The Croft – Behind The Scenes

I would say it is a psychological emotional
ghost story. There’s a lot of excitement, there’s a lot
of thrills. It’s bold, it’s very daring. If I was in the audience of this play it would frighten the life out of me. Believe me. It’s about two contemporary women who come to a holiday home that hasn’t been opened up for 10 years. Which is filled with memories and then increasingly filled with ghosts. Laura drags Suzanne to the back and beyond in the Scottish highlands. They come there to try and sort out and define their own relationship. But pretty soon they find themselves tapping into cycles of pain and violence and love and destruction from the past. It’s in the Croft’s walls, it’s history is imbedded in it and all the things that it’s seen. I suppose the thriller aspect of the play is whether that cycle of violence will repeat itself and cause their destruction or whether in some way love and the force of change can break those cycles that we all find ourselves caught in. What is most exciting about this is it’s not just your linear story. There are three or four time periods in the play that come in and out of each other. So an audience has to sit forward in its chair to keep up. It’s rare that you get an opportunity to do a brand new play. It’s such a joy and a treat for an actor. It really is original. I hadn’t read anything like it. Well I think it’s really thought provoking. It’s moving. Emotional, thrilling. Thrilling. Thrilling. Scary. Haunting. Suspenseful. I think I’ll be scared myself on stage. Yeah, no you are on a roll, that’s great, that’s great.Let’s cut there!

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