The Craziest Hippie Festival in the Jungle

yeah that’s me in a fit of ecstasy [Music] I guess you’re wondering how I got here this is my transformational journey which took me into the heart of the jungles of Costa Rica and my inner self [Music] I’ve only ever been to one festival and my experience was mainly characterized by tepid lagers tents on fire and pissed missiles that’s why I jumped at the chance when I received a mysterious invite to attend what was termed a transformational festival in Costa Rica not satisfied with a traditional festival mo of getting off your nuts this is a new brand of event which claims to transform your body and your soul through a rigorous schedule of lectures yoga and fire poi that’s the cue that will save you in all humanity it’s day one of the festival and I’ve heard a lot of things about envision being a transformational festival extremely spiritual over the next few days I’m hoping to in some way transform myself my body and my mind it’s a bit hot isn’t it hello oh hi my first encounter on my journey was with some Silicon Valley Bros who quickly became my spirit guides a visual first time and vision it’s a first time for me and envision there I believe yes can you give me any tips because I am probably the opposite of you guys lose any idea of what you think life is temporarily in your mind just so you can experience what is here some people are afraid to dance because they don’t have confidence to express themselves so if you’re not used to dancing just let loose and get wild I made your persona who you think you are when you came here just leave it and just be someone else so beer say there are myself announcing be myself that someone else when you go to give me a hug I can see how you’re giving it on this side of your body the hearts on this side so this is called a heart-to-heart hug okay ten twenty second now close your eyes take a deep inhale [Music] Huggle Pato okay that’s great why are you going now so we’re going to talk on kryptos can I come to the crypto tool yeah hundred percent really thank you so much today I’m taking anything away from that so I have to go with the flow of my senses really yeah relax in your moment do you want to smoke some weed about it no we are here this is the superhero Academy one so actualize you can be to change the world that’s the answer here it’s us it’s awakening everything that’s in every one of you so now is been tense I feel like I have to deal with so much information I’m gonna do I can hear the breathing already [Music] many people I’m that chanting and they’re breathing and they’re moving and you have to sort of maneuver your way through them all it’s quite intimidating [Music] that yogi is pretty confident why am I so awkward [Applause] [Music] she’s coming I think she’ll send me fans to say hello to Mitch nature it keeps me calm down Wow [Music] [Applause] [Music] it’s so different in a kind of yoga nice nothing why is that gets really tantric yoga so call it the dance of Tantra moving through the resistance and it’s a dance it can be a dance of opening and contracting and you know remembering and then forgetting that’s part of life what’s a really powerful tool that I’ve been working with is the yoni egg the yo name Sanskrit word vagina okay and I work with the Jade egg and you actually can use the Jade egg to enter into your temple body and use the egg anyway Regina yeah so I’ll be leading a womb wisdom workshop tomorrow okay and I have them for sale right get my wallet you know I want it with me thank you very much great to meet you namaste the light within me recognizes the light within you well thank you annoyingly I would have to wait 24 hours to insert the Jade egg so for now I followed the flow of people heading towards the beach for sunset is this meant to be spiritual the State of Trance you can acquire it with flow this is slow fluid movement move – energy right so yes before yeah as I watched the orange darkest toy rotate in the air I felt the first awkward cobwebs of my Britishness blow away into the pura vida’ sunset it’s the earth spitting at a thousand miles an hour and it makes it look like it’s set so don’t be an illusion delusion but in consciousness awakening the love you give is to love you be for all eternity forever Questor a question and yes I do have a question how do I make sure my experience and vision is the best they could be you live in the greatest nation in the face of this earth that’s called the eye magic nation my question perfectly although the girl psytrance was definitely attractive I was physically and spiritually exhausted anywhere without getting it to the point virtually a battlefield with the sage words of the major are still echoing in their heads it’s up to you to draw I went back to my hotel because camping as you can see I’ve completely transformed my look is this too much feeling the soft yet crisp embrace of my harine pants made me feel already like I was going to be more included in the tribe in fact less than 30 seconds into stepping through on-site I was already a key member of a Buddhist drum circle I’m on my way to the witch’s healing sanctuary to meet sarahwoo who was a co-founder of the festival and also a witch it was intimidating to meet the beating heart of envision Cera wheeze passion for a sustainable festival is central to the event when we leave this event we want to be charged and we want to feel healthy and like ready to move forward and take all these explains that we learn here and how do we take them out into the world you know because the world is mono cultured it’s this default terrible world that’s been like taken over and like just try to be cookie cutter to keep people and industrialized systems that are broken frankly how yeah so in a few different ways so we have the bar and so we do like mock sales herbal cocktails or elixirs I think I’m gonna get a hydration martini sure great choice no that’s what I’ve been to so it has about what happens after the night out it’s all about building up to the night and then it’s just a night covering a day after yeah we don’t want to wreck ourselves enjoy your cocktail permaculture it’s a design philosophy and a lifestyle and a methodology to creating human settlement pick up every little thing you see because if you don’t pick up that trash and how many times you know walk by that piece of trash and what if everybody did that wait sorry sorry excuse me excuse me oh that’s Elise excuse me is this your banana no okay water lime energy actually wishes had alcohol in them so Sofia told me to come to the room tanked I can see special over there she says we can’t film inside because the ceremony’s gonna be really really intimate and body room that ain’t gonna put up stone up their vaginas sort of means all of the women who were cured to get into the rectum are gonna be saged I’ve already been saved you like wearing yes you’ve completely leveled up from yesterday I can see a progression my friends Jalen and Steven Oh have you had cacao this is roasted cacao what is that let’s try whoa what’s going on here that’s like some women only oh cool I’m so glad yes ice great the wound tent and they’re all going to sort of use their wombs something’s gonna happen cool okay well we’re gonna meet our friends to get some food it’s good seeing you [Applause] that was great did you enjoy that oh yes my name is Emilia Emilia Michele Michele nice to meet you Oh ha oh yeah go away this festival yeah ugh I’m from the city I never really lived anywhere other than the city I live on six lanes of traffic it’s the most polluted road in Britain oh my gosh yeah trapline you seem a little bit pepper yeah shake it up shake it off be yourself but not yourself it was so much to take in don’t people come to festivals to relax we can go like this like runner-runner do that and recon it’s really difficult being a mermaid I was sad to leave the mermaid but it was fine because she’d invited me to join a beach drum circle on the final day of the festival [Music] children had a big night out a lot of popular hooping zeppeli retired and now everyone’s joining hands in unity probably [Music] looking around the circle and somehow found myself in it’s occurred to me that moments of intimacy like this were hugely therapeutic to people here a welcome escape from what sarahwoo had termed the default world I was starting to feel the embers of change there was nothing left to do at invision than to join the mermaid LED drums [Music] at that moment I knew I was ready to employ my secret weapon [Music] they shoot in the face deserve [Music] really I’ve been missing the point the whole time part hugs aren’t embarrassing growing up in six lanes of traffic doesn’t mean you can’t be a majestic floor test we are all from one nation the imagination [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]


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