The Children Act | Official Trailer | A24

What do they call you? Your highness, your excellency? Court rise. My name’s Fiona May, but
in court, it’s My Lady. So you’ve come to
change my mind, My Lady? Your son has leukemia. He’s refusing a blood transfusion. Mixing your own blood
with another person, it’s a rejection of God’s gift. And if refusing should cause his death– Then, he’d take his place in the kingdom of heaven on Earth. Easy to say, Mr. Henry,
when its not your life. Harder to say when its your own son. He’s dying for his faith. Is that going to please God? This is a court of law, not of morals. But, somehow I’ve got to decide. Given the unique
circumstances of this case, I would like to hear from Adam, himself. Do you have children, My Lady? No, the law can
take over your life. Fi, you coming to bed?
Tomorrow is the judgment. You’re the big authority
on family problems yet, when it comes to your own
you’re like a sulking child. Excuse me, long day. Why won’t you have
a blood transfusion? God has told us that its wrong. Why?
Why is anything wrong? Lying, being unfaithful in your marriage, we just know it in our hearts. Do you remember how we were? Don’t you miss that? If I decided the hospital can legally transfuse you, what would you think? I’d think My Lady was
an interfering busybody. Blood is the essence of
what it means to be human. My Lady, I wish
I could make you see this. My delicious adventure. What happened? He’s just a child. I don’t care if
you think you’re too grand. I have a right to my choice. Your future’s out there
waiting for you, Adam. Remember, all of life and of love.


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