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– You chose to become one of us, to fight for your life. Finish her. (explosive gunshot) (light piano music) – Daddy’s little princess. – Hey! – Not you, this bitch. Oh shit cards! – Always the charmer? – This is wrong. – Deal yourself a
better hand then. – Deal yourself a
better hand then. – Very fucking funny. You know what I mean? They all know each
other in some way, and two of them are sisters. – Time to make the hunt
more of a challenge. – They all went to
the same school. It’s in the rules, they
can’t know each other It’s in the rules, they
can’t know each other as we previously can’t
know our victims. – Rules are made to be broken. This makes it way more exciting. – You would think that. – Fuck you Becky. – Girls… – Dad, this is too risky. – Gutless shit. – You don’t wanna
fight me little girl. – Come on then. Gonna make me kill
myself, Becky? – Don’t push me. – You’ve never even killed– – Enough. – Two cards please. – Shove em. Cards? – What about the police? The more linkage of
victims, the more– – I wouldn’t worry about them. I’m councillor to
over 50 top cops. Let’s just say that
I don’t bother them and they don’t bother me. – Got files on the lot of them. – You’re not worried? – 30 victims and the
police don’t have a clue. – Well said. – Can you believe the view? – What can I say? Mining some rich psychiatrist’s
house for the week. Lunacy must pay well. – Hey Sarah? – Hey Sarah? Come on, let’s see what you got. (groaning) Hey, that’s a bit harsh. How did I get so lucky? (soft emotional music) – We should go in. (dark foreboding music) (soft sorrowful music) (stopwatch clicking) – I got it just for you. – That’s all you get, but I’ll see you later, for the first time. – [Intercom Voice] Warning, trespassers will
be horribly mutilated. (soft piano music) – Hot. You should come out
to the coast with me. You should come out
to the coast with me. I’ve already cleared
it with our parents. – I’m sorry Tom. – You don’t wanna come? Maybe some other time. – You don’t interest me. – You’re dumping me? Why? Was it the sex? – No, it wasn’t the sex. It was you, alright? You’re not enough. – You’re dumping me? – Like you’d dump me. – How could you do this? (dismissive sigh) How could you? Because you know that we
are good for each other. – No matter what you say or how many times you say it, why would it last? – Because I love you. – I don’t. – I don’t. – Sarah, wait. Please… Don’t. (neck snapping) (struggling) – You gonna be at
training on Friday? – Yep. – Cool. You did a good time today. – Thank you. – Ariel, can I talk
to you for a second? – Okay. – Okay, sure you
don’t need a lift? – No, I’m okay. – Okay then, see you. – Okay bye. – If I said nationals, what would you say? – I’d say wow. – Yes.
– When? – It’s in a month, but I’m gonna really need
you to rest your hamstring. – Okay.
– Okay? – I promise. – If you do that, you’ve
got a really good shot at winning the 5K. – Okay. – [Both] Okay. – Okay.
– Thank you! Okay. – See you later. – Bye.
– Everything’s gonna look up. (upbeat rock music)
(giggling) – Pay the fuck up. Are you deaf? Do you know who the fuck I am? Money, now. – You’ve gotta win first. – You see the black ball, bitch? – How about the white? – What the fuck? – What the fuck? You are shitting me. You fucked me. Where’s the white
ball, little girl? Huh? Nice. (guitar solo) – Hey, excuse me. – Hey, Nyteblayde? Thanks for you know. – Not a problem, Callie. You’re looking good. You’re looking real good. – I’m sorry. This is a mistake. I don’t think I. – No, everything’s
alright Callie. – It’s not. I never told you my name. ♪ Staying alive – Just bad luck, huh? You fucked me. You wanna do it for real? – Not even in your dreams. (soft rock music) – Might I be forward with you? I don’t know you but, you’re hot and I’m
thirsty as fuck. – Who are you? Where’s my mom? (dart flying) (gasping) (collapsing) – Sniper has some problems, but he’ll have the
girl here soon enough. – [Knife] There you go. These will look good
on my mantle piece. – Get her set up. You’ll have time enough. (struggling) – Come on Becky. Put your back into
it sweetheart. – Want to dump the lovely Sarah? I’ll give you a hand with that. – Thank you, that
would be very kind. – You should try
lifting weights. – And you should try
shutting the fuck up. (door creaking open) – I know everyone
has their own style, but why does he have to kill
her in the fucking basement? He uses these crude
tangle of lines, he never cleans the place up. God knows what he does to
them after they’re dead. – [Boss] We must
respect his choices. – I spent days preparing
your final own. Think she gets it? – [Boss] Probably not. A fighter. – Why else would I choose her? This one enjoys pain. I could have days
of fun with her. The lesson she deserves. – You know her? – The more that any
of us know our prey. I don’t know her and by the time I’m done, she’ll wish we’d never met. – You know the rules. – I don’t know her. Got it? – Behave. – Unlikely. – Stroppy little bitch, is she? – [Inquisitor] Takes
one to know one. – We should’ve killed her. She’s too young. – She proved herself and has excelled since she
survived our first hunt. While I miss the captain, he was no match for
her viscousness. – But why the hell do you
have to go and fuck her? – [Inquisitor] Why do you think? I’m a good fuck. I’m a good fuck. (door closing) – We talked about this and I’m not going
through it again. – One of these days
I will kill her. (phone beeping) – Like that’s gonna really work? – Mister Smith? – I’ve been called worse. (chuckling) – [Chris] Who are you? – I’m your boss, I’m
your best friend, and I’m your worst enemy. – Let me go! (laughing) Whatever your game is… – Exactly. Well, it’s a game of sorts. We like to call it the hunt. We play it on the last
Friday of each month. – What the hell are
you talking about? – It’s quite simple really. (dark foreboding music) (button clicking) – Callie. (laughing) – I still laugh at
your pathetic little puppy love
conversations with her. (chains rattling) She’ll be so heart
broken if you fail. (struggling) The inquisitor selected her. She likes to extract
confessions out of people. We can get the truth or not. Personally, I don’t trust
her as far as I can kick her. – Ricky Walker? I went to school with him. – He didn’t even know your name and now he’s relying on amputin, capable of such
pleasure or pain. I wonder which one she’s
gonna deal out to Ricky? Personally, my
money’s on the pain, and that’s where
Callie’s big sister, Ariel will be arriving. Sniper’s bringing her
in through the dungeons. He’s the new boy. Hasn’t really proven
himself to me. – God I know her too. – Most popular girl at school. Bet she even said
you’re such a nice guy as you tried to ask her out. Knife picked her. He likes them young
and attractive. I suppose it’s
because he never was. (water dripping) (groaning) – Wakey wakey. – Wakey wakey. Hey, you’re all service, aren’t you? But is this the real you? (blowing softly) (panicked whimpering) I should quit. (crying) Wanna see a magic trick? (cloth ripping)
Ta-da! Modesty all of a sudden? And there she is. A little varmint snapping because you don’t
get your own way. (tape ripping)
(deep inhale) It’s kind of a scream
all you want location. – You won’t get away with this. – Well you won’t be
alive either way to know. – You can’t do this. – Why not? We’re here. Life is a lesson and
that includes death. So I’m the teacher
and you’re the pupil. Shall we begin? You can call me Sir. Sarah Fairmont. You say, here sir. Let’s try again. (blade unsheathing) Sarah Fairmont. (spitting) That didn’t sound like here sir. Oh Sarah, you are gonna make
this hard for me, aren’t you? – You don’t know me at all. – Oh? – Oh! – Sarah Annabelle Fairmont. Father owns an oil firm. (piecing stab) Let’s say… (wincing in pain) (wincing in pain) A typical day. You awake, enjoy the perfectly
balanced breakfast, go shopping, spend some of daddy’s money, get even more of a fake tan, lament the world’s ways. You have no idea what they are. Tomorrow, you’d be 21, but you won’t be getting
that exquisite necklace Tom Henkinson. You’d been dating him for about
a month before you decided he wasn’t worthy. Saved you a bit of
trouble there, didn’t I? (screaming) Yeah, no one’s worthy of
the princess are they? Although even daddy
won’t be calling princess one I’ve finished with you! (screaming) – What do you want? – You hacked into the
western union database. That was kind of
illegal wasn’t it? – Well if it’s money you want, I can crack into any
of the major banks. – If you should be so lucky. – Please, I can get
you whatever you want! Just, I promise! – Why wait here? – Please just just just– – Please! – I’ve got nothing
to do with this. – No, don’t interrupt me! After all, I don’t
wanna have to kill you before you’re ready to die. I hired you because I
wanted to see how you work. You’re a control freak. – This is insane. – By the time I’ve finished
chopping off your fingers, you’re gonna know I am. Look. (shocking tense music) Hack through my
firewalls and they live, fail, they die. As will you. – Oh god, this is a nightmare. This is a nightmare. This can’t be happening. No, no, don’t… Get me out of this fucking shit! This is a nightmare! Oh god. Don’t please… (groaning in pain) – Nope you’re awake. Now look at what you’re doing. You’re bleeding
all over my table. Let me bandage that up for you. Salt, pepper, cayenne, chilies. You’re a paprika kind
of guy aren’t you? – Fuck! There you go. (screaming) Come on now. Get to work now. Time’s a wasting. She’s relying on you. (keyboard clacking) (keyboard clacking) – No, stop please! No, no! No, no! Stop! Please don’t. No! (crying) Don’t go. I need to see. Please! – Wake him. I said, wake him. – Ah, feel good? (grip tightening)
(groaning in pain) (laughing) Not up for much? – Screw you bitch. (dark foreboding music) (loud smashing) (groaning in pain) – Time is short, but by the time
you kill yourself you’ll know what everyone
else already knows. – What the fuck are
you talking about? – You’ll discover
you’re capable of things you never thought possible. – I knew you were trouble the second you strutted into
the bar like a cheap whore. – I knew you were trouble
from the moment I saw you. – Yeah? Well…
(chaotic tense music) You got that fucking right. (loud smashing) (struggling) – I wander what
awaits you at the end. (collapsing) (struggling) – The Hand. That bitch. I should’ve been more careful. We have to get out of
here before she gets back. (chuckling)
(light tense music) Everything is not what it seems. Fake blood. Fake blood. – Oh how sweet. – Oh how sweet. Do you want her to live so
you ca finally get the balls to tell her how you really feel? That is assuming I don’t
chop those off too. Come on, what are you doing? Get to it. You’re not gonna have any
fingers left in an hour. The hunt only goes
for that long anyway. – What? – Christopher, Christopher. I chose you because I
thought you were smart. – You’re sick. – That’s why the army
loved us so much. Imagine how sick we had to
get for them to stop wanting our services. Oh, speaking of fingers, I
am running a little behind. But… better late than never. – [Chris] Fuck! – Think you’re tough? We’ll see. (quivering) Girls like you… Girls like you. – I don’t know you. – But I know you. No one is good enough. Some of us don’t even
deserve a second glance. – Asshole. – What did you call me? – You’re a pathetic, sick,
twisted hideous asshole! – Think that’ll make me mad? Make me wanna kill you sooner? – Why should I care
what you think? (stabbing)
(screaming) – You have sex with a different
woman nearly every week. Do you care about any of them? Oh, I nearly forgot. (coughing) I asked you a question. Do you care? – You want a man? I can be a man.
– And that’s you? (chaotic tense music) – Yeah! (loud smack)
(groaning in pain) You’re fucked in the head. You think your crazy moves
and your Kung Fu shit makes you better than me? – Most people are
better than you and you know it. Why else do you need women
to love you so badly? If they want you, you want you. Come on, is that
the best you can do? Hit me dammit! (laughing) – What? – Why? Why are you doing this to me? (sad emotional music) Not that your excuse
is what I’m hearing. Not that I can. (crying) Go on, kill me. Don’t bother. You already have. Why my leg? The one thing I care about. I was gonna run
in the nationals, for my country! I don’t need to live anymore. Go on. Get it over with. Come on. Kill me. (explosive gunshot) – Ariel. – Good shot. I didn’t think our
new boy had it in him. – Break through the firewalls and no one else has to die? – No one has yet cracked
through my firewalls. – Confident aren’t you? You don’t think I can do this. – I know you can’t. – I know you can’t. – Don’t fucking bet on it. – I’m betting my freedom here. You’re just betting your life. Well done. Most people take at
least two fingers to get through the
first firewall. – Come on. – Speaking of fingers… (bone snapping)
(screaming in pain) (crying) – I’m sorry. – What the fuck? – I’m sorry. – You will be. – No, I’m sorry for you. So much pain. – Shut it. – This guy who did it to you. – That’s not your concern. – That’s not your concern. – Was it one of your parents? – I killed my parents! And you will scream for me. Now you’ll scream. Sorry? Not nearly as sorry
as you’re going to be. Don’t you worry about that. (crying) I need to borrow the taser! – Don’t drain the battery. – Don’t get it for
me or anything. That’s fine. Not a sweat. She’ll scream, she’ll scream. She’ll scream. My god she’ll scream, bitch. (groaning in pain) (struggling) – Pressure points. – Pressure points. Your strength means nothing. Claire Wright, remember her? (loud smack) You fucked her. (loud smack) Then dumped her. (loud smack) You were her first. I wander what number
she was to you? (dark malicious music) – You will scream for me. (electrical buzzing) (shocking)
(struggling) (gasping) – So sad. – Stop looking at
me like you pity me! – But I do. – By the time I’m
finished with you, even hell won’t have you. (slicing cut) – No.
(coughing and gagging) I do find The Knife sometimes
a little distasteful. It’s enough to put
me off my food. But we do what we must. – Must? – She needed to learn. – This is a lesson? – Yes Chris, and your
lesson is far from over, but I have to ask you, did you let Sarah die? – Oh God, I’m nothing like you. – We can’t know who we are
until circumstances make– – Just fuck yourself. Sure as hell no one else will. – Ow… I’m really hurt. As for you, get to work. Callie’s relying on you. (trippy distorted music) (trippy distorted music) – Oh no. No, no, not again. Not again. (soft piano music) (loud smacking) – $10 bet, that you would
fuck the ugly girl. Only you couldn’t see her soul, but I did. You left her
without even a note. – Not my problem. She chose me. – It never is your
problem, until now. I’d run if I was you. – I’m no coward. (chaotic tense music) (loud smack)
(groaning in pain) – To Claire, you were her world. – To Claire, you were her world. I plan to end yours. (loud smack)
(groaning in pain) The pain can stop, but you know what
you have to do. – I can’t. (loud smack)
(groaning in pain) – Never underestimate yourself. – Never underestimate yourself. Motivation is the key. You will kill yourself. – Why are you doing this? (loud smack)
(groaning in pain) – Haven’t you
figured it out yet? It’s all about Claire. – I fucked the bitch once! – I fucked the bitch once! I don’t deserve this. (loud smack)
(groaning in pain) – Now there’s a pressure point no girl should be afraid to use. – Please… – Did she beg you to stay? – I don’t know. – You’re too loud. So shut up. (loud smack) (soft emotional music) – To my fave little sis, Cal. Sure, I can’t draw like you, but I’m your biggest fan. So go Callie, go. Love Ariel. – Who are you? – That’s my first question. Who am I? – I don’t know. – Yes you do. I’m the words on your screen. – You can’t be
Nyteblayde, he’s a guy. – How do you know that? – Because I met him. – You believe
everything you see? – No, but… – Then answer my question. – Then answer my question. Who am I? – Nyteblayde. But then you know me. We talked online for weeks. Three weeks and two
days to be exact. – You don’t wanna do
this, we’re friends. – Are we? – You’re Nyteblayde, we
talked online for ever– – You’re not getting
this are you? – I answered you! – You answered my
first question. There’s more to come. – I’ll tell you
what you wanna know. – And what might that be? – Just tell me
what I have to say. – You already know. (screaming) – Fuck you! – No. Sorry, I don’t think so. You’re not really my type. You know, this is the 7th
time I’ve played this game, and I have to say, you’re good. My other victims couldn’t do it. They just gave up. I’m proud of you. – Your firewalls are fucked. How does that fit
in with your plans? (laughing) – Perfectly. (video game bleeping) – Nearly there guys. Nearly there. (keyboard clacking) (keyboard clacking) (soft calm music) – Do you know me Callie? Because you knew what I
wanted and you took it. – What do you mean? – I can’t have
back what you took, but I will make you admit it. – This is insane. (struggling)
(electrical surge) – The boss watches
us, studies us. Now this is between you and me. – Oh for God’s sake. Can you check on Inquisitor
when you’re done with Ricky? She’s playing games again. – Sure Dad. I’ll deal with her once
I’ve finished Ricky. Shame you won’t get
to meet my father, an amazing man. He taught me everything I know. On second thought, you really
wouldn’t want to meet him. He’s not as forgiving as I am. (chaotic tense music) Ah yes, Claire. In so much pain she
could not go on. (loud smack)
(groaning in pain) You hurt her so badly (loud smack)
(groaning in pain) she killed herself. You understand pain now? And at the hands of a woman. (loud smack)
(groaning in pain) (loud smack)
(groaning in pain) The gender you hate as
much as you hate yourself. (loud smack)
(groaning in pain) And now you beg for an escape? (loud smack)
(groaning in pain) But there is none. (dark foreboding music) Unless you do it yourself. – I’m sorry. I never understood. – No Robert, (soft emotional music) you always understood. – My name’s not Robert. I wasn’t the one that hurt you. – I don’t care. (chaotic tense music) – [Hand] $10 bet. – [Hand] $10 bet. And you fucked her. She killed herself! Make it stop. So much pain she
could not go on. She killed herself! You will kill yourself. She killed herself! She killed herself! (loud smack) (electrical surging)
(screaming) – No more. (dark foreboding music) – You know, I had such high hopes for you. Your beautiful art, depicting yourself in such pain. – You think I’m into pain because of how I dress? Because of what I draw? – But you’re weak. You’ll confess. – Tell me what
you want me to say and I will say it. – Yes, you will. (soft emotional music) – Why are you doing this? – Simon. – I don’t know any Simons. – Yes you do. My Simon. – Please, we can talk. – We are talking about Simon. – What have I done? – This is what you’ve done. I miss him so much. He was so kind and gentle. Do you– – I know what you mean. – That part of you
can’t go on without him. – I know. I can’t imagine
losing my boyfriend. We share everything. Let me go and we can talk more. Not like this. – You’re still a virgin. You don’t have a boyfriend. You share nothing. I wander, who are you behind the make-up, the outfit, the lies, who are are you really? (wincing) – I’m me. – By the time you’ve confessed, and you will confess, (mysterious tense music) we’ll both know who you are. I thought you drew your designs, but you have given me a window
into your fears instead. Simon, confess you bitch! Sweet Dark Rose girl, everyone’s favourite
little goth. Such a fake. Such a liar. I’ll leave you to
think about it. Maybe when I get back
you can be honest. – For a man missing
six of his fingers you have serious balls. (electronic beeping) Maybe I should’ve
chopped those off too. – I’ve knocked
down your firewall and I’ve hacked into your feed, how stupid do you think I am? Let them go or I’m
sending it to the police. (serious tense music) – You’re giving me an ultimatum? – You’ve got 10 seconds. – That’s all the time I need. – You’re fucked. – Now, how stupid do
you think I really am? – Please, I’ve cracked
through your firewalls. You have to let them go. – Why? – Because it’s in the rules! You have to let them go. – I’m sorry. I lied. – Callie… (screaming)
(bone snapping) – Yeah, yeah I
understand that boss. (elevator bell ringing) Same place? (mysterious music) See you then. (struggling) Confess and this ends! – I’ll confess. I did it. – Did what? – Saw Simon. – How? – I sent him pictures
of me, naked. – And? – And I did things
for him on camera. – And I did things
for him on camera. – What kind of things? – I masturbated, I
felt myself for him. – [Inquisitor] You
confess to all this? – [Callie] Yes. – You swear on your
life that this is true? – You’ll let me go? Oh my god. Thank you. Thank you. I really thought
I was gonna die. No. No. Please! – Simon does not exist. You swore on your
life and you lied. – You told me to confess. I just wanted it to stop. – And it will. (mysterious tense music) Callie Clarke, so easy. I thought you’d be a challenge. This is your death sentence. You have about two minutes
to think about your sins and beg for forgiveness. (hushed mumbling) (door opening) (door opening) – Help me. – What? – You turned the camera off. You broke the rules. That jeopardises us all. – All part of the game, but you’re too
stupid to understand. – [The Hand] This is not a game. – How dare you interrupt me? – My father asked me. – You got that right. You had your chance. (chaotic tense music) (stabbing)
(wincing in pain) (calm emotional music) – Goodbye Callie. (cell phone ringing) – Where’s my daughter? – She should’ve known
better than to challenge me. What chance did she have? (screaming) – What have you done Catherine? – She broke the rules. She interrupted the scene, so I punished her. – By the time I’m done with you, you’ll be begging
me to kill you. – You can’t kill me. Not with what we
have between us. (coughing) – The moment you killed my baby, you became nothing. – I will never be nothing. – You can’t even kill
your own victim properly. – Given the state I left
that pathetic bitch in, she should be dead by now. – No. – Don’t try and play
games with me old man. No one escapes me. – She’s very much alive. (cell phone beeping) (soft emotional music) ♪ Callie – She escapes, but has no where to go. I wander if Ariel and Sniper
are having as much fun as you and I? But if I know Adam, (drill revving) she’s probably dead already. (drill revving) (tense action music) (loud smack)
(struggling) (cell phone ringing) (groaning) – Yes sir? – [Boss] How far out are you? – [Sniper] We’re almost there. – [Boss] And the deaf girl? – She’s out cold. I hit her with a glancing
blow to bring her down. – [Boss] Get back here
and kill The Inquisitor. – Kill The Inquisitor? – [Boss] Yes, kill her. – Are you sure? It’s Catherine. – [Boss] I know it’s Catherine. This is not a request. – Yes sir. – I beat the captain who had 20 years of torturing
people before he met me! Dishonourable discharge for
overzealous questioning measures he told me, as he cranked up
the electricity! But I beat him. – You’ve already failed. I escaped. – I’m impressed. You haven’t learned the
lesson I have to teach. – There’s another
lesson in this. – Oh? – Something I learned from you! (struggling) – You ever wandered
why I can’t stand pain? Because I’m a dominant
you dumb bitch! – We’ll see about that. – [Knife] Where’s
the deaf bitch? – Around the back, near my car. – You dumb fuck. You’re supposed to bring her in. – The boss ordered me back. – Why? – I have my orders. If he chooses not to
share them with you, take it up with him. – Near your car? – Stay away from my kill. (mysterious music) I said, stay away! – Ariel. – Had you been mine you
could’ve been something… Special. – What’s the plan sir? – Get another rifle
from the armoury, find Inquisitor, and kill her. – Are you sure? – Just do it. (crying) – Oh my god. I thought you were dead. – Aside from a few
dents, I’m still alive. – Hey, we gotta get out of here. – Hey, we gotta get out of here. – No, first we have to
get this out of you. – What’s that? – It’s a tracking device. It tells them if you’re
alive or if you’re dead. I need something sharp. – Sharp? Will this do? Here. – Turn around,
it’s in your back. – Okay. – This will hurt. (wincing in pain) (tense mysterious music) Come on. – Where are we going? – The Sniper. – Then stay the
fuck away from him! – He saved my life. – No, it’s a trick. – No. – They play games with us. It’s all lies. He just let you go, did he? (whimpering) – Watch. I’m on your side. – I don’t believe you. You shot me in the head. – You shot my leg. You took my sight! – I had to make it look real. They were watching you. I was like you, a victim. They hunted me, but I survived. They gave me the choice. Kill for them, or die. I vowed my revenge. There’s a microchip
in your shoulder. It’s tracking and
reading your vital signs. If they think you’re dead, I can go back to the
camp and pick them off, maybe save your sister. – What? – Red hair, green
eyes, appendix scar. Make up your mind, we
don’t have time for this. I could’ve killed you a
dozen times, but I didn’t. Why? – [Ariel] What do
you have in mind? – [Boss] Where’s the deaf bitch? – Near my car, out back. – Had you been mine, you
could’ve been something… Special. (screaming)
(stabbing) – No! Come on. (tense music) Come on. What? What? (loud smack) – [Boss] I didn’t think
The Sniper could kill you. I think Adam might like you. – You have no idea. – How the mighty have fallen. You broke the rules. – It was all part
of the damn game. I don’t know who
the fuck she is. Now untie me and
we kill the bitch. (struggling) – Fuck you! Why should we trust you? Why should we trust you? Give me one good reason
not to strangle you! – Stop it Callie. – I’ll be seeing you soon, and I won’t be asking questions
nearly as nicely as you do. – And you know I’ll
love every minute. (laughing) – Just yell louder so the boss
knows exactly where we are. Believe me, you don’t
wanna fight this animal. – Why are helping us? – This is your first
and last warning. (bone snapping) (bone snapping) (groaning in pain) – You’re lying,
you hurt my sister. I’ll fucking kill you! ♪ Callie ♪ Ariel – Well now, this looks like fun. – I doubt that. – Hmm, you’re quite
right you know? I plan to kill you. (epic tense music) (explosive gunshot) (explosive gunshot) – Dammit. (door rattling) – To think you
profiled as a cow. Weak, gutless. – Shit! – Your sister’s cute too. I’m going to enjoy killing her. Sniper won’t betray me. He’s learned his lesson. – Fuck you asshole. – You’ll die first. I’m gonna sink my finger
into to your wind pipe. It’ll paralyse you
and you’ll asphyxiate. – He’ll shoot you. – Adam, are you up for this? (gun cocking) I’m impressed. I wouldn’t wanna be her. – [Sniper] Ariel, go! – No. – [Sniper] Dammit go! – [Boss] Kill me Adam. The longer you wait– – You’re sick. – Maybe you can save them both. She’s only got a minute. If I don’t contact The
Hacker in 10 minutes, he goes to the police
with everything. (soft emotional music) There are mass graves here. 30 victims. And the police will need
someone to hang for it. The Hacker has all the files. One full set has
your name on it. Goodbye Adam. You won’t be seeing me again. (deafening gunshot) (deafening gunshot) (tense music) (tense music) – I guess The Hacker
works for me now. (quivering) And as for the sob story
about my first kill? And as for the sob story
about my first kill? I loved it. Catherine and I
have a special bond. She survived the 1st hunt. (loud smack) I survived the 5th. Want me to untie you? – Save me for later. – We decided they were weak. They were gonna get us caught. What about the police? – [Boss] I don’t bother them,
and they don’t bother me. – I sprained my ankle last week trying to keep up
with your sister. So I guess you were right. (explosive gunshot) It was all a lie. (dark mysterious music)

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