The Circle of Non–Violence — Sri Guru

‘Pranati path paap’ means
the sin on violence. We have done violence. It has happened now.
It is still happening. It is not just that happened it
yesterday or day before yesterday. At every minute
a man’s heart and mind is.. ..entangled
in the network of violence. Every religion gives importance
to non violence. Lord Mahaveer also said that.. ..if non violence enters your life.. ..then you have gained
the extreme spirituality. Non violence is extreme spirituality. Which species of non violence is
Lord Mahaveer talking about. If non violence has entered your soul
then you don’t need anything else. No truth, no achrya,
no brahmacharya,.. discipline,
no virtues nor pilgrimage. You need nothing. If your life has non violence
growing in it then.. ..non violence is
extreme spirituality. After that it does not matter
if you do jaap, mala or tabhan. Lord Mahaveer has said that.. ..if you have non violence
then you have spirituality.. in ultimate mind, bright spirit,
your soul has become stable. Non Violence has two faces. One is positive and one is negative. The negative face of non violence
means to not harm anyone. We should not harm anyone
and not harm ourselves. The positive face of non violence
means to love everyone.. ..and live peacefully with them. If you attain the positive dimension
of non violence.. ..then forget about
the negative dimension. If you behave lovingly with everyone
then forget everything else.. ..because you cannot
harm anyone now. Isn’t that characteristic? If for everything, every situation,
every state,.. ..every grain of sand, every rank
you are loving by seeing God in them.. ..then you won’t harm anybody. But if you are not loving
towards everything,.. ..if your super mind
has not been activated.. ..then what do we have to do? We have to start work
from negative dimension. Not to harm anyone. ‘Ahimsa ki purnata’. There is a circle of non violence.
What is that? We would like to show you that. We stock a lot about non violence
and every religion talks about it. Jain’s talk about it
in the most important manner.. ..but they only stop till
drinking sieved water. We have never seen nonviolence
in a deeper perspective. The circle of nonviolence
will complete.. ..when we reach from negative violence
to positive non violence. Let us see what it is
and where we stand. ‘Pranati path paap’
means the sin on violence. How does violence blanket
our lives. There is nothing in this world.. ..for which we do not do violence. You will be surprised. You will think that
you do not kill cockroaches,.. do not kill ants,.. did not even think about
killing any animal.. ..or making anybody else do that. Still Lord Mahaveer says that.. ..nonviolence is
ultimate spirituality.. ..then what spirituality
is He talking about? Let us first understand that. The first one is to avoid.. ..harm by actions. Do not harm anybody with your body
that is nonviolence. This is a very basic standard.. ..but without a base
even a palace cannot stand. We need to build Foundation
very smartly. Avoid harm by actions. After that when you go up it says
avoid harm to others.. speech. Do not harm others
by way of speech. Do not use words
which are taunting.. ..and which will sadden others. That is nonviolence. Even though the person
in front of you is wrong. You may be right
in your observation.. ..but there could be a better way of
expressing yourself. Isn’t it? You could express yourself
in such a way that.. ..the message is sent to that person
and his feelings are also not hurt. Is that possible or not? The first step of non violence is to
not harm anybody by our actions. Then the second step is to not
harm anyone by speech. Do not harm others
by way of speech. The third step is to avoid harm
by thoughts. Because in every satsang
I explain to you that.. ..our relationship with someone
does not depend upon.. ..what we do with them.. ..but it depends upon
what we think of them. Make sure. Husband thinks that he does
so much for his wife,.. ..he gets the best and
expensive gifts for his wife. Wife thinks that I prepare
the house so well,.. whatever I can do
to keep my husband happy I do. You do enough for each other,.. ..husband for his wife,
a wife for his husband,.. ..a parent for his child
and a child for his parent. You do good but still
your relation is not stable,.. have a stress, a kind of
tension in your relationships. Why? Because even after doing good
your thoughts are not good. unless you don’t think good
about that person.. won’t be able to maintain
a healthy relationship with them. It is the same with
material objects. If you have a phone and
you do not think good about it.. ..then the relation between
you and your phone won’t to be good. Either the software
in your phone will degrade.. ..or the battery will get low
very fast. There will be some
or the other problem. The minute you compare
your phone with.. ..someone else’s phone thinking
that their phone is better. What did you do about your phone? Complain. The minute you complain,.. ..a tensionis created between
you and your phone. Understand this.
These are very important virtues. And the tension which is created,.. ..that I am using I phone
for the past 5years,.. ..d now people are changing
their phones within a few months. You change your phone’s so fast.. ..because you do not think good enough
about your gadget. Avoid harm by actions. You throw your phones away. Violence towards things. Sometimes in anger
we true our phone violently. In anger our body get
so much stamina.. ..that we slam the cupboards,
we slam our legs. What is all this that you are doing? It is violence by action. Then we do harm by speech. Since we are talking
about nonviolence.. ..we should avoid harm by speech. After that is avoiding harm
by thoughts. Then on the 4th step.. ..of non violence is the positive
dimension of Lovefull thoughts. Alright you have done this much. But now you need Love full thoughts
for everyone. Then 5th step is.. in speech ..and then comes love in action. This is the complete
cycle of nonviolence. Where are you standing? You see where you stand. You do not harm anyone
but how well do you think of them. If you think good of them then good. But until you speak good of them.. ..and do good things for them,.. ..your love does not reflect
from your actions,.. ..till then it is not non violence. It is still violence.. ..that is why on which ladder
on which step you are standing.. should know that. What is the first and
basic step of nonviolence? Do not hit anyone by use of body. The secondary step of
nonviolence is.. not harm by speech. Above that is avoid harm
by thoughts. Still here it is basic and
then it becomes pure. The 4th one is love in thoughts. In the first one it was basic and then
above it and then above that too. But now it is pure and
then more pure and then purest.. ..that is love in speech. When you can speak lovefully
to others. When you can deliver soft words,.. ..when you can deliver
Love full words,.. ..when you can deliver
some words of appreciation,.. ..some words of gratitude
towards others. When you are thankful to others
then that is also nonviolence. It should be from the heart. If it is not from the heart
then it does not work. This is a complete inner journey. And then the purest form of
nonviolence is love in action. You become a Karmyogi
once you follow all these 6 steps. The non violent of Lord Mahavir
is the karmayogi of Lord Krishna.. ..we have made a mistake
in understanding. That is why if you want to get
rid of ‘Pranati path paap’.. ..then give a space
to these 6 points in your life. The first one is to not harm
anyone by our body. Then we will not harm them
with promises.. ..and then we will not get
our thoughts filled with negativity. We will not let hatred grow
in our thoughts. These are the negative dimensions. When you want to come
towards purity.. have to come towards
the positive dimensions. For that we have to think good
for everybody everyday. Are you doing that?
Are you doing good for others? After that when you meet to them
you will be thankful towards them. You should be thankful to the boy
even if he betrayed you. Even towards him if you have love
in thoughts and love in speech,.. ..not the wrong kind of love. Love in speech is
by showing gratitude.. ..that because of your betrayal I have
reached one more step of maturity. Love in action.. when we do something good
for that person.. ..or make something good happen
for that person,.. ..if something good is
happening to him.. ..then to appreciate
is a part of nonviolence. All this is a part of nonviolence.

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