THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE Trailer (2017) Miles Teller Drama Movie HD

I rode shotgun in a lead humvee And I looked for bombs. Stop the truck You don’t see the bomb unless they want you to. What you got? Yo I don’t see nothing man You don’t see it, he feels it. I was a good soldier I had purpose, and I loved it You kick some ass over there? Yeah, yeah man We wanted it to be perfect I’m home with my favorite girls, it’s perfect baby. -Am I getting laid or what? Oh yeah, you’re getting laid. How long you been up? It’s already 4 PM in Baghdad One chocolate chip smiley face pancake for ya She doesn’t like chocolate Ok guess I missed that. Therapist:Two army commendations, an army achievement medal, impressive. Wife:You never told me you were a hero. Don’t spare me the details, I can take anything but quiet. You are my hammer out there don’t let these young guys see you fold. I don’t belong here. He did his job, now do yours. -You alright? -No I’m not alright. Can’t name him after me. He’s too perfect. Is there a specific incident that troubles you? I now this don’t look like much of a life. But every morning I get up I’m grateful. I’m alive because of you. Woman: Thank you for looking after my son. I’m not a hero, we’re brothers we look after each other.


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