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We’re ready for you, Your Majesty. Three, two, one.This is Jubilee Day.This is a day as grueling
as the queen’s coronation 25 years ago.
On days like today, ask yourself,
in the time I’ve been on the throne,
what have I actually achieved?The country is bankrupt,
our national security is in tatters.
The will of the people has changed. If that man wins, he’ll want us out.This is no longer peacetime.This country was still great
when I came to the throne.
All that’s happened on my watch
is the place has fallen apart.
You cannot flinch.It’s only fallen apart if we say it has.That’s the thing about the monarchy.We paper over the cracks.Elder sister and younger sister.Number one and number two. Who’s number one?You.-She knows it, too.
-Yes, I think she does.
If I may offer two pieces of advice.Never turn your back on true love.And the second?Watch out for your family.They mean well.No, they don’t.We all have a role to play.Am I listened to in this family?Am I seen for who and what I am? No.Frustrations and resentments
can build up
from a life as a support act.We have all made sacrifices
and suppressed who we are.
It is not a choice.It is a duty.


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