The 5th Avenue Theatre – Where Great Musicals Are Born

Before making it big on Broadway there’s The 5th. Located in downtown Seattle, The 5th Avenue Theatre is not only one of America’s largest historic theaters, but an iconic landmark where Broadway-caliber musicals debut, giving the Pacific Northwest a front-row seat to powerhouse productions. The stats are impressive: The 5th has produced 20 new musicals since 2001, nine of which have gone on to Broadway, winning a total of 14 Tony Awards. Even before the curtain rises, you know, you’re in for something spectacular at The 5th. This 1926 Chinese-inspired ornate movie palace is magical. The auditorium’s center dome is a replica of the palace throne room in the Forbidden City, and the chandelier is held in the teeth of a great coiling dragon. Dazzling and epic, The 5th spreads the joy of great musicals in bigger-than-life productions. The 5th is celebrated for groundbreaking, original productions. The company’s 2018 production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame featured a deaf actor in the role of Quasimodo, and generated national conversation around accessibility and inclusion, both on stage and in audiences. Later, The 5th’s original staging of Annie featured an 11-year-old Polynesian actress in the title role. Her inspiration? Seeing an Asian-American actress star as Ariel in The 5th’s production of The Little Mermaid. As one of America’s leading musical theater companies, The 5th has the power to sweep up audiences like a great musical does. From the page to the stage, right here in Seattle, and then on to the rest of the world. The 5th Avenue Theatre: A Magical Journey

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