Thanh Xuân như một món quà EP1 – Gay Web Drama – The Gift of Youth (EN Sub)

People say that the youth is the most precious thing of our life Everybody need to go through the youth, and being mature, while remembering about “season in the sun” With me, I see the youth as a gift from life A gift of love, bravery, passsion and hope for myself & my friends You kow that, when you give away a gift, you will received back a gift, or may be more From the one who I love & adore And this is the place where my youth begins The Gift of Youth – Good morning!
– Oh, hi! You have room for rent? I have just post the ads some hours ago, how can you come here so quickly? Haha, in this modern world, if you like something, you need to grab it right away I saw you said that you prefer LGBT guys, so I come here with my stuff also There’re so many LGBT guys nowaday, I need to be as fast as possible Stop, boy! You haven’t known how the room looks like, how can you decide right away? Ah…, seeing your ads, I know that you’re a very lovely host With me, the prefect host is better than the perfect room, so It’s OK if the room is not very good, I still can accept Ok, so let’s see the room first, but I must inform you this: My son’s a doctor, he is very strict & I need to align with him If he doesn’t agree, I can not let you rent the room, OK? – Come here, come here.. I would like to ask you this, Why you need to align with him? You’re his mom! I have my stuff here already, I move in now, OK? No, no, don’t, he will be angry with me if I decide right away. Ah… but I already released the contract with my last host. So what should I do now? OK, so let sleep here for one night Tonight I will ask my so, if he doesn’t agree, you need to move out, OK? Thank you. I’m a lovely & handsome boy, I believe he will like me – Is that the room for me?
– Yes, it is Ah hey, don’t forget to give me money in advance, 1 month for rent & 1 month for deposit, total 6mil VND! Everything is fine. Your health’s in good status. Thank you very much. You’re a “super doctor” I didn’t do any “super” thing. But you don’t need to come here to check your health 1 time/week. 1 time in 6 months is fine No, no can not! Ah… no, I just want to check my health regularly for safety By the way, are you free tonight? I would like to invite you to dinner for thank you. No, don’t need to thank me. I need to come home for dinner with my mom. She’s alone at home Oh, there’re only yoy & your moms at home? Yes, only me & my mom. We intend to settle up some rooms for rent. So my moms will have friends Anyway, I need to come back to work. Bye bye! Bye Bye Thien An! Mom! Whose clothes’s here? It’s not mine right? What is it? Mommmmm! Oh, Thien An, you came home already? Oh my god, it’s Anh Tuan’s stuff He had just move in so it’s a a little bit messy. I will warn him! Him? Anh Tuan? Our guest? No, he’s not guest. He’s the one who rent our room I saw that he’s cute, lovely, so I let him moved in already What? Why don’t you align with me first? We don’t know if he’s good or not. Please be calm. I’m very meek! And I also provide for mom all of my ID & paper ID is ID, but I saw that you’re very messy boy. You, need to move out, now! – Momm!!! Thien An, listen to me. I think he’s good, let give him a chance How do you know he’s good. At the beginning, I didn’t agree with you that we should let LGBT guys rent our room It’s a very complex community, you don’t know much about it! Let give him back his ID & money, so let him move out! Hihi, actually I haven’t gotten money from him! What, no money? Okay, here’s it come, the most favourite soup of Thien An! Let have dinner together, and make peace From now on, let consider each other as brothers, stop making argument Mom, you really decide to let him stay? While he doesn’t have money? We hve room for rent. Not for charity! Why so serious? It’s just money. I can have it within 2 or 3 days. Oh really? Just money? If it’s easy like that, you already had it now, not need to wait until I ask Mom, I’m still angry that you havent had money before letting him move in. He already explained with me, and make some promise In the mean time, he can be my friends, to go to yoga, shopping or dancing with me. I think it’s fair. Fair? Those activities will require you spend money. And may be he will cheat you with some thing more! Hey, what do you say about cheat? Who cheat? I just want to make her happy. She already retired & just karaoke alone all day at house without any friends. She need to goes around for relax, right? She’s my mom. I can take care of her. You don’t need to worry! Take care of her? You only take care of your work all day? What do you know about her happiness? The only one you takeing care about is that you, right? – You…
– Calm down, calm down Anh Tuan, stop arguing with your brother. Let me deal with him! Hey, you listen to me! You have 3 days to give me 2 month of renting payment. Or you need to move out right away! (Karaoke singing sounds) Hello! What do you need? Hello, is this Thien An’s house? Yes it is. You looking for Thien An? – No…
– He’s at work now I don’t come here for meeting him. I want to rent room! Ah… You’re handsome. Are you Thien An’s younger brother? Yes, I am. Ah, you want to rent room? I will show you the room! Wow, it’s beautiful house of “my Thien An” I think Thien An is very neat person, right? Yes, he’s very neat & strict. He hates someone who’s messy, so only the one who clean & neat can stay here But I heard you say that “my Thien An”, what does it mean? Oh, don’t pay attention about that. Let’s see the room! The room we have just seen, 6mil VND/month. What do you think? What? 6 mil VND/month? Wanna kill me? 6 mil VND per month, but you can stay in the same house with the one you like. It’s fair, right? What, why do you know I like Thien An? Haha, it’s you saying out loud that, right? But you dont to hide it. At the beginning when talking with you, I know about it right away. Plese don’t tell anyone! Sure, I’m very tight-lipped But now, you need to give me 12 mil VND for 1 month rent & 1 month deposit. You have it now? If you don’t I can’t help! Yes, yes, I have I have. Let get the contract, I’ll sign right away! – Okay, let me inform my mom
– Okay! Mom, this is Danny. Thien An’s close friend He want to rent room. I already show him the room. Let him rent, mom! Oh, you’re Thien An’s friend. It’s good. So I can be sure that he will agree! Sso you agreed? It’s goodddd! Let me give you my ID card & money also. So, here’ 12mil VND. 1 month rent & 1 month deposit! Oh? Oh? Mom, I think it’s okay to check the money later. Let Danny move in first! Oh, thank you. So I move in now, there’ so many things to do for settling down Mom, it’s my effort. I inform Danny that it’s 6mil vnd/month. So he gave us 12 mil VND for 1 month rent & 1 month deposit You can treat 6 mil VND from that as my renting payment. Oh no, how can it be? He’s will angry with me if he know. Mom, it’s Okay. I allign with him. He agreed. – Really?
– Yes, why dont you believe me? He knows & he agrees! Now let take a rest mom. I need to give him a hand! Hey, I have some questions! Hm… let ask. I know everything about this house. What do you want to know? What can it be if it’s not about Thien An? Hahaha, now you admitted about it? Like him very much, right? You knew it. Stop asking me again & again! Thien An is handsome doctor, very gentle & elegant. I think there’re many guys like him. But sometimes he’s alittle bit grumpy. It’s hard to change him when he like or dislike something. I knew it. I usually come to check my health at his hospital. But what now, you have any ideas to help me attract him? Hmmmm, wanna pick him up? I think it will take a long time. And you need have have more in this house to help you! It will be easier to make him fall in love with you! Accomplices? In this house there’re me, you, and Mrs Ha. Who’s else? We need to find more guys to come here for renting house. They can be our accomplices to help you pick Thien An up. – Really? Wil it work?
– Yes, believe me – Are you sure?
– Yes!


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