That’s Why These Seats Are the Best a Movie Theater

In any case, the main thing you should consider
is your personal needs. Do you want to stretch your legs? Pick a seat at the side. Do you love clear, loud sound? Then sit in the middle! Remember to tell me in the comments below
which seats you pick when visiting a movie theater and why! – If something has gone wrong with the movie
you’re watching, like, the image is blurred or not centered anymore, there won’t be anyone
in the projection booth to help you! Unlike before, these days, specialists program
digital movie projectors and leave. That’s why if there are some problems, you’ll
have to go to the lobby to find a staff member who can help you. – But even so, you’re still being watched! In every movie theater, there are cameras
directed at seats. It’s an important security measure that helps
to prevent theft and all kinds of improper behavior. – By the way, some days are better for visiting
a movie theater than others. Mondays and Wednesdays are believed to have
the lowest traffic, and if you want to enjoy the movie without getting lost in the crowds,
go for these days. Again, the fewer people, the bigger choice
of seats. During holidays, on the other hand, lots of
movie theaters are swarming with people. – If you want to save a couple of bucks, go
to the movies in the afternoon. It’s very likely to be cheaper than visiting
a movie theater in the evening, and you won’t have to compete for the best seats with other
moviegoers. – Air Conditioning was first installed in
a movie theater already in the middle of the 1920s! The first place to have it was Rivoli Theater
on Times Square, New York City. At the same time, cup holders appeared decades
later: AMC Theaters began using them only in 1981. Before that, people had to hold their soda
during the whole show! – When more and more digital movies started
to appear, many small theaters had to go out of business. Such movies needed special projectors which
cost a fortune, and smaller business couldn’t afford them. – Few people go to the movies without buying
something to munch on or to drink during the show. And still, you won’t probably argue that all that popcorn and soda might be overpriced. Like several times more expensive than in
other places. The answer is simple: cinemas don’t make much
money from ticket sales because studios get the lion’s share of box office revenue. For extremely popular movies, this share can
be more than 70%! Every time you pay a fortune for popcorn,
remember that you help the theater to keep working. – If you live in a big city, there’s a chance
that you might once notice a famous actor sneaking into their own movie! Celebrities work hard – no wonder they want
to see the audience’s reaction to all their effort. And if you’re lucky, your favorite actor or
actress won’t even be disguised! Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever
seen one in a theater! – Three-D glasses make some people physically
ill! It’s one of the reasons why this format is
losing its initial popularity. When you’re watching something in 3-D, your
eyes are informing your brain that you’re moving. But the inner ear, responsible for sensing
motion, argues that you’re still firmly planted in your seat. These two mixed messages confuse your brain,
and you start feeling nauseous. Hey be sure to hold on to your popcorn bag
when you’re done eating from it. It might um come in handy later on. Know what I mean? Hey, if you learned something new today, then
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