Thanh Xuân như một món quà EP2 (Tập 2) – Gay Web Drama – The Gift of Youth (EN Sub)

(Karaoke singing) Mom! What’s up, son? Ah, we’re intending to look for someone to share the room, to let our house more happy I think it’s enough for us now. There’re 4 persons And we have no more available room, right? Mom, I can share my room with another one! And Danny also can do that Noooo! (Hm hm… Thien An, Thien An) Ah yes yes, I can I can But I think…. Oh, hello everybodyyyyy! Good morning, mom! What are you talking about, can I join? Oh Mimosa, what do you have for me today? Here it is, another new cosmetic which I had invented Let take a look, mom! It’s made from clay You just need to use in at the night, next monday you will wake up with a very beautiful face The tube that you gave me last week, I haven’t tried, Ms. Sa. Now there’s another! Mom, don’t call me just Sa, my full name is beautiful Mimosa, mom! Hey, I live next door & sell grocery online, 24/24 service Hey, give it back to me, it’s for mom! Ah, I just keep for her! Mom, who’s that boy? Ah, I’m Anh Tuan, here’s Danny, we live with mom Ha & bro Thien An. We’re talking about looking for more people to come here to share the room. Wow, this house’s full of handsome boys, mom! You are the best! I think it’s good to have more, mom, I also love watching handsome boy, haha Haha, how funny she is! It’s OK, but we can talk about it later, no need to rush! Mom, it’s urgent because we need to settle down & be stable soon. Right, Danny? Ah yes! If we have more persons in the house, it will be more safe, can prevent robbery from outside. Prevent “bullying” from neiborhood And last but not least, you can have more money! Alright, boys & girls! About that… I already have an ads some days ago, sooner or later there will be more people come to ask for the room Mom, nowaday it will be fade away in just 1 day. We need to push it by more ways Let me with Anh Tuan do it! Yes! Ah, let’s post about it on Grindr, mom! What is Grindr? Ah ah, I heards about it, there’s many handsome boys on Grindr. (laughing) Hey, I think it’s the best. let’s do it! – Ok, now, let’s try, mom?
– Ok! OK, done! This is my most “flirting” photo. Nobody can run away from it! Yes, it’s super sexy. I believe nobody can ignore when seeing it? Let discuss about profile, talking about many benefits, don’t just base on the photo Ok. now what should we write? First, we say: Need someone to share the room, prefer handsome guys! Prefer single man! He should be straight! What? There’s no straight on Grindr! Oh oh… I’m sorry I don’t know. Now let write more…. Will live with many handsome guys And watching handsome guys everyday There’s doctor in house, no need to pay for hospital Will be provided with sample cosmestic from Mimosa will be psychological counseling everyday by us Will be trained how to make up & face skin scar Will be styled by “near to famous” stylist Danny Oh realyy? Oh my god I’m exhauted of meeting weird people all day It’s enough for today. Let’s continue tomorrow Oh no please, let met & Thien An do this tomorrow. Everybody you guys bring here, are all crazy! It’s not about us, mom. I think it’s just because we dont have luck today It’s really bad luck, mom. There’re so many guys but nobody take a look on me I’m so sad, mom! I’m gonna go home! Hello! Anybody there? Hi, you wanna rent the room? No! I don’t want to make friends, bye! Wanna go for a beer? Beer? I don’t even know who are you! Let come to the park near the river of district 4. The weather’s nice here No! I don’t have time! It’s too late now!! You don’t come here, so there will have “dead” here What? What’s dead? I wanna commit suicide. If nobody come here to talk with me, I’ll do it You’re the only one on this app who replied me You don’t come here, when I died, police will come to you Bullshit! Thinnk I’m scared? I won’t come, need to sleep now, bye! Oppps! What are you doing here? Why do I need to answer you? It’s too late now, where do you go? In a stealthy way? Ah… I… I go to football training Football training? Now? I don’t trust you. I’m gonna tell mom! Oh, stop stop! I come out for football training at this time because the field is only available now! Mom’s sleeping now! I already asked for her permission in the afternoon! Are you sure? Ah… yes, sure as I’m sure about my muscle, you can touch it, hereeee Stop stop, go anywhere you want, but be careful because it’s too late now It’s Okay, bro! I’m always carefull I thought you won’t come? Ha, you said you gonna commit suicide, how can I ignore? I just come here to make sure you don’t create any trouble for me Here, let drink! I don’t drink. What do you want to talk about now? Not anything specific. I just want to have someone sit here with me all night Are you crazy? All night? Why dont you go home? Home? I have no home now? They left me already. Left? left what? who left? My parents, left me They don’t need me anymore They know everything about me, than kick me out of home I dont wanna live anymore Hey, stop thinking about that! You need to find a hotel to sleep tonight. And tomorrow you can come back home to solve the problem. It’s easy It’s not easy You don’t know anything about that You… don’t know… anything Hey! Hey! Wake up! Hey! Is he drunk? Wake up! What should I do now? He’s too heavy! Can not drink much? So don’t drink. How can you drink like that and let me take responsibility for your safe? I’m not even your friend, right? Hmmmm, remember to lock the door, or Thien An will see him & complain again Oh my god, he’s stinky Wow, what a teeny underwear? But, he looks cute, right? Ohhhh, oh my god. Boy? You bring a boy home to have fun? Danny, you make me scare. I think you’re Thien An! Scare, really? Oh, is he drunk? Are you trying to force him when he’s drunk? Wanna go to prison? No, it’s not like that. I’m trying to help him! – Helping?
– Yes!
– Help by kissing & raping him? – I’m gonna take a video
– Stop, go to your room! Oh my god! Who’s here? Whp’s that boys? What’s happening here? Just come here some days & you bring boy home to have fun? No, not… not having fun! Not having fun? Looking at 2 of you, not having fun, so you’re studying in group, right? – Oh what is it? What heppen? Thien An
– Mommmm! Who are you boy? Why dont you have clothes? It’s cold! Mom, Anh Tuan bring his boy friend home. How can you let him do anything he wants in our house? No, i’m not his boyfriend! What? What’s so loud? Oh… doraemon underwear? OK, I will take photo. Doraemon underwear! Wait, what? Why’s Danny here? Oh my god who can tell me what’s happening hereeee?


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