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Or put some money on it, I’m telling you my brother can run faster than all you guys Alright five bucks. Let’s go. Hey drew come over here ready All right, you guys all need to pay up Set for we’re done I’m in six Did you want eight cleaning again Jacobs? It’s the same thing every day. Asshole want to go for twelve Yeah, sure. I’ll go first. Well, what male is Whitehall? On the loser now, I think you’re to lose like your brother Hey Now with this man, you’re on the Left yourself you’re done here Hey, hey drew drew there’s just being an ass come back Lisa come back. We don’t need them Done with this Go on tell me what I missed Same old thing Whitehall strides too long and he Z it up in his toes like girl runs on her heels So you let that Jacobs good go on Sure I’m gonna need you to pick something up from Eli tomorrow Why don’t you get the car and do it yourself You know why Rolly can’t be driving on these runs Well, the salary doesn’t cover the mortgage you can’t have to start pulling your weight around and I don’t want to see you later right now You don’t have the money do you You know, these are terrible Hey, sweetie, why don’t you go to bed? Stop we get moving. Let’s go You know that’s impossible I’ve tried it many times well, let’s go ballerina So he lights got a bag for you, all right I’ll try to say about the money. I’ll just tell him I couldn’t get down there today And don’t be too long, all right I got something else for you Hey, Chuck Shit something You can have that that’s just part of your workout and team that you know heat runs all the way here from Rainier Valley Chuck You got some money for me. I’m just gonna pick up for Wes Wes My name sounds familiar to me. I feel like I know the guy Never comes around here anymore, though. I think you must be mad at his Chuck not like that Not like that, he’s busy all right, it’s not what you think he asked me to make the pickup I Hope I’m wrong, but I think we both know why is not coming already? What I can’t get used to people making decisions for me Your brother’s deciding who picks up what underwear. I want to see your goddamn face here drew I don’t want to see your face. Tell your brother dad Understand me get go on Chuckles snorts. Yeah Be careful with that The Jacobs Ran all the way from the docks Same clip. Yeah, so it’s about five minute mile At your school back You let those almond making runs any more says he wants to see you Boy hello, big boy can run his hands himself Now you’re letting that Jacobs kid go the bonehead move I learned all my moves from you Coleman Drew Lisa, would you like to share your findings with the rest of the class? To trick questions x -4 not 6 like you put in the formula That’s right ma dude What was that then That was easy easy. Oh, ok Wow. Juice. My head doesn’t work like that Um, I gotta go to chapter practice. I’ll walk you Means really is really struggling easy out there. It’s not gonna happen I’m done with the team besides coach wouldn’t let me back Don’t you you could get a scholarship not if it means running for a jerk? Why do you know about coming No, he lives on my street Houses culture card, which makes him more on my boat. He’s to catch Jack Party is pretty legendary yeah, so What Well, he’s not coached Ricard leash it done track Okay Besides, I don’t think Loomis much use anymore anyways He had this kid who’s but old the mean And then one day he was gone Car accident What are you gonna do you’re just gonna give up Oh God how many times I gotta tell you to mow the lawn son. This goddamn lawn needs mowing Where’s your goddamn table, or I’ll do it myself Look I know I owe you money and I will get you the money just hello This is where the magic happens. This is where you smash your bitches No, I’m embarrassed I’m embarrassed and you’re embarrassing me Sit down Huh, what’s up drew That’s the guy right there big droop That’s our boy. That’s the future He’s a keeper Oh, hey cool baseball cards we should trade Chuck do you collect? Flash tell Chuck about your brother’s ball playing days This guy he could really play seriously Talented whole package could never hit that change up though. Could you I Want my money You think if I’m in at Mao’s fast You run ten of them She can’t run with a temper you Gotta be in control You beat yourself? You know we never get Beach. Oh, no, I’m done the track team anymore. Oh, yeah, I’d say you got beat John fast That fast note the wind stay Stay fair, maybe good whirring. Why are you gonna beat? Honey, I’m not about that Morning is ready. That’s it. Is it yeah. Oh jeez. I have to read your book Don’t prove me wrong Ballard Locks 5:00 p.m. Magnolia side Get in the water get in the water What get in the water Seriously, come on get in the water. Come on Why do I have to get in the water That’s great, that’s great. Thank you. Okay, that’s good. That’s good. That’s good Okay, you see those rocks down there you run there and back in 15 seconds That’s it you do a hundred of them Clocks running go 18 doesn’t count. What do you mean? It doesn’t count. Don’t look at me go Counts Nobody told you everything Happy 54 I’d say I get there you John I’m doing okay Well you going that was right, yeah Substant pause. Oh, man. Hey I Need you to come with me so get up let’s go let’s Go This photos made a lot of money so you should keep your eyes peeled you see anything. Let me know Where is the money, huh? There we go, that wasn’t hard That’s what you looking for huh this yeah, I don’t think so Clean that shit up, let’s go. Let’s go up Look if I didn’t need your help, I wouldn’t ask for I finished it even though I bombed You booked It’s a idea what bonking is in Blanc you got lazy When you bonk your muscles just to run out of gas you got nothing nothing, but your heart But I never seen anybody do more than 50 of those shovels Why’d you leave Tell someone I can’t do it and they won’t runnings not just physical. It’s in your head What do you know about boats Which one’s yours we’re walking to it, what’s it the leg? Another one, is that one right aren’t you Chetty? Sweet, huh Wow. Yep, a couple of repairs. I think I’ll take her to a lastly This book’s gonna make it civilized up there and wait for me go on Don’t touch anything Hey, I see somebody in the office Now you wait for me Thank You This guy makes me run in water and then he takes me to his boat and he drops me off Sounds like he’s a senile old man. Guess his glory days are behind Still be your best shot at college though. Let’s play some basketball. Yeah, I think I’m done with it. Anyways men Equaling You know much like being told what to do Do you you know listening everything? You said you told me the way and I did I Had to see if you were worth my time. You guess I got my answer. I Still can’t even tell me why Patience takes a lot of it to be a runner We go to the track absolutely not in my own special place What are you doing the hell’s it look like I’m doing These are coaching shoes coaching shoes, right? And onto the big white ship you turn left that’s your first interval you get one minutes rest Okay, then the next quarter-mile. Then you go all the way around these docks All the way come here No, see the pull this sign on it That’s one square mile to the inch right there All right, all right, he starts to cleat Okay Go Those like that, don’t worry about it It’s under 50. Not that fast look You got one minute to rest? Hey slow down Look like you just robbed a bank focus on each quarter pace yourself What are what mile? These are in the mine, you know I run the 400 listen You want a scholarship? You want to go to college? Yeah Then you run the mile the miles your race You run it fast enough even go anywhere. You want get back on the line focus on each quarter Hey, I just told it back on the line Now Averaged 67, that’s not bad. Okay Okay, you’re not even close. You gotta run these in 58 all tenant exactly 50 years That’s what’s holding you back The pain Yeah, I learned overcoming get embrace it you got to run through it then you can let it go Before right before I’m dying God you’re aggravating be around some ease True You wouldn’t let us take him to the hospital You know, it seems like you have a pretty good handle on it, what should I do? I Don’t know call the cops Come on walk with me What happened to you gimpy it’s lunch time What’s that? This is an early acceptance letter to Cal Berkeley’s art program That’s great congratulations, that’s great. Thank you It’s attentive and with my family they can’t afford it if I don’t get that scholarship this doesn’t really matter it’s bittersweet But I can always become a street artist if it doesn’t work out, you know, at least I’m not gimping. It’s true. That’s true Well, I think you’re very talented so I think you’ll be fine Seriously what happened what’s with the leg I’m actually training again you’re running I’ve been training with Coleman I am impressed. Mr. Jacobs In your hectic running schedule – you – you have time for a birthday party Yeah at my house. Yeah, of course It’s um, it’s Friday night Friday night I’ll be there but You’re made for the mile not the 400 and the sooner you realize that the better off you’re going to be I’m running the 400 Oh This is shit, that’s it everything this is the last time and I swear, okay I’ll sing you a little running away. So on Toto something like this a two a one two three, his name was Jimmy had someplace to go Hey lazy George on break again Good Kelvin will help our boy out Hey for this week flash good for this week Know if I’m your brother I Wouldn’t send you around to see a guy like me I know you’re steady try me Try me oh That’s for you look That’s for you What do you think this is over You were done you think that’s it No, it’s not like that you’re in this now you and me and Wes worried together Would you like a cigarette getting cigarette good for lung capacity He ain’t here so you can just turn around and shuffle on home What a prince wheeler-dealer I know what’s going on here I know who you are and where you’re headed just Don’t take your brother with you What’s that We got a deal right Yeah, we got a deal If I don’t win next time I’ll run the mile not the 400. Yep. I’m not losing this one Training again watching now We’ve got a special guest in the 400 today you all remember mr. Jacobs runners to your marks go I’m on Whitehall Took you long enough You can’t be Whitehall’s Florida if you train hard and listening may be great mile Good you know anti Hey, chill man chill out man, chill out man. It’s a party man. You need a trim Hey Cheers here let’s go Aaron get out of jail, man. Are you serious? True Come back in He’s gone he had way too much to drink Don’t make excuses for writing. He’s got his hands all over you. Wouldn’t you just gonna let him do that? yeah, actually I was about to Take down Whitehall myself Oh Really? So you tub? Yeah, I’m like tough now. Oh like nails like okay. I Really pretty I should go I got a train anymore Get back anyway No Coleman you home? You forgive practice some kind of a test again It’s a nice collection use no these Yes your son Where you saw it on him as you are on me they musta hated you you dont have right to talk about my son he is my son What happened here I Fell you fell You fell yeah. Hey hope she was worth it How fast to get a scholarship to UC Berkeley You don’t have a chance, you know, listen took me this long to get you to do the mind what if I run under four I’ll do whatever you say Don’t cook anymore You’ve got something You got You had something here. It’s so deep in there And you had to beat it You have to face that fear you got Because if you don’t You’re gonna make me And buddy you don’t want that If you do I Don’t care if you never run another race in your life because if you do face that fear It change your life I Promise you It’s the hardest thing you’ll never have to do And then You’ll be able to push it right through the pain. You’ll go right through the door And when you’re ready to pass out your legs can’t move and your lungs can’t breathe in your eyes can’t see You all know. It’s just the beginning It’s beautiful That’s all I’ve been trying to teach you, okay When you want to start Let me carry that tire underwater that side of this side 20 times That’s a start next time you do any morning go All right, 63 not bad not bad that’s four seconds fast when I started Suppressive Yeah, I hate to break it to you but I don’t suppose ever gonna make it to Alaska, how are you don’t why don’t you just Shut up to keep working. How about that? Well, why am I doing all the work? Well? Wax on wax off That’s really good Remind me again like another state. Yeah. I’m building muscle today Yeah, you know that. Oh Thank you. I don’t need it. I think I’m done. Can I get you guys anything else? Yeah, a little more this some lovely pasta there, darling Keep eating Well, how’s it going with you and that girl Just friend What yeah what grow a pair Why’d you go bear I know you for a run I Didn’t know that you play I can play a silent Anita your son how they love yourself. It’s not about you How my I must sleep like a sweat our winches nice enough Clady weather I wish my heart Won’t you like that too? You don’t seem shy with those eyes full of something I might Try to catch them again in my direction Just enough I Know you have to go Steady now to Hurt doesn’t show but so happy a Three he already has a state record His coach thinks he’ll break four minutes issues I’m not gonna have to race him. You’re gonna have to beat him at Regionals He’s only the winner goes to state No, I really appreciate you coming over I know you’ve been spending a lot of time with Drew and Why are you doing this well Because he’s fast he’s fast on his best. Yeah He’s a really good kid I used to be a photographer and this little boy Used to sit for me for hours. No. Oh, yeah. He was a great subject really but he would get So angry. Oh my god Beautiful yeah use that bottom one. Yeah, that’s me. Thank you Hey, hey, what’s he doing here? Hmm? Hmm No sit your ass down old man dunk, wait, no no no So, what’s for dessert James I am so sorry. I don’t know what to do Look I’m sorry, too. I I don’t want drew to end up like his brother But if he keeps running any and he he stays focused He can get away from all that Eli’s money. I need you to write it down tonight You got yourself I gotta meet tomorrow Good luck You’re stepping right into him right now, let’s go come on. Let’s go This isn’t all of it, right He sure looks like about a half If you were me tell me what I’m supposed to do here, what would you do? Hmm, what’d You leave but this is not over it’s not only for your brother The winner of today’s race will go on to compete at the state championships Stay with me whatever it takes you give it everything Now’s the time son if everything on the track Runners take your marks Under about Keep my god Going to the state championship Oh Quit You pulled up you quit. I was the race in my life. Yeah, well you quit I mean you gave up I saw you Look bad. I don’t know if you get a beat the guy or not, but that’s not what I asked you to do What I asked you to do is give it everything that you have You know someday you’re gonna look back on this time You’re gonna hate yourself Because you’d push harder you didn’t try harder you didn’t take this incredible opportunity that’s been given you But no, you got nothing I mean you’ve given me no reason to continue now, there’s no state championship I’m done You’re done with me You know, I don’t even know why I ever listen to you man I Want you to take a look at yourself, you got nothing you got no family So, why don’t you just go back to that piece-of-shit rat hole yours and drink yourself to death How could you send me to you less how could you send me there was? He’s gonna come out to us you know that right I Told you not to worry about Eli he likes to make threats that he can cut you open Look he is nothing special drew Are you gonna stop lying yourself, huh? lying to myself You know, you’re one to talk because that old man over there. He is not our Father drew I lost the race. Thanks for ice Are you upset about the race? No, I know you’re fine I just need to be alone right now, okay, I Get having bad days, but if it’s about something else you can you can talk to me about it Talk to you. Okay. What do you want me to say? You wouldn’t understand the first thing about what I go through Okay, so why don’t you just go back to your little doodles in your little perfect life? I don’t need to be fixed Okay, I’m not some pity project. I Didn’t think that you were one Juke it up we gotta go drew we gotta go. I’m not going anywhere was Drill don’t piss me off. Okay, not today. What are you gonna do? Or no You had something here it’s so deep in there And you had beat it You’re gonna face that fear. You got him It’s the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do Your life It’ll be able to push it right through the pain Open that door And when your legs can’t move in your lungs can’t breathe and your eyes getting sick and you’ll know if it is just appealing I Did it I Read it and I read it every Pasted it I just broke right through It was so beautiful You all right Wow good for you You did it on your own And that’s just the beginning Oh Will you do this with me You still want to break four minutes Hey You don’t need me I’m asking for your help You bet You’ve had No more riding in cars for you, son But about the other day Think I made a mistake treating you like family west stay inside How you doing here what do you think I’m doing here, huh? Huh? Slugger big hitter there he is My husband who pays the bills on this house, huh? Hey flash who pays the bills on this house back inside It’s about I pop them in I’m like one get back inside go back in the house Okay, okay, please Oh, where’s my glass? Coleman look at me hold on Hey Do you know where I’m best at? Nothing My damn thing I don’t want you to come back here Dunno waste what you got? Are you alright? Thank you for coming today You didn’t have to miss the me I Wouldn’t be anywhere else I wish you could have gone though, I still think you could have beaten st. James It’s not about to me It’s not about winning It’s not about saying James There’s something I got a dick Welcome to the Washington State high school track and field championship Today’s the big day for all of the best high school runners in the state Hon Charles st. James and whether he can break the four-minute mile And possibly be nice a nice record held by the late all-star miler William Coleman I’m a poor substitute for Coleman since she can’t be here This counts as much as the state meet to me As you know I knew you do this for him Take this Three two one Changed 3:57 To the n-c-double-a collegiate track and field championship We have like spin from Stanford In late June Charlo eight days from UCLA in Lane three through Jacob UC Berkeley Where you sell you will It’s just a fear of trouble can borrow I feel something I thought I Could it be My hair, could you be One to embrace the dream there ahead and Let it build the pain you feel Till it smooth, don’t you? So pretty Tosun paper airplane and let it catch the Forgiving Yourself could it be Threat or – we Could you be one to embrace the dream? Go ahead and run and let it build the pain you feel It’s you don’t you is it beautiful God God Macario unlocked will very I’ll take what I am what I heard. I don’t need you to tie me to I’ll take what I am today Let me naked I’ll make it beautiful


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