Fast. And John, I want the position of all the trains coming
in the opposite direction. Bring it over.
– Yes, sir. Sir, it has just crossed
Chelsea on the North Line. And the speed is 90m/hr. Good. Ask the driver
to maintain the speed… …and not to reduce it at
any cost, unless I say so. – Sir. John, inform all stations, 112
will not be making scheduled stops. Okay, sir. Radhika, check all lines,
crossings and signals. There shouldn’t be any
obstructions on the track. Right, sir. Hi, sir. It’s Richard speaking. Sir, I’ve got the
train driver on the line. What’s his name, John? Give me the headphones.
– Richard. – Richard. Richard.
– Sir. We have reason to believe
there is a bomb on your train. We have no official
confirmation yet. But we are not taking
any chances, Richard. Richard. Richard. Richard, get a hold of yourself
and listen to me very carefully. What is your speed right now? 110 miles per hour, sir. We should be reaching
our next station in 20 minutes. We could stop and do checks there. No. No. No. No. No, Richard.
You’ll do nothing of that sort. If you reduce your speed to less
than 60m/hr the bomb will go off. Do you hear me? Radhika, how long will it take
to reach Glasgow at this speed? Sir, approximately 10 hours. Okay, Richard, now concentrate. You bring your
speed down to 70m/hr. That will make your journey
to Glasgow to about 12 hours. Wish you luck.
– Sanjay. Sanjay. This is Sanjay Raina.
Our head traffic controller. Detective inspector Allen fisher. Senior investigative officer. Good morning. Has the bomber called again?
– No, not yet. Well, he might.
So, we need to be prepared. Where’s the control room?
– It’s this way, sir. Sir, sir. Excuse me, sir. Can I have a quiet word? Sir, we’ve an emergency situation. And this is an emergency
joining call for you. When we go to Jammu
we’ll do a lot of shopping. You two will have
to go to India alone. Why, is everything fine? There’s an emergency, Alka. The department has called
me to the office for an urgent job. I am sorry, Alka. I think I will have
to work for another day. Mamma was right.
You can never retire. Why aren’t we stopping? Are we supposed
to be stopping here? How can this be? My ticket is valid to this station. Oh, this is ridiculous.
Where’s the train manager? Excuse me. Could you tell us what’s going on? Yeah. Why haven’t we stopped? Please, be calm.
There is nothing to worry about. You sure passed our
station without stopping. How can you tell me not to worry? Sir, please. Sit down.
– No. No. No. Shut up and tell
us what’s going on. Calm down. Excuse me. Why didn’t he tell
us why didn’t he stop? What’s going on? This is Chief Inspector
Shivan Menon, narcotics branch. Please open the door. Is there any problem? Yes, sir. The metropolitan police
have confirmed a bomb blast… …that occurred this
morning on a Northern Railway. That a Manchester bound
goods train exploded… …this morning near York. I am currently standing outside
Platform 10 at Euston station. That a similar bomb
has been placed on… …the London-Glasgow train
112 that left this morning Police suspect this is
where the bomb was planted. Sir, is there some sort of crisis? Many trains have been stopped. Sir, there was a blast on 509…
– No comments. Are all the tracks
ahead of it clear? Sir, they are clear
for the next three stations. A lot of trains are getting delayed
because of these diversions. There cannot be any issue
greater than this, at the moment. See, I don’t care.
– Sir… Even if I’ve to cancel every single
train in the whole of England. Yeah. If you do what I say…
– Sir, but… Sir. Just do what I say.
– Arjun Khanna. Counter Terrorism Command. Sanjay Raina.
Railway Traffic Controller. I heard that you spoke
to the bomber. – Yes. You handled the situation well,
Mr. Raina. In spite of you talking
to him he didn’t blast the train. Otherwise police’s job
would have gotten easier. Sir. Excuse me. Mr. Raina, how long will
it take the train to reach Glasgow? About 101/2 hours. Yes, Miranda? These are the trains that were
diverted to the south-east line. And which is this one? It’s alright. Just give it to me. Who could it be? Not a terrorist. If he would’ve been one,
he couldn’t have called to inform. He would’ve called after the
incident to claim responsibility. If he is not a terrorist
then what does he want? Get me that. You spoke to the bomber, Mr. Raina. It’s your job to give
me the details. – Fine. Was he an Indian or a Pakistani? I think an Indian.
– Why do you think so? Because he was talking
in Hindi and not Urdu. Which accent was he talking in?
Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi? Look,
-Sir. Sir, we have a huge problem here. Train 308 is on our track
coming from the opposite direction. Oh, God. We diverted all the other trains,
except this one. How far is 308 from the other one? 10 minutes.
– Change the track. We can’t do that, sir.
– Why? Because there are only
two tracks in that area. And there is already a stopped
goods train on that track. There should be an exchange
line before the station. Ken, get me your aerial
feed on the large monitor. Okay. This is our train. And on the same track
308 is coming towards us. And on this track there
is just one exchange line. Sir, this is the maintenance line. You cannot change the track
with the speed of more than 50m/hr. The train will topple.
– Even I know that. Railways, as a safety precaution,
sets the limits 15-20 miles lower. We’ll have to take this
turn at the speed of more than 60. We have to take that chance.
– But sir… We have to take that chance,
Radhika. How long it will take for our
train to reach the exchange point? Three minutes. And 308?
– Sir, five minutes. Sir… – If both the trains
have to cross safely then… …both have to reach their
exchange point at the same time. Radhika, tell the driver of
308 to come towards us at 97m/hr. Are you sure, sir?
– Just do it, Radhika. John, give me the headphones. Richard, hear me carefully. There’s an inbound
train coming your way. You have to reduce
your speed to 65m/hr. Do it now, Richard. But 65m/hr is too close
to the trigger point. Damn it, Richard. You have
to take that risk or it’s over. Do it now. Kevin, you be on your toes. You make the change when
they give you the signal. You hear me, Kevin? Three. Two. One. Now. Now. It’s time not for celebrate.
This is just the beginning, guys. Please get back to work.
Thanks. Thank you. Yes, Vikas? Sir, I’ve checked the database of… …all Indian and Pakistani
history-sheeters. All of them are under the
watchful eyes of our officers. I don’t think he
is one of them. – Okay. That means he’s a new scoundrel. Okay, do one thing. Reach Railway’s goods station.
I’ll meet you there. “Without you…” “Without you I feel restless.” “I feel restless.” “Without you…” “Without you I feel restless.” “I feel restless.” “You are my life.” “You are my happiness.” “You are my prayer.” He’s get a British citizenship
if he marries you. And also be the
proprietor of my wealth. And yet, you want to
make him my son-in-law. Whether or not you
make him your son-in-law… …I surely want
him to be my husband. Oh, shut up. What is his stature, after all? Father, show some respect. He’s better educated than you are.
He’s an engineer. Nikita, if you want to
spend your life with them… …then you’ll have
to leave this house. Aakash, come on. “I swear.” “I swear, beloved.” “I am…” “I am crazy about you.” “How do I live?” “How do I live, tell me.” “I can’t die either.” “I swear.” “I swear, beloved.” “I am…” “I am crazy about you.” “How do I live?” “How do I live, tell me.” “I can’t die either.” “You are my life.” “You are my prayer.” “Without you…” “Without you I feel restless.” “I feel restless.” “How do I say it?”
“Where do I go?” “Who do I worship?” “Who do I worship?” Excuse me. Manish Solanki.
He’s in Ward A, bed four. Okay. One moment. The payment has to be
made before the operation. Sir, I have checked
the entire CCTV footage. I couldn’t see anyone. Okay, when did
the goods train come? Here, sir. On this track. This area, sir. Forceps. Vikas. I want the footage of the
past 24 hours from this camera. Is this your bike? Yes, it is.
– How many bikes do you have? Five in total. And all five of them
were with you last night? No, three of them were with me. Two of them are in the
garage getting repaired. Where’s the garage? The Alfa point center.
Over on Richard Street. Thank you. Railway Control Security.
May I help you? I want Sanjay. Sanjay here. Stay close to the phone or this
train won’t stay close to the ground. Okay. What do you want? 10 million euros. Old currency. Why this silence? You aren’t paying from your pocket. 10 million isn’t
much for 500 lives. Listen… You have one hour. Exactly. Yes, Vikas? Sir, the bomber has
asked for 10 million euros. Then the bomb will surely blow. The ministry won’t
pay up so easily. What’s the ministry’s take on it? They haven’t taken
any decision as yet, sir. Will they take a decision
after the bomb explodes? Anyway, keep me posted. The smoke meter’s diaphragm… Greetings. Welcome. What happened? Your car stalled? Police. Look, sir, I will tell you. I am sure Mrs. Khanna
must have lodged a complaint. Mrs. Khanna on purpose
wears skimpy clothes… …and passes by my window.
I get compelled to whistle. I… How many people work in here? Here? Only six. Everyone has a permit. Everyone?
– Two don’t. It will come. I am trying. Where are they?
– Here. Novice. Come here.
Come here. Come here. Hurry up. Say hello to sir. Hello. Where’s the other one?
The dark egg? Sir, he didn’t come today.
– He didn’t? I look at their innocent faces
and give them work and get trapped. Where were you last night?
– I was with Mrs. Patil. My wife, sir. Where were you? I was here, at work, sir.
– Alone? Tell him.
– No, sir. Aadil was with me. Who is Aadil? The one I told you about.
The boy working without a permit. The other mechanic. He was with you the entire night? Yes. No. He had left to test the bike. What time? At 10 or 11pm. Which bike? Chip Shop’s owner’s bike. Fish and chips’ bike?
– Yes. Yes, sir. Do you know Aadil? His whereabouts?
Where does he stay? Do you have his address? Sir, he didn’t have a permit.
I just appointed him. So, now we don’t have documents. One day you too will go
to jail along with such boys. Vikas. Immediately send
a sketch artist to Alfa Garage. We need a sketch
of a boy named Aadil. Yeah!
– I guess we have got our guy. What? There’s a bomb? What? A bomb on the train?
– There’s a bomb on the train. Listen, everybody.
There’s a bomb on the train. Oh, my God.
– Are you sure? You lie to us. Everybody, there’s a bomb
on the train. – What? How do you know it.
– It’s all over the news. There’s a bomb. Get inside.
Why don’t you tell us. Why don’t you tell
us that we’re in dangerous. Shut the door.
– And get inside. Leave him alone.
– There’s a bomb on the train. Don’t push it. Go back to your seats and sit down.
Everybody. Stop it.
– You… I’ll blow your head
off if you touch anybody. Okay? Go back to your seat. Go. Yes, there’s a bomb on this train. We can’t stop or even
reduce the speed below 60m/hr. Or the bomb will explode. We can either panic right
now and make things hard… …or we can stay calm and… …trust the government
to get us out of this mess. The position of the
British government… …on terrorist acts is very clear. There will be no
negotiation whatsoever. Let’s make it official. All in favor raise your hands. Mr. Khanna doesn’t seem
to agree with our opinion. May I ask you exactly
what do you have in mind? I think we should
have the money ready. Sir, all I am asking you
to is make the money visible. It will be a tool
for me to negotiate. A way to get the
boomer out in the open. It will be just a bait. And if you lose the
criminal and the money? Sir… You’ve believed in me for 23 years. And I never failed to deliver. You called me back from retirement
all because of your trust. Just trust me one last time. And I promise you… I’ll not lose the money
or the passengers on the train. I’ll get him. Sir, Aadil’s sketch has matched. This is his file from
the immigration department. Aadil Khan. He came here from India, 7
years ago, on a tourist visa, sir. With a music troupe. He neither went back
nor did he ever get caught. Dispatch his photo and all his
details to all the police stations. Bus stations.
Police stations. Airports. Everywhere.
Keep the police officers ready. Yes, sir. What’s the news on the train? The conductors have checked
all the compartments. They didn’t find any bomb, sir. This means the bomb isn’t
controlled by a lunatic. This bomb is now
controlled by speed. Listen, Vikas. From Railway Control Centre take
the details of the next bridge. I need 4- 5 high speed
cameras under that bridge. I ant clear pictures
of every compartment’s base. Dear, I’m a little busy.
Can I… – Daddy… Am I going to die? What are you saying, Pia? Everyone here is saying
that there is a bomb in the train. Everyone is going to die. No. I am concentrating
only on your train. I won’t let anything happen to you. Promise? I promise. Excuse me, Dr. Renu.
– Yes? Please report to the front desk.
There’s a telephone call for you. Okay. Hello. – Hello, Renu?
Renu, don’t hang up. Is Pia alright? Renu…
– Coffee. Pia is on a train. And we’ve just got the news
that there is a bomb in that train. Then stop the train
and get Pia out. We cannot do that. Until I don’t inform you
anything about the train… …don’t believe in
what anyone else says. I’ll keep in touch. Okay? That way, sir. Stop. Now rewind. Stop. Zoom. Bomb squad reports?
– That way, sir. They say that the goods
train too had a similar bomb. You see, sir,
there is an electronic dynamo. It’s sensor is attached
to the wheel of the train. If the speed of the
train goes below 60… …the dynamo will activate the
trigger and the bomb will explode. It’s all mentioned here, sir. Under which compartments
is the bomb placed? Four and seven. Connect me to the
engineering department. Send all the passengers
in the first three compartments. Separate the rest of
the compartments from them. I think that should work. I don’t think that’s possible.
What you are saying is impossible. Why is it not possible? If we switch off the main
hydraulics of the train then… You don’t understand. This train runs on
an automatic system. If you switch off the hydraulics,
the train will stop right there. And that bomb will explode. You mean to say there
is no way to stop the train? There is no way you can stop
that train… – If there was any… I would’ve stopped it. My daughter is on that train. My daughter is on that train. Hello. Sanjay. Sanjay, my money?
– It’s ready. Do you have any idea
of how many innocent lives… …you are putting in danger? If you get caught you’ll die.
Why are you playing with your life? One shouldn’t love life too much. In the end,
everyone has to lose it. Look, I can help you
if you have been wronged. You won’t be able to catch
me even if you talk for long. Give me my money, otherwise…
– Where to the money delivered? Who are you? Arjun Khanna.
Counter Terrorist Command. I’ll get your money.
Where should I get it? Mr. Khanna, put the money in a bag. There should be no
tracking device in it. Nor should there
be any officer with you. You should come alone. Till I don’t get the money no one will
know the way to defuse the bomb. Gleynamand collage. Sorry. In 20 minutes. Are you Mr. Arjun Khanna? Yes, Father. Then I guess this belongs to you. A gentleman delivered
it to us this morning. He said you’ll be
coming to collect it. Did you happen to see his face?
– Sorry, I didn’t. He was wearing some kind of helmet. But he did seem to
be in a great hurry. Hello. Mr. Khanna?
– Speaking. Get into a car. Get out through the
forth gate and take a left. Go straight and take another left. It will take you to an
unpaved road. Keep driving. It was that scoundrel’s call. Vikas, I’m calling you.
You’ll get this mobile’s number. As soon as the
bomber calls again… …trace his exact
location and tell me. I’m taking this car. Did you see “the inn” board? Yes. Turn right from there. Half a kilometer away you will
see an “animal crossing” board. Take a left from there. Okay. Sir. Sir. Yes, Vikas. Tell me. Sir, the call got traced. What’s the exact location? Alexandra, Bun No. 67 Hogway. Okay. Go for him and get him alive. I’ll keep him busy.
– Okay, sir. Come on, guys.
Let’s get inside. Let’s move. Animal crossing road. Got it. I got it. Turn right. Hello. I can’t see any Richards
Farm’s board here. Mr. Khanna, I guess
you aren’t paying attention. I think I’ll have to hang up. Yes, I can see it. I can see it. This is the police.
You’ve been surrounded. Slowly come out with
your hands over your head. There is no other way out for you. Freeze. Don’t take a wrong
turn at any cost today. It can prove to be dangerous. Stop the car near
the Rapid’s board. He watches a lot of English movies. I’ll have to give him that. Will you tell us what to do next. Get out of the car. By now you must have
reached a riverbank. Yes. There, below a tree, there’s
a yellow waterproof suitcase. Got it? Keep the money in it. Now throw the
suitcase in the water. I said, throw the suitcase
in the water and walk away. I want all units to setup a two
kilometer radius around this area. All highway routes
should be blocked. No vehicle should be allowed
to pass without being checked. Please stop otherwise
we will have to open fire. This is your last warning. Please stop otherwise
we will have to open fire. This is your very last warning. …is escaping. Move. Move. Every time I think you
cannot do anything more stupid… …you prove me wrong. What do you think of yourself. Who told you to give in? How are we going
to stop the train now? Hey, look, if you can’t handle it,
you should’ve left it to us. You are an amateur. It was an accident. You coming back was the accident. We needed him alive. The bomber is still alive. She was not the bomber. She? Don’t look confused. There’s more than one
person involved in this crime. So, how do you intend to proceed? That’s for me to know
and you to find out. As you know, Alan, that
investigations are based on leads. And I have one. Vikas.
– Sir. I got this hospital bill
from that girl’s pocket. Get all the details possible. And do this fast.
We are running out of time. Miss, please come with us.
– I can’t. She’s getting off. Come on, get her. No. Please let me go.
Let me go, please. Please. I have not done anything. What’s happening?
What’s happening out here? Please, don’t hand
me over to the police. They will send me back to India.
Please. It’s my…
It’s a question of my life. Along with mine, my family’s
life will also get ruined. Please. Let me go. Please. I haven’t done anything wrong. I’m scared for my life. Please, sir. Hello? Did everything go well, sir? Hello? Where are you? Where is Megha? Megha is dead. No. Oh, God. Aadil.
– No! Aadil! Moments ago,
a high speed chase on the M25… …has resulted in the death
of the London railway bomber. Authorities have said that the
bomber, a female in her twenties… …was trying to escape
on her dirt-bike… …and had a fatal accident
during the chase with the police. Hello?
– Hello, Sanjay? Sanjay, tell me the truth. Everyone here is telling
me a different story. I had told you, no matter what
anyone tells you about this train… …don’t believe in it. But in the news they are
showing that the bomber is dead. That train won’t stop. Media… Media has gone crazy. The bomber is a guy.
He is still alive. And I am talking to him. I hope you are not saying
so just to calm me down. Do one thing.
Talk to her. You’ll feel better. Hello? Hello. Hello, Pia? Mamma? Are you alright, dear? Yes. But how did you get my number? Your father gave it to me. You spoke to him? Yes, dear. The bomber is dead. It’s all over. We are all going to die. I’m not die like this. I bet we can jump off this train.
– Please sit down. How are you going to defuse the
bomb if the bomber is already dead? The bomber is not dead. How do you know? My daddy is a chief
of railway control centre. What’s your name?
– Pia. Pia Raina. Okay, Pia,
what did your father say? He told my mother that
the bomber is not dead. Can I talk to your father? I found sister-in-law’s address. She’s a teacher in
some kindergarten school. I didn’t get any other information. Megha’s brother’s operation
was to take place today. Of what? He has started lose vision.
Both his eyes. The operation is very expensive. And if he doesn’t get it done,
he can go blind. I think they have found
out that we are Indians. Unit four, are you in position? In position, sir. Shall I go in?
– No. Hold your positions. Nobody approaches the
target without my orders. Aadil, run. Hey. Hey, stop.
– Stop. – No. Hey. Stop. Come Whoa, whoa. Get him. Get him. Just kill him. Whoa Move! No. Get him. Watch it, man. Get him. Stop, or I shoot. Get down, everybody get down. I’ve got him. Clear the bridge. Clear the bridge. Stop. I said stop. Damn it. Drive. Good morning.
– Good morning. Here. Have some sweets. Sweets? What are we celebrating? Remember, I had told
you about my brother, Manish? He has got an admission
in an engineering college here. Oh, that’s nice. But how did he come to UK? He didn’t come through
illegitimate means like us, sir. He has come legally. He has got student visa. Then you deserve
double congratulations. He’ll be an engineer like me. This has been possible
only because of you. You had done a lot of favors. My parents…
– Enough. Enough. Enough. Give me the sweets. This is a routine check.
Stay where they are. This is the UK Border Agency. Everybody stay where they are. Wait a minute. Sir, please. Sir, people from the immigration
department are outside. They are checking
everyone’s papers. What should we do? Aadil. You leave with Megha. Sir, but you? I’ll take care of them.
You both leave. But, sir, you too.
– Just stop it. I said go. Come on, Megha, let’s go.
– Go. Hi, Officer.
Is there a problem here? My name is Peter Harvey from
the Department of Immigration. And a few of them
don’t seem to have… …the proper documentation
to work in the UK. I guess I am not aware of that. What’s your job here, sir? I am the CEO.
– And who owns the company? My wife.
– Can I see your papers, please? I have applied for my
citizenship and work permit. I have a copy of that.
– Sir, without citizenship… …and work permit you
cannot work in this country. I’m afraid you
have to come with us. It’s okay.
It’s okay. It’s almost done. Just relax. May I know who he is? Someone who has nothing to lose. And you? Someone who has lost everything. Let’s go. Thanks, Doctor. I think we should stop right here. Why? Our intention was to commit
a crime and get our lives back. Without endangering anyone’s life. Megha has lost her life. And you are injured. I don’t want the money
at the expense of your life. It’s no use backing out now, sir. Megha is dead. And if I didn’t have the
hope that you would return… …then I would’ve
hanged myself long back. Who do we fear? If we don’t win,
what do we have to lose? And if we win,
we have our lives ahead of us. Give it here. Yeah, Sanjay here. Everyone in this world
wants to go to heaven. But no one wants
to die to go to heaven. Your mistake will today
take those passengers to heaven. The deal is off. Have you gone mad? Who the hell do you think you are? When the government
had given you the money… …to give to the bomber
then why did you have to act smart? You should have quietly given
the money and defused the bomb. That money was a means
to catch those scoundrels. Not to fulfill their demands. Now just calm down. Now don’t you tell me to calm down. I’ve been trying my best
to save the train since morning… …so that you get time
for your investigation. A lot of time has been wasted,
but the little hope that we had… …you have ruined that as well. Mr. Sanjay, I understand.
– No, you don’t understand. Because you don’t have anyone
close to you on that train. Shut up. Everyone in that
train has a near and dear one. I don’t need a reason
to save people’s lives. It’s my job. It’s my duty. He will call back. Why will he call back?
How do you know so? I’m telling you, he will call.
– Why will he call? Because he won’t leave
without taking his money. He will not call. – It’s him.
– He will call. It’s him. Hello. – Take the money and
go St. Georges hall. And don’t do anything stupid thi Last chance. Excuse me, mister. This is for you. Who gave you this? Hey, listen. Put the bag in the
trash can behind you. Keep an eye on the green dustbin. I repeat…
Green dustbin. Alpha Team, talk to me. No, sir. Nothing yet. Snipers.
Keep an eye on the green dustbin. No fatal shots.
I want this guy alive. – Okay. Here’s your coffee, sir. Okay. Thank you. Sir, I’ve just seen
something in his hand. Bravo Team, do you see anything? No sir, still looking. Nothing yet. He will come. We will see him soon. Target confirmed.
Approaching drop point. Everyone, now, stay calm. Be focused. Be focused. Negative, sir. Can I have a word with you, please? They’ve found a suspect. That’s his picture. ‘Do you have the packages?’ ‘What’s the idea?
– You’ll know soon.’ Stay back. Move. Move. Move. Hey. Where’s the emergency brake?
– I don’t know, man. Calm down. Go ahead.
You’ll show me the emergency brake. Stay back. Move. Move. Move. Stay down. The emergency brakes have to be
put on anyhow before any station. Where is the breaks.
There. Why aren’t they working? The driver has jammed the brakes. Open up or I’ll
blow the door. – Stop. If you got to shoot someone,
shoot me. We got to get off this train.
We got to get off this train. We got to get off this train.
We are going to die. – Shut up. We are going to die.
– Shut up. It’s true. It’s true.
– What’s true? I sold the explosives to him, okay? I saw him at the railway station. Saw whom? The bomber. You know him?
– Yes. Who’s he? His name is Aadil Khan.
– Where does he stay? Hello? Job’s done. Yes. Yes. Yes. How are you feeling? Now I’m feeling great, sir. Okay, I’m coming.
I will be back in five minute. Okay. Come on!
Come on. Keep moving back. Back.
– Keep moving back. – Back. Please. Come on. Please back. Move back. Move back. Hello. – Aadil, try leaving
through the back door. No, sir.
Police has surrounded the place. Then I’ll come upstairs. Don’t try to save me,
you too will die. Then we will die together.
– Come on, move back. Please leave, sir. Just go. Get back. Get back. Team A, cover. Cover. Drop your weapons.
You’re surrounding. Come out with your hands up. Come on immediately. Drop your weapons. You’re arrested. Come out with your hands up. Immediately. If you move, you’ll die. Me or we? The investigation strategy
was to get the bomber alive… …defuse the bomb
and save the passengers. And what are you doing? Killing them one by one.
Who the hell do you think you are? Dirty Harry? He blew himself up. It was a suicide. Oh, so, now,
what do you suggest we do? Catch the real bomber. The man who has the money.
– Yeah. The idea of the money
was to use it as bait. Hey, he’s lost all the money.
He’s killing all the bombers. He screwed up the whole operation. For all we know, he could
be a part of the conspiracy. And gets his share of money
when he gets back to India. What did you say? Another word and I’ll
break your jaw. – Sir. I’ll break your jaw.
– Sir. Sir. No, sir. Vikas, let go of me. Let me teach him a lesson.
– Sir, please. Please. Stop. What does he think of himself?
– Yes. Get him off me.
– You foreigner! Let it be, Vikas, I will show him.
– No, sir. Get him off me.
– Sir, let it be. Leave me.
– Sir. Let it be, sir. Listen to what he is saying.
– Let it be, sir. Please. We are getting defamed
because of such scoundrels. One man plants a bomb
and because of that… …his community and
his country gets slandered. Today it’s either me or the bomber. Sanjay here. There’s a restaurant
at Alford Lane. Delhi Darbar. There’s a table
booked in your name. You’ll find an
envelope on the table. It contains the instructions
on how to defuse the bomb. “I am dew.” “You are my dawn.” “I am love.” “You are my world.” “I am the speaker.” “You are my prayer.” “I am the ground.” “You are my sky.” “We met,
in spite of being worlds apart.” That’s my husband. He’s my husband. “Nothing came between us.”
– He’s my husband. “Let me spend my life with you,
beloved.” “Let me spend my life with you,
beloved.” Aakash.
– “In your arms…” “In your path…” “In your arms…” “In your path…” “Let me spend my life.” “Let me spend my life with you,
beloved.” I tried hard to look for you. Phone calls, letters, emails. But I didn’t get any reply. Then I thought of
asking your father. All I got was abuses. I was in prison for six months. The loan we took was in my name. After you left, I couldn’t
repay the loan on my own. First I went under trial
and then I was imprisoned. Our child? He’s playing outside. He? Daddy. How did he recognize me? I’ve been telling your son about
you since the last four years. And everyday, he looks at
this picture and waits for you. What is your name?
– Aakash. Go out and play, Aakash. The name Aakash
holds some hope to it. I wish you were here. I wish we were together. I couldn’t find a name better
than Aakash to live with this hope. Nikita, I’m here to take you. Come back, man. Come back. The letter that you had
kept for us in Delhi Darbar… …got burnt with the restaurant. We are making an appeal. Call us for the last
time and tell us… …how do we disarm this bomb. This is an appeal. Thank you. That’s it. How much time do we have? Sir, two hours. Okay. One second. Ask the rescue team,
if we run another train… …parallel to this one,
at the same speed… …can they transfer the passengers
from one train to another? Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on you can do it.
Come on. Move your hand. Come on. You rigth there.
Come on. Come on. Keep moving. Keep moving. Grab my hand. Come on. Steady. Steady. Be careful. Come on! Keep closing. Come on, Come on. Don’t look down. Don’t look down.
Keet going. I can’t. Please. Come on.
Go! Keep closing. Faster, faster. Leave the belt. You can do it.
Faster. Faste. Give me your hand. Turn off your belt, sir. Give me your hand. Turn off your belt, sir.
Give me your hand. Come on. Just go in.
Down. Help it. Mr. Manish.
Someone’s come to see you. Who is it? I’m Megha’s friend. She has told me about you.
And I came here to… You are here to pay
the fees for the operation? Yes. I’m here to pay the fees. You are brother Aakash, right? No, I’m Arjun. Which Aakash are you talking about? Aakash Rana. My sister treated
him like a brother. She had said that
he and brother Aadil… …will come to meet
me before the operation. Surprising. Aadil never
told me anything about Aakash. Four years ago, he was their boss. Then, all of a sudden,
he had to shut down the company… …and go to a foreign country. I heard that he came
back a few days back. Yes, Megha was saying
something about it. I don’t remember
the company’s name. What was the name of the company? Global services. Global services. Okay. Sister said she’ll be
back before the operation. Hello, Vikas. Do a background
check on Aakash Rana. We deported him to
India 4-5 years ago. He used to work here in
a company called Global Services. I want details of his family,
his friends. I want details of his every move. Excuse me.
Please charge for Manish Solanki. I think it’s Ward E, bed four. Sorry, what name?
– Manish Solanki. Oh, everything has
already been paid for, sir. By whom?
– Oh, he was just here. He left the ward.
Just time a corridor. Vikas, that scoundrel is here. He just paid the hospital bill. I am getting all doors
and exits of the hospital closed. You quickly send backup. Please call security. This is Detective Arjun Khanna. Counter Terrorism Command. The train bomber has
been spotted in your hospital. Yes. The train bomber has
been spotted in your hospital. I want you to lock all your doors,
exits, anything to get of here. Nobody moves out of the
hospital till the police comes. Come with me, I want to
see his face. – Sorry? I mean I want you to identify him. I want you to identify him.
Please come with me. Okay. Please calm down. All of you please calm down. There he is. He’s gone that way. Police. Come out. No. Open the boot. Sorry. CTC.
– Sir. This is Anne. She has seen the suspect
and she’ll be able to identify him. I want every person, every car,
every boot to be checked, now. Yes, sir.
– Yes. Yes, Vikas? Sir, there are some
Air India tickets booked… …under Aakash Rana’s name. The flight leaves at eight. Some Nikita Rana and
a child are with him. Where are you at the moment? I’m going to the headquarters, sir. Go to the airport, right away. And go directly to
the check-in counter. And see to it that no one boards
the flight using those tickets. Are you listening? I’m on my way. So, we went up to look
at the security cameras. Then we came down here… Sir. So far no man named Aakash Rana… …has showed up
at the check-in counter. Now the counter has closed, sir. And there is no booking
on this name on any other flight. Thoroughly crosscheck any
Indian or Asian you come across. Sir. Did you get any
photo or ID of Aakash? That will take a little time, sir. Immigration department will send
us a photo as soon as they find it. If he isn’t taking flight then… …there is only one way
to get out of this country. When does the train to Paris leave? Sir, I think, the last train
leaves in an hour and a half. He has made a fool out of us. Come on, let’s go. ‘The letter that you had
kept for us in Delhi Darbar… ‘ ‘… got burnt
with the restaurant.’ ‘We are making an appeal.’ ‘Call us for the last time and tell
us, how do we disarm this bomb.’ ‘This is an appeal.
Thank you. That’s it.’ Sir, the ministry has sent orders. We’ll have to stop the
train at Glasgow station. Sir, according to them,
they have got the station vacated. And a 90 Members Rescue team is
also provided there. This is not possible.
They have lost their mind. The train cannot enter
the station at this speed. Anyway,
if the speed goes below 60… …the bomb will explode
before it reaches the station. No, sir.
They aren’t reducing the speed. They want the train
to crash against… …the break-ribbons and
sandbags at the speed of 60. Sir, the fire brigades
is already there. They have also started
spraying the anti-fire chemicals. Doctors, paramedics, police.
Everyone is on standby. Even the passengers are being
shifted to the last compartment. That will kill more
than half the people. Sir, they say that at least
some people will get saved. This is ridiculous.
This is stupidity. Sir, it’s him. Yes. Sanjay. There is no bomb on the train. You can stop the train. No, no. you are lying. Bomb squad has confirmed it. I saw the bombs under the train. Yes, there are.
But they aren’t activated. I had written the same in the letter
I had send to the restaurant. Listen, please, don’t play
with the lives of innocent people. I cannot say anything
more than that. Just a minute. Just a minute. The bomber just called. He said that the bombs are
fake and that they won’t go off. He is a liar. We can’t take that chance. We follow the ministry’s orders
and stop the train at Glasgow only. To hell with the orders. I am stopping the train right now. You cannot override the ministry.
You understand! Oh yes, I can. I’m in-charge here.
These are my people. And they will do exactly
what I tell them to do. But sir, why do you trust him? Had he been a liar,
he wouldn’t have called. What? He wouldn’t have
called if it’s a lie. If this goes wrong… …you are going down for life. John… …Stop the train. Hello? I will wait for you at the station. I hope you come. Yes, I’m coming. Yes? Are you… Nikita Rana? Yes? Nikita, take a good look. The lives of 500 people
now rests in your hands. Inform me as soon as you spot him. Excuse me. He’s here. Okay, good. Move closer to him. Go to him. Authorities have confirmed
that the bomb on… …the Glasgow bound
train 112 was a hoax. The high tension ordeal
which lasted 14 hours today… …has finally ended. There were no reports
of causalities as passengers… …started disembarking
the express train minutes earlier. There was no bomb
connected to the train. Everyone’s safe. All the passengers of 112 have
alighted from the train safely. Don’t look at my site. Nikita? Nikita? Nikita, can you hear me? Nikita? Where is he? I’m asking you, where is he? Please tell me where is he. Sorry, that wasn’t Aakash. What do you mean he wasn’t Aakash? He wasn’t Aakash but someone else. I know you saw him. I saw you looking at him. Don’t lie to me. Don’t lie to me. You are the one lying to me. You told me he’s a bomber. Yes. Yes. He’s a bomber. And this is your only
chance to save the passengers. Once again you are lying. Everyone is safe. All the news channels
are showing it. Someone was playing a prank. And you want to punish
my husband for it? Just because if entered
this country illegally? Just because he wants
to meet his wife and child? Why are you not getting this? He is a criminal
according to the law. And you are helping a criminal. Your law has given
a very harsh punishment. He just wanted to help people. Do you have any idea
how many lives and families… …has your law ruined? Let him go. He wants to leave
this place for good. I won’t let that happen. I will arrest him. It’s my duty. You… you…
– I cannot help you in it. You can find him on your own. Please. Please. Please try to help me. No. Daddy. No. No. That’s not him. That’s not Aakash. That’s not him. That’s not him. No. The bomber is on level one.
Send back up immediately. Can I go now? You have go… But to a prison. Surrender yourself. You don’t have a choice. I still have a choice. Don’t compel me. You are a criminal. You cannot escape your punishment. You don’t need to be a
criminal to endure a punishment. It’s the same even
if you are innocent. What wrong had I done? I tried to fulfill
a dream of a good life… …through hard work and honesty. It was called cheating. A fraud. I helped the ones in need. It was called sabotage. A murder. When I married the one I loved,
it was called rape. Yet I got punished. Everyone was taken away from me. My wife, my child,
my friends, my hopes, my future. Everything. You, too,
must be having a wife, a child. Ask your heart… …what would have you
done had you been in my place? And still,
if you think that I am wrong… …then take the gun. And shoot me. I am going, to my child. I want to hug him and
sleep one night peacefully. No. ‘We had a lot of dreams
which stayed as dreams.’ ‘There was love,
thank God, it stayed intact.’ ‘If you are reading this
letter then it’s certain…’ ‘… that I’ve gone
very far away from you.’ ‘One man made a mistake
and two had to suffer.’ ‘One man made a mistake
and two had to suffer.’ ‘For all my mistakes and
all the promises I didn’t keep…’ ‘Please forgive me.’ ‘And do me two favors.’ ‘Tell Aakash that his father was … …a good man caught
up in a bad situation.’ ‘Who died fighting for
his love and his right.’ ‘And secondly, there is a
cheque enclosed with this letter.’ ‘Send half the amount to Megha’s
brother and Aadil’s mother.’ ‘And if we meet again
in the next life… ‘ ‘… I promise, that story
will have a beautiful ending.’ ‘Until then… ‘ ‘I love you.’ “The road was leading ahead.” “There was danger behind.” “The road was leading ahead.” “There was danger behind.” “Speedy sight said…” “…the one who got
scared was destroyed.” “It goes on fast and faster.” “The game to fear of fear goes on.” “Everybody wants to win the race.” “Play with speed.” “Everybody… speed, speed, speed…” “Everybody plays.” “Speed, speed, speed…” “Somewhere it is linked
and somewhere it turns.” “The road is broken at places.” “The land is lost.
The world is lost.” “Relationships are lost.” “Life does not stop.” “Life does not stop.” “It goes on fast and faster.” “The game to fear of fear goes on.” “Everybody wants to win the race.” “Play with speed.” “Everybody… speed, speed, speed…”


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