The All-Americans (2019) | Theatrical Trailer

[Radio] “L.A. is turning into Mexico, and we have to decide whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.” [Radio]- “Tired of the,
‘I’m coming to your country to change your culture.'”
[Radio]- “We need walls. Dare I say it, we need walls.”
[Radio] “These illegals just pouring over the border.” [Radio] “What is going on?” – In a few hours, two high school teams in east Los Angeles will go head to head in one of the countries biggest showdowns. – I want respect and I hope
all you guys want respect. – We ask them to run through a wall, they’re gonna run through a wall. That’s what east L.A. is about. – Y’all ready? – Riders! (cheering) – We’re ready sir! – Let’s go! – Hoorah! – Hoorah! – Who got your back? – I got your back! – Oh! – You’re being nice to him. You’re gonna buy him
dinner tonight, or what? – People think I’m just another screw-up. Another Mexican screw-up. I have dreams like everybody else does. – I chose to be a father at a young age and that’s what I’m gonna be. – People in our class think like, go back to where you came from. You don’t belong here. – Having to go through
struggles at such a young age, I think football is his escape. – You look like you wanted to quit. That’s (beep) right there. – Re-doing these fails. That’s something you have to do. – I get scared that I’m not
gonna go to school no more. – It aint right, dawg. – What are these immigrants looking for when they see the Statue of Liberty? Freedom. Opportunity. – These right here, this is family. We don’t quit on family. – If you knew that this was
gonna be your last play… This is it. How would you play that?


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