THE COLLECTOR / KOMORNIK (2005) | Full Length Drama Movie | English Subtitles

Present a Studio Filmowe
“Perspektywa” film. present. THE COLLECTOR Starring. Written by. Costume Designer. Art Director. Sound. Music. Edited by. Production Manager. Director of Photography. Producer. Directed by. INTENSIVE CARE UNIT Hello.
My name’s Lucek Bohme. I have the pleasure to seize. …the electronic gear
of the Municipal Hospital No 2. By Order 27/1431/2004… Sealed… …issued by Judge Chudy,
President of the Law Court. Please, start writing
the Report of Seizure. – Defibri…
– Defibrillator. Please, get out! Thank you… Of Nihon&Kohden,
number… Wait, where’s our lucky number?
Here! 25198. – Got that?
– Yes. Don’t get nervous, please.
It’s not going to hurt. Mr. Roman! Hello!
Don’t you know me? I used to be your neighbor:
Bohme. I’d nick fish from your pond,
and you’d shoot a sling at us… – What?
– SOB. He knows me… It’s me, sir.
How are you? I told you SOB… Sir, let’s not complicate things. Sorry, counselor. We’ll take care of you
if they bring you here… I’m a court officer.
Ridiculous. Women are watching. Gentlemen… – Nurse!
– Please leave. Out! Now! Adrenaline… intravenously.
The electrodes! Come…Lot 12/74/2004.Property in Walbrzych
at 16 Sielicka St.
Apartment of 23 sq. M…– How is it going?
– The first bed-sit sold for 18,000. Cheap. Zenek bid too fast.
The others dropped out. Happens. Call me when our next one’s
auctioned. Outta here. They called about Chelst’s
radiotherapy. Could be tomorrow. Tell the office about it. – I’m on sick leave. Bye.
– Bye. Thirty-two thousand! Hello, Miss Justine. Hello.
They’ve been waiting 0,5 hour. The happy don’t hear
the clock strike. This is for you. – No need.
– That’s nothing. – Anything for me?
– From the president. A big affair… My favorite. – Wisniak’s case.
– Already signed. Good. Outta here… May I? For Romanski, who hates
the sweat of the hard-working. I don’t get it, Bohme.
Is contempt for human misery legal? Absurd! What do patients have to do with
that? This is provocation. It’s even in the papers! – Bad-mouthing us.
– Mr. Romanski… Law can’t be emotional.
I didn’t seize a thing there. Why the fuck… Excuse me, why did you
need that hospital shit? – Mr. Zenke, please…
– But I must: A day after this article,
I had my tires slashed… …not punctured, mind you. Stones were thrown at us
as never before. What happened to you? Why are the people
so suddenly pissed? ‘Cause Bohme decided to seize
the only ICU in town. So folks shouldn’t be treated,
save their shitty lives… …since the hospital
went broke? IO Y notes of those
on the brink of bankruptcy. Fighting
for their lives too. Nuts! Ever seen a pharmacy
wholesaler broke? That’s all. Don’t complain
about me. I’m just doing my job. A break, please.
We’ve got carried away. Mr. Lucek… Got a minute? I have no business in
your collecting practices… …but, as president of the court,
I’ll fully back you up. – Thank you.
– Please sit down. It not just about money.
They want peace and quiet. None of my business. Every Tom, Dick and Harry
is just a serial number to me. They’re pissed ’cause I collect
equally from each of them. Good… That at least you
obey these simple rules. But I don’t get it:
Why did you go there? You have access to their
bank accounts. …and commission on every
transaction. Not enough? No, no, no… Not that… Money’s not everything.
I must have papers in order. I see. Maybe not an opportune
moment, this, but… You mean the patch
after Walczak? Decisions have been made,
as the patch must be parcelled out. You should hope for the best,
I think. – Have you seen Wisniak yet?
– No, I’m going there today. I know
I can count on you… See you. Pencil in the hospital in May,
I guess. In half a year? They must be born and die
somewhere. Have a heart. – Romanski? I see.
– That little pecker. This needs doing today. – Wisniak.
– I’ll be right back. Don’t sleep or else
they’ll abandon a child with you. How do I look? – Why’re you laughing?
– Will make all jaws drop. That’s the point. So… Do we knock?– Who’s there?
– Bohme.
– Who?
– Lucek Bohme, collector.
Such glamor…
Quite a lot to seize. My wife’s.
None of it is mine. I’m broke and that’s that.
I’m a pauper now. She must love you. – What?
– Your wife must love you. You’ve read the warrant? The verdict has come into force.
You have to purge yourself a little. I bet you’re not in the know.
You won’t do shit here. Like I say. And you know what?
It’s all been taken care of. So much mess in your court. You
can only take money. Call your boss. …to bring you up to speed.
Everything’s been taken care of here! – You’ve made a mistake.
– You like kidding. They sent me assholes
that live off my taxes. – You haven’t paid many of them?
– Yeah? Very good. If I had, I’d be really pissed. – No goodbye then.
– Exactly! Pissants. Scat! Fuck off! – Are you bleeding?
– No, it’s still fucking intact! You get it? We don’t
just total such Wisniaks… …but sharpen the knife
and cut to the bone. – What d’you mean?
– There’s no happy end. Mr. Bohme is our best
collector, 80% effective! We’ll award him at
the Bar’s Xmas Ball. – Congratulations.
– Thank you, it’s too early. – How modest of you.
– Sir, a word with you, please. The time’s not the best again.
It’s about Wisniak. The warrant’s signed.
Excuse me, darling. How boring you are… I’m grateful… Er…
but I have a problem… How should I put it? – I’ve been set up, it seems.
– Pardon? Wisniak claims
he’s been greasing palms. Could be. – In court.
– Ours? – Yours.
– Nonsense. He’s an ordinary man.
Likewise the seizure. – By the book?
– Sir! Of course by the book…
A snapshot now. A name day snapshot. Cheese, please. Raise the picture a bit. Yes… Now everybody says: “Re-ces-sion”. – One two!
– Re-ces-sion! Put it in the back. Beautiful!
I’d seize it gladly. – What a sense of humor.
– Many happy returns… – Thank you very much.
– My own choice. – Best regards to Chelst.
– Thank you. – Why don’t you sit with us?
– Thanks, but… Excuse me, Mr. Zenke,
may I dance with your wife? No, thank you.
I’m not feeling well. Just my luck. I’ll go
to the powder room, then. – A cheeky jerk.
– He may just like to dance. Why invite such? The bottom of the barrel,
shit to flush… I invite all
before they are flushed. This is your name day. – Let’s enjoy it!
– Have a drink, dear. – I didn’t expect you here.
– Sorry, I thought I told you. Romanski’s sister invited me.
We went to school together… – A peculiar taste…
– Pardon? Beautiful tux. Don’t tease them.
They want to get at you. Seen that picture?
A nightmarish fake. Wait… We meet tomorrow. Beware of them. COLLECTOR’S OFFICE They all wish you good health. Nice of them. – Our shingle’s damaged again.
– We’ll get a new one. A doctor called about
your therapy. Want me to drive you there? Once I passed the exams,
I especially chose the poorest patch. …just to seize the least. The one after Walczak?
Didn’t you agree I’d take it? No, no…
I’m happy they appreciate you. They’re right. You’ve come
from under my wing, right? I want you to know… I, like the others,
wasn’t always holy. I used to like ice cream,
like they. But to lick it, I didn’t seize
the whole ice cream truck. – You trust them too much.
– I don’t trust anyone. Chudy knows well enough… …that I’ll milk that cow
for everyone to have cream. Only the Lord Jesus
fed everybody. – I’m not scared.
– A pity. A decent man should
at least be scared of himself. Royal Ivory Carla Kristera,
Waldenburg, around 1935. – I liked it, so…
– Thank you very much. I’ve left the other
authorizations on the desk. Don’t forget to pay the charwoman. I can give you a ride. Have a good time.Hello, this is Wisniak.I’m calling about
the fucking dogs.
My wife spoild them, fuck it.They can’t have possibly
bit you badly…, no?
I hate getting up early. It’s the early bird that… – Could you turn on the heat?
– You talked to that friend? – Yes.
– Good. He’s distrustful.
May not say much. We’ll talk,
like man to man. I gave him time
to make up his mind. May’ve had a change of heart. This is Walczak’s patch; God rest
his soul… Our promised land. Give him a few days,
or else he may scare away. We have good news for him.
Let him be happy today. – Excuse me…
– Go ahead. You… work a great deal. – Well…
– And the family, friends? I have no family. – I’m sorry.
– That’s all right. My friends are my clients.
They don’t like me anymore. Sure. They’ll stop liking you too. I promise. – Not supposed to be this way.
– Cool it. Hello. Please, get in. I hardly know them. This is about Grandma Marczak.
She’s on a long trip, they say. She’s 92 in two weeks.
We should pay our respects. I know nothing.
Fuck them and you. This is your seizure warrant… You tell us where she is,
We won’t bother you for a year. If not to the Marczaks,
I’ll come to you then. I hate wasting time. SOBs… – Tell him no smoking here.
– No smoking here. A relative? A cousin.
How did you guess? You wanted to help him.
He wouldn’t help you, though. – How do you know?
– I know the vermin. I used to play soccer
with one of those Marczaks. – You must’ve heard.
– What? That old woman’s grandson.
The best in the county. First league material. Hello, officers. The D.A. Is on his way. This is last month’s bonus. – What’s this?
– Everything’s legit. Above and beyond the line of duty.
Love thy neighbor. Secure the area. I wish your nose wouldn’t err. – I didn’t see you at the party.
– So what of it? Nothing. You don’t party much
in the D.A.’s office. Well… This can wait.
Has Chelst left? Please find out. Good. I’ll be there later. You botched it. Your boss Brodziak was
at the banquet. – A gloomy type too.
– Get lost. Men, we beat it. Hold it! Tell him we’re leaving.
If he stays, it’s his ass. Why me?
I just secure the area. Shouldn’t we finish now, sir? You’re of little faith. Come here.
I’ll show you something. Come. What did you need that for? After death, Grandma Marczak. …bought two washing machines,
a fridge and something. – For 8,000 on credit.
– 8,000? Such a big deal over 8,000?
Bullshit. On credit after death?
It’s illegal. Even if the best soccer player
did it on her behalf. You won’t get a single penny
back. They’re all jobless. And you’ve fucked up his life. – If he lands in jail…
– I could care less. Shouldn’t you start
an investigation? To have buried his own grandma in
the field rather than in a cemetery? He did it out of stupidity. To be quite honest…
Why are you doing this? You’ll confirm his insolvency
for me… …and this neck of woods
is put in order. Till the next time. Don’t avoid banquets. Bohme here. Yes? I don’t want to talk to you,
Mr. Wisniak. No, no, I’ll drop by.
Yes. Bye. I did nothing to her. She died of
old age, so we buried her. – And those things on credit…
– Cool it. They’ll do you no harm. – The D.A.’s your fan.
– I have a contract, understand? They’re taking me in the league.
I’ll pay it off. Promise. – Nice of you.
– Don’t you fucking get it? When I’m locked up,
everybody will get shit, see? I beg you, fuck it. Please… I’ve brought you two clients
and left the documents in the office. Please have
a constructive go at it, OK? – New wheels? Very pretty.
– Thanks. Trying to pick me up? – What if I am?
– I’m a dangerous woman. – And I love to get hurt.
– Yes? What would you do
if it turned out that I fancy you? – It’d be below the belt.
– I thought you like it that way. – Sir…
– No, not now. – This is about… My child.
– I see… Don’t worry. So, your complaint
will be considered. – But the court hasn’t notified us.
– That’s why I asked the doctor again. The court called
about the seizures today… Please, in my office in a minute. – Mr. Bohme, could I?
– Please, another time, OK? – Abramov called.
– What about? He can’t enter the tannery. They want to talk
to the collector, not an assistant. Yes, collector’s office… No, he’s away. Good I’ll let him know. Counselor Zenke.
She’ll get back to you. Where’s the cup of that team
we seized a week ago? Wait, wait… – This?
– Yes. Old Mrs. Lenar came.
About the clock. She has the money. Good. Tell her to come
to the auction. Her son made the clock.
It’s her only memento. Don’t look at me like that.
I won’t resurrect him. But maybe… Wait, we’ll see now… Acid-resistant.
No way to dent it… Not bad… Here. Sorry. – Gosia?
– Hi, Lucek. Hi!
How come you’re here? Just passing by… You’re a godsend. I’m back anyway. You’re a collector? – How do you know?
– I saw you in the hospital. It turned nasty… But case closed now. I met my husband in Bytom… …but we returned here since
my aunt had died… A year ago. I’ve been here 3 years. Why? Isn’t Wroclaw more
interesting than this hicksville? Maybe so… But I like these
mountains… The ups and downs. – And I’m the best here.
– Modest, aren’t you? Too much modest. – So… Everything’s fine?
– Can’t complain. My job could be better… – I have an apartment.
– That’s something. You can say that again. I don’t
have to crash… I have it good. How about you?
Come clean a bit, won’t you? You can lie. – Don’t feel hurt. I’m sorry.
– But I don’t. – Nothing to write home about.
– Whatever: Family, hamster, lovers? I have none of those. – Not even time, huh?
– Exactly. You still freak out? Meaning? No, no, that’s history.
How long? Ten-twelve years ago. – Twelve years.
– It may be a sign. You’ve got to leave. Nice seeing you… Could you? What is it? Nothing. Shall we meet again? – Will your husband let you?
– He sure may. – Do you still play?
– Rarely. You’ll have to play
when we meet. – Bye.
– Bye. An old friend? My girlfriend… Once. My first girl… She was good. The best chick
in the school orchestra. In the whole school. – She knew how to rock it.
– On the guitar? No, on the accordion. To pick her up was like
climbing Mt. Everest barefoot. – I laid siege for half a year.
– And? I conquered. You’ve always been effective. Aren’t we going to Bednarek?
Second item on the list. No, we’ll call on old friends. – And?
– I don’t remember, sir. Didn’t I tell you
not to go anywhere? Only here at night. Or else they confiscate them.
And no art anymore. We’ve gone out only once. – Like I say: Morons.
– It was a funeral. You’ll play on the ass,
not on the brass. What’s the big deal? What’s that? The fuck! Bring the boys! Oh no… I’ll kick the shit… Leave it out! What the fuck is that? – Gosh, I never could blow it well.
– You won’t learn this time. – I’m still young.
– No, you don’t. Get the fuck out! I can’t. I’ve made an appointment
with a syndic here. He’ll be happy to find
the instruments after half a year. Get the fuck out of here. Now! You should change
the 2nd cornet player. He plays terribly off tune,
even at a funeral. – Lay off the funeral.
– You blew, no? I have it recorded. Yes, son, we did.
Your mama did the blow job. This is no fiddlesticks.
I’m just doing my job here. You know what? – Well?
– No, I’ll say nothing. You creep, you… – Get the fuck out!
– Janek, say goodbye to the ladies. He took me aback, SOB.
I thought he’d pack a right. A southpaw? They’re the worst. But runts are the most dangerous.
You never know what to expect. – I’m a runt.
– That’s right. At your factory in half an hour.
Just wait and that’s that. See you. – Wisniak, huh?
– Yes… A thief, small-timer at that. They live like vermin. They see and feel nothing.
No sophisticated needs. Why, the world
can be so beautiful. – You know what that is?
– A cup. Royal Ivory Carla Kristera,
Waldenburg. Probably 1935… – Isn’t it beautiful?
– Pretty. – May I ask you something?
– Shoot. – Why did we go to the coke plant?
– To seize the instruments. – Without dogs, bodyguards?
– Not bad… We went there
to piss the syndic off. – Why, we bear him no grudge.
– We don’t. Romanski’s pal, he.
Romanski covers for him. The boys fear no collector
and do what they bloody please. I don’t get it at all. So President Romanski,
your number’s up! – Chelst would say…
– He’s not here. – When he started out, he…
– Wait, let me explain something. But for Chelst, there would be no
Lucek Bohme… …the legend of the 7th patch. But when he started out,
humans just climbed down trees. Fuck it. WINDOW MANUFACTURERS I wonder why I’m here. Man, I drew a blank then.
Those dogs don’t listen at all. I’m sorry. These machines here and those
you saw in the back. …are worth a million at least. Let’s focus on what you’ve decided.
This is a lawful seizure. No, sir, I can’t look at those papers.
When I do, my pressure’s sky high. …and I freak out. I can’t talk.
Let’s go to the back for a sec. 200,000.
It’s all I got. There’s over a million of
your debts in the papers. I shit on the papers. This is for you.
Here. And auction off the rest… …as if all legit.
I’ll bid for 5% of its worth… …and will get another bidder
for the sake of appearances. You know much
about a collector’s work. The SOB…
wanted to grease my palm. Wanted to give me a suitcase
of money, fucking Santa. We’ll have some fun with him. I like to pay the honest guys.
Bankruptcy is bankruptcy. The machines will go under
the hammer to keep appearances? ‘Cause you’ll make it legit? A special attachment
to those machines? I like them.
I stole them myself. – Really?
– Yeah, but it’s a long story. Go on. I like to listen
to stories of interesting people. All in all, the Germans make
the best windows. They’re the best
when it comes to construction. But their design is shit. Their things are sturdy,
but not fucking pretty! – A problem.
– I don’t get it. – We’re fifteen centuries short.
– Fifteen grand? No, if it were 150 grand,
I’d wipe the floor with you. All right. Here. The accountant
must’ve made a mistake. You know what?
You’re a stupid, rapacious type. You’ve screwed this up,
like you do everything. What is it… Sir? What? I wanted to make you
nervous a bit. – You’ll give me a heart attack.
– I don’t worry. You’ll outlive us all. So it’s a deal? A deal. Bye. He lost his sense of smell.
Must’ve counted it a hundred times. I was always keen on learning
how to con a sucker. The more you know.
The richer you are… …spiritually.
– So why did you take the dough? To make him think
he’s got me. Get it? How many are there on the list? One. We’ll take care of him
and the dough, to a safe. I’ll give it back in two days. Let him know who calls the shots.
Wanted to corrupt me, moron. No principles for them…
whatsoever. Let’s relax. – Coffee?
– Sure. I’d like to get some ass… Waste of time. Nothing relaxes you like work.
Who’s that on the list? Bednarek. – We’ve been there with Chelst.
– Rents and credit deducted all. Everything looked clean. – Clever vermin, eh? Wife, kids?
– I don’t remember. Let’s go.
I want to make someone happy. You know what to do? What d’you want?
Out with you. Quick! See the SOB?
Today’s his birthday. He lost his leg in a mine. Sumbitch… He’d beat me
every day… Just for the hell of it. Mom too. When I got two F’s in the 8th grade,
he called me shit and beat me up. I knocked him down,
tore off that fake limb. …and gave him a drubbing… …to kill him with his own leg. I promised that once I grew up… I’d broil all those pigeons alive
and make him eat them… …feathers and all. But I’ve become… A decent man. To spite him. And your mom? A dame with guts. We had collectors over
every six months… ’cause the SOB wasted
all on the pigeons. She’d clean the place so well that
even I wouldn’t have found a thing. But she couldn’t handle him. What does your old man do? He was a teacher.
He died when I was 6. All I remember… is his funeral. What a pity. Janek, no blues around me, OK? Life is beautiful. There ain’t
no shit to drag you down. But you must sway them…
rule their emotions, get it? Fear’s the best for that. – Fear…
– Fear for fear! I’ve often come here
since I got this job. I can knock at his door any time
and seize all his pigeons. And he knows it. – Insolvent?
– Not even utility bills. – So he’s in deep shit.
– Exactly. – Here.
– What’s this? Wisniak’s bribe.
No need to return it. – I don’t know what for.
– You deserve it. – No, I just can’t take it, really.
– Janek… Only rats refuse. Wet blanket.Nobody home!
Get the fuck out!
A sorehead. Hey!
The tickets all sold out. He let you in before? Chelst who’d knock, say, “It’s a
collector,” and rhey’d open up. – Collector!
– We only check if it’s legal. – Only lawyers in the Police.
– What of it?I’ve turned on the gas.
Everything will blow up!
They turned off the gas
in there half a year ago. No way. It’s an old door.
It has iron bars. Hold it. Mr. Bednarek,
you’ve got company! – Your ID.
– Why? – Come on.
– Where’s the fire? – How long out of work?
– 14 months and 21 days. – Got a severance pay?
– Yeah… Spent on my daughter’s
treatment, all. Not enough for the surgery,
’cause they do it in England. No income but you can
afford booze in the morn? A neighbor gave me beer. The closet and
the basement are empty. – No, my sick daughter is there!
– I must check everything. Nothing to check but her in there. He’ll just pop in
and we’re off. – Hi! How are you?
– I’m fine. – You go to school?
– I can’t. – Have you seen Harry Potter?
– No… I’d like very much to see him.
I like wizards. – Those drawings yours?
– Yes. That’s mine too. – You play it?
– I’m learning to. Beautiful… Janek, put this down: A Weltmeister accordion
in very good shape. The right register to be
tuned up… No, skip this. He has no fucking right.
That’s my child’s! No, it’s no toy,
but a concert instrument. It’s from my mom. I only borrow it. When Mom
returns the money, you’ll have it. No! – I’ll kill the SOB!
– Take the child away! – Daddy!
– I’ll kill the fuck! Take the child away. Quiet…
Out with you, SOB. Quiet, Alinka, breathe in… You could’ve told me, fuck it! She didn’t register.
How could I have known? There are hundreds of faces. When I meet my mom, I seem
to have seized her recently… Do me a favor. Could you take it back? It’s the girl’s.
It’s got tangled up somehow. You’d better do it yourself. All right.
That’s all for today. Marczak… Yeah. Marczak. What’s the stink? Get out! Lucek… You’ve been waiting for me? You have?
The door was open. See? I’ve bought it
especially for you. Take me… if you want. Look, I have trouble… Good, I’ll start. My client has hanged
himself in the stairwell. – What’re you talking about?
– Must’ve shat in his pants. You smell the stink? – You flip out?
– Regular shit. What’re you doing? Don’t you smell it? What a fucking day.
Everything’s gone wrong. All this doesn’t add up,
fuck it! Right, it doesn’t.
I’ll call you tomorrow. You reek of it too. – What?
– You reek of shit. – Of what?
– Shit. You’re off-putting! Don’t worry. It’ll play. Gosia?
Gosia, it’s me Lucek!Open up for a minute, please.
Pretty please.
Gosia, it was a mistake.
I have her holy medal!
Please, open up. I didn’t want it that way.
It was supposed to look different. Gosia… Gosia… I just had to… …run away then, see?I was scared. I told you
I wanted to run away.
I just had to forget.Open up, I beg you. I’m really quite different from
what you think about me. Please.Gosia…Gosia! Gosia, please open up! She won’t. She’s thrown out
her husband today. Fifty thousand… Should be
enough for the kid. Why are you doing this? Please give this to her too.
I was in a bad shape today. Excuse me, I have the feeling
I’ve seen you some place. Well… I clean up your office. – Mine?
– Every morning. I was to pay you.
How much was that? Since Mr. Chelst took ill…
that’s for three months. Here… And here. – No, this is too much.
– Take it. – Tomorrow may bring no miracles.
– What’s come over you? – Give me a smoke.
– No way. I don’t have any. – Gimme.
– No fucking smokes. Mr. Collector! Let him fucking have it!
I’ll kill the sumbitch! You’ve got company! We got him!
Catch him, man! This is a deal.
Just between you and me, OK? What’re you doing there, punk? I’ve returned the Holy Virgin! We can’t pay the electricity bill. Forget it. I’ve returned it, since
you can’t seize the Mother of God. – That’s him?
– I don’t get it. I don’t know. How can you vindicate
our Good Savior’s Mother, right? Yours is a good deed. As all you collectors can do
is skin and bleed a person white. I’m no longer one of them. I had an epiphany. There’s this shrine at
Katowicka and Warszawska Streets… …with the statue of the Holy Virgin. She waved to me and said… “Enough, bad man, return
to folks what you’ve seized. ” A gifted man must’ve
made it. – A German.
– Mrs. Lenar’s son, I hear. Of course not! It was stolen like all those beautiful
things the Germans had left. They’d come here in trucks
from Poland to loot. The boy has talent. After his father.
He could play in the orchestra too. But he prefers that
which the music groups play. – Orchestra is orchestra.
– Sure. Horst says that a dead man
can be resurrected. …when an orchestra plays well
at his funeral. That’s what happened in Tarnowskie
Góry in the commie times. A party secretary
rose from the dead. Then he had troubles and
was thrown out of the Party. Interesting… Never heard of it. Before long such orchestras
will be no more. Yesterday an SOB wanted
to take all their instruments. Really? For over a year they only
meet at night if they want to play. All such a rascal collector does
is create bad blood. First they took their work and
now their music too. Fuck it! If you don’t stop
pounding, shitass… I’ll make holes
in those kettledrums! My husband… Horst, you have a visitor. Whom have you let in,
stupid? – I thought…
– What? A woman
doesn’t think except when salting. – Jedrek!
– I’ve come to help the orchestra. Jedrek! You pay off and the instruments
are out of hock. Dad, you have fine pals. Don’t refuse a man who
wants to correct his mistakes. – Jehovah or a pervert?
– Both. The fucking collector! Horst, they’ll collar you! Let go! Have you gone nuts? Shut up or you’ll take
a licking too! Take it!
And out with you! You won’t forbid me
to be good! Waitress! My tab! Chicken and two Energy Plus
makes 20.50. Your friend has left this. – Here.
– I won’t have change. It doesn’t matter. Some day,
I may have no dough. What if I forget? – My loss.
– Thank you. Janek! Janek! Janek! – This is yours.
– No, no, no… Take it. That’s your due. – No.
– Take it! Or else you’ll never save up
for an apartment. Here. – You can’t buy me.
– I do it because I like you. – You don’t like anyone.
– What is it, then? I… I’m worried. Who’ll score goals for us now?
Fuck it! Who’ll do it for Marczak? Look… what’re you talking about? About nothing. I’m leaving… Never to return
to this… Job. Why the guffaw, friend? I’m a stupid runt. Hi… What’s up? Nothing. – You were supposed to be in Wroclaw.
– That’s right. Have you heard? Yes… It’s terrible. I wanted to kill nobody. Never…
maybe except… My father. Lucek,
it wasn’t you who killed him. Who then? He did it himself. – Had I thought… Known that…
– You can’t foresee such things. I was doing my job, right? Chudy called. We talked long.
He wants to see you. You’re said to have accepted
a bribe yesterday. What? He said you’d accepted
a material profit yesterday, right? No, not that… I had fun with a guy… …an ordinary boor who thinks
he rules the world. You wanted to teach him
a lesson? You got that dough? No, I’ve given it away.
There’re a few thousand left. – What?
– I’ve given it… To folks. How much was it? Two hundred thousand. Mother of God… Some trick. A brigade of Soviet grandmasters
couldn’t have predicted such a move. A beautiful move, crazy, spectacular,
but totally meaningless. They talked him into doing it
and set you up. I’ll give them all of it back. I have some savings.
I can earn… Don’t be naive.
They’re not after dough. But Chudy?
I can’t believe it. Don’t you get it? You spat in their faces
and gave no quarter. Nobody likes that. The ambitious and clean
are dangerous. – That shit.
– No, people… Now you stink too. You let them taint you.
You can’t play ‘holier than thou. ‘ They set you up once too? – Yeah…
– And you did nothing? I just couldn’t.
Besides, I was scared. They won’t get away
with it easily. I have witnesses. Let me repeat it again: Did you accept a material
profit in order. …not to execute the seizure? I, Lucek Bohme, of sound mind,
declare. …that on Dec. 15 at 8:15 pm., felt
an irresistible impulse to be good… …and the Virgin Mary of
Katowicka Street shook a finger at me. …and told me what to do. He says he gave me money? Crazy or what? He returned the Holy Virgin? How could he? It can’t be taken away. Nobody returned any clock. See for yourself.
The wall is still empty. Yes, I saw the brute only once… …when he beat up my child and me
and damaged the accordion to boot. Contrary to your testimony,
all those people say. …they never saw you,
except at the seizures. – You kidding?
– Never. – But I gave Horst about 30,000.
– No one remembers it but you. I gave Mrs. Lenar the clock,
her son’s clock… No matter. – Asleep, she didn’t hear a thing.
– There was her neighbor. You’ve messed with your papers! I gave the Kolodziejskis
the Virgin Mary… Waste of time.
Find another lawyer. What if it turned out that I’d gone
mad, had an epiphany… This is my resignation. You want to leave me now? I tried to warn you,
but you wouldn’t listen. You asked for it…
so they slapped you… Kid. Well? I want a confrontation
with Wisniak. – That’s what I’ve been waiting for.
– So I’ve said it. I have a surprise for you. – Wisniak cannot be interrogated.
– Because? He’s in the ward
you wanted to close. Imminent myocardial infarction. They save lives
and you wanted to destroy them. But our brave medical service
has rescued a witness. It’ll take a couple of months,
but he’ll pull through. – What’s this?
– You’re free. – When?
– From now on. There’s surety… A very good one. – Who?
– Good people. Little Orphan Annie? Friends in need. – Chelst?
– Him too. But Romanski and Chudy
are the most important. I almost forgot. It’s bad news.
Chelst died an hour ago. He’s been suffering very badly. All right. Sign it
and let’s finish this masquerade. Excuse me, sir. There’s still
one witness, Mrs. Bednarek. Yes, Mrs Bernarek? Hello. I just wanted
to confirm. …that Mr. Bohme came to me that night.
I didn’t let him in, though. He left this money
with my neighbor. It’s commendable of you,
but meaningless now. – Pardon?
– Case closed. We’ll summon you
if need be. Bye. He did come to me.
He’s innocent. Please… Good day. – But this is about honesty…
– Pardon, about what? A simple deal: They paper over
the affair, you keep mum. You know it already. – And the dough?
– It’s yours. A dowry of sorts. Nobody’s business
what you’ve done with it. There’s a ball in a few days,
and everybody’s expecting you. For your loyalty,
as it is commonly understood… …you’ll receive a special award
beside the diploma. The collectors’ chamber
unanimously voted. …to give you Walczak’s patch. The entire one, darling. – I after Walczak?
– Yes. – And who takes mine?
– Abramov. Young, ambitious…
You like each other, right? He’s supposed to get engaged. …to that whale,
Romanski’s sister. Knows what he’s doing.
All in the family. Nobody’s gonna touch him. – And Wisniak’s tapes?
– What tapes? Positive thinking, please. It’s us who like you
not the unwashed. Let me say more: With the friends you got now,
you should be scared of nothing. – I’m not scared anymore.
– You’re right. Keep in top shape.
I’ve bought a new bra. You’ll freak out. The Almighty God
resurrected you for eternal life. …from water
and the Holy Spirit. May He finish what He
started with your baptism. Your body was a temple
of the Holy Spirit. May God receive you
into His Glory. Thank you very much
for coming here. Robert will secure a special
place in our memory. He was my friend, guide, and
master… …who taught us decency, hard work… …and honesty…
… That law is always law. …even if it is sometimes unjust. Why, it is us people who are
the law and it’s only up to us… Don’t lie, Pinokio.
See your nose grow? You insult the memory of
a man head and shoulders above you. You stink like Marczak, who
hanged himself because of me. We all stink. Cast of Characters.


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