The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay – Game Movie

We’re moving again. They just transmitted a safe route through the minefield. That minefield’s offering better odds than you’re gonna get takin’ me to Butcher Bay… …You think Hoxie’s memory is that short? He gets one look at you, Riddick, and all’s forgiven. And I bank your bounty plus fifty… Plus fifty? Now come on, Johns… Greed is an ugly thing. You are in no position to negotiate, Riddick. We’re be landing at Butcher Bay in an… hour… Buckle up… Turbulence from an incoming sandstorm is expected… Hang on ’til we’re through it. Oh yeah, I forgot you don’t like this part… Statistically, landings are the most dangerous. You’ve got nothing left to live for, Riddick. I do. Now shut up, would ya? You’re already counting it. Aren’t you? I said shut up. Your funeral… Rise and shine, Riddick. Rise and shine, jackass. Come on, don’t act like you’re asleep. It’s time for you to earn me some money. You might want to be careful with that, Johns. You could hurt somebody. Butcher Bay. You know, you always take me to the nicest places, Johns. I hear the food’s good as well. Can’t say I’m gonna miss you, Riddick. Then don’t… …Ah, Johns Looks like that memory’s still intact. He don’t look all that happy to see you. Hoxie is a businessman. Now, play nice and we can get this over with quickly. It’s already over, Johns. Secure your weapon, Johns. Good to see you too, Warden. So, the famous mister Riddick… The Hox… Finally come to stay, eh? Well… …as of this moment Butcher Bay owns your ass… I own your ass. He’s all yours once I sign him over, Hoxie. You’re not going to be a problem, are you, Riddick? ‘Cause my boys and I like solving problems. Johns said you were ugly up close. For the first time, I gotta agree with him. Hmmm… Nice try. I do what I can. Already trying to get under my skin, Riddick? It’d be easier… If I had something sharp. Bounty plus fifty on Riddick. Right, Hoxie? I think Riddick about covers what you owe me, Johns. There’s plenty of other slams I can take Riddick if you can’t afford him. Alright, alright. Perhaps we can come to a number. But don’t push it, Johns. Extra or no, Riddick stays at Butcher Bay. Period! Full stop! Let’s get him processed. Yes sir! Johns… Better luck next time. Prisoner walking! Pay attention, punk! You are now Butcher Bay prisoner 5421135-2. Remember your number. Remember the rules. My rules. Now listen, there is no outside at Butcher’s, just a whole planet of desert. So check those desires right now, because you will not get out. No one has, no one ever will. Ok, close the gate! No physical contact with other inmates whatsoever. No contraband of any kind. Don’t ask what’s contraband. I define it day by day. So spare yourself and carry nothing but lint in those pockets. Hey, Abbott! When you’ve dropped that fish into his new tank, we gotta talk. It’s ’bout the Aquilas. Don’t worry. I got Rust by the balls. You get your share, Cyrus. There are two cell-blocks in this section: A and B. You’re in A. Hey! What are you bringing to us? Name’s Riddick. Thinks his shit don’t stink. The Riddick? Get the fuck back to your cell, Jack! Hey Riddick! You just landed in gladiator school! Riddick, I’m Barber. Come talk to me after delousing, ok? This is your hole. It’s time for us to delouse your filthy ass. Don’t breathe. Cleansing routines. An indignity of slam-life. Lets the mercs think they’re in charge. That’s their weakness. The foolish belief that they’re in control. It’ll be their downfall. To all prisoners: You are required to keep yourself clean at all times. You are required to return back to your cell at the eight o’clock signal. Hey, what can you tell me about this new guy? Riddick? Not much. Mattsson is asking for him. Guess Rust is up to something. Mattsson, huh? Ok, thanks. Prisoner 6143214 report immediately to the cell block officer. You are Riddick, right? There’s a guy named Mattsson talking like he knows you. He’s in the courtyard, just by the Pit. To all prisoners: Your breakfast time is between seven and seven fifteen. Dinner is between five and five fifteen. New guy! If I were you, I’d get a shiv. Wanna live?… Get a shiv! I’ll think about it. Coyne, you know there is no way out of this slam. Whell, there’s always the pit, hehe. But tell you the truth, Jack. You’re here cause you didn’t pay your damn lawman in the first place. You got that right, and it applies to all of us. Hey… You’re gonna get trouble with the Aquila Majors I tell you. Go and talk to Haley, he’s the wise man. Actually, he used to be a guard, but turned over to the good side. You’ll find him in the courtyard. I’ll check it out. Hmm… The Pit. Looks like a way out. To all prisoners: You are not allowed to smoke cigarettes anywhere all but prison privacies. How are you doing, Red? Just fine. What’s up? Nothing really. Any news? Rust is planning to step on the new guy. Guess he’s scared of competition. From what I’ve heard, Riddick is a mean mother. Uhm, I know what you mean. Well, see you. To all prisoners: You are forbidden to engage in any physical contact with fellow prisoners. Prisoners that refused to follow this rule will be put in solitaire immediately. What’re you looking at? Hey, man.. You wanna buy a pack of smokes? Hand’em over. Not interested. Ah, new fish in the tank. How do you like it here, Riddick? I don’t. Name’s Red. Tell me, Riddick – how did it feel when you killed your first one? That’s between me and him. In Butcher Bay, some men kill for nothing but pleasure. You know, there are worse reasons. Some… like Rust… I’d be happy to see gone. I knew you’d come eventually. Listen Riddick, Rust pulls all the strings in this block. Personally, I don’t much care for that. He’s a thorn in my side. You want my help, Riddick, remove the thorn. Get Rust! Maybe you got what it takes, Riddick. Maybe you are the man to give us relief from Rust and his crew. Hmm… To much smokes… Hey, Mattsson. What’s up? I don’t know. Got a bad feeling about this new guy. Riddick. Talking about me? Never wise. Oh yeah… No, no, no, I mean.. I heard you were coming. You’re going to want a shiv, and I can get you one. Check my bunk, you’ll find one. It’s yours… Go back into block A and take a right. My cell is the last one on the right. Mattsson set up the ambush. Obviously works for Rust. But he’ll turn when I tighten the screws. Riddick, Rust bids you welcome to Butcher Bay! To all prisoners: Fighting is prohibited. No Fighting. Let me explain. It was Rust… he forced me to… …but, but I knew those goons were no match for you. I’ll get you a shiv to set things right. You have my word. Cross me again, and I’ll have your life. Talk. I don’t know anything. Not compared to Haley. He’s been here for ages… Used to be a guard. Let me set things straight. I’ll bring that shiv to your cell. Just go there and wait. My plan… needs this one breathing. I got the shiv you wanted, Riddick. What-in-the-f you think you’re doin’, Mattsson? You dealin’ without my approval? You’re in my cell. You need a blade, you come to me! I said… You’re in my cell. What? Wrong! All these cells belong to the Aquilans. Including this one… …Now you ain’t paid me for that shank, so it ain’t yours. Come take it. You got a hearing problem… I said, everything I see belongs to me! See this? It belongs to me. Release him, Riddick! Rust is mine. And I will personally bring hell down on you if you don’t let him go. Huh, I thought you were the big dog, Rust… …Maybe he’s more your size. Yes sir, mister Abbott. You are messing with the natural order of things, Riddick. And when that happens, well.. …As you can see, people can get hurt. Or worse. Indeed. And we don’t want that. Speak for yourself. We have a problem. Disturbance in cellblock nine. Send in the squad!… Send in the squad! This better not be one of your Aquilan boys. Abbott here. Responding to cell block nine. Rust and the Aquila Majors pretended to run the show. But everyone knew they fed on crumbs… …Crumbs that fell from Abbott’s table. Talk… Rust is waiting for you in the Aquila’s block. He won’t stop ’til you’re dead so you better find a weapon. Waman can help. That is the single most stupid idea I ever heard. Why? It’ll work. No fucking way, no! It will never work. And you know why? No, tell me! Well, there are two things. First, you are a fucking moron. That’s number one. Number two is one simple fact. A fact you know. Things like gravity and handjobs. Number two is as simple as you are… I’m not simple. Then your idea must be brilliant. But it’s shit!!! And why? Wanna hear reason number two? Those rifles the guards carry – they are DNA encoded. What do you mean? Well, you know what DNA is, right? Those rifles track your DNA. They won’t fire a single damn cap unless you’re in the central database. Which you aren’t. But what if I could get into that database? That is a fact, you hear me? Fact! You cannot use the guns, period! But what if I could get into that database? What do you mean get into that database? You can’t!! I’ve seen a map over this place… The database computer’s not that far off. Who the hell told you this? I forget. I’m simple, remember? Oh, great! You’re lying, Girish. You’re a fucking liar! Don’t want to talk about it? …Ok. Oh, hey, wait! You’re that new guy, right? Wanna do me a favor? I don’t do favors. But tell me anyway. Listen, the moment Molina’s lockdown expires, I wanna see him dead. Dead and killed. That’s what I want you to do. You must not know who you’re talking to. If you did, you wouldn’t ask… ever… again. Shall I tell you what that bastard Molina did to me? It’s so much I don’t even know where to start. But this is for you. Take it easy, Riddick. Yeah… Time to move. No surveillance… Outstanding! Ok, let’s get him. This is Aquila Territory! You don’t belong here! Motherfucker! Looking for me? He’s here! Riddick is here! Now you’re gonna fuckin’ die man! We’re gonna kill you! Come on! Taste this!! Riddick, I’m gonna kill you! Gimme the shiv. I’m gonna snap your head off and piss down your neck! Riddick, you’re gonna die! Come on tough guy, bring it on! Get ready to die, Riddick! I’m gonna crush your shiny skull! Holy shit… He took down Rust… So this is the beast of Butcher Bay, huh? Head of the Aquilan gang. Looks like I need a new rooster. You interested? They respect you, now, Riddick. I could make things easier. Say something. I take that as a no… Saying no to me is not the kind of mistake you wanna make. Abbott and me… have unfinished business. How are you doing, Red? Just fine. What’s up? Nothing really. Any news? You’ve seen what’s happening around here. New rooster and everything. If they move Riddick downstairs I bet Jagger Valance would like to meet him. Don’t know if that means anything, but hey… Ok. See ya. No more Rust. And no illusions, eh, Riddick? Abbott will find another to take his place. Still, we owe you for a few days of quiet, if not peace. I heard you rejected Abbott. That’s integrity… …so I’ll keep my word. What do you want to know about? Hmm… The Pit. Looks like a way out. Way out? Sure… Raise some hell and they throw you down. If you manage to stay alive there is supposed to be a way into Pigsville from down there. But it’s never been done. I like a challenge. Well, then Pigsville’s your place. Staff quarters and, you can get to the spaceport hangars from there. But you would need a rifle. And they’re all DNA-encoded. Yeah, and you fry if you touch them. And the DNA databank is deep inside the Mainframe area, past the Infirmary. So I just walk in, huh? No, you gotta crawl. There is a passage from the Infirmary that I think connects to the Mainframe. Oh, and if you wanna get through the Infirmary gates… …there’s this hack, name’s Bulder, he owes me 150. Talk to him. To all prisoners: Remember that is better to be nice than evil. Please be kind to your fellow prisoners. Thank you. Where there’s hatred, sow justice. Where there’s injury, pardon. Where there’s doubt, hope. And may a swift and certain death befall anyone who stands in my way. Ain’t much of a prayer, but it sounds good. Now you’re the rooster, Riddick. It’s just a matter of time before Abbott loses control over the Aquilas and a big riot starts. Now… For the database. You won’t ever walk into the infirmary, punk. Haley says you owe him. He should get that money from you, Riddick. You screwed my bet on Rust when you downed him… You screwed yourself by betting against me. Now, the infirmary. Man, you look like how I feel… like shit. Okay, go on through. Hurry up. Shut up and wait. My chest hurts… Shut-the-fuck-up! Hey, stop that! I’ll take it. A code to get this open. Access granted. What the fuck happened here? Hmmm… A med station. Takes away the hurt… Leaves the pain. You have been served by NanoMed Plus, Hoxie anniversary edition. Something’s going on here… Attention!! Riot in block A. All personnel, keep to standard riot procedure and await special task force. Eat this, prisoner!! Motherfucker! Attention!! Prisoners refusing to comply with orders shall receive immediate punishment… …and be thrown into the pit. Gotta stay in the dark. Throw him into the pit! New meat learns the hard way. Access granted. Attention!! Riots are spreading through blocks A, B and C. All personnel, follow standard riot procedure and await special task force. Damn hardware! Ah, I miss the old days… Rock solid machinery and no childproof programs. This is not the coder’s dream. The Mainframe. Security’ll be tight. I like a challenge. DNA reader ready. Please give sample now. Hmm… Just take the gun. Unscheduled DNA sample added to prison staff databank. Notifying system security. Security breach in mainframe area. Possible breakout attempt. Now things get interesting… We got no response from him. I’m investigating. We have a security breach! Warning fleeing prisoners: Surrender immediately or you will be shot! Ok, let’s nail the bastard. Security breach in mainframe area. Runner is Riddick, prisoner 5421136-2. Ok, here he comes. Grenade!! Shoot him! I’ll back you up! Fuck!!! You really think you have a chance? You have no idea what I’m gonna do when I get you! Come ‘n get me. Motherfucker!! Aaa… No… Yeah. Special task forces are now entering the cellblock. Stay low and do not move. Switching turret settings from tranquilizing to lethal. Eat some lead, you bastard! Woah! Shit! Backup! Need help nailing a runner! Where’s that backup? Locked. Need to con the hacks into opening it. Under control, I guess. Riot is now under control. Please await cellblock sweep-out before returning to your positions. Hey, we’re done. Open up! Ok… Open up will ‘ya. They are done now. It ain’t the fall that gets ‘ya… …It’s the sudden stop at the bottom. A shotgun’s flashlight… Could prove useful. Holy cow! I think he survived the fall! Don’t worry. The dwellers will take care of what gravity missed. Excessive damage to flashlight power source due to impact. Make way for the messenger! I am the light and the darkness. Estimated time to failure. Two minutes. Loosing the light… Looks like trouble. Power source failure. Justice and vengeance! And you will repent… Or the Underverse will consume you! There goes the light. The Lord says, These are ministries. Planetary ministries. System-wide ministries. Please reload. Ups… It will reach the dead people of the Galaxy. They will expose the Door’s last hidden secrets. Leave us be, sinners! This lamb is special… a unique specimen! The Pit… Should be an exit to Narc-land from here. You won’t survive long dripping blood. The dwellers will smell it. My place is blessed, and safe. He told me! He told me you would come. Come, we must travel up here. I live above. You need that gaze that shows right from wrong – and reveals the Door. He spoke to me… About you, Riddick. But how do I know you are not a simple imposter? Can you stitch me or not? Yes, yes. But first, get me back my Blessed voicebox… A dangerous task made more so by the dwellers. It will prove that you are what he told me. I don’t prove anything to anyone. I have everything prepared inside… Just follow me. My place is safe. I knew you’d come, Riddick. I knew it… …it has all been foretold. The pain will be with you for a long time. Embrace it, and it will serve you well. Pain and I are old friends. Joe, where’d ya get all the toys? My ministry is here among the dwellers… Don’t make me ask again. Sometimes I go among the hacks at night for certain requirements… Through here. You must feel you way through the dark, Riddick. Don’t trust your eyes… He speaks one thing that is true, Riddick. Do not trust all that you see… …At least not yet. I thought it was the pain talking… …Though it has always known its place before. Your destiny lies elsewhere, Riddick. So I’m going to give a gift. Yes, you have been blind for far to long… …But your world is about to get more… Colorful. Oh, you are destined for great things, Riddick. I get visions… They are never wrong. It is beatiful… …I see you being surrounded by much suffering and death. What did you do? Just made your… just… Fix you arm… Please… …That light. Careful how you look at me. Riddick… Tell… …What do you see? Everything. Everything you have seen here… this is my mission. To bring light to the lost that grovel before the Door. Narcland. The Spaceport Hangars should be up ahead. Better to stay low and unnoticed. Who turned off that light? I heard gunfire from the showers! Who’s playing in there? The wolf moves among sheep. Hmm… I should hide the body. Someone might notice. Darkness… I can hide the bodies here. Nice! Johns brings us new meat and they fucking waste him… Thanks for the smooth delivery, asshole! Today, Johns, you get fucked. You must be new here, right? Give me the uniform. Yeah yeah, ok. Call me if anything’s happening. I’ll let you know. Have you heard anything about that Riddick? Guess Riddick’s moving on… He’s not our problem. Well, let him run… He’s someone elses business now. Unauthorized eyepattern scanned. Hmm… Gonna need some eyes… Oh… My friend Abbott! Then it’s time we cross paths. What’s going on? Where’s Abbott? Well, he’s got the fancy place up there. He’s not keen on visitors. Abbott only answers for his deliveries. What deliveries? Mostly guns. Shipments come pretty regular, like. You’re going to Abbott? I got a package for him. You could deliver it, huh? I’ll give it to him. Good. Here is the package. They never see me coming… So, they dragged this Riddick to the Pit, but he jumped… …and took some rookie down with him. Abbott was furious, man! No kidding. I saw him half an hour ago. He was heading to his billet. Everyone gave him a wide path. Stress is gonna get him… If you see Abbott, tell him to calm down… Sure! I don’t know what you’ve heard, but that Riddick… He’s one tough son-of-a-bitch. Riddick? Yeah, I heard. My opinion, you got a problem if you’re drawing that much attention at Butcher’s. You seen him? Nah, just heard what he looks like. Kinda like that guy… You look kinda familiar… I gotta drop him. It’s Riddick! Who is it? I’ve got a package. Finally! Must be my new rifle. Enter. Who-the-fuck is in my apartment?! Riddick!! Damnit! My skin’s always been the best armor… Your life for your eyes. How long you been here? Long enough. Even though Abbott’s a cocksucker, I’m going to suggest – strongly – that you not kill him. At least not until I get my plus 50… …Now, you and I are leaving Butcher Bay. Not bad, Johns. Someday, you might just learn how to do this for a living… Going somewhere with my prisoner, Johns? …But not today. I should just have them put slugs in both of your heads right now. Why ruin a nice carpet? Hoxie… It was just a matter of time when I was gonna bring Riddick back to you… I was just.. How about our agreement, Johns? I’m willing to give you twenty percent on Riddick. Or should we keep negotiating? Call me crazy… I think he wants to hold out for more. Hmmm… You could be right. Twenty-two percent… I’ll take it. What do you say? Twenty-two percent. Nobody steals my property from my house, Johns. Now get the fuck out of my slam. You got it. Alright Hoxie… What to do, what to do?… Hmmm… I’ve got entire regions rioting. My slam has become a damn warzone. I’m losing men faster than I can replace them… And all of this unrest… …Well, it began soon after you arrived, Riddick. Could be a coincidence. Oh don’t sell yourself short. I can see why you’ve earned your rep… …You almost killed my second-in-command today. Just working my way to the top. Even more reason for me to bury you deep. I’m sending you to the mines, Riddick. Down below the surface where the sun never shines… …You’ll be the target of every con looking to make his bones with the Aquilans. I expect things could get ugly. I’ll be disappointed if they don’t. Unlike some of the slams I’d been, Butcher Bay had a detached deficiency. …It could contain the cons, but could never control them. So inside the Bay walls was chaos, desperation, madness… and death. Burning! My head!… Ah!… Oh! You’ve gotta help me! You’ve gotta help me! Hey! Stay away from me! You can’t push me away! You back off! No! You’ve gotta help me! Freak… Can’t say I didn’t warn ya… Oh, man… You are in violation. Oh, man, no… Wait! Wait!!! No.. no.. no.. no.. no.. NOOO!!! The security turrets were a real crowd-pleaser. To everyone except the janitors. Usually, you take the road down to Hell… I was going up. Ok, clear the cellblock! Get into the elevator now! The Hox spoke of mines. Commerce needs transportation. So do I. Get your fat ass moving… Hey! Heads up. You’ve got a hanger there! Ah, look. He’s learning to fly… Rotten fruit falls hard in this shit-hole. …And lands even harder. You wanna survive, or be a victim? Make a choice. Oh, lookie here, another perk… Get inside. Now leaving Tower 17, gallery 45b. Aaaaa! Let me the hell out of here. Let me the hell out of here. Lemme out of here. Let me the HELL OUT! Back off! Man, what a mess… My sincerest regrets. Tower 17, base. Getting out of max is one thing… After your show above ground, some even think you’re gonna push Jagger Valance down. But double max is quite another. People are watching you. They never see me coming ’til it’s too late. Jagger is the one down here… So far… Point is, there are rules. Look at the circle over there. Your double-max home ends with this hall unless you step into the circle and defeat a Blueskin. Centurion arranges all the fights. Talk to him. And talk to Dogbone. He might help you down the mines. We know you, Riddick. In fact, Jagger’s been asking about you. But things here are more complicated than you heard. We need proof. You need to either kill Bam in the ring, or… …manage to find your way into the drug interrogation room… …And beat the shit out of Abbott. You like the ring-fight, see Centurion. You wanna buy some drugs, see Twotongue in the courtyard. Hey, Riddick! Let’s go. Time to get into the ring. Set it up. You win the show you’re twenty bucks richer. Just send me a victim. I can’t initiate any fights. Slam rules. So you have to find a victim, as you say. I ‘suggest’ Harman, the Blueskin at the gate. Challenge him, then come back here. Kill you, I get past? Sounds like a challenge. Let Centurion know I’m ready to beat the shit outta you! …It’s not for money… it’s for blood. Rail defense deactivated. Alright, we have a fight! We have a fight! The infamous Riddick against Harman. All bets are off and remember, five percent goes to Jagger Valance! Ok, there are only two rules. One… Do not step out of the circle during the fight. Rule two… Stay in the circle until one of you is dead. You may have survived this time, Riddick. But to get somewhere, you’re gonna have to fight, and win. Rail defense activated. I got a K3 bastard for you to fight next. He’s called Sawtooth. You find him in the diner. Motherfucker! You’re gonna rot!! That’s where they take you if they don’t want witnesses. No surveillance there, man. Nothing. No surveillance… Hmm… The guards in the courtyard will search you if you’re not careful. If they find you carrying anything illegal… …You’ll end up in there. Dirty con! Some contraband, a search by the hacks, and I’m in interrogation. Now things get interesting… So you’re this Riddick they talk about. Yeah, alright… you got yourself a fight. See you in the ring! Wanna trade? Me and Monster run the trade-market in Butcher Bay. He’s got the goods, I gots the smokes. Not interested. Hey man, you wanna buy a few smokes? I can sell you a pack of smokes. Or maybe you need some info, huh? I’m your man. What you know, I know – now. There’s a big mining area underneath us, right? It’s off limits to everyone… …But Jagger Valance is down there, so I hear. Section D has an entrance, if you wanna take a look. And if you want something other than smokes… …say hello to Monster in the diner. Monster is connected. …And he is cute. To all Chrislim prisoners: New Mecca is now to the northeast, about thirty degrees below the horizon. Who the fuck is that? I never heard of him. You know the vents go all over this place? There’s one that goes from the dining hall over to Zolusland in Tower nineteen. Yeah, and? Anyway, Padilla – the crazy mother – He’s been saving up butter and grease for the last two months or so. So what? And he’s also been looking for this guy Cipriano, who used to run drugs… …for the Surenos? Yeah, I know. He’s been running milk for the Surenos, but he’s double-booked with the Zolus. The Surenos found out, and ordered his head. So Cipriano’s in a sack full of fuck. Yeah, but he has some crisp connections with the Zolus and goes to ground in Tower Nineteen. That’s where he’s been hiding the last couple of weeks. And this guy, Padilla, he takes the contract? Right. He’s been really busy trying to find a way to get into Zolusland unnoticed, and he figures… …Oh, the vent. You’re getting ahead of me. Of course, the damn vent. Well, this Padilla, he’s kinda big… …Oh, ok. Yeah, for the vent. I said don’t get ahead of me! Yeah… So he strips and greases himself up, then goes into the vent. Well, all that lube works a little too good, and he slides right on down to the first intersection… …where he gets himself wedged, right? You tell the story, then. Alright, alright, man. I’m sorry. Well, it ain’t long before the creatures get a whiff of all that butter and grease. Padilla was so much seasoned meat. When the hacks find him a few days later, there ain’t much left but a stain and a stink. Oh, shit. That reminds me, I’m hungry. Yo… Hey! You want anything? The mines. Tell me everything you know. You really wanna get down there? Like Jagger Valance? That’s why I asked. There’s a door, beside the work pass checkpoint. It’s got a lock. The only ones that have a key are the guards – the high ranking ones. If you can manage a one-on-one with an officer, you might be able to steal his keycard. And this Jagger Valance? He a problem? Problem? Nah, he’s goddamn king of the mines. Living on what they find in the rock. Everybody pays him percentage. I need a latch-jack. Abbott? Hey… You know… I’ve been hearing things. Yeah? They say the Zolus are gonna take over the traffic. Yeah, that’s probably true. Hey, what about my shit, man? I mean, shit I got like two grams stashed. What are they gonna do? They gonna push me out? That ain’t cool! Don’t worry about it, Two-tongue, man… Look at you. They’re going after the big guys, man. You’re just a small dwarf, man. They’re going after the big pipe. …Oh, the postal service? Yeah. The hacks had some problems with the Aquilas so they’re handing things over to the Zolus. But don’t worry about it, man. You’re probably safe. Just stay low and don’t deal over your limit. Hey, homie, you wanna trade drugs? Alright, do me a favor? Tell me more. Baasim is really bummin’ me out, so I need you to waste him in the ring for me. How about it, man? Not a problem… Rail defense deactivated. So you got your challenge. Get into the ring, mister Riddick! The newcomer Riddick is going to fight Baasim, the badboy with five wins in the last six months. You know the rules… It’s dying time! Bring me the next one. Today folks, we’re in luck! The spectacular newcomer Riddick is up against Sawtooth… …And his sixteen kills in the circle. Fight! If that K3 had won, I’d lost money, so I believe I owe you one, Riddick. Rail defense activated. The competition is getting thin now, Riddick. Only Cusa is left, and I doubt you gonna be able to take him. But if you wanna try, he’s in the courtyard. What the hell should I do? I need to get to him, but there’s no way I can get a shiv through. There’s an old trick you can use… Hmm… interesting… You’re Riddick, yeah? Heard you pulled off some stunts in the circle. Say, you got a mining job? No. Need one. Impossible unless you get assigned by the warden. Reason I ask is ’cause I wanna know if Jagger Valance’s still around. I’m going into the mines. If Valance is there, I’ll find him. Hey, I heard about Baasim, man. Score! Give me the special. Check it out. This is what I got for you. Somebody’s gonna fly. I’ll take it. Yeah, it’s the heavy stuff man. Listen, just don’t flash ’em in front of the hacks though. May the magic dragon will be with you, bro. See you in the ring. Take care of all your unfinished shit. You are about to die. Death has no favorites. Rail defense deactivated. Today, we have a fight to remember! The unstoppable Riddick against Cusa, the meat-grinder in a fight to the death! Alright, so you’ve killed all the best fighters in this joint, mister Riddick. Now there’s only one remaining, and that’s Bam. And he is one dangerous proposition. Rail defense activated. I gotta message from Bam. He’ll fight. Problem for me is that you might win, and Hoxie ain’t gonna like that. Your problem isn’t the Hox, it’s me. Yes, you are a problem. Hoxie will probably send Abbott down for you… That is, if you win… I mean. Abbott and me… we have unfinished business. So, what’s the deal, Riddick. You gonna fight or not? I’ll fight. Rail defense deactivated. Alright, alright, alright! I bet this is what you all been expecting, huh! Riddick versus Bam! Need I say more?!! You all know the rules! Fight ’til death!! Rail defense activated. Look, I ain’t gonna arrange any more ring-fights for you. No more. Hoxie’s orders. But I tell you one thing. It was probably damn spectacular. I have my moments. Bet it was. They catch me carrying, they’ll take me to interrogation… Hey, lookie here… …Abbott should show… Find anything interesting? Something interesting… Call Abbott. …With his latch-jack, I’m in the mines. Talk to me! We caught Riddick with this, sir. Bam’s dead. Riddick killed him in the ring. You’re not still mad about before, are you? Well, let’s see… Am I still mad about before? No… In fact, I’m feeling much better. You done, Abbott? Or you need more? You’re a hard-ass, Riddick. But we’re about to soften you up. You don’t know what you are fucking with. That is right, Riddick… They don’t know… But you are going to show them. There is a fury within you, Riddick. Set it free! See… Now look what you made me do. Hey fuck you Riddick! Come on! You just made your last mistake! Watching you, Riddick. Watching, man. Fucking let’s go! No surveillance. Means it never happened. Listen… Listen, man. You wanna have some help up on the guard walkways when you pass above the feed ward? Do it. You bet I will. Shouldn’t waste him… He’s important. Well, you should’ve seen her… That’s BS and you know it. Hey, I swear on my mother… …Swear on whatever the heck you want, it’s still BS. I ain’t bullshitting, Trigo. I promise, it’s true. Shut up Zuni. Get your god damn head checked by a shrink or something… I’ve done that before… Ain’t no fun… Oh yeah, well do it again! And let him this time amalyze your mind, like that guy Sigmen Floyd. Sigmen who? Sigmen Floyd, man. He was this psycho professor from a long time ago, or whatever… And had this idea that all guys wanna screw their mom or something like that, and… …Also he discovered the mind and.. other stuff… like… cerebral stuff… The mind? Yeah, the mind… You know what? Shut the hell up, ok! I’m trying to explain! Relax! Sorry holmes. Anyway, this guy… He like, discovered the mind and shit, and everything. Dreams, subconshes… …Hypnofizing and fucking who knows what else. You don’t say? Now that is hard core… Yeah! Sigmen Floyd! Access granted. Going down, eh? Try not to screw anything up… Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I know the drill… Use fire near those god damn creature-holes. I got it…. I’m not gonna help you get down to the mines, if that’s what you want? It’s impossible. The mines. I need to get to them. I just work down there. Just got off my pass and I’ll be damned if I didn’t forget my glasses. If you’re going down there, could you check around the big elevator in upper mines? Can’t help you…. Correction… Won’t help you. Access granted. Where’s the lights? I’m workin’ on it. There’s always problems with the power. Damn this place. This connection must go here. Got it now… Ah, Shit! The dark… My favorite… Just have to replace one more of these. Who the fuck was that? Someone’s here! Help! Help! Air? A vent overhead. It’s a long shot, but I guess McMillan did it. McMillan? He’s a ramrod. Honesty itself. My bet’s on Carter. Hm, maybe. Could be… Ah, crap, I forgot the list. Gimme the names. Only one. A loner… dangerous. Name’s Riddick. Who are you…? Shit! Riddick! What’s the fuss about the Pit? I didn’t listen to the captain this morning. They found a passage from the Pit straight into the guards quarters. They caught a con up there and they believe he got through from the Pit. Who was it? Was it Riddick, the new one everyone’s talking about? Guess so. No showers for us tonight. No showers? Captain said they are plugging the hole so they’re sealing off the showers in our block. Shit, I had no shower yesterday either. God damn it! Can’t we go over to some other block and see if they’ll let us in? That makes sense. Let’s meet in the square half an hour after the shift ends. Any news on the escape? On Riddick? No, not really. They say he made it down here somehow. Probably looking for Jagger Valance, but they haven’t called yet. Clever guy. Hope he doesn’t plan to mess with our little flock of alien pets. Why not? If he runs into those monsters he can kiss his sorry ass goodnight. Wouldn’t be a problem no more. No, Riddick wouldn’t be a problem but… Remember that big one that got loose by the spaceport last year? Shit, you’re right. [Mine entrance] You do your share of work, prisoner! This ain’t no walk in the park… …Jagger needs his share and you’re way behind. I got a thing for eyes. Thanks for wasting the hack! Something’s going on here and I’m taking a look. Hmm… Nothing here. Stay here, Mosely. I don’t care if you did pay your way down here. It’s money I never see. Where are your blueskin friends? I got here by myself. Sure you did. And now you’re staying here. Thanks, man. Alonzo and Void left me alone with this hack. I’ve never seen you down here. You don’t have a work pass, right? Maybe Jagger could hook you up. See that sharpshooter guard over there, he has a keycard you can use… Well, I mean, take… You know. Hey, the fastest way down is through this door. Access granted. Don’t look at me, he had it coming. He had a fucking tranq gun, alright. Give me the tranq gun. Hehehe…here you go. Aaaaahh… I.. knew.. you would… do… tha… Outstanding! Rail defense deactivated. Through the mines… and through Jagger Valance… straight to the spaceport. The air is thick… Smells of oil, machines, crushed rock. And something else. Fear. Come on, man. Those rocks aren’t falling apart by themselves. You got to drill goddamnit! You’re Riddick, huh? I’m Jagger Valance. Perhaps you’ve heard of me. I’m not a very good listener. Where’s the spaceport? Straight to the point, is it? Things down here work the same as up there, Riddick. You give, you get You don’t want to get what I can give, Jagger. I suspect you’re right, of course. However… …there’s a sealed off area at the end of this corridor. Inside is a package that I need… …but the area’s filled with gas… …and my lungs aren’t what they once were. The gas isn’t lethal. I am. That small cave is actually right above the home of a breed of creatures… Large and vicious ones. There’d be chaos if something were to open up a hole down there. I’ll need a bomb. If you take me with you… No. Nothing slows me down. I know the score, Riddick. See Jupiter in Tower 19. He’s connected and can get you a bomb… Here is my good faith…The codes you’ll need to reach him. I’ll meet you at the spaceport Hey, man! You’re not supposed to be here. Wanna buy a vent tool? It’ll get you to the vents. I think you’re gonna need it. Gimme the vent tool. It’s a nice little tool, man. I’m sure you’ll find it useful. Need to turn off this fan. Hmm hmmm.. I’m fixing this panel for you… Baby, I’m gonna get your panel right back… Baby… panel… I’m fixing this panel for you, baby.. Baby! I’m gonna get your panel right back… Panel right back… Better run. Motherfucker!! Listen up! There’s some dumb-ass punk loose here. Get his ass before he gets hold of… Backup! Gimme some backup! Okay, gentlemen. Got an update on our riotguard problem. Earlier today they lost a guy from Tower 17. Apparently it’s that killer bastard Riddick, so be careful will ‘ya. He’s a mean son of a bitch – and he’s riding a riot. Sorry, wrong door! What the hell’s the matter with you, shithead?!! Fuck the shields!!! Get your fat asses out and send that punk to no-man’s land. And do it now!!! I’m starting to consider this whole Riddick thing a major screw up, you guys… Now shut down the power!! Grenade!! He ain’t gonna see nothing in the dark. The dark can’t protect you. I’m under fire! Where’s that fucking backup? Ok, that’s it! Someone send in the flamingos! And let’s for godssake hope they can do their job. Drop your weapon… Surrender. Stop firing immediately… Please comply. A dead end… Find another way. Hey! Hey! Guards! Look at me, guards! Hey, you know what I got? I got… Contraband! I got shivs. I got clubs! I got guns, man… Guns man! Yeah you fuckers! I got drugs, porn, moonshine and goddamnit if I didn’t wear forbidden underwear man!! Who turned off that light? Hey! Hey! Look at me! I’m invincible! Come on man! Come on! Try to bring me down! Assholes! Yeah, you go on, Riddick. You go on. What the fuck! A light went out. So, I hear Riddick managed to get down into the mines… …without a work pass. No shit!? How did he do that? Way I heard it, they dragged him to interrogation. Abbott came down. When it was over, Riddick was the only one standing. He beat down Abbott? Damn… Yeah. Now Riddick and Jagger are the only ones down there that the hacks have no control over. Abbott’s head is gonna roll. Doubt it. Hoxie and he go way back. Besides, some people are saying Riddick might have killed Abbott in the fight. Shit.. I’m so bore, i’m gonna eat my own hand… Cell doors opened. I’ll need a bomb. You know what I find most uncomfortable about you, Riddick? How comfortable you are… Here. In Butcher Bay, I mean. Caged inside this slam. I play the hand that was dealt. And then I cheat. Not a bad philosophy. This is for you. Help me Riddick… Run little piggie! Oiiii! oiiiii! Hahaha! Stop the goddamn rail! We need to check that homebox! Cell search in action. Rail lockdown! Rail lockdown! They’re ditching my ride. I’ll need to turn it back on. Activating rail track. That rail’s finished… Need to find another. Come on! Taste… Generator on-line. Power 100 percent. Activating rail track. What’s hell without a little fire. What the… Hold it! That area’s restricted. Oh, sorry… My mistake. Don’t move, prisoner… It’s not that easy… Name… Riddick… Shit! I think you gonna need backup. This is 22B. I need back-up. And send down a home-box for Riddick, ID number 5421135-2. We need him sedated. Do it… Now! He’s your problem now. Straps active and tightened. Prisoner in place, ready for transport. What’s going on?!? Explosion!!! What’s happening?!? What was that? Entering emergency mode. Stand by. The door-bolts will be released in three seconds… Two… One… …Straps released. Emergency mode. Keep an eye on that one. I’ll check out what’s happening. Problem? Stay down and do not move! You see anything? Darkness… you afraid? I’m not. The dark is afraid of me. This is central command. We’ve detected a large explosion at your location… …Any xeno activity? No… Nothing… Good! Hope it stays that way… …Just a minute… There’s been a cave-in here! Beautiful. The creatures killed without mercy. It almost felt like home. I had to keep moving. Hmmm… Can’t get through. Not a problem… I’ll blast it off. Fucking creatures! Fucking slimebag! Attention! Xeno invasion in Central Storage Area, Loading Docks, Container Router, Mining Core. Kittie.. kittie.. kittie… You kittie… gimme you kittie… piece of shit… Attention! All team captains: Proceed to nearest space port with your designated work crew… …and/or inmate group. This is a full evacuation. Come to papa, little monster? Oh man, they’re everywhere! I hate monsters! Gun’s jammed… Shit! Fucking creatures! No ammo, shit! Kittie.. kittie.. kittie! Shit! Hmm… the gun! Attention: Full evacuation in progress. Five transport ships remaining. What the hell’s happening? Oh man, no! Not in the back! I don’t deserve to die! Ok, maybe I do, but I don’t want to die! Ah, fuck! Nobody wants to die. But everybody gets to. This is perfect! Lion versus lamb! This is not your lucky day! Evacuation near completion. One transport ship remaining. I’m gonna blow you to pieces! Riddick! Now it’s personal! Johns… You haven’t collected on me yet. Won’t open! We back on track? I mean, you know how to open this? Right, Riddick? Okay. Stupid question. We’ll be flyin’ in a minute. Sit down and stay out of my way. Sure… Sure, Riddick. You’re always trying to ruin my paydays, Riddick. Hoxie’s bound to give me more than twenty-two percent after this. Now come on. Let’s go. Wait! Riddick! Whoa! No time like the present, Johns. I got him, Riddick! I got him! Good effort… …Bad result. He’s here! He’s got a weapon! You dyin’ on me, Johns? No, not yet… …They get you good? I’ve had worse. I thought that this was going to be the day, Riddick… …The day one of us kills the other. The day’s not over yet. You’re lucky to be alive, Johns. And you, Riddick… Well, your luck has just run out. Since you are a little too volatile to keep in the general population… …I’m putting you in cold storage. I could use a rest. Give my ribs time to heal. Only if Jagger’d been a better shot, you’d… You’d be dead. And I’d be off this rock. So we both lose. Isn’t that the way with us, Johns? Lose? What are you talking about? What’s he talking about? I said you were lucky to be alive, Johns. But luck can be fleeting… …Riddick has already cost me plenty. Far more than you’re worth, to be honest. I’m just getting started, Hoxie. Yes, I was afraid of that. That’s why I’m having you put into cryo sleep… …Pleasant dreams, Riddick. The Tower. Cold storage for cons. Hell on cryo-sleep ice. The Butcher Bay rehabilitation program is now available. Your mandatory two minutes of daily exercise begins now. Today is Monday. Remember these words of wisdom: Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. Remember these words of wisdom: We are all equal in death. Sedative administered. Cryo-sleep… rest without the peace. Need to find a way to out… This exercise appointment will be shared by multiple prisoners. All contact is forbidden. Today is Sunday. Yeah, his cryo-cell. Remember these words of wisdom: Think before you act, then act with your heart. This trip… …These visions… …All a blur… I only held on to reach my destination… But one grows tired of being taken for a ride… Attention! We have a possible security breach in the Cryo Pyramids, level 3. Report all unscheduled activity immediately! Hey, prisoner! Show yourself! Attention! Unscheduled presence reported… Please investigate immediately. Unscheduled presence reported in service tunnels… Please investigate immediately. Security doors opened at unscheduled time. Notifying system administration. Did the cryo storage break down totally? There’s seems to be someone loose. Guard with shotgun… Hmmm… Have to kill ’em to take it. Ah Shit! Get down! Runner is identified as prisoner 5421136 dash 2. Name: Riddick. Considered subject extremely dangerous. NanoMed Plus, caring for the good men of all worlds. Beautiful. Powering up. All systems online. Minor damage to cockpit stabilizer. Inform nearest authorized robot mechanic. Closing hatch. Pilot secured. Welcome, new user of Heavyguard 874. Target identified around corner. Battle analysis suggestion… A Heavyguard has been hi-jacked!!! Evacuate immediately!! Incoming hostile. Incoming hostiles. Attention everyone! The Heavyguard is following the path from the Pyramids. Get out of there now!! Evacuate!! …use a smaller guard unit when fighting in confined areas. Hull integrity at 100 percent. Listen up!!! The Heavyguard is heading in the office direction. Get the hell outta there!! …conserve ammunition by walking over minor organic threats. Multiple targets around corner. Incoming hostiles. Battle analysis suggestion: do not walk into things. Battle analysis suggestion: reduce speed to optimize aiming. Reinforcements have been called to deal with the Heavyguard problem! Hull integrity at 100 percent. Non-organic target approaching. Battle analysis suggestion: pilot should read manual before operating this unit. Hull integrity at 75 percent. Target acquired Battle analysis suggestion: conserve ammunition by walking over minor organic threats. Multiple targets approaching. Hull integrity at 75 percent. Opening hatch. Once the pilot has left this unit… …pilot is solely responsible for pilot’s health. No insurance is valid. Non-organic target approaching. Come on, prisoner. Give up! Riddick, get in! How’s the back? It’s been better… …I’m takin’ you to another slam, Riddick. We’re getting out of Butcher Bay together. That’ll teach Hoxie to fuck with me. Now you’re learning, Johns. I even stiffed the bastard on the med fees… …And you know the drill. Let’s play… Who’s the better killer… I guess you wanted Johns dead, not alive. …Riddick?! Whadya give me for him anyway, Hoxie? We’ll work a deal, Riddick. Johns for you… Straight up… Anything… Anything… Just tell me what you want, Riddick, and I’ll make it happen. Hmmm… …I wanted to be left alone. Well, let me give you some advice, Riddick… …When you make a threat, be prepared to back it up. I’ll give you alone. Hoxie wants you dead! Oh… But… Now… Riddick, there must be something… The codes to your ship. Shit, Riddick. You wouldn’t… …Wouldn’t what? …What wouldn’t I do, Hoxie? Oh… Of course… The codes are in my desk… Uhmm… And.. Can you walk, Johns? Yeah, I think so. Run? Maybe… But I wouldn’t try to find out… Ah… Shit… Good! How’s your eyesight? Converge on the warden’s office! We have a hostage situation! If you’ve got a clean shot at Riddick, take it! It’s Riddick! You know, Johns… Statistically, take-offs are the most dangerous. No shit. I thought you said landings were. Yeah… Guess it depends on who you have at the controls. Butcher Bay. Behind me now. Moving again. Feeling the blood race through me. Reminding me that I’m alive. It’s the Cozart brothers, aka the Torture Twins. Locked down yesterday. Managed to get hold of some poor sod, obviously. I got a custom made, bloody sharp shiv. Cuts through a belly like a soft-boiled egg. Gotta medstation back here. I’ll let you use it if you pay me. This whole damn planet just sweats the life outta you. In the last ten days, four inmates hanged themselves on my watch. Compared to Butcher’s, the end of a rope don’t look so bad. You have any idea how much rock we’ve produced in those five years? I just realized I start to feel like a slave. Butcher’s really falling apart. No one cares. Everyone’s either addicts or gun-crazy… or dead. Guess I’m the only one who still has a gentle soul… Ah, shit…


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