The Cast & Filmmakers Behind 1917 | Experience It In IMAX®

we were very conscious to try and create a different and even better experience for this movie in IMAX. it’s unbelievably immersive, you know, incredible sound. and the image is second to none. You don’t watch it you experience it. 1917 is meant to be an immersive film it’s meant to feel like 115 minutes in someone else’s life. and you want to see that on the biggest screen with the best sound system it’s a huge movie. It’s very intimate it’s very character driven but the landscape it goes through is fast and stunning what Roger Deakins achieved in this is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It’s something special The sort of power of it when it’s played out over this sort of landscape that IMAX can provide is even greater than a conventional movie theatre. you’re not just seeing the letterbox version of the film. It gives you more space at the top and bottom of the frame. so you feel more connected to the central characters. you just feel the walls of the trenches so close, closing in on you you know what that extra little bit of space the IMAX screen affords you that locks you into the story of these two men. Sam honest to god is a genius he really is and to have a director that has such a crystal-clear vision of the characters the story he’s trying to tell is very comforting. He’s a very “actor’s director”. 1917 is kind of a bunch of A list cinema makers at the top of their games giving 110% everyday. The triumph of human spirit is what I hope they leave with. The reason to go and see it in the IMAX and go in the front row is that you’re not going to watch a movie you’re going to live one


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